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Dayframe Launches for Android, Showcases Your Photos From All of Your Networks

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With the holiday season coming up faster than most of us want to believe, sharing moments with family and friends will soon become all we know. What do you do when your photos from family get-togethers are scattered across Google+, Facebook and other social networks? Dayframe, the newly launched photo frame app, wants to help you with that. 

Photo frame apps have been done before, but Dayframe offers so many options and settings that it is easy to get lost in your personalization settings. Recently out of beta, the app has landed in Google Play with support for Kit Kat’s immersive slideshow options. When a photo scrolls across your screen you can interact with it like how you would on that social network, tapping to like photos like you would on Facebook or Instagram. The list of features goes on for a while, but the most exciting one is the price of “free.”

If you are looking to snag an application to turn your tablet into that special family photo frame this holiday season hit the Play Link below.

Play Link

  • sirmeili

    And this is why I think it was a mistake to remove the pogo pins from the Nexus 7. I use daydreams all the time on my 2012 Nexus 7 and I really don’t want to update because lack of a charging dock with easy access to an audio out jack. (granted, I don’t use the audio jack in my room, but I’ve thought about adding a dock near my receiver or outside on my porch for music). My biggest thing is the lack of a standing charging dock for the 2013 model. If someone makes one that is nice looking I’ll change my mind, but as of right now, I think that the 2012 model had it right to begin with.

  • Rick Lopez

    Chromecast support would be awesome.

  • cwillen

    This would be AMAZING with Chromecast support.

  • MK17

    “What do you do when your photos from family get-togethers are scattered across Google+, Facebook and other social networks?”

    They’re not, I only use Google+ because it’s the only one worth using.

    • Zing!

    • michael arazan

      Just make sure you double check your settings to make sure those private photos stay private, Family doesn’t need to see what a girl can do with your junk. Granted, my cousin did congratulate me on the quality of the girl in the pic.
      = P

  • KleenDroid