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Verizon Approves DROID MAXX and ULTRA Update as Build 12.15.10, Changelog Available

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 8.05.13 AM

Motorola began the soak test of a new software update for the DROID MAXX and ULTRA this morning, which Verizon has now approved and posted support documents for. The update is indeed of the camera-improving variety, weighing in as build 12.15.10. According to Verizon’s changelog, you will see the same exact enhancements to the camera that the Moto X saw, including better sky detection, quicker to fire HDR, improved view finder, and overall color enhancements. 

Outside of the camera improvements, owners of the MAXX and ULTRA will also welcome in a new 50GB Google Drive promotion. Motorola tweaked the wireless charging UI (for the MAXX), improved 4G LTE performance, updated NFL Mobile, removed Viewdini, improved Motorola Assist, and somehow tweaked Google Voice, though we think they screwed up there.

Again, the soak test is happening now, but if Verizon has given the update the go-ahead, it could be only a matter of days before you all see it.

  • jcradio

    Got the OTA update last week now have noticed a few problems. One thing is Motorola Assist. Before the update while paired to my car I would be listening to the radio and when a text came in it will mute my radio and read me my text. Since the update I have to be in the Bluetooth Audio/MP3 mode to hear anything from the phone. Same with GPS. I hope there is a fix for this. The way it is now I cannot listen to my radio/cd player etc if I want to hear the phone. Only phone calls now mute the radio to take a call. ANybody else have this problem?? I hope I explained this clearly.

  • trowans

    So, 2 years of free 50gb cloud storage…what happens after that two years?

  • dreeemer

    … just got the update. This should hold me over till kit Kat…

  • Kristin

    is it possible to uninstall this update? I don’t like what it did to google maps, which is my most important feature.

  • Bill Mac

    I just received update 12.15.15.obake_verizon any difference than the 12.15.10?

  • mrbofus

    In case anyone is curious, if you already have a paid Google Drive plan (I had the 200GB plan, so I had a total of 231GB of storage with Google Drive already), the offer just adds an extra 50GB to what you already have. I went up to 281GB of storage after redeeming the offer.

    To redeem the offer, you open the Google Drive app after installing the system update, tap on the menu in the upper right and select “Product Tour”; from that screen, you can redeem the extra storage. Even if it’s just for two years, it’s still a pretty nice offer.

  • Chris Taylor

    Alright, so how do I get this update? Can I sideload without rooting?

  • TC Infantino

    I chose the Droid Maxx over the Moto X because I needed the heavy duty battery, and I liked that it had a bigger screen. I am so glad that I went that route because this thing lasts over 12 hours of heavy use. Hours of FB, YouTube, and movies through Netflix and Google Play. Plus it has all the goodies of the X, active notifications, voice activation, and a seriously great looking screen.

  • Don Goncalves

    Does the Moto X get the LTE performance enhancement or is it just for Droids — which would be an advantage of getting a new Droid over the Moto X?

  • Justin Steinberg

    I have a stock maxx, no root (I know, lame sauce) but when I try to boot to recovery I just get the little laying down android with the red triangle exclamation point. Any tips on how to get this working?

  • Danny Underhill

    So I am the idiot that got it stuck in boot loop and can’t get it out.

    • Stnkycheezman

      probably gonna have to find an RSD lite route to fix it….do a search on RSD lite to stock droid maxx on google. You’ll lose whatever you got on the phone is the only annoying part, everything else should be pretty easy if you’ve never done it before

      • Danny Underhill

        Thanks! I have done it before, just trying to find the stuff to do it.

        • Damnyankees

          Use House of Moto. I unrooted/went back to stock and preserved data. Easy peasy, too.

    • Sean F.

      Heads up, I was able to get the boot loop to stop by using the House of Moto refernced below. If you use house of moto and select the “Keep Data” option it will break a few apps login, but it should fix you back to square 1 with your apps and data remaining. If you need any help witht he walkthrough, let me know.

      I was using the PwnMyMoto on the phone in question. I’m looking to try and use the MotoRoot method to see if it’ll work with the latest firmware.

      • robbyrobaz

        I’ve got the Droid MAXX, I can’t find House of Moto version for xt1080M, just xt1080. Will the xt1080 work on my MAXX?

        • Sean F.

          I used just the xt1080 to flash and it solved it. I didn’t bother with 1080m as the model, although they references in a post that the model wasn’t important for our phones as the mini/maxx/ultra are basically the same.

          • robbyrobaz

            Ya, that worked. Thanks! 50 GB worked too.

  • Andy

    Don’t have a rooted MAXX; got the update an hour or so ago but the version is 12.15.15

  • motojg

    what about the mini

  • Lonetree

    This is not the soak test. Different version number.

  • AlexFirth91

    Just got my update, currently installing.

  • quadjacks

    Just got the notification. I’m not apart of any soak team.

  • Ryan

    I am receiving the update now, but was not part of the soak test. Strange.

  • MissingLInk

    I got it today and I’m not part of the soak test. Phone is loading it now. So I’ll know more in a bit.

  • Hoff16

    Yea, in the soak test. Nothing about it being confidential as some people have said. Also there was a nice notice recommending me to plug in my phone as the update may have drained my battery….unnecessary. 85% after the update.

    • bagheadinc

      Did you read the welcome message? It is supposed to be confidential.

  • Tyson

    To get your 50GB of Drive promotion, go to the Drive app, and under the menu select “Product Tour.” It asked me if I wanted to Redeem my promotion, and I did 🙂

  • Soaker

    ***This file is for Droid MAXX 2013 Only***

    – If you’ve rooted, please attempt to “reboot recovery” first to see if you’re going to bootloop. If you cannot get into stock recovery you’re going to need to restore to be able to take the update. If you do not take this step YOU WILL BOOTLOOP if you haven’t properly repaired your recovery or restored back to factory via RSD or Fastboot.

    – You need to have the stock radio installed for those who sideloaded the radio from the Moto X please restore back to radio ending in “75”



    MD5: a0ac03296876c254dce16936ea181ffc

    – Boot into recovery (phone off hold volume down and power to boot into bootloader then select recovery)

    – Select the above file from wherever you saved it on your device.


    • MichaelFranz

      Woot Woot….^^^^^^^^THIS

    • Patrick Craig

      So just to be sure, I booted into bootloader and selected recovery. I came to the screen with Andy and a red triangle. Does this mean I can go ahead and flash this file without unrooting because I am in the stock recovery or do I need to actually unroot and all that jazz?

      • Soaker

        Yes. That is stock recovery. Barring any other system modifications you’ve made the update will at least attempt to install. For those that can’t get to Andy they’d just bootloop and the update wouldn’t even attempt.

        • Stnkycheezman

          Thanks for the heads up today soaker, I got the update a few minutes ago and would’ve went ahead with it without even thinking about it.

          Sucks not having root now though…=P

          • Soaker

            There’s a new method that should work. I haven’t bothered to test though as I’ve got a Dev edition and don’t need such lame methods to root my device 😛

          • Stnkycheezman

            Yeah yeah, i was too cheap to fork up the money. 179 on contract for mine. Plus I haven’t seen too much development on it anyways, have you?

          • beng8686

            I used the same RockMyMoto method that they used to get root again for the moto x. Up and running with the new update and rooted! Go here for instructions: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/107098-root-rockmymoto-yes-even-the-first-ota/

      • MichaelFranz

        i would unroot to be safe. I used HouseOfMoto to go to stock reocvery and lose root while keep my data. Downloaded update and flashed. Booted just fine.

        I will say the camera update is night and day. I took 2 identical pictures before and after. WOW. I should post them

    • Greyhame

      To be clear, this is for a stock DROID MAXX? Thanks in advance.

      • Soaker


    • updatemenow

      The file keeps getting flagged by my antivirus. Haven’t had that happen before, is the file legit? Anyone else downloaded and loaded it?

      No offense Soaker, just don’t want a virus on my work pc 🙂

      • Soaker

        File is fine. AV products often detect android scripts as viruses due to the “patching” nature of the file.

        • soakerupdatedmenow

          Yes, confirmed that this is working after ignoring the warning, now updated and running the new update. Thanks Soaker!

    • Sean F.

      I’m now stuck in a boot Loop… I wasn’t paying attention when I got the alert this morning. What can I do to revert? I’m finding 0 info on how to flash recover or reflash a Droid Maxx so far. Anybody help!?

      • robbyrobaz

        I’m getting the same thing. I had it rooted and it boots and usable for about 30 seconds, then it powers off and reboots. Any solutions?

        • Sean F.

          So I figured out how to make it work. I was able to use HouseOfMoto to restore the firmware and keep my data available. I recommend you follow the steps on the XDA/Forums posts if you look up “HouseOfMoto”. It definitely can resolve the problem.

  • Phil

    So what happens to data occupying the promotional space?

    • bagheadinc

      It works the same way as DropBox does. If/when your promo ends and you don’t pay for the additional space, NO data is removed, however you can’t add new files until you are under your quota.

  • James_75

    Droid Maxx, the most under-rated phone of 2013.

    • Paul Hansen


    • flyingpuck

      Me and my Droid Maxx agree!

    • Soaker

      File and instructions are elsewhere in these comments if you want the update early.

      • MichaelFranz

        FYI trick to getting into recovery options. once in recoevery mode hold VOL UP for 10-15 seconds and tap power button, menu comes up

    • JeremyRoenickDanceParty

      I love mine. I am amazed by the battery life and the 720p screen has never looked bad.

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    • schlanz


    • jimsis

      I think I agree, but this is a tough one for me. I have my new Nexus 5 still unopened since yesterday waiting for a demo/trial using the Maxx. Maxx +’s, cheaper, touchless control, active display, big battery. Nexus 5 +’s, Not Verizon, Kit Kat Today and quicker updates going forward, Google Wallet Today, HD Screen, had every other Nexus except HTC One. Decisions decisions. I already tried the Note 3 and big fan but really big.

    • Stnkycheezman

      Everything on it is amazing, screen, speed, and the added moto features. but the battery is just the cherry on top. I’m no longer “afraid” to pull my phone out and use it now, and I can use it for however long I want without even considering the fact that it’s using up battery juice. battery is not even in the realm of consciousness for me throughout the day until i plug it in before bed (and even that i dont have to do every night). I find myself using the phone sooooo much more and for everything now.

      You guys feel the same?

    • nosn

      Decided to go with the Maxx over the N5. I have been evaluating both this week. I have unlimited data so that is a + for VZW already. The phone is solid, the almost stock OS is great. The active display is light years ahead of the flashing LED. I have not charged my phone since yesterday morning an I still have 50% left! My Nexus 5 died by 6 PM yesterday. Once this phone gets KitKat, it will only get better.

  • Malcolm Love

    Does this break root? heard of boot loops. So I’m waiting to pull the trigger on this one. I am excited about that new band tho.

    • Soaker

      If you’ve disabled recovery via jcase’s root method you’ll bootloop when trying to update. You’ll need to restore factory recovery for the update to work. You also need to be on the stock radio.

      • Malcolm Love

        I flashed stock to undo all mods I did earlier and I’ve left it stock, but rooted. If I’m right you shouldn’t boot loop as long as no system files have been changed…?

        • Soaker

          If you used his newer root method from about a month ago that allowed system write he has disabled your factory recovery. You can easily check by trying to reboot into recovery before you take the update. If you can get into factory recovery you’re fine. If it skips it and boots into the normal phone OS then you need to restore.

          • Malcolm Love

            Yep just checked, I need to restore it. Thanks.

          • Matt

            How do you restore this?

          • Malcolm Love

            I’m assuming you could use ADB to flash the recovery image.

    • MichaelFranz

      if you accept the OTA or anything with root you could boot loop. You need ot be stock in order to do it. The PwnMyMoto root exploit bypassed stock receovry so you will get stuck etc etc. I recommend HouseOfMoto by SamuriHL, you can restore to stock and keep your data. Works good, removes root and you can accept OTA and try using the new Moto X way if you want.

  • MichaelFranz

    Can anyone who got the OTA post the update.zip?

  • Mark

    I received the soak test update this morning. So far so good… my only question with the changelog saying 4GLTE improved to support faster connections… does this mean Band 4 (AWS) has now been enabled on this phone? Anyway to check or confirm this?

    • Stnkycheezman

      Can any soak testers confirm this?

      • Soaker

        Maybe? 😛

        • Soaker

          Oh. And it’s 12.15.15 not .10

        • Stnkycheezman

          sick…have you been able to get on VZW’s band 4? If so, is it ridiculously/noticeably faster? or mehh….

          • Soaker

            When you’re attached to a Band 4 tower it’s definitely faster but you have to be in one of those areas. Only the GS4, These new Droids on the soak and the iPhone 5S/5C are on Band 4 right now so it’s not very congested. We’ll see what happens to that speed when we get more people on it.

          • Mark

            Do you know which cities currently have access to Band 4?

          • Soaker

            I know new york and Chicago are at least partially live. Not sure where else though.

          • schlanz

            And the Note 3

      • Lonetree

        How does one know? I’m already getting 60 down/15 up on my local tower before the update.

        • Paul Hansen

          Band 4 is designed for congested metro areas. If you’re already getting those speeds you’re basically alone on that tower lol. If you ever go somewhere that has a large poplulus then you’ll benefit.

          • Lonetree

            Except I’m in Washington, DC. Anyway, I know what Band 4 is, how do I see what Band I’m attached to?

    • Soaker

      As soak tests are confidential, I would advise posting under a dummy account…

    • Lucky Armpit

      I read on another forum that this update also fixes an echoing issue when using the phone via speakerphone/BT. I mean it fixed it in the Moto X. So does anyone know if that is also fixed in this update? I can’t really use it in my car until this is fixed, as the echo drives the person on the other end crazy.

  • Tom Yarrish

    So is the 50GB Drive promo for new buyers of a MAXX/ULTRA or everyone?

    • Shane Redman

      *Crosses fingers for everyone*

    • bagheadinc

      Everyone 😉

    • MichaelFranz

      50GB Dropbox + 50GB Drive = 100GB of cloud YAY

      the Dropbox 50Gb should last me another year about which is nice. how long is the 50Gb drive promo good for?

      • ranlil

        1 year

      • bagheadinc

        2 Years

        • ranlil

          Thought mine was for 1 on my X

          • bagheadinc

            It’s definitely 2 years for the Droid Ultra/MAXX. It should have been 2 years for your X as well, but I could be wrong about that.

          • Curtis

            Check here: https://www.google.com/settings/storage?hl=en

            Mouse over the pie chart. Two years for my Moto X

          • George Davis

            I’m not seeing the 50Gb bonus … any ideas? Have the Droid Maxx. The only bonus I’m seeing is 15Gb for the updated Quickoffice promotion.

          • Curtis

            I am pretty sure I “joined/accepted” the promotion when I first logged in to my google account on my Moto X. Either that or when I first opened Drive (the app). Have you done either or both of those already with the new update?

          • George Davis

            Yes, got the update this morning and I have logged into Google Drive on the phone and also on my PC. Haven’t seen any promotion to accept. Hmm.

          • Curtis

            My Moto X storage increase appeared right away, but the Quick Office increase didn’t appear for several days after logging in. Give a day or two.

          • George Davis

            I figured it out! Apparently I had a later version of Drive installed than what the update came with. I uninstalled updates for Drive from the apps menu and then when launching Drive, it gave me the promo to accept. Awesome!

          • Curtis

            Awesome. I misread your previous comment. I thought you had already accepted the promotion. Nice work.

    • Malcolm Love

      I totally missed this promo. I’ll be looking into this.

    • UndergroundWire

      No. Just delete data for Drive and log back in and you’ll get the redemption for it. Hope that helps. I can confirm it worked for me.

  • ranlil

    Yeah… I didn’t get the Google Voice part

    • MichaelFranz

      i think they meant Google Now. who knows

      • David Arnold

        Was totally confused on that too. Has to be Google Now. I’m waiting for them to change the “OK Google Now” to “OK Google.” Makes much more sense and doesn’t sound as….weird?