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Contest: We Have 5 Chromecasts to Give Away!

chromecast contest

So, I’m not exactly sure why there are five unopened Chromecast devices sitting on my desk, but I do know that they need to go away.  And that means you have a chance to win one. Well, five of you have a chance to win one since there are that many sitting here.

Even though the price shock and impulse buy-worthiness of the Chromecast has disappeared a bit since launch, it’s still one of our favorite new tech products of 2013. The potential is here, we just need Google to open it all up. This is your chance to get in on that potential without spending a dime. 

As always, the contest is incredibly simple thanks to this little contest app called Rafflecopter. We’ve given you four different ways to enter using the form below. Don’t feel like you have to do all of them, but the more you do, the better your chances of winning. Ready?


Prizes: 5 (five) Chromecasts for 5 different winners.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tomorrow at 10AM Pacific, we’ll choose our 5 winners at random.

  • Ronald Bernard

    ummm…..did we pick winners or what?

  • congrats to the winners

  • James Briano

    Soooooo….. did I win?

  • ビッググリーン

    Man I never win

  • iYokleezy

    Hey guys,

    I didn’t see my name listed as a winner. I am sure this is some kind of mistake. No worries though. I just want to walk into my store at Apple, where I work and plug in my Chromecast into the TV, stream from my Galaxy Nexus and show my loyalty to my employer by going through pictures of the Nexus 5 on the screen.

  • SewWhat

    SWEET!!! I won…(walks to podium for gratuitous grammy style award speech)… I’d like to graciously thank all the guys at Droid-life.com without them none of this would have been possible. Also to all the other little people that entered I offer the advice to keep your head up and fingers primed to the ready for all future contests these guys drop the best swag and YOU TOO CAN WIN!..

    Seriously thanks guys,

  • orlandoa

    Woot!!!! Love Chromecast and all it stands for!!!

  • Matthew White

    So where are the winners listed?

  • Cory

    Pick me please! 🙂

  • Ed G

    I never win anything…I’m so due! Chromecast me!

  • John Collard

    I need one for MY bedroom!

  • engemasa

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a chromecast!

  • MTPenguin

    Playing Tegra games.


  • Rosilianny Martinez Moran


  • BeerguyOE

    i want one

  • Rommel

    other video sites (blip.tv, twitch) need chromecast support!

  • Kurt Landis

    Vudu would be great!

  • My Name Is Fred

    Do Want!

  • DC

    Amazon Prime Instant Video definitely.

  • Mac Kellam

    The ability to view any connected device’s screen on a large TV is very alluring. While that can already be done in other way, the elegant simplicity if chromecasts potential could make the process seamless!

  • Colonel Forbin


  • Ben Baker


  • Will McCoy

    Want to be able to mirror my phone display.

  • Randall Wanamaker

    I don’t need this at all, but am curious about it so, sure, I’ll take one.

  • XCMeathead

    For me it has to be BBC iPlayer and 4OD (Both UK only) that I’d like to see get Chromecast support. These would make me very happy :o)

    As a bonus, if the Android gallery itself somehow supported chromecast for biewign photos and videos, that’d be even more awesome!

  • joey563

    also, i dont know if it does it or not, but notifications and functionality from my phone, email, etc. would also be great to have pushed to the corner of my television screen.

  • joey563

    Evernote or mirror would be great.

  • Perfect combo for my Nexus 5 purchase. I want!!!!

  • Chris

    Me me me!

  • jafunk

    I want a Plex app that will allow me to choose videos from my phone or tablet but view them on a tv.

  • Elis B.


  • Theo Browne

    I hope Cyanogen continues succeeding with their AirPlay development, and can get it working on the Chromecast soon! Also, an audio-only option on the Chromecast would be cool for when my friends and I want to take turns DJing

  • Chuck

    Angry Birds!

  • Osvaldo Torrisi

    Great to multimedia streaming

  • Handheldtech

    Would love Amazon Prime on the device.

  • Brian C

    I think the best feature would be screen mirroring. I also would like all apps to be supported by it. Especially slingbox!

  • Brian Turkel

    sweet I amin

  • Tony

    I’d love to be able to Granny Smith on my TV.

  • Rich Nahra

    Screen Mirroring.

  • marcus russell

    I would like to see your whole phonr mirrored with chromecast

  • morgan boyle

    I was just about to buy a new one anyway for the basement. would be sick if it was free!

  • Alan Chavez

    Phone Screen Mirroring.

  • Mike W

    OH how i would love another one.

  • yuuber

    being able to watch video from my phone or computer without having to turn on my xbox

  • Alain Lafond

    Yeah, send one up here… It’s getting cold… Wiil be right in time for long winter nights…

  • Bobby Osborne

    HBO GO, MAX GO and any other network.

  • Kree Terry

    I just wanna be able to mirror every screen. not specific apps.

  • Nick Knudstrup

    Mirroring content from my maxx

  • BA_Carroll

    I want to be able to play Candy Crack on my high def LCD TV!

  • Andrew Rubinstein

    want to see its potential!!!

  • Ben


  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    Any media service available! Especially sports related media apps like WatchESPN and NBC Sports Live! Crackle would be nice as well!

  • hamza8117

    To be able to look at my tv and play something from my phone. That would be one amazing feature to have. This would put a lot of the android consoles out of business.

  • DanielP


  • wade_county

    HBO GO

  • vcmstone

    HBO Go. All the way.

  • James Heyneman

    Crunchyroll support would be awesome. Also, obligatory mention of screen mirroring of Android devices.

  • FargoJoe

    Netflix would be awesome on Chromecast!!

  • redbar0n11

    Anything…. EVRYTHING……… THE WORLD!

  • Matt Hennessey

    best new tech of ’13 is right.

  • brndnzlda

    Would love this for a Christmas gift for my family. Really enjoying my own Chromecast

  • Definitely phone screen mirroring.

  • Chris

    It makes owning DVD players a very obsolete object. I used to use a dedicated laptop plugged into my TV to run BlueRay, DVD and Internet Streaming videos. I wish this would have came out about 3 years ago to save me spending $700 on a media laptop and the bluetooth keyboards to make it wireless. But my daughter doesn’t complain…she got a newish laptop upgrade early. So on behalf of my daughter…thank you Google.

  • Shaun O’Toole

    MLB at Bat built in app. Working with sports leagues would put Google in an all out fistfight with the Fruit People..

  • cokm4n

    Awesome contest!!

  • sp

    Streaming videos from phone apps

  • David Schendt

    Something similar to screen mirroring so that all content can be streamed.

  • Josh J

    Good luck, everyone!

  • Ballisticn8

    I would like chromecast to have support for screen mirroring that way you could use it to mirror anything and everything android supported to the tv.

  • Str8Shooter

    Dish Anywhere Streaming

  • Brian Tehan

    streaming from local network

  • Raymond

    I’d like to see HBO GO

  • Don

    Definitely Netflix!

  • Brandon Winter

    I would like to see Chromecast mirror the desktop of any android smart phone. I do a lot of training and this would ability would be perfect for an Android class.

  • Jon Karanopoulos

    Would love to try this out with my Nexus 7. I know it might drive my wife nuts, but hey, isn’t that what technology is all about?

  • Brian

    Netflix and Amazon Prime

  • Josh

    I am waiting for Amazon to be supported.

  • Whiteice

    I would love to see VuDu and Plex and PlayON added to Chromecast.

  • Bryant Laney

    I want games to get chromecast support.

  • Brian Himes

    I been thinking of getting once for a while now.

  • harveyramos

    I’d like to see support for WatchESPN, MLS Matchday, Amazon Prime (altho they need to allow their app for all Android devices), and possibly screen mirroring

  • Rebecca Corbin


  • Because I never win anyway!

  • Ian B

    Just ordered a chromebook.. A chromecast would go nicely!!!

  • Kugler

    Games on the big screen! Phone Mirroring

  • Dan

    Nexus 7 game mirroring

  • PaladinBladeX

    I just want Google to hurry up and let Pocket Casts implement Chromecast mirroring. After that, Chromecast will be the best thing in the world to me. 🙂

  • Rodney Mallonee

    Would love to win one….Hulu Plus is a good one

  • gp126904

    Cannot wait for HBO GO Chromecast support! That will be great!

  • dor

    phone screen mirroring

  • Nguyen Trinh

    Phone mirroring would be excellent to have!!

  • big007hed

    So I love pudding, do I win?

  • chuckfu

    I’m putting a tv on a back patio and this would be the perfect way for me to get content to it!

  • Bert Larson

    Watch ESPN and HBO GO

  • cortesjues

    probably one of the most simple products google has made, but had damn will it make my life easier lol

  • Jonathan Vanasco

    Would love to get one for the wife!

  • moe6

    HBO Go

  • Seth Dyer

    I want to be able to send anything I’m doing on my mobile device. Not necessarily screen mirroring, but more like a screen extension.

  • Mike

    Been meaning to get one of these

  • z3dster

    I can has?

  • Young Kim


  • dfecko

    Cook me dinner

  • jstwondrng

    I would like to cast tabs from the Chrome browser on both tablets and smartphones.

  • Brocco

    As long as I can use Netflix, I’m happy.

  • Jim

    Amazon Prime video

  • Mike White

    An Amazon Prime app in the Play store and then Chromecast support for it. And HBO Go also. Netflix, Play Music and Hulu+ already are supported. Not sure what all these people are talking about.

  • Maria

    Netflix & Hulu+

  • Ben Modica

    Definitely screen mirroring.

  • Aaron

    Being able to play local content from my phone.

  • BeardoGomez

    I’d like to see support for iPlayer and 4oD. I think the introduction of a feature that allows you to see what you’re doing on your phone/tablet on the TV through the Chromecast would also be an incredible addition.

  • jrop

    Amazon Prime VOD, and streaming on-device media would be really sweet!

  • Gary


  • opustv

    I really can use one of these!

  • Kevin

    HBO GO, watch abc, cbs, screen mirroring

  • FknTwizted

    i would like screen mirroring, get tired of having to plug my phone into my TV. it would be pimp to play games and watch what’s on my phone. please unblock!

  • Sly


    • Kevin

      already supported

  • Anthony Richard

    Could really use a chromecast, bestbuy is sold out around here.

  • ChenHuangdi

    I would love to see VLC support.

  • sklein12

    love my chromecast

  • Victor Tokunboh

    Need to win!!

  • Guest

    screen mirroring

  • Andres V.

    Playing games on TV

  • Stephen

    Amazon Prime…

  • Drew

    I’m gettin that fo’ sho!

  • Tyler Lipshutz

    I would really love something that streams video visualizations while I streamed my music from Google Music

  • Jack

    Integration with cable providers

  • Trevor Hicken


  • Michael Atkinson

    Screen mirroring and voice commands would love to be walking around house and just say “chrome cast open Netflix” or “skip song” and not need to actually pick my phone up

  • Jeferson Souza

    Gallery pics and movies?

  • Gabriel Hart

    All of the apps from the broadcasting companies should have Chromecast support – ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E, History, etc. If I can stream it to my phone/tablet and display it on my TV with HDMI, no reason not to throw Chromecast in the mix.

  • Guest

    Gallery pics and videos/movies?

  • Arnaud Monfort

    French Androfanboy need the precious!

  • AndrewScottRox

    Ability to play my itunes library (if it doesn’t already).

  • ChesterLin

    Chrome cast is great!

  • Antonio Adame

    Would like to them to add DLNA with more available video play back formats.

  • David Belyea

    Multi-stock tracking and news!

  • DavidB

    One of these would make my life complete…. 😉

  • Rick McConville

    I would love to see it as a service that can be called the same way I send things to Pocket. Just share to Chromecast.

  • jolt.ball

    Files on Local drive and Phone screen mirroring

  • Anthony Davies

    I’ll take 1 please.

  • Francois Forrest

    I would love to see XBMC for android gain support for chromecast. (I think we all know why).

  • slewis0408

    Phone mirroring would be a cool feature

  • Jeff Lambert

    Phone Screen Mirroring – Agreed!

  • del2327

    I would love to win one & would love to see Amazon Prime videos available!

  • Randall

    I would like to see games being able to mirror!

  • PurNrG

    I’d love to see full content mirroring – Nothing would be better than My Muppets on My Big Screen 🙂

  • Turb0wned

    Hopefully it’s my turn to win!

  • Me Likey!

  • Double D

    Pretty please with sugar on top

  • cerps

    I’d like to be able to mirror my screen when the new native Remote Desktop feature kicks in.

  • Netflix!

  • Steve S

    HBO Go would be fantastic.

  • jE

    Would not mind having one of these

  • Christopher Quan

    android TV without the expensive Google box

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Love my Chromecast. Can’t wait for the API to be finalized so more features can be added, though.

  • Dylan


  • Cheesse

    Google Chrome… Because anything less would be Apple TV

  • Rob

    Plex support soon?

  • Zachary Manville

    I currently can only watch NFL Redzone on my phone through Verizon, with this I can move up to the big screen.

  • Jimmy


  • makivelli

    Screen Mirroring would be the most useful. 🙂

  • Robert Macri

    I need another one for the bedroom!!!

  • bhans

    Chromecast! Hulu from phone to my TV! I can watch Dr. Who series at last!!

  • blacklobo78

    Amazon Instant videos needs to be added to Chromecast and this this will be the best product of 2013.

  • traumadog

    Here’s hoping

  • K1cks

    I’d love to just be able to chromecast gallery content to it.

  • John McG

    Amazon Prime and Netflix.

  • John McG

    Yes please!

  • Thomas O’Brien

    Definitely Phone Screen mirroring!

  • AlexB22

    More Netflix for the other room!

  • Wendy_VA

    I originally was going to say play GoogleMusic idea but I have to say that I like mirroring my phone screen on my TV better!

  • Ronald Bernard

    The Droid Life show. Live streaming on Chromecast.

  • Todd Schumaker

    I would love to see Netflix on chromecast

  • Smiley Smith

    Netflix would be great.

  • Zack Stewart

    Chromecast + Android Hackers (XDA and the likes) = AWESOME!

  • Bazar6

    Yes please!!!!!

  • Bryan Snyder

    Phone Mirror = epic….

  • Darshan Shah

    I want one since everyone is sold out lol

  • leboff


  • Dallas Milem

    I have always wanted a Google Chromecast. It would be the perfect addition to my android collection.

  • John H.

    This would be very useful.

  • br_hermon

    I want to see MLB At Bat supported. As well as Chrome on mobile. Oh, and local content too!

  • Some kind of game where the question is displayed on the TV while one person sees the answer on their phone

  • brad0383

    This would be a fun new toy.

  • kaufkin

    funny part, was negotiating w/ the wife to get a Chromecast last night… this might help settle negotiations. 🙂

  • Jimmy Baez

    Netflix already has support for Chromecast so I’m all good.

  • Sean

    Amazon Instant Video would be great.

  • Joe Coppola


  • Matt

    Amazon Instant Video

  • Jon

    Phone screen mirroring!

  • BIG CAT #7

    I was just about to buy one of these this weekend. Winning one would be even sweeter!!!!!! Would love to mirror my shows and movies with this to my television. Awesome product!

  • reevester

    Plan and simple….hd screen mirroring.

  • Somwong Kitthikoune


  • mikesuds

    I think if I had this I would probably sell my PS3.

  • ScottyByrd

    Mirroring for the win!

  • Joe Scatt

    ESPN 3

  • b00sted

    I need this in my life

  • bluefolder

    WatchESPN would be a great addition!

  • Nils

    screen mirroring ftw

  • Ryan Callihan

    I don’t even want to win this chromecast for myself, I’m gonna surprise my friend with one for his birthday!

  • jak_341

    Rafflecopter giveaways make me smile.

  • chowhoundb

    Count me in for one

  • Pakmann2k


  • Mike Sember

    HBO go

  • shetig

    Everything all the time

  • punkorambo

    My old Google TV is busted. This would make up for it 🙂

  • Trevor Clement

    Game Play projected to the TV.

  • Nick V

    HBO GO, which after Netflix, is my most used video app

  • dsilva1217

    post comment

  • 3fren

    Watch ESPN. Definitely.

  • franek ratulowski

    netflix hbo go

  • Mike C.

    I want to try and experience the casting of the chromage.

  • Brax19

    The phone mirroring would awesome! You should at least be able to watch your own videos and pictures through Chromecast. Thanks for the contest!

  • Jimmy Leffert

    Complete screen mirroring ability…

  • Huntex

    The ability to stream any app to the T.V. !

  • bibbyboi

    Phone screen mirroring.

  • Alex

    Definitely phone screen mirroring.

  • Anthony Brucculeri

    I win!

  • michael arazan

    Don’t own a a laptop, would love to have a way to mirror my chrome on phone to my tv, or music, or hopefully games and all my media.

  • Jeff

    Text messaging and phone calls would be an awesome feature

  • juan jimenez

    Moto x with chromecast yeahh !!!

  • Leonard Wong

    Mirroring is really a big one

  • Jimmy Fresh

    Definitely need to see Hulu plus!

  • RXG9

    Mirror phone on TV.

  • Jase

    Screen mirroring and Netflix!

  • lilcledix


  • David P

    I would really love if it was just baked in to the OS and would just be an output choice like Bluetooth is.

    That way I could stream NPR or Pandora, cast my pictures from my Gallery, watch HBO Go. All with it just being a simple toggle switch.

    And while we’re at it, I would like some options on the Chromecast to just stream pictures as screensavers. Whether hi-res preloaded ones or my own. Just so it’s not album art when streaming music from Google Music All Access

  • pd240

    Would love to see the NFL sunday ticket app support chromecast. I got free pass for online sunday ticket but cannot get on my TV, so chromecast would allow me to watch all the games on my TV vs. phone or tablet.

  • iamwac

    simple support for local video files

  • twix_y

    Mirror phone on tv

  • Jerry C.

    Phone screen mirroring would be awesome.

  • Ryan Batty

    I soul love screen mirroring

  • Tim

    Pandora would be nice if it isn’t already a native app. I’d also like to see it being used for more business/productivity.

  • patrick

    Umm… fruits rot very quickly , metals dont . And you can always freeze kit kat bars 😉

  • Nick

    I’d so love to use this with my Nexus 7 2013 on my 40 inch plasma tv. Playin some Dead Trigger with zombies up close and personal 😀

  • Shawn Mayers

    Would be fun to have one of these to experiment with.

  • alex chan

    Something so you can do something with your device while say your kids are watching something on the tv

  • Faruq Pradhan


  • serotheo

    Screen Mirroring would be the best option, some anime from the browser or offline YouTube videos would be awesome.

  • Jason Tsujimura

    Screen mirroring of course.

  • beau


  • ten2o3

    Boom goes the dynamite

  • derek

    amazon prime

  • derek

    Screen mirroring

  • Cameron Williams

    Defintely screen mirroring and sending tabs from mobile. :]



  • John Molina

    Gallery or Google+!

  • Shayne

    I would like to see the Optimum App gain support on this just so I can stream it to the other TV in my room during sports sessions and watch two games at once. Then I can also use my phone and/or Ipad to watch something else.

  • ken

    streaming from a media server!!

  • Martin

    HBO GO!

  • S2556


  • Haroon Dar

    Chromecast for my new note 3 PLZ

  • André Guedes

    Phone/tablet screen mirroring would be awesome!!

  • Alex B

    Me want. Great device.

  • joshuauy


  • Rechie

    I want my ChromeCast NOW! I’d like to see it do phone screen mirroring too and native files support without having to do workarounds.

  • sonicemerald

    would love to see split screen games.

  • xxseiferxx

    I would love to see plex on this !

  • GillRigged

    Definitely would like to see my phone, tablet or any other current Android device mirrored on my screen.

  • Gary Hicks

    Would love to win this! The ability to use my TV as a secondary monitor for my phone would be amazing, as opposed to just duplicating my phone screen.

  • Mitchell Steele

    Phone Screen Mirroring

  • matt


  • BDH

    Mirroring would be an amazing feature!!

  • Larry

    I need this!

  • carluverdrm2004

    Who doesn’t like free stuff?

  • Caz


  • Akzident

    really want this 🙂

  • Rob Barbulescu

    I would love to see Amazon Prime services!

  • Daniel Fares

    It would be neat if you could use chromecast as an additional monitor for your device as oppose to just duplicating your display so you could display something on tv while reading the notes from the device.

  • Leon Durham

    PS Vita game support

  • Anthony Wilen


  • Daniel


  • Kent Hua

    phone screen mirroring would seem to be valueable

  • Jesse Lear

    It would be pretty cool to have one of these not gonna lie, but its okay

  • Filip Cernak

    Android phone screen mirroroing

  • Jayme

    Cant wait till they open it up!

  • RBI411

    This thing will be indispensable once it has HBO Go support.

  • Michael OBrien

    games on the tv, video on the tv…im in heaven

  • @hippiestick_com

    I would like to see casting of the phones gallery

  • If possible I’d like to see full wireless device mirroring.

    …Maybe on the chromecast 2

  • justgilb

    Complete screen mirroring ability.

  • John Rosengreen

    I could use another cromecast

  • Cloyd D’Mello

    I would like Office app Streaming support added… to display presentations and documents directly from Phone or tablet…

  • MrWicket

    screen mirroring!

  • PaulMaddux

    Mirrioring and any movie app like netflix, hulu, Vudu etc…

  • Any form of streaming would be good for Chromecast but definitely game mirroring!

  • levi

    History, sci, fox, Spike

  • Jackson Graessle

    I’d love to win this! It would go great in my dorm room!

  • Matthew Rebmann

    I was actually seriously considering buy one of these this week or next. I hope I win 😀

  • Kenneth Willingham

    I’d love to see HBO Go supported on chromecast

  • DisGuy

    HBO Go would be sweet

  • Alexandru Socol

    Screen mirroring !

  • Chris


  • Christopher Mann

    HBO Go FTW!!!

  • Travis

    Android screencasting goodness

  • beez1717

    I want one so freaking bad!

  • rgaray

    Android Google Chrome

  • hey why not. chromecast would go lovely with my chromebook 11

  • parham z

    just mirroring

  • Raymond

    Phone screen mirroring!

  • HuskerDad3

    I would love to see MLS Live on Chromecast.

  • David Weinstock

    PLease pick me

  • All the sports apps that show games

  • I would love to have my phone mirrored. Also anything played in a video player or photo viewer should be displayed. I love being able to watch stuff on Netflix while browsing my phone.

  • James Surrey


  • David Harlow


  • jrphillips10


  • Kavya


  • Alessandro C.

    W the contests!!

  • Jenna Stone

    Mirror would rock.

  • Franz


  • Jonathan

    Chromecast needs HBOgo support!

  • VanshGandhi

    I would like to be able to mirror Chrome/my entire Android device onto the Chromecast

  • MaZeR4455

    Waiting for twitch.tv compatibility. The xbox app has a weird ratio issue where it cuts off parts of the stream. I’d also prefer to not use my xbox for power efficiency as well.

  • Erich K01

    Screen mirroring and Netflix.

  • Bradley Fogleman

    Twitch.tv so I can watch gaming MLG on my big screen, not just phone and computer.

  • sainsy31

    Would love to see MLB at Bat

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    Pick me, pick me!

  • Happybains

    It needs Plex, XBMC and mirroring

  • Kevin Hannigan

    Definitely the screen mirroring

  • Ant

    I hope it gets phone screen mirroring and HBO GO !!

  • g_what

    Everything. I want it to just straight up mirror my device for everything, as if I was using an MHL cable.

  • Damian

    Screen mirroring!

  • Patrick Kemper

    I would love to see screen mirroring come to Chromecast!!

  • Thorboy

    I want to see feel system mirroring with minimal lag.

  • Amazins71

    I would love to see HBO Go on the Chromecast!

  • Alessandro Sartori

    Screen mirroring!

  • SMD79

    Full Support for UStream, LiveStream, and other live stream CDN’s.

  • Les Fowler

    Would love to see mirroring to the tv!

  • Greg Robinson

    Screen mirroring like on Apple TV.

  • Ben

    This is awesome! Thanks!!!

  • indiecognition

    I love fishin’

  • duce22

    Chromcast should allow all content that is downloaded to our phones to be played.. Just saying.. Oh yeah and please pick me..

  • Milind Shah


  • Mike Kister

    Needing an android Play Music hug

  • paulmike3

    Would love to see HBO Go and Plex!

  • Zachary G

    would love NFL redzone if possible….i know, probably a pipe dream

  • Josh Louden

    I’d like to win this…wooot

  • David Imel

    So good for a dormitory!

  • I can video chatting becoming a supported feature in the future

  • Jonathan Hartman


  • matt0715

    Screen mirroring

  • Karl Maul

    I would love to see ABC iView or BBC TV shows 🙂

  • Matthew Cheung

    I would love to have a Chromecast 😉

  • Mark Schleupner

    Chromecast on my TV would be awesome!!

  • Zachariah

    Dual monitor support with both the phone and computers. It’d be even cooler to have two chromecasts act like “spaces” or something. Also, playing games using it would be pretty nifty.

  • sean.yesmunt

    Thanks for picking me!

  • Landon Landsiedel

    Google Play music!

  • nadji

    local playback

  • Nicholas West

    Free chromecast great way to start the holiday season

  • Havoktek

    Damn that phone screen mirroring is da’ shizzy! That’ll work!!!
    Need that on the HD baby!

  • Hulu

  • Brian

    NBA tv. can’t wait for the season to start

  • Hector Abreu

    Screen mirroring definately

  • Richard Olea

    I HBO casting asap

  • Amar Shergill

    Netflix HD

  • George Messiha

    I would like to see Plex get ChromeCast support.

  • funkylovemonkey

    Definitely local playback

  • Clint O

    Netflix, screen mirroring

  • JaronDW

    Pick me!

  • Patrick

    Good luck winning everyone. Thanks Droid Life.

  • elemeno


  • cjgoudy

    Gonna win a Chromecast, gonna use it on my tv, gonna be so awesome, boo bap ba dee

  • Patrick Sullivan

    NHLGamenter app

  • ben


  • jedijesus95

    HBO GO and Watch ESPN need to be on the chromecast.

  • Kevin Kintner

    I want to see Plex on Chromecast!

  • Kevin

    Handheld screen mirroring

  • Matt Larson

    Xbox music!

  • UncagedChipmunk

    Chromecast is the perfect size for a streaming device

  • Jared Kennington

    Device mirroring for sure!

  • CompCrash

    I been meaning to pick up another one for the house. This would make it easier.

  • elguapo503

    Mirror my phone screen please

  • John C. Smith

    Support for general screen casting, be it android or pc. Better yet, make it show up as a separate monitor!

  • Greg Williams

    I would like to be able to cast my phone’s screen for demo purposes.

  • thisismeonline

    Native support for any app would be nice. But phone screen would be cool.

  • James

    hope they add dlna function to this later on

  • Charlie Val

    Playing games on your TV would be so awesome. Emulators and a DualShock 4?

    Me wants.

  • David Willden

    Hopefully I can finally win something….The main thing I want them to add to the Chromecast is support for local storage on android phones and tablets. That would make the Chromecast AMAZING!

  • Packratako

    I got a helicopter in my twitter pic, thats easy rafflecopter! @packratako.

    Chromecast would be awesome on my Sharp Aquos!

  • Scott Manders

    Yup… definitely screen mirroring.

  • Mojo

    Be able to watch from any portable device you may own with screen mirror etc

  • steve im

    i want to win!

  • Kevin Faaborg

    Would love to see Crunchyroll and even some apps like G+ so you can cast photos/content you have on your device and share with friends.

  • marcus walton

    View content from phone on TV

  • Thabet-Abbas C. Burias

    Would love to have this to bring my dumb TV into the smart world.

  • Mark

    I want Chromecast to use with the new HP Chromebook I just ordered. Wireless chromecasting on my tv. Plus, I like who you can move it to any tv. Skype from a giant tv also.

  • sup

  • avataranjie

    Fully screen phone mirroring

  • Aleksandra Huey

    full screen mirroring and amazon prime

  • Clayton Burnett


  • Bently Wong

    NFL Mobile

  • dave w

    Phone screen mirroring first, Amazon Prime second.

  • I’d really like a Chromecast for the Netflix and recently added Hulu.

  • Tom Erlandsen

    The Play Games app itself, if it allowed you to cast any game which was using Google’s gaming service straight to your TV.

  • nuno fernandes


  • YARDIE87

    Gimme that chrizzomecast

  • Kyle Coppess

    Gives me the dongle!!!!

  • James Morgan

    http://www.videolan.org/vlc, then Netflix then Amazon Prime!

  • Francis Phelps

    Really hoping for HBOGO via Comcast!!

  • GCSkater

    Official support for the Verizon NFL app would be great. Watching Thursday, Sunday Night and Monday games on the big screen? Yes please.

  • Jonathan Bond

    I love the idea but it really needs Plex to be perfect for me. Luckily that should be coming soon.

  • masterxchief

    Screen mirroring for games!

  • androidaw

    Phone mirroring.

  • Rob Hestar

    I agree,Phone Screen Mirroring!

  • elyssa doom


  • Travis

    Pck me Pick me

  • Corey Smith

    I’d agree with phone mirroring.

  • rlorenz

    I’d like to see Amazon video on the chromecast!

  • Chris Morris

    Pocket Cast, screen mirroring and I’ll buy it.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Just give me… Give it to me Give it to me… that’s how the song goes right?

  • Courtney Renee


    octoberbaby1990 at yahoo dot com

  • ビッググリーン

    All Games should get chromecast support. I know its not a service but it works. Also Aereo should if it doesnt when the app drops

  • Jason G


  • zachjen

    xfinity play app

  • utes_86

    Two TVs, need one more Chromecast.

  • Galindo909

    Please let me win I can really use one

  • Devon

    Chromecast, I must have you

  • Justin

    Looking to win one!

  • Tuan Dang

    please i need one.

  • howie35

    I need a CHROMECAST!!

  • Adam Elghor

    playing music

  • xTweaKy

    TWC TV and mirroring!


    Very nice.

  • olbapnauj

    U.S. entries only. GG 🙁

  • MrCrusha

    Sweet.. need this bad… kids keep taking the tablet for Netflix!

  • Nick Johnson

    Only thing I can think of is mirroring.

  • Paul

    It would be great to mirror what’s on my phone’s screen. Or at least chrome on android like on desktops.

  • Ivan92116


  • Orion Pax


  • Netflix

  • mueron

    local playback, hbo go!

  • Phillip Bee

    sports streaming

  • Jim Yee

    Mirroring of any device would be killer

  • Dodger

    Root it and go crazy!

  • Jeff J.


  • Scott

    I gotta go with mirroring all the way!

  • Charles Eger

    Streaming of local content, especially music…

  • Austen armijo

    I could definitely use one. !! Help me stream to my tv!

  • Kevin

    How about screen sharing from the chromecast to another screen. Just tap into whatever is on the tv.

  • dochill4u

    I’m in

  • Jon1029

    Phone screen mirroring for sure

  • Extended screen.

  • Donnie Dangus

    To be able to use the Chromecast while it is plugged into my receiver in
    the entertainment center. The Wi-Fi reception leaves much to be
    desired, so a female HDMI adapter it is.

  • Tyler Caraway

    Amazon Prime

  • cmonnats23

    Phone Mirroring.

  • JCV

    Ok I’m gonna sound like everyone else, but I would love me some cast de Chrome. Yum yum!

  • James P

    I’d really love to be able to cast mobile device Chrome tabs, I hate turning my computer on just to cast a webpage I can view on my tab

  • Daniel Gulyas

    Crunchyroll or screen mirroring

  • mistergrub

    Sports Streaming!

  • iiBinxx

    WatchESPN or NFL Redzone

  • Shaun

    C’monnn lemme win a chromecast! I really wanna see Amazon Prime

  • Princesation

    I wanna be able to play locally stored movies

  • Gee

    Local content streaming!

  • Michael Quinlan

    We all have a chance, but only 5 of us will win. 🙂 I know… nit-picking the post is not the best way to win, but I had to post SOMETHING. Thanks for the contest.

  • Neat!

  • Peter Michel

    Ditto to the screen mirroring!!

  • dave

    NBC Prime or Amazon Prime!

  • Finire

    If Cynogen can get the cast anything working again, this will be amazing again.

  • pharmdy

    Another vote for screen mirroring!

  • micah kling

    Mirroring for gaming

  • Lesa McMahon

    I’d like to see it support Pandora, Sound Cloud, and Amazon Prime.

  • Juan

    Would love to make my old Samsung LCD into a somewhat Smart TV. This would be cool.

  • tim

    Extended Screen!

  • Dave Whyte

    I would love to see everything I’m doing on my phone on my TV.

  • Jeff

    Better airplay-like support

  • Eric Ooi

    Mirror from phone to car touchscreen player.

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    Phone mirroring, hbo go, and local file/google drive playback

  • Justin Latham

    I want to be able to watch anything that is on my phone on my tv that’s what needs to happen.

  • Chris Gulley

    Crackle !!

  • Justin Latham

    Would be a great gift for my wife’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bartclantrash

    Perfect. timing for a contest. XBMC Support Thanks, DL!

  • scruffykid

    phone screen mirroring!

  • Louis Parrilla

    i want one, this would be very useful

  • Dean Milord

    A friend of mine got me one of these from Best Buy. It is so amazing. Hope the allow the full mirroring feature back to Chromecast!! This plus Android TV (get that Google Fiber here in Orlando) it’ll be perfect!!
    I’ll be able to say bye-bye to Verizon & Cable!!!

  • H3xTo

    I want.

  • MicroNix

    This device will only get more useful as time goes on!

  • Clift

    I could use this for the watch ESPN app for all the college he’s that don’t get broadcast.

  • Gregory Manzano

    Chromecast is rgood. But b if local files will be supported, then it will be the best.

  • Owewil3225

    I would love to mirror things from my phone to the tv. Be able to watch movies or espn games

  • vonny571

    Local media streaming from any device.

  • abhele

    netflix booyah!

  • Like most people, screen mirroring would be awesome!

  • eck79

    It would be cool to see services like DirecTV, Xfinity, U-verse, etc. allow to streaming to remote TV’s through Chromecast.

  • geeky1

    i want!

  • YinzerRob

    i need one, my wife wants to cancel our cable, i will have 3 useless tv’s without chromecast, help!

  • Kie

    Plex! Would be the greatest thing to happen to my TV watching.

  • Since Google TV is going away, I guess I’ll have to buy this now.

  • aantaya

    chromecast is kewl, I really want to be able to stream my desktop to watch anime

  • King_Colbra

    Don’t know which service I would like, but if it had the ability to allow me to star on a DL Show I’d be okay with that.

  • Azz

    easy mode videos of the kids!

  • Steve Palacios

    Netflix, of course!

  • Chris

    Can’t wait to win a chromecast

  • Chaitanya Madduru

    HD Movies !!!!

  • Galindo909

    I hope I win

  • Avi Faitelewicz

    Use your phone with its sensors like a wii controller on a tv. Also slideshows and using your phone as a remote for the slideshows.

  • Firtermish

    Send one to the land down under. No, not Australia, the other one. Wha? Where? You know, that southernmost tip of the American continent? Nope? Nevermind : P

  • jd623

    It may be nice to see some Reddit apps gain support. Though with this device, maybe now I would only trip over my own two feet instead of the MHL cable on the floor!

  • bitz

    I keep meaning to buy one of these to play with

  • bonanzalarry

    Phones screen mirroring

  • Gregg

    Commenting for Contest! Would like to see the Chromcast become a Roku competitor

  • Phil

    One of the many NES/SNES emulators!

  • RaptorOO7

    Love the free giveaways you guys offer.

  • Chris


  • Dorian Brooks

    in for the win

  • Behi

    I’m in!

  • JSTARS03


  • Sean Workman

    Yes please!

  • bassmaster118

    Screen mirroring for sure.

  • Dennis Payne

    Cool netflix

  • The360King

    Would love to use this.

  • Victor Epée

    I want one

  • Navin R Johnson

    I would like a way to hook it up to an older TV without HDMI or USB

  • Casey Taylor

    Local media streaming!!

  • sski66

    Phone mirroring of the whole phone would be really cool, anything you want to put on your tv from your phone.

  • Pat Boyle

    Netflix, Play music, phone mirroring

  • Ogami Itto

    Love Chromecast

  • KnappyRoot

    HBO Go

  • Shane

    great youtube streaming for pregaming

  • Casey Finch

    Screen mirroring for tablets and phones.

  • Ruvim

    screen mirror!

  • john lynch


  • Sarpedon1069

    I think it would be cool to mirror games onto the TV.

  • Matt Sasges

    Screen mirroring for sure

  • maestro PL

    Want one

  • Keith

    Gotta say HBOGo. Game of Thrones FTW!

  • cswin72

    as many others have said, phone screen mirroring would be great.

  • neo1738

    Full Screen Mirroring would definitely be the best!

  • salientcraig

    seriously needs baked in native support on this this. screen mirroring

  • NoLiMiT06

    Needs support for all video streaming services and perhaps gaming.

  • Ed

    Would like to see Amazon Prime gain Chromecast support.

  • Michael Mirabella

    screen mirroring

  • willjah

    I wonder what percentage of people already own a Chromecast.

  • Kyle Schilling

    I would love to see phone mirroring! Screencasting is awesome!

  • Nick

    i got one a few weeks ago and love using it for youtube and netflix on my bedroom tv, now it would be nice to win one for the livingroom

  • The Dude

    Eye Candy!

  • B C

    Chrome for Android!

  • tbotb

    I’ve always been curious about these, and would love to try it out.

  • Dalton Dale

    I would love to see Chromecast support full phone navigation

  • Dalton Dale

    Would love to have one of these for my bedroom. Tired of not being able to just watch stuff from my phone on a bigger screen

  • Matt Erbeck

    I would love to see plex and XBMC gain official support for the Chromecast. I could also really use a good sports cast on the tv.

  • Patrick Jewell

    Phone mirroring all the way.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    Netflix and Play music would be nice.

  • Jacob

    I would love for the Plex app to gain official Chromecast support.

  • Jeff Allen

    I want I want I want

  • Kiril Vatev

    I’d like to see better support for local streaming.

  • Kehin Faux


  • marchelogr


  • Gary Hamrick

    Google play music would be great.

  • Craig

    I like watching YouTube on it

  • Mr E


  • BAoxymoron

    mirroring… then I have all my services

  • jbank

    VLC and Plex support would be awesome!

  • TheBigOldDog

    Plex! Then I’d even buy one if I wasn’t lucky enough to win one. Then I could stream all Plex has to offer as well as my own library and that would be a killer combo for $35!

  • Frank512


  • drak1071

    Agreed – Mirroring!

  • Enderson Tejada

    Would love to have Netflix officially support it, to have HD on any screen you mirror it on

  • erpapo

    chrome tab casting from mobile would be a good start. wouldn’t argue with phone mirroring.

  • Jared Carter

    Just got a chromecast a couple days ago… it’s awesome and I could use another!

  • WungFu

    hurrah free things!!

  • Brandon Judy

    I want a Google Chromecast

  • Jai

    Please Let me win!

  • BigDeeNY99


  • PhillipNorris

    Netflix and google play music

  • Motoxtreme99

    G+ Chrome Me

  • s0uth

    im going to win one. watch.

  • Steve

    Awesome giveaway

  • Ian Smith

    i need a 2nd one for living room, thnx

  • verizonchris

    Give the chromecast the abilities an ios device and appletv give you and it would be perfect.

  • benjamin Kilar

    I would like to see casting not only from the same WiFi connection, but from a mobile connection as well. So i can freak my roommates out by having the t.v. turn when i want it to!!!

  • Andrew Stone

    Definitely Netflix

  • morpheus282

    I’ve had a Chromecast for several weeks now and I really don’t know what the heck to do with it. It was nice at first, but as soon as we discovered that it counts as two Netflix streams (ergo, no one else in the house can watch Netflix) it became a paperweight.

  • S.

    Phone/tablet mirror on TV. That would be great to bring our mobile devices to the big screen!

  • zakry obrien


  • Dana Pagliarulo

    I am all up on Plex. Driving me nuts waiting for this support.

  • Aaron Sassoon

    Been meaning to try one of these!

  • Pete

    Such a sick device, I want!!

  • Andrew Knighton

    i have another tv

  • Pratik Amin


  • Daniel Russell

    All Video or mirroring.

  • Nick

    I’d just like to see more app support

  • Alejandro Martinez

    Phone Mirroring would be great!

  • JamisonFrady

    Being able to set it up as a WMC would be sweet

  • J Harrell

    This is bit more niche, but I’d love it if Crunchyroll was on Chromecast.

  • Spotify and games on TV woo

  • bobbymay1

    Plex and WatchESPN would make this device perfect.

  • Rdio, Spotify, Google Play Music and all the music streaming websites out there.

  • Malcolm Lowe

    I would love one!

  • mike

    need phone screen mirroring!

  • Sciaid

    HBO Go and also cast from local files.

  • Lancestipher

    I would chromecast to work with the entire MIUI rom!!!!

  • DainLaguna

    So I can finally watch all my Google play content on the big screen yo

  • Andrew

    me please 1337

  • Dee Mann

    Hopefully it will have full screen mirroring soon from the phone!

  • Andrew

    come on post 1337

  • Andrew

    I want to be 1337

  • Mike

    I would love to see chrome browsing controlled on your phone. Droid Life in 46 inches of glory!

  • Matt Paiva

    The YouTube app on my Vizio TV doesn’t work anymore, I need a chromecast

  • Christopher Murray

    Netflix for sure

  • Jon-Eric Deutsch

    Screen Mirroring!

  • Carlos Gracia

    Google play music! Rock party

  • Kevin Bonikowski


  • jbowers01

    Every streaming video service.

  • Joe

    DirecTV app, Filxster app, and maybe the SiriusXM app

  • kgill7

    most definitely the mirroring.

  • Paul Christopher

    I agree with the mirroring of phone screen. That’d be awesome

  • Naveris

    Mirroring of cell

  • Greg

    I almost bought one today and I hope I win this instead! And I hope that screen mirroring and desktop sharing comes!

  • Mike

    Plex support would be awesome.

  • villian1998

    Have your phone become a remote through chromecast

  • Daniel Tisdale

    Amazon Prime Video for sure!

  • Bradon Says

    For the outdoor movie screen 🙂

  • jbeise

    would love one of these

  • Steven Then

    I would love to have google play music on chromecast.

  • ChuckDz3

    hgo go and watchespn!

  • Greg

    I think the OS should support mirroring. Should not be application by application,.

  • sciroccohsd

    Full DLNA or Miracast support.

    I know this isn’t possible with the current Chromecast hardware but PC streaming like the Nvidia Shield would be awesome!

  • Tecnoc22


  • Emmanuel

    Pick me please! -Emmanuel

  • Todd

    If you could get phone/ipad mirroring that would be awesome.

  • I Posted a Comment

    It’d be nice to have one of these. 🙂

  • skrusrnmz

    I would like to completely mirror my screen. Or watch Hulu Plus.

  • Jose Salas

    Screen mirroring with any app please google

  • BikerBob1789

    I vote for local playback.

  • KevinR

    TV Portal support!

  • Curtis Vaughan

    All I need is Amazon, Xfinity & Netflix video capabilties.

  • Ed Chen


  • Netflix and YouTube. Hopefully they will have drama fever support since they’re affiliated with Hulu.

  • Jason Geiger

    Mirroring again after leaving tw would be great!

  • Tim Hickman

    HBO Go, Max Go.. stream personal movies

  • Jin

    Definitely phone screen mirror as suggested above. It would be nice to play games on the television.

  • Malcolm Love


  • giovanny

    Phone mirroring would be the best!

  • simdizzle

    I want!

  • Andrew Sharrow

    I’d like to see Daydream (?) support. Let the chromecast pull photos from my device rather than the random landscapes it seems to display for the background between shows.

    Of course, this includes Gallery mirroring.

  • Rafa

    Local storage!!!

  • Tim Buchanan

    Phone screen mirroring, definitely!

  • Shadowhawk64

    Watching YouTube on my TV would be pretty awesome.

  • Mike Vaughn

    Hope i win one. Would be handy.

  • Chris

    Apps to order pizza.

  • Will Marcois

    It would be super cool if I could connect it to my MacBook and use the apps I have but view them on my tv.

  • James

    hbo go!

  • vincent scala

    would just like to see phone mirroring so i can stream videos from my phone

  • SteveG12543

    Full screen mirroring would be amazing.

  • krazyace35

    Mirror phone on TV

  • I would LOVE screen mirroring, plus working “Cast entire screen” functionality.

  • Aceplanet

    I would love to use this for netflix 🙂

  • Jamerson90

    I would like to see Twitch get chromecast support

  • cweb69

    Woooooo DL DL DL DL DL DL DL DL DL

  • Justin Frieberg

    Google play music support would be really nice.

  • AMGala

    I wish you could mirror anything on your phone’s screen on Chromecast

  • smisa27

    I would love local playback that we used to have via the old Chromecast.

  • Jason

    I would love full screen mirroring on my tv that’d be so awesome

  • muscal

    Phone mirroring is a must have feature for me in the future. For now, i still love it for Music. YES PICK ME!!!

  • epluim

    I love Chromecast! We hold youtube parties using my friend’s, and I’d love to have one of my own!

  • strozykowski

    I’d love to see Glass screen mirroring. Would make doing presentations using Glass a hell of a lot simpler.

  • Craig Buddy

    I love any new technology so just want to explore the possibilities!!

  • Pieper

    I’d love to see Phone Screen Mirroring!

  • sergio garduno

    I really want screen mirroring and to be able to use the tab as a camera to video chat on the tv screen would be real cool.

  • Rob

    I would love to see plex on chromecast

  • Troy Fillerup

    I would love to see cast support for Plex

  • Patrick

    Please would love one

  • Nick

    SiriusXM or all around phone mirroring

  • CheyenneTerrell


  • C.N.

    I would love to see Phone screen displayed on TV. Would be beautiful ㅜ.T

  • Name

    I’ve been wanted to try one of these, but never really cared to go buy one. 😛

  • Christian Andrade

    Time Warner Cable App!!

  • Jeremy B.


  • Phone screen mirroring would be, indeed, amazing!!

  • MafiaMM


  • Patatat

    Tablet and phone mirroring please!

  • jared durrant

    Phone screen mirroring

  • Jason Maze

    Mirroring and Netflix

  • SherwynCox

    Can’t wait till they get more apps I really want to get rid of cable.

  • Stephen Duvick

    Some format of Plex/XBMC compatible streaming

  • Pieter-Jan Voskamp

    The ability to cast any video from your gallery, as Cyanogenmod has done before.

  • billracine

    Droid Life, where one comes 1st to read about Droid Life! 🙂

  • Jeff Broders

    Darn you white list!

  • Aaron Martin

    Netflix & Crunchyroll support would be sweet!

  • Daniel Malick

    If I have 5 TVs, can I have all 5? For real though, Chromecast is baller, and it would be incredible to check out on my our 50″ =)

    As for features…gotta steal a few from other folks. Phone mirroring would be awesome, but even better than that would be wireless PC mirroring. That would be…god, I would buy like 12.

  • superman1o1

    I really wanna try one

  • CoreyNJoey

    Phone Screen Mirroring!

  • KingCollins

    Come on to papa

  • cloud36426

    Netflix for sure

  • Brandon Waters

    Amazon Prime

  • rreich49

    I’m looking for HBO Go!!!

  • Justin

    Amazon instant video and NHL center ice

  • Chris Wright

    Well I was looking for Hulu Plus, but since that’s now supported, how about some Amazon Prime love!

  • Sham F. Thompson

    i been trying to get one forever.

  • johndeg

    Awesome. Me please!

  • Chris Ghubril


  • Mark Kendrick

    gotta use some netflix

  • Flip3547

    Netflix & Mirroring would both be awesome!

  • tomn1ce

    Send me some goodies…

  • mrvizziato

    Chromecast would be awesome to have and it would make my life easier. Please pick me!

  • Wade Harada

    Awesome product. Would love some game mirroring so your device becomes the controllet.

  • Sam


  • Shawn Phelps

    Amazon Prime

  • weston

    feedly, youtube, espn cfb, netflix

  • JD

    Great giveaway from a great site

  • Nick


  • Sean Stone

    How are so many people asking for Netflix, Google Play Music and Hulu+? These services are already supported. Hulu+ is a little acceptable since it happened more recently, but the other 2 were launch day supported features and you got 3 months of Netflix streaming included with it.

  • César Frick Mijares

    PC mirroring sound so awesome that’s almost erotic

  • Kevin Shen

    I want to see phone screen mirroring as well!

  • joracar


  • Screen mirroring and other micselaneous things.

  • Abel Sanchez

    How about Red Box Instant.

  • Rob

    Phone mirroring, CBS, NBC, and MLB

  • Neil Anderson

    I would really like to have basic functions able to connect to chromecast, like my gallery and videos that are on my devices.

  • ushneb

    I want!

  • AMTrombley89

    I would like to see HBO Go supported by Chromecast!

  • ninjawarren

    I’d like to see device mirroring, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO Go.

  • Duffy O

    Hook me up!

  • hitsuji6

    Watch ESPN or HBOGO.

  • Zephrim

    Hmm, free chromecast? Sure why not?!

  • bawboh

    I’m trying another contest. TRYING!

    • bawboh

      Also, I think Amazon Prime would be a good Chromecast support.

  • Aaron


  • Sean Stone

    Pandora and MLB At Bat

  • Rúben Santos

    Besides working like Miracast, mirroring my tablet to the TV, there are more, but I can’t remember any of those. So my bet would go to mirroring screens.

  • Kevin Fite

    local channels

  • androidkin

    Screen Mirroring and Local Content Play

  • Thomas Li


  • DanPatrickFlores

    mirroring would be cool

  • Jiang Lei

    give me one!

  • jhouk

    Phone screen mirroring on the TV would be great!

  • robertlwalters

    Xfinity App or HBO Go. I know a stretch for both.

  • Kenny Hopkins

    Mirror the screen from my phone. Play all games and apps

  • All I want is Plex on this bad boy.

  • DubiniD

    i hope i win

  • Screen mirroring

  • Ben McDonald

    Gimme Dat!

  • Tyler Morrow

    Has so much potential!

  • Red Bull TV!

  • Carlos Lopez

    Phone screen mirroring, pc mirroring, crunchyroll and thats about it

  • jra716


  • acrobatsausages

    local streaming would be delightful!

  • Colin Zack

    Amazon Prime Video support would be great

  • dannydarko

    Can I get Chromecast…….niiiiiice.

  • Jimmy Mares

    Screen mirroring would be awesome

  • Trent Russell


  • Gerardo Sarabia

    Screen mirroring, local steaming.

  • poxitee

    Mirror, stream everything to my tv

  • Christian Farr

    Local Content streaming thru a standalone app

  • bal412

    Netflix for my son 🙂

  • simon

    side loading of files

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    Support for my Samsung ARM Chromebook!

  • d3xt3rlab

    Can wait to have one of these!!!

  • David Sanderson

    Netflix, Network TV.

  • Ryan

    I would like to see it support actual web browser chrome…

  • DomRune

    Full Screen Mirroring!

  • stephenw

    Plex server of course!

  • fromo

    I’ve been wanting one of these

  • HBO Go, of course!

  • MaN

    I want the sideloading of files

  • Kyle Bailey

    Screen casting.

  • MaN


  • Connor M


  • Jimeong Lee

    Live feed of my laundry getting washed. Oh.The.Ex.Cite.Ment.

  • Jason Bruce


  • hollerwt


  • Matt

    Phone mirroring!

  • Jerry

    Mirroring would be great. But just looks cool and want to try it out.

  • Ben Myton

    Chrome mobile tab mirroring

  • alex

    HBO Go!

  • slvrbullet

    Would really like a Chromecast for my mother’s TV to stream French television.

  • Jacob Hobbs

    Need to replace my Logitech Revue anyway….would love some HBOGo support for Chromecast as well

  • Matt Hoenig

    Phone and tablet screen mirroring would make this

  • Tyler A.

    Files stored locally on the device.

  • Ian

    Thank you

  • Jam Master Jim

    Phone mirroring

  • Jay Ochs

    absolutley need to mirror the phone on the TV!

  • Jase Quintanar

    Chromecast Please!!

  • Tom

    just looks cool… thats all

  • joel

    Mirror the phones!

  • emanuel

    Mirroring screen device, or streaming youtube videos from phone

  • Ben Murphy

    The ability to cast local files be it pictures, videos, or games.

  • Trevor Blain

    I’d love one!

  • Michael Singer

    Moga interface!

  • steven pangkey

    Able to watch stream a movie from my hard drive

  • Phil

    full screen mirroring!!!

  • Trevor

    I’d like to see any video/audio from my phone usable via Chromecast!

  • maratu

    NFL Network please!

  • bnm27

    as soon as we get Plex support I’m cancelling my cable

  • Mirroring of games streamed from local devices would be amazing

  • Would love to have better screen sharing, hbo go, and comcast.

  • sturmrider

    Like to see the over the air stations apps supported such as CBS, ABC, NBC. Also would like to be able to cast my photos or vids from my gallery.

  • dnwtn

    I’m loving my new Moto X

  • Adam Magie

    I want one!!!

  • Ulysses Aguilar

    I want to see pandora, and be able to stream content from my network share drives on the Chromecast!!

  • James Poole

    Mirroring of phone.

  • Mike Ranucci


  • DoubleWide

    Because I went to buy one and then my son’s medical bills came in and even at 35 bucks, I can’t get one.

  • Joe

    please and thankyou

  • NYCdroids

    Would love to see official full screen mirroring not tied to any one app

  • DiegoKokomo

    Amazon would be fun.

  • tiptoptommy

    Send me one

  • dethrow100

    Pretty sure complete screen mirroring is on everyones minds, sure as hell is on mine.

  • Ken Traub

    I love my chromecast, but I do need another one.

  • Joey Dollar

    I would like to be able to watch my own videos that i have uploaded to my device

  • The_16th_Doctor


  • Joe

    Hulu Plus. Spotify.

  • M

    HBO GO!

  • Nathan Moore

    I would like to see all of my favorite games on my TV at home. It would certainly make them more entertaining because my friends could watch.

  • David Rhiley

    the tech is getting better

  • dapbmonkey4u

    Mobile screen mirroring would be stellar.

  • davehuze

    HBO Go would seal the deal for me.

  • mfzero


  • Ahmed Dada

    Chromecasting FTW!

  • Colin Huber

    Note 3 pairing blast off!

  • Luke Shipstad


  • Dave

    Support for BBC iPlayer, and ability to stream embedded youtube videos would be great

  • elias

    I would simply just like local media playback!

  • reversal


  • soccerburn55


  • Chris

    so excited for this

  • elias

    I love droidlife!

  • Warwick


  • luisrb7

    HBO GO for sure

  • Alex Im

    Chromecast needs to be in my house

  • Tony Culliton

    Plex support would be golden

  • Menal


  • Christopher Grayson

    Screen Mirroring!

  • dawn m. armfield

    Amazon Prime and Netflix.

  • skylog

    phone screen mirroring would be great! also, easy local file casting. oh, and free is awesome as well

  • Rashon Gordon

    I want free stuff!!

  • MahmoodBH

    i’ll just watching youtube videos in my samsung tv

    BTW .. 11 October, it’s my birthday and i hope this will be my gift from droid-life ;p

  • uri


  • VBM

    We got rid of the Xbox 360 in our master bedroom. It was our VZF set-top box/Netflix/Hulu+ device, but it was wasting away for those minor purposes. Now we’re considering getting a Chromecast, instead of connecting the laptop to the TV. It’d be awesome to save some $30 by winning this contest!

  • ferrari187

    want! even though its pretty cheap to buy havn’t gotten around to it, free would be even better!

    • ferrari187

      and netflix!

  • Brandon M

    Definitely phone screen mirroring.

  • Rob Delaney

    Excited for this!

  • Brandon

    Gimmie one!


    google play music being supported would be nice!

  • The Future

    Please, and thank you.

  • lss

    I like free.

  • Hutch

    Enter my name for a free Chromecast, please. Thanks.

  • Doug Pratt

    Local streaming all the way!

  • Sam Lin


  • JoeTi

    Needs Miracast support please!!

  • Kalel


  • kevin casiano


  • scott shelton


  • masterdarkyoda

    Watching ESPN would be great

  • synplex

    ME, ME !!!

  • Caleb Ng

    Netflix streaming, please!

  • Fernando

    Screen Mirroring

  • Mike Ampaabeng

    It would be cool if Chromecast supported Spotify or Pandora!!

  • casbar

    ooooh! I have been thinking about trying one of these out.

  • Charles Braswell

    I’d love to have one of these and enjoy some streaming on my TV. Here’s hoping!


    Blockbuster and NFL RedZone

  • Dan

    Would like PlexApp support!

  • Adam Shumann

    Better local streaming!

  • zwade

    I’d love this to replace my old WD TV Live which is having all sorts of problems!

  • mi470

    They should add service for screen mirroring

  • Kyprain

    I can use one. Thanks

  • gameworm

    I’d love a Chromecast.

  • Will Brown

    I would like have the ability to start a playlist from multiple devices if using Youtube or Google Play. At least get Spotify or Pandora support.

  • vwbeetlvr

    In like Flint

  • Ali I.

    Of all things, screen mirroring would be the best

  • Matthew Muysson

    as with anyone, phone screen mirroring!

  • Justin Fosco

    screen mirroring would be awesome

  • Rovindra Singh

    Screen mirroring all the way!

  • Jason Downs

    Can’t wait to see how the chromecast develops! Weird to think that this little doodad is more useful than the Q

  • rwvoss

    Would love to try this out on the 65″ TV at work!

  • bathroom guy


  • John Davids

    Full blown phone mirroring is what I would like to see

  • Mistah Mark

    Amazon prime and screen mirroring would be fantastic.

  • Maureen G

    I would enjoy having Netflix

  • madMELO

    thats awesome!

  • PuzzleShot

    Full mirroring ala Miracast would be cool, but as a more modest request, support from the Pokemon TV app would be cool.

  • Raul

    Phone screen mirroring.

  • Aaron B


  • Jackie Chen

    Full support for phone and computer mirroring.

  • hldc1

    Amazon Instant Video. Of course, it would be great if Android devices (phones and tablets) got an Amazon Instant Video app.

  • Mason Lammers

    Netflix and Hulu Plus!

  • Spencer Smith

    Would love too see netflix and phone mirrioring

  • jjjjoe

    Screen mirroring would be awesome

  • Joseph Glenn Hartley

    I’m so excited. My dad would love one of these!

  • Mario Lovato

    be nice to win one

  • Ryan

    I could really use one now that I let my xbox live account expire.

  • Dan

    Vevo; TuneIn Radio; iHeart radio; Pandora; Instagram, Hangouts

  • Michael Kelly

    I would like the ability to do a slideshow of all of my locally stored photos

  • EdsonDJ

    I want to see Amazon Instant get some support.

  • MI95SHO

    Let me play my emulators on the Big Screen :-)!

  • AJ

    I want to winnnnnn! 🙂

  • Daniel J

    Amazon Video, but also the ability to stream everything on my phone’s screen!

  • Anant Shinde

    Mirroring from chrome to TV 🙂

  • Dave

    These look really cool!

  • Matt P

    There would be nothing wrong with HBO GO receiving support. Who doesn’t want that?

  • krair

    Netflix, or better yet just the ability to wirelessly mirror the phone/tablet/computer!

  • Tucker Cady

    I would like to see mirroring and the ability to play local videos.

  • Nick

    I would love to see computer screen sharing, not just android.

  • Tom Friedman

    There are 1001 uses for Chromecast and it would be great to try each and every one.

  • john owens

    Please let me win one

  • atlouiedog

    Giant Bomb Video Buddy

  • gamaliel hood

    mirror phone would be awesome.

  • Michael Teague

    Amazon Prime

  • BlackTaxi2d

    full screen, and gallery for sure

  • Jon Brashear

    Red Box Instant, and Screen Mirroring

  • Jim

    Phone mirroring…. Chromecast is a great product.

  • Richard Blauman

    I would like one.

  • Ron


  • Netflix

  • gfunk

    Plex in the future

  • Sean Plantz

    Id like to see watchespn and prime..

  • Phil

    Yay I hope I win! (:

  • valapsp

    screen casting!

  • Tony Brandner

    Everyone of course wants local files – I’d love to see the Chromecast cast my local pictures and videos from my Nexus phone.

  • topherct


  • ImmaDroid

    I can’t say 100% what the chromecast can fully do or can not do, so i’ll go with mirroring my games from my phone, since that would be lovely!

  • BlynkOfAnEye

    yep, gonna have to go with screen mirroring! I can already do this on my aging D4 with a mini-HDMI cable, but wireless is the bee’s knees.

  • Cappac

    Love to just mirror the screen

  • Justin Mathai

    Amazon Instant Video!!

  • Michael Nix

    Don’t know, but another day and another contest!

  • Adam Staggenborg

    I would like to see it work for all video without direct support from the app

  • Kerry Knopp

    Angry Birds

  • KleenDroid

    Local video content. Allow Koush to do his thing.

  • Alexander H

    I’d really like to see local file native support other than mirroring a chrome tab…

  • Nick Hull


  • Juan Sosa

    netflix on the big screen!!!

  • Joseph A. Yager


  • SANTOS1382

    My kids use Hulu everyday & this would be great way to use in their bedrooms with the app!

  • Rich Ro

    Slingbox needs Chromecast support!!

  • Squidlo

    I need to see the end of Breaking Bad on a larger screen then my GS3

  • Drew Chapman

    I’d love to see Asphalt or Need for Speed get chromcast support because it would be awesome to use the phone as a controller and race on a big screen!

  • Travis H

    I think my most wanted service for chromecast is definitely Plex.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Id love to see an external XBMC support

  • LoveJailbreak4S

    Plex for Android!

  • The day I can stream local content from mobile devices is the day Chromecast becomes super valuable.

  • Bcram11

    Phone to tv would be awesome.

  • Scotty Braun

    Games from my phone, played onto the tv

  • jakymiwm

    I would love to play my Google Play Music over the Chromecast!

    • tlennon

      RemoteCast does that. It’s free too.

  • Myles Lowery

    Another great contest

  • Mahesh Kumar

    movies screening

  • Valdearg

    Netflix and Lovefilm

  • Captain_Doug

    Streaming from my computer for sure. I might renew my Netflix account too.

  • addicuss

    One day I’ll actually win one of these

  • NolBi-Wan

    Yes please!

  • Davros

    I would like to try this out.

  • Jay

    I’d like HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Crackle, Vudu and HULU!

  • jmmcreynolds

    Amazon Prime, Netflix

  • kevinwinter


  • Alejandro Gonzalez Camarena

    Mirror the phone screen, or the browser window, possibly the desktop (gaming)

  • Jedy617

    Chromcast pls

  • Ian Murphy

    Watch Espn support would be ideal!

  • Michael Contreras


  • timsim38

    Would love to stream stuff from my phone and laptop to the tv without it being plugged in!

  • wheelszr

    XBMC plugins such as 1channel should be priority #1 for Chromecast support

  • laheelahee


  • caleb williams

    ESPN, and phone mirroring to my tv

  • Eric


  • Ryan Kiehl

    Hey, who doesn’t love Google? In for 1! (fingers crossed)

  • Jim Trayer

    Mirroring and sling box and gallery functions

  • URABUS0924

    I’d love to see twitch.tv get officially supported, especially since the PS4 and Xbox One is going to be released soon.

  • Shannon DeWitt

    Amazon Instant

  • FusionSaint

    Phone screen mirroring sounds awesome, plus access to app services.

  • eclect1c

    HBO and MAX GO

  • Michael Khong

    Hesitant on buying it since I don’t have a TV, but what a perfect excuse right?

  • mikewilson1021

    HBO Go please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Albert

    Just got a Moto X Dev Edition, could use a Chromecast to use the mirrored display with!

  • Adam

    Amazon Prime

    • VBM

      Dude, I’ve been waiting eagerly for Amazon to bring Prime to other Android devices besides their Kindle line but I don’t have high hopes.

  • Alex

    I’ve been considering one of these for a while, would be nice to win one for free!

  • rdnrvn

    Count me in

  • Jim Morris

    Universal Media Server. Definitely.

  • C C

    just once ….

  • Steven Jeffrey

    I love my Chromecast! Must have another

  • Ansen

    I want to see Twitch.tv supported.

  • MJ

    Official Chromecast support? hockeyfights.com or xhamster.com LOL NSFW

  • napes22

    HBO Go, Watch ESPN, and improved desktop mirroring! (specifically when you have dual monitors).

  • Brian Burns


  • Anthony Fallucco

    Plex, Netflix and youtube

  • ReticulatedJig

    This is something that interests me.

  • EC8CH


  • Geo

    Phone mirroring.

  • George Burns

    Awesome , thanks for the chance!

  • kevintufts

    Need this!

  • David Carmine

    youtube on tv……nice…

  • 9squigz9


  • dexter

    Screen mirror so i can play YouTube videos from my phone. Also movies and games.

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    I need pandora to finally be compatible, full mirroring would be nice too, and last but not least granny smith needs to be able to have dual screen functionality, it is a must

  • Derek L.

    Amazon Instant. I mean come on! That would be perfect, but Amazon is too selfish.

  • AllPurposeRadio

    Pretty happy the Netflix support I’d say HBO Go would be great to!

  • Brian L


  • ThaSik1

    Definitely screen mirroring or streaming of content to help with things such as online guitar lessons and tutorials!!

  • Joseph Boch

    I would like total mirroring from PC and phone.

  • FunkyMonkey88

    I want Plex to support Chromecast!

  • I’d love to have one.. thanks DL!
    Local content mirroring is the first thing that comes to mind. Hope that works out soon.

  • Dean Wensel

    Google games, TV as screen phone as controller

  • Cptn Krak

    Device mirroring

  • Caleb Boerner

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

  • John Clausen

    Screen mirroring looks pretty cool

  • disqus_0QOzDILuK2

    I would love another one.

  • Jimmy Chen

    Plex support

  • Matt Hodson

    Would love to see them have better mirror support for my devices. Honestly though I just really want to try this out.

  • tu3218

    Phone screen mirroring would be amazing. But at the very least, give me the option to share all my pictures and videos to my tv. Also, being able to stream all Google apps to my tv would be nice. Open up Google Doc and have a bunch of students able to see the group project and see all edits, etc. Forgive me if these features exist already.

  • Chris Wallace

    I love DL!

  • Travis Taggart

    Would like to see Full Chrome with Flash built in!

  • Favad

    Gimme Gimme Gimme

  • Andrew Briare

    I believe that screen mirroring would do it for me.

  • bionicwaffle

    This would be a great addition to my house:)

  • DigitalEnforcer

    Let’s see the ability to play videos actually stored on the phone

  • bicycle019

    Interested in trying one of these out!

  • hochoch


  • Arshley Giraldo

    i was just talking to my partner how im thinking about buying one of these. i know this will grow to be even better in the months coming.

  • Josh

    Social Networking

  • Lamar

    I would like to see Crackle support.

  • Lithonial

    Netflix support!

  • Pete Townill

    Screen Mirror or HBO GO

  • dannyWHITE

    Phone mirroring and ability to play all games!

  • DF

    I’ll take one.

  • Andrew Holson

    something cool to play with

  • AdDoBe

    I would LOVE a chromecast!!!

  • Jibin

    Mirroring from multiple devices…for gaming! =D

  • mArt Mooney

    All right, I’m very interested to use it with my android phone to mirror its screen. 🙂

  • Chris Henry

    Mirroring, or individually game applications Mirroring

  • dvschnk

    XBMC with chromecast would be nice.

  • mArt Mooney

    Be my guest to send me one of these! 🙂

  • Josh Imig

    I’d like to see device mirroring

  • Lassen32

    Would be pretty cool to get. XBMC?? 🙂

  • jjl207

    Sweet. Streaming ho!

  • el oso borracho

    hbo go

  • Nelly547

    Would like to see mirroring baked into Android and work at any time!

  • Silver Veloz

    I basically think that Chromecast should connect to everything just as connecting to a TV with an HDMI cable. It’s the individual sites that block HDMI out programming.

  • Jamesm


  • cogitator79

    I hope they add more services soon.

  • bmstew

    Would love to see Amazon on there…

  • Eric

    Mirroring and video streaming

  • Brian Walker

    All I really want is AirPlay style screen casting. That opens up the whole platform.

  • Joseph Freeman

    I love to have one of those!

  • corgimas

    i want to see it ALL!!!!!!!

  • kfath1978

    Yes I would love to have one thanks!

  • Eduardo

    i want (another) one

  • freddywaswrong

    amazon video

  • Joshua Polivka

    Screen Mirroring ftw

  • tyguy829

    Android mirroring. Oh and why does Google music on the web not have a Chromecast button like YouTube does?

  • Alseddiq

    Needs more apps

  • Rudy Acosta

    I love the concept wonder if they’ll build this function into TVs soon

  • heblthom

    Phone screen mirroring on my LG TV!

  • Tony Horning

    no change of winning but what the heck.

  • Kyle Todoulakis

    I would like a chromecast, please.

  • all done i am excited to win one

  • Jon Streaty

    I need one.

  • craiacgomez

    Streaming local content and Google+ photo/video feeds via Chromecast

  • joey563

    lol. matter of a fact, if you’re giving away a tablet let me know because the charging port on my TF101 just died day before yesterday and now i’m budget/used tablet shopping.

  • mp

    Chromecast has endless potential, I’ll take one please.

  • Boss As Hell

    I want Plex, it’s the only reason why I’ve stuck with my Roku.

  • Neil Mager

    netflix definitly

  • brarelabben

    Big bucks no whammies!

  • BlackT5

    I’d just like for them to open it up to Developers to work their magic.

  • Michael Johnson

    A P
    M R
    A I
    Z M
    O E

  • jonathon johnston

    Phone screen mirroring

  • Matthew Durst

    full screen support with sound.

  • santxo

    Amazon Video, and Plex!!

  • MasonMathews

    I want to be able to stream my games to Chromecast!

  • Bill Greene

    Google should have access to Netflix & Hulu Plus.

  • Harry Kelso

    I would like to see movie companies send movies directly to Google Play where customers could buy or rent them, also have TV stations stream live content where customers could use their Google account to ‘purchase’ a TV channel.

  • FL Niner

    Amazon Instant Video for me since I have quite a bit saved on there

  • Kristian Sandoval

    Phone Mirror for sure.

  • Lucas Johnson

    Screen mirroring as fluid and functional as airplay would be awesome

  • Michael Ouellette

    I would really like to see Plex gain Chromecast support.

  • Anthony Zulueta


  • Mike Hilal

    I can haz?

  • Chuck King

    Full screen mirroring!

  • Dan

    Mirroring and Amazon movies.

  • Dustin

    I don’t know!

  • joey563

    I would love to see this be able to support Maxthon browser and evernote. (I’m a student and have no life. lol)

  • Tenny Idowu

    Awesome device and I want one.

  • J. C

    Pick here, wanna try one

  • Manthas

    Just a raw screen mirror via Chromecast would be pretty awesome, IMO, so that it doesn’t have to be app specific.

  • Would like to see Amazon Prime receive official support on Chromecast.

  • nmaxfield

    would like to see any/all video/pic related apps officially supported, as well as screen mirroring.

  • droidrazredge

    I would like to see Amazon Instant, HBO Go, MLB.TV, PBS, Spotify, Rdio and Google Chrome Mobile/Tablet Cast Feature for browser, and maps.

  • Simba

    Phone Mirroring and play any game.

  • Neil Ostrander

    Anything on the device, MLB.TV

  • markey

    google is gonna take over

  • TXKSSnapper

    Hopefully at some point local file casting will be allowed or someway to play the NFL games that I can’t get on cable.

  • iceburgh

    Full game support. See games on the Big Screen

  • Patrick

    I’d love to see the ability to full screen mirror independent of whether an app has the grassroots or not



  • bbug2k

    Netflix, Youtube, Crackle, Vudu, CrunchyRoll, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, Hulu

  • dantespeak

    Phone screen mirror with the option to turn the phone screen off.

  • davesousa

    GIMME! lol Im canadian and google wont let me have one 🙁

  • atTheTeek

    I can’t wait until Google allows streaming from devices directly to chromecast. That will make the total package. Throw in network TV apps and an amazon video app and you’ve got everything. Oh, and they need to enable chromecast to connect to open Wi-Fi networks with a sign in page like many hotels have.

  • Aardvark99

    Phone mirroring, and I see I’m not alone

  • Dan

    more of a mirroring experience for the phone thane a media player

  • gmplr831

    Amazon instant Video. They have an IOS and Kindle app, why the heck can’t they make a native Android app, much less for chromecast!?!?!?

  • Ryuuie

    Plex and the NBC, CBS, and ABC apps! Also the local news apps. :p

  • andrew

    I never win

  • Bill Slowey

    Would love for the MLB at Bat app. Like the quad screen for playoff games.

  • Chazzhd

    Netflix all day!

  • Javier Martinez

    I would love full screen mirroring but either way this would be great to take with me when I deploy next week

  • Mr ilheis

    I made my G-Nex a Chromecast but it sucks cause of the DRM restrictions!

  • I certainly hope I win. Would love me some Chromecasting.

  • Brandon

    I would love to see something like plex and a way to stream my computer games to the tv

  • Crackerjack06

    oOOOOOOOoooo Pick me!

  • AeySimp

    Need to open this function to all android apps, or atleast just include it in the android platform for screen mirroring and not require it coming down from the cloud but more so Wi-Fi Direct

  • darren

    I want to stream the droid-life show for my iPhan roommates from my phone 🙂

  • subiedude85

    I’m happy enough with Netflix and Google Music and YouTube is just gravy

  • Jesse

    Hulu, Plex, Netflix

  • Matt

    Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket (can’t get it to play in chrome, only Firefox and IE, so wouldn’t be able to Chromecast)

  • Joe Mihalich

    i’ll take one

  • Caleb Boerner

    I want ALL video services to receive chromecast support!

  • Mark Roan

    I’d really like to see Spotify & HBO GO gain support.

  • DMiller2007

    Definitely Spotify

  • Michael

    WatchESPN would be amazing.

  • Allan H

    HDHomeRun support would be great!

  • ruhawaiian

    This is one awesome, inexpensive device that works amazing…looking for some more updates to it.

  • JoshGroff

    As others have said, screen mirroring capabilities so we can game on our TV’s.

  • G


  • Chris Spisak

    Would love to win one!

  • Michael Bassett

    Spotify if it isn’t already, great for parties.

  • Dave12308

    I would like Chromecast to support mirroring ANYTHING from the desktop PC or Android smartphone. Anything. Including airplay-style big-screen gaming.

  • jamdev12

    HBO go, Amazon Prime, Pandora, Spotify, TED, PBS and a few others I can’t think of right.

  • Greg

    F cable! Netflix + ChromeCast = Winning

  • tet

    Yes for Amazon Prime!

  • Logan Jinks

    Official screen mirroring support on all devices, amazon instant, and games!Games!!GAMES!!!

  • shkrmkr79

    games on tv would be sah-weet

  • duke69111

    Watch espn, CoxTV connect and full screen mirroring.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    I’d like to see Amazon Prime Video added to the services as well as screen mirroring.

  • Dain

    Let do it! I would love one with my Nexus 7 2013 🙂

  • mattb

    Chromcast ftw!!

  • overclock

    Phone screen mirroring all the way baby!

  • NeilOMalley

    Haven’t pulled the trigger on one yet. Would be rad to try it out.

  • chiefted

    HBOto Go, NHL Game Center and MLB At Bat

  • Minh

    give it to me baby!

  • Justin

    I would love to see Netflix on my TV using Chromecast. I watch Netflix all the time using my PS3 and it sometimes screws up so I would love to be able to use a different media devise capable of steaming movies and TV shows other then my PS3. Thank you 🙂

  • rmp20

    One for me.

  • MichaelFranz

    I need one to watch DL Show in every room in my house. right now only the living room has love. I need DL show in my bedroom where the magic happens (too much??)

  • NYCLawyer

    I would love to see Slingbox support on my chromecast. I could carry my cablebox to any TV.And you should pick me because I’m not pretty, and pretty people get everything,

  • Mark Schiller


  • Jean Rivera

    Can’t wait to try one

  • nick

    Games, Movies, Music very nice

  • JasonCalifornia

    I hope I win.

  • Mike Cantalupo

    HBO Go and Amazon Instant Videos

  • catsnjags

    Amazon Videos would be cool

  • zwieblekopf


  • George Renaud

    PSP Paintball Events

  • Minhaj Akbar

    It’s good to have something that can be compatible with my TV something wireless.

  • chris

    I would like to see panadora support.

  • LoganLopez

    Would love to see, as many have said, mirror support.

  • ohugs


  • Michael J. Hessmiller

    Would be great to win. FOX, ABC, NBC

  • Chris Preston

    full screen mirroring !

  • Mario II Valenzuela

    I so want one.. I’d take it to my gf’s place so we could watch movies on play instead of using a phone or tablet.

  • LordZYRK

    It would be great to be able to cast VLC seeing as it will play ANYTHING.

  • Jeremy Miller

    I NEED ONE (or five)

  • mb


  • seryozha

    HBO go, as well as local networks, without a hulu subscription/

  • Brice

    Hope I win!

  • LucasMonroe

    I want it!

  • Barlog

    Vudu Movies

  • Kevin S.

    Play local content!

  • Frank Drewniak

    I would love to mirror everything on my laptop to my tv via chromecast.

  • 2andFro


  • epps720

    Hook it up!! As others have said I want Amazon Prime videos but we probably need an app from Amazon first (I hate them).

  • Kashun

    Full screen mirroring is a must

  • flowenz

    Feature: All of the things

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Phone mirroring

  • Jon Salm

    Hooray good luck!

  • Shawn Custer

    Amazon Prime would be nice. With it being the #1 seller in TV and video, you would think they would add Chromecast support.

  • Jason Allen

    I would like to see Phone screen mirroring.

  • Daniel

    Thank you! (maybe 😉 )

  • compnird

    This would be cool!

  • Seth Rosenblum

    Definitely want to compare to my roku

  • jmu33

    playing games!!!!

  • Kidqwik

    HBO Go and Amazon Videos please!

  • Jonathan Snyder

    The ability to fight crime and manipulate your enemies. Also mirroring phone display.

  • cmiram

    I’d like to see it be able to directly stream videos from your Drive folder (like Youtube), rather than have to mirror the laptop screen which can be laggy

  • JeffLouis

    Amazon Prime

  • Kyle

    More apps.

  • SewWhat

    I’d love to see this become the official alternative for Google TV. They need to give it a home interface that is independant from your device but still controlled via your device and have official GTV certified app support.

  • Marcellus111

    Phone screen mirroring!

  • Ed Wilson

    I would love a Chromecast. Pick me please.

  • marka_450

    Full mirroring

  • txx02

    XBMC through Chromecast would be awesome!!!

  • Joe


  • Astromek21

    Andwobble! Giggity

  • Kal5el

    Phone screen mirroring. Or live TV from media companies.

  • stephen shavers

    Screen mirroring by far.

  • Johnna Rhodus


  • Mike Bohde

    Complete device mirror would be nice.

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    Play Music

  • Nick Bassett

    Watch a lot of Netflix

  • M C

    chromecast 🙂

  • DeAnna Sowder

    Screen Mirroring

  • ajaxman93

    Perfect birthday gift for a family member.

  • zilcher

    Would love to see amazon video and hbo go on this thing!

  • Ardiac


  • itguyjax8430

    I’ll take it!



  • Would love to see mirroring and apps for HBO and Showtime.

  • Butters619

    full screen mirroring

  • Roger

    I’d like to see screen mirroring and also Network TV Apps with Chromecast ability.

  • Nick

    Too bad the Netflix promo ran out!

  • Evan Creekmore

    Phone mirroring and live sports streams from any conference would be great to have!

  • Twofourturbo

    Love to have a ChromeCast to join me for my “Pants Party”

  • Blake


  • Zerfing Fairbanks

    The ability to play local files would be awesome as well as mirror display. No matter what though I would love to have one!

  • Matthew Finco

    Common google, lets open this puppy up! I want to share photos too. And Plex needs to release that magic update.

  • AK

    Crossing fingers…

  • Rory Harnisch

    I would love a Chromecast!

  • I need more of them!

  • kevincburns2

    Screen mirroring for any app!

  • PhilD41

    Hey, it is my birthday today. This would be awesome!

  • Ryan

    I would like to see the Movies and Chrome get Chromecast support.

  • lDEMON

    Phone screen mirroring, Games on the TV would be great. PLUS I was to be able to stream MOVIES from my PC to my TV via Chromecast!!!

  • Chris Hilbert


  • Jonathan Svor

    Full screen mirroring would be awesome.

  • DAsh

    I want to watch my movies on my TV.

  • Emanuel Manny Carrasquillo


  • Phil Austin

    app? I want full screen mirroring! 🙂

  • Dev Barua

    I would love to have one of these!! I need it!!

  • Noah Smith

    Must have! Plex and pocket casts!

  • John

    phone mirroring would be awesome

  • jddunkley

    I want to see the ability to mirror my Nexus 7 or my phone. No cable’s, just Chromecast. I think that’s the main feature everyone wants!

  • Daniel

    Amazon videos

  • CyHawk60

    HBO to Go

  • Russell Lowe

    Hell Yeah !!!! watch movies from Chrome on TV.

  • angermeans

    I’ve been wanting one of these so bad. It would be awesome to win one. Thanks Droid Life.

  • Little G

    I’m not sure because I don’t own one yet.

  • evan brown


  • No lag device screen mirroring would is my vote

  • mtaylor924

    I want one for my bedroom tv!

  • Matt

    I just want to see it opened up and then see what kinds of things the devs can do for it. Also mirroring would be cool from and android device.

  • Matthew Divack


  • auglove3rd


  • Jason

    Screen mirroring

  • Andrew

    Official full screen mirroring!

  • Joel

    Would love to see screen mirroring from phone.

  • Victor Stuber

    Hulu non plus

  • Zach Egolf

    Would love to win this.

  • maynardtwinn

    plex all the way

  • Leonardo Sanchez V

    Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Grooveshark, Amazon VOD, Twitch, Call Of Duty Elite.

  • Rohan Lal

    Crackle and HBO Go!

  • Michael L. Schotborg

    Dat mirror son!

  • Marc

    Screen mirroring so I can watch TWC tv

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    Woohoo! I was going to buy one today, but since you’re giving it away for free, I might as well just take it from here.

    I’d love to seeing mirroring on this. I know it exists for Chrome, but from my phone would be awesome. Gaming would be a blast!

    Thanks, DL!

  • Yu Lee

    Chromecast blast!

  • fixxxer3838

    This would be sweet

  • Danny Damore

    Please help my dying xbox 360 with a streaming option!

  • Abaddon

    Cast the entire Desktop!

  • Doug8307

    Sure, what the heck…

  • Zachary Rideout

    I would love to see screen mirroring

  • FinsUp

    This would be great!

  • Brandon Golway


  • kselby

    Sports! Sports! Sports! All that I would want.

  • Adam

    Gallery and PLEX

  • Justin W

    Complete mirroring. I want to be able to cast what I see on my phone’s display to my TV wirelessly.

  • erikbjerkeli

    showtime, hbo go

  • Mike Haines

    I would like to try one of these please.

  • Andrew Tompkins


  • Alter

    I mostly watch local content, so that’s what I’d like.

  • evltwn

    I just wanna win once, please. 🙂

  • Quintin Williams

    would love to see all google play games be able to chromecast!

  • Kevin N

    Hope i Win!!

  • admohr

    premier league extratime & ESPN3 plz

  • TheWenger

    Give me more.

  • Kris Cortez

    Prease lemme win one

  • chris jones

    I want a chromecast

  • TheKaz1969

    right now, I’d love to see the xfinity player get support

  • Mike Lamb

    yes please!

  • No_Smoking

    +1 for screen mirroring!

  • Jeff718

    Let’s see Plex on Chromecast!

  • Chuck Ehrlich

    Local content

  • David Dominguez


  • Jess Gibson

    Would love one!

  • Andrew Baylor

    Definitely would like to see anything sports related, especially espn3/watchespn

  • Marcus Forde

    Phone screen mirroring

  • AnthonyMoya

    I would like it to support screen mirroring.

  • whosinaname

    Amazon prime…. If I could have that my chromecast would be my new htpc

  • Chris


  • Andrew Baylor


  • Ryan Laursen

    Screen Mirroring! Playing in general.

  • chaoslimits

    Can you put old generation emulators on this? I’d like to play old school games on this.

  • Pratik Holla

    Come on Google, stop slacking and let the apps rain. 🙁

  • KT

    Wooot! Chromecast!

  • Loper1

    Screen mirroring

  • Muddy B00ts

    Gallery. I can’t believe this didn’t work out of the box.

  • NCSUgolfer01

    HBO Go

  • Faith Trust

    Amazing, been wanting to get one and I hope I do!

  • FRGuzman

    It would be great to screencast everything from your phone!

  • Shirtless_Peja


  • Justin Leahey

    I would love one of these! I cant find them locally.
    I want to see WatchABC (love Castle and a few other ABC shows) and just general phone screen mirroring, but it seems awesome with Netflix and HuluPlus now.

  • CorranHorn421

    Either Flixster or Vudu so I can watch my Ultraviolet movies.

  • Bill Hill

    Porn.. jk Plex

  • Inspector Butters

    cast all the things!!!!

  • Airen Blakovich

    Google Play Games, of course. Because reasons!

  • boardindude

    I’d love to be able to stream anything!!

  • Castor Troy

    HBO Go

  • frosty_nerd

    Goodness, I just want me a little spotify on my Chromecast, just a little!
    (with a side of Amazon Prime while I’m dreaming)

  • djab

    Device display!

  • Stephen Riss

    Yes please!!! Showtime would be great for Homeland

  • Hesedguy

    Something like Webtop

  • BR

    Screen mirroring. Free stuff rules!

  • jscofi

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on a chromecast

  • Fred

    WatchESPN, NBCSport, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS would be great to be able to stream from phone and/or tablet

  • coffeechip

    Screen mirror

  • ankit199

    ability to stream videos from PC’s natively

  • JT

    Watchespn would be great

  • Travis

    Already have one but wouldn’t mind a second one for a gift 🙂 I know it won’t happen but would love to see the Verizon NFL Mobile app get chromecast support.

  • Josh Sleeper

    Plex for sure!

  • Gregory Hill

    Full Desktop mirroring (bring it out of beta and fix the latency plz!)

  • Lee Phillips

    Any sports subscription service/app

  • xXAaronSXx


  • Opinionated_In_Bangor

    I’d like to see the Gallery be able to be chromecasted… If not that, than the entire screen for gaming 🙂 – Rob McMullen

  • Gialakias

    I want one!

  • Dragon1478

    Mirroring of all apps and Games in hd

  • Jaxon Wright

    NFL Sunday Ticket

  • Haugrud

    would love screen casting from any window on my phone to chromecast.

  • Alex Medina

    I need more dongles in my life.

  • Joel

    Local/Plex/Mirroring/Netflix plz!

  • Bigwavedave25

    Definitely device display mirroring… needed for those emulators!! 🙂

  • Travis Shepherd

    Crackle, and mirroring to play Play Games on your TV.

  • Andrew

    Cant wait for PLEX support

  • Bill Mitchell

    I definitely want local playback!

  • JiGSaW525

    Me please.

  • Teng Taing

    nas support off of network drives

  • Sean Betschman

    Netflix…Great app will be even better with Chromecast

  • david mastros

    I would love to have one

  • Brian

    I’d like to see the ability to mirror my Android phone on TV.

  • Ryan Stewart

    I want the gallery to have access to project on chromecast, including local content.

  • heat361

    I would like to see plex and watch espn get supported by chromecast.

  • Apocalypso

    I’d want local streaming to be available.

  • himarvin

    Chromecast internet access on the TV, mirrored by my NEW MOTO X

  • Shawn Hladney

    BLOCKBUSTER or Redbox

  • Meltdown07

    Fingers crossed!

  • jasonlee1

    hands down HBO GO, and I think i see the writing on the wall too. HBO series now available in the Play Store. Give time for some Play store exclusivity, and then im sure we’ll see the App get the update for chromecast

  • Hernan Rosario

    I Want it!

  • Shelby

    Need this! Definitely would use it for Netflix and tab mirroring.

  • Dinofan01

    There are so many possibilities with chromecast but the service I wish to see most is HBO Go. I need to see some Curb Your Enthusiasm and chromecast would fix that.

  • JakeNeves


  • Marc

    chromecast support in android 4.3 and up. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be that simple.

  • hamiltonsfan

    I would love to see the mlb app to add support to chromecast!

  • Jmarroquin

    Espn would be awesome

  • Jeff Banks

    screen mirroring

  • Chris Wedel

    I think full on mirroring regardless of what you are in would be fantastic!

  • Craig Trunzo


  • onthecouchagain


  • John

    Definitely screen mirroring!

  • JoshuaNewsome

    Love to see this paired with my media server…

  • Justin Enz

    Mirroring and Play Music

  • Jeff Stump

    Was just going out to buy one of these. Hope to score a win instead.

  • I would LOVE to see support for casting the tablet or phone’s screen. That we we can cast everything!

  • Darrell Coffey

    Most excited about Chrome for Android casting.

  • Paul

    Local content playback. Screen mirroring.

  • nickjk

    VLC Mirroring!

  • Marco


  • Brian O.

    Would love to have a chromecast to replace my apple tv!

  • Wyveryx

    So I left a comment

  • DillonDaniels

    Plan old screen mirroring by any means would be great. Would love to play mobile games on my TV 🙂

  • Dilan Manatunga

    Why not.

  • Timothy Sternig

    I would love to see screen mirroring

  • Daniel Flores

    HBO Go and Watch ESPN

  • Andiamo345

    VEVO, Amazon Instant, Phone Browser mirroring, all app mirroring

  • sweaty chocolate

    You Don’t say.

  • Scott Loiselle

    Would love to see screen mirroring.

  • Timothy Robinson

    I need this. Every time I try and get one at BestBuy they are out.

  • Andrew

    Yea…I won’t say no to this. Now if it only supported Miracast for my Moto X, that would be awesome. Mirror anything!

  • engwalker

    I’d definitely like to see HBO Go on chromecast

  • Devo4040

    Screen mirroring, let me show whatever it may be off!

  • Saul Chavez-Hernandez

    I want to mirror on my tv.

  • John Smith

    Would like gamecast support.

  • matt

    I don’t know if it is possible with the tech of the chromecast but I’d love to be able to mirror my n7 or android phone to my tv screen with it

  • david

    untie the mirroring from individual apps – just let me throw my phone screen up there!

  • Tom Yarrish

    Chromcast contest….

  • DodgerDroid

    Android Chrome browser mirroring, Spotify, WatchESPN, and NBA Gametime League Pass

  • Jwrivera


  • Scott

    Definitely be nice to mirror your phone screen no matter what app your using. Implement and API in Android itself maybe KitKat will have it baked in? We can hope anyway!

  • Ray Gray

    Hbo Go max go espn

  • picaso86

    It seems like a great device… I wanna to give it a try.

  • weathermanJake

    HBO, Amazon Prime, WatchESPN, Phone screen mirroring.

  • Matthew Mulvaney

    leave blog comment.. check!

  • Giga

    Would love to see Pandora support. Plex as well!

  • Phone display to the television and then use your phone as a remote-controller.

  • Jose

    Would love to see support for HBO GO and Showtime apps.

  • Nick Norman

    Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  • ChrisCorp

    I would love to see some regular Hulu service, WatchESPN, and smoother streaming from a laptop (access to documents and desktop).

  • epidemik

    woo woo

  • Justin Norman

    Woohoo! 😀
    Phone screen mirroring! – the world is mine!

  • dhirensavalia

    Screen cast!!

  • Jorge L

    I’d like to see some support for pod casts so I can stream the audio to my home theater.

    now gimme my chromecast, kthanxbai.

  • Rushi

    I would like to be able to mirror my phone screen on my TV

  • Jeremy Johns

    Would love to cast YouTube and Play games on TV

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    HBO Go, Max Go… Now!

  • Eric

    HBO GO!

  • ChucklesMcNasty

    easy call. screen mirroring / extension.

  • Mebobio

    Would like to see the capability of sending info stored on phone to the TV.

  • Amar

    I want one

  • Ryan J

    Chromecast has a ton of potential. Already replaced my roku as the daily driver. Would love Vudu support though.

  • Raven65


  • bwinger79

    Really hoping Google allows the app Koush was working (AllCast) to play nicely with the Chromecast in the near future.

  • Mark Arnold


  • Jordan Egbert

    want it so bad

  • guyalon

    Please Please Please, would be perfect for my dorm

  • Jason Bittner

    Love chromecast, they just need more native support

  • Plex! hook me up drod-life!

  • David

    TV channels

  • SuperMarkert

    Screen-mirroring would be awesome.

  • pbolton70

    Please show me the cast!

  • TheDevil

    HBO and max go

  • virtualhuman

    Remote desktop, Amazon Prime.

  • I’d just love flat-out screen mirroring.

  • Luiz7955

    Got one in my bedroom now I need one for the living room where I got my surround sound

  • Tweekex

    Been wanting on of these since release, thanks for the giveaway DL!

    Phone screen mirroring would be amazing.

  • Jack3D

    Whatever Koush cooks up…

  • ynksbsbll2

    It would be cool if you could do big-screen gaming while using your phone as the controller.

  • Tyler Lehmann

    Cool‚ a Chromecast!

  • Droidzilla

    I would use it to mirror my phone on to my TV and, using the phone’s camera, reenact the “when will then be now?” scene from Spaceballs.

  • Brandon Tiller

    I want to see CBS / Fox / ABC and NBC Support.

  • Spotiddog

    Skype and Instructables!!!

  • Sb_81st

    I need this….

  • John Hopper

    be cool if it could mirror everything

  • Walter Partlo

    MLB At Bat

  • Ben Klene

    Chromecast is awesome!

  • Craig


  • Jerry M.

    Would like to see espn

  • Phil Hyde


  • Gnote2 user

    I’d love to have one. Been wanting one since they came out.

  • George Colyer

    I would definitely use Google Play movie services and YouTube

  • Ricky Schleining

    Can’t wait for file streaming and HBOGO!

    Hulu+ just added theirs and it’s amazing.

  • Matthew Glen Evans

    I’d like to see Amazon Instant Video, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. I’d also like some way to get CBS shows.

  • Anthony

    Might replace my Roku

  • John Mora


  • Joshua Rewerts

    Amazon Prime (although you’d need a stock android app too), Plex, screen mirroring for mobile devices

  • poxitee


  • Ashish Raj

    I would love to see my phone screen mirroring onto TV via chromecast.

  • Rick Wilson

    I have been a big time Plex user and read that the Plex team was working closely with the Chromecast dev over at Google to have their android app Chromecast ready. I plan on getting a Chromecast and hope the Plex app gets the update very soon!

  • Shane Cottrell

    Local video casting from phone

  • PhoenixPath

    Leaving a comment. Have one, would love another for the second TV. Will probably just buy one anyway, but hey, worth a shot.

  • Sergio Lopez

    more sports, espn mlb network and most importantly nfl sunday ticket options

  • monkeytacos

    secondary/additional monitor support (not mirroring)

  • David Dudovitz


  • Kalon Amir Makle

    Hbo, and showtime!

  • Mike

    I’ve already got one. It’s a really cool product that has a lot
    of potential! I don’t really need another one, but if you happen to have any
    extra Galaxy Note 3’s lying around or G2’s well sign me up. 🙂

  • Local playback!

  • Daniel Bolduc

    amazon prime, screen mirroring!

  • SayHeyJayHey


  • Arie Hoogendoorn


  • marechal


  • Nextus

    I would like the ability to show pictures/video from the native gallery!


    Mirror any content on your phone, pics, video, etc.

  • Jason

    Major networks (without having to cast a tab from a computer)

  • Fernando

    HBO for sure!

  • violator702

    Browsers besides Chrome.

  • sdcoiner76

    Would love Amazon Prime Instant Videos

  • gdaysoccer


  • T4rd

    Local contect streaming (at least with better performance and file support than it currently has), Amazon Prime, and Vimeo.

  • Jason Tully

    I have wanted a chromecast, but havn’t gotten around to getting one!

  • yummy


  • Mark Luna

    Definitely screen mirroring

  • Kevin White

    I want one of these SO BAD. Google is awesome!

  • litobirdy

    Local gallery

  • BSweetness

    I’d love to get one of these!

  • kborer22

    mmmm chromecast…..

  • TED, ESPN 🙂

  • housetiger77


  • apdimatteo


  • VLC! And steam!

  • Andrew


  • Chris Graves

    Must win

  • Pete

    I want a Chromecast so badly !!!

  • Kevin Lammi

    ESPN3 & HBO GO!

  • Mr. Matt

    UPNP Streaming!

  • Ma Lor

    Can never have too much chromecast

  • LjHe80

    Would love to be rocking a Chromecast!

  • rob281

    Do want

  • Barry Leon Dorsey Jr.


  • Mark Bailey

    BBC iPlayer!

  • Jerome Rhodes

    screen mirroring/extension

  • BleedBlueNYG86

    I would like one!

  • Jim Lewis

    Seeing an option to have XBMC display threw a ChromeCast would be amazing!!!

  • droider4life

    Amazon Prime would be cool!

  • Phssthpok

    Everything looks better with shiny chrome.

  • michael bourgoin


  • Rafy286

    Need one for my brothers room.

  • watson111505

    Chrome me…

  • Roswell

    mirroring my phone would be great

  • Jes Marwaha


  • TripleIonia


  • Zack Walker

    So I can stream netflix upstairs while my wife watches whatever is on HGTV or Food Network downstairs…

  • KenBarnum

    I want Plex!

  • Tom Mura

    I’d love to try this.

  • Chris

    por favor!

  • Kevin Morales


  • Justian Lindsay


  • Lambo_21

    xfinity tv player

  • Zach B.

    Mirroring, WatchESPN, Xfinity

  • grumpyfuzz

    MLB At bat

  • Ryan

    Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, NBC News, TED, etc…

  • lakers1moretime

    Note 3 on hand and new chromecast tomorrow – awesome!!!

  • Adam

    Play music support would be the bomb diggity

  • Lee G.

    I’d like Plex!

  • dazz1996

    Plex is all I need then I’m happy

  • Patrick Maher

    Streaming your whole phone screen including games.

  • shdowman

    HBO GO. Gaming (basically removing need for Ouya)

  • javier rodriguez

    Chromecast for life


    screen cast or miracast

  • muffnman

    I’d love to see Plex on my Chromecast

  • Chris Hinds

    I want to mirror remote my desktop from my phone.

  • hyperbeaster


  • Adam

    Pretty please?

  • Bruce

    Wish Google would go ahead and let the SDK loose on this. Still want one for when they finally do.

  • marcmance

    watchESPN needs to be on chromecast

  • Oz

    Live The Pink Droid Life

  • Ian

    need this before christmas

  • HowDoIShotWeb

    Phone mirroring

  • David Goller

    xfinity player

  • Ismaelthe3rd

    need this!

  • zarxic


  • Ryan Weller

    If Plex was able to be streamed over Chromecast, that’d be great.

  • Bob Evans

    Want…want…want this. Please?

  • Saltine

    Nice to another for work

  • SHMeyer

    Local playback is what I want and what everyone else seems to want. DO IT GOOGS!

  • Brad Miller

    Netflix or Amazon Prime

  • Mark Faustino

    Google Play Music. Here’s hoping I get picked…

  • DevilMan

    Love the Chromecast, just waiting for PLEX support now!

  • ryan

    Free would be nice.

  • Ben

    Postseason.tv. It does not work on my PS3, and I love me some October baseball!

  • Joel

    Rafflecopter…I’m still laughing about this name minutes later

  • dunkaroos and gushers


  • Sainttaz

    The ability to mirror what’s on my tablet

  • Will

    Amazon prime would be nice.

  • deskjob

    Definitely watch espn… that would be awesome.

    That or the comcast xfinity!

  • garbagedick

    yes please

  • Travis Erickson

    WatchESPN would be great

  • Geoffrey Gunter

    Google play music for me

  • Kevin Greenhalgh

    Would love to see official full screen mirroring not tied to any one app

    • blerg


  • Dan

    as soon as they let it be open it will rock!

  • Jack Griffin

    Why can’t I see my last comment?

  • Adam Musso

    Verizon FiOS, Showtime

  • angelycam

    Being able to watch Bravo would be awesome, you can’t even do that on Hulu+!! Don’t judge me!! :/

  • casytsm

    I would like to see G+ get support so I could pull up albums on the TV

  • JoeDirt2217

    Needs to start supporting more apps!!! (Still would love to win one though!!!)

  • Matt White

    Man I could really use one of these

  • Stephen D

    Stream anything from your phone.

  • enigmaco

    Me and my new moto x would enjoy it.

  • Christopher Heuer


  • Tom Christopher

    need it

  • Hockeypuck55

    Need this in my life!

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Meeehhh, i just dont know, i mean, i DONT have a CCast, so, i dont know what feauters it has gained.
    Well, lest say… control the PC via Android (Phone/tablet) via CCast by conecting it to the PC. It’d be cool.

  • jbegs

    Amazon Prime would be great. I have a Smart TV but searching through Prime using the remote is a pain.

  • toddersv


  • rthvk

    I need EVERYTHING to be controlled by CC in the future.

    Oh, I need this one for my bedroom. Living room already covered! 😀

  • Taladond

    I would love to be able to mirror my phone on chromecast!

  • ramifications

    I would love to see music streaming from my local google music library and spotify streaming from my phone as well! Thank you DL!

  • JetsFan316


  • Justin

    HBO GO

  • QT

    I need one of these puppies! Please?!

  • Shawn Maloney

    Been wanting a Chromecast. Amazon Prime would be a good addition

  • Meka-leka Hi, Meka Hi-nee Hoe

  • travis

    Watch ESPN

  • Stephan Miljkovic

    Phone Screen Mirroring! Play any Games on your TV.

    • EvanTheGamer

      I second, third, fourth that! I hope they add this feature. That would make Chromecast the best thing ever!

      • Packratako

        Me too I quadruple infinity that! hehe

        • SetNick

          I will jump on this bandwagon. What a great Idea.

    • yochanan

      Yesh, that would be most good.

    • Alan Marchman

      All of what you said!

    • Reginald Jefferson

      Yeah definitely screen mirroring.

    • lewjay77


    • Brian


    • Yoi-Nami-Ra

      That would be great.

    • Jeff Testolin

      HBO GO

    • Erik B

      Me too!

    • clotidejohnson421

      Don’t worry about deceiving. Now, its a compeletely secure way
      to make a 55$/hour.. Just go to this link… http://www.bay35.ℂℴm

    • George

      It would make having a Chromecast/phone so much more fun!

    • skycrosser

      This would be amazing!

    • E.S.

      This is it….spot on!

    • nevildev

      Great idea, show me the phone screen mirroring!

  • craig1989

    I can’t wait for watch espn either!

  • Timfantry

    I need one.

  • Brian Sprague

    Amazon Prime would be nice

  • Lexus Larry

    NHL Center/Centre Ice

  • DJyoSNOW

    Just what my TV and I need

  • Bryan Wilson

    Local content, powerpoint, and solid screen mirroring would be awesome!

  • Joe Zollinger

    Some sort of mirror type feature for me too.

  • Joseph Liotta

    Any media app should be supported by Chromecast!

  • mjroberts22

    Would love to be able buy channels like on Roku.

  • rdnckcub

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! i would love one!

  • Justin

    ABC and NBC… heck all of them!

  • Tron_67

    Any chance that XBMC or USTVNow will work???

  • ddowner001

    I want chromebook support

  • ostensibly

    hbo go yo

  • Blank slate

    impulse entry

  • spark

    I really want to test this out!

  • Jerry Gehling

    I can’t wait to see Plex on chromecast.

  • Sakita

    if it supported plex or XBMC that would be awesome !!

  • madduffy

    Chromecast ftw

  • Howard Marlow

    Still waiting on full PC Hulu Support.

  • Frank

    I never win anything.

  • Chris Wilson

    Local content and display mirroring would be awesome

  • Jack Griffin

    My daughter is amazed by all my gadgets technology, she thinks some of them are magic tricks so I would love to get one of these! Thanks Droid (for) Life!

  • J. Chrisman Hiter

    Pick me pick me….I’m pretty!

  • Stacy

    I need this soo badly!!

  • Alex

    NAS stream

  • John Giao

    Koush had it down with his CM tweak.

  • Robert Kuhlman

    Free Chromecast! Please give me one.

  • CAPerkins22

    NBC Sports Live Extra, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, Watch ESPN

  • Snow02


  • J2886M

    Local Streaming from device , FOX , Amazon Prime

  • JustinD2473

    I’ll take 1 please!!

  • Jeralmac

    I want to see Tune-In Pro Radio add Chromecast support so I can listen to NPR in the morning over my home audio system! Additionally, would love to be able to send my photos and videos in from my MotoX phone gallery.

  • gammaecho

    Perfect way for me to get one without buying one!

  • Tyler Bowden

    I’d like to see Spotify add support.

  • Matt

    HBO GO and Amzon Instant Video!!

    Amazon doesn’t even work through a browser!!?!

  • Henry Conant

    I would like the Google Movie App to work properly with my surround sound system and would like to have the ability to play sideloaded music/movies. I would also like to see Instagram/Vine to be casted.

  • Matt

    I’d love to see the ability to watch Red Zone added

  • Vlajko Maric

    Love the opportunity to win this great device.
    Thanks droid life I’ll put it to good use :))

  • radiohead14

    i’d love for chromecast to be able to cast games from phone to tv

  • Paul Hansen

    Daddy wants one 🙂

  • reneMAC

    pretty please, I never win anything!

  • Chris Doerman

    I really want Miracast-like wireless screen sharing from Android devices so I can share whatever I am looking at to the big screen. Then, all of the apps can fall into place from there. Local photo/video gallery would be very nice but screencasting can address that…

  • CodeToJoy

    Should be universal… just a screen mirror mode would be awesome.

  • Jem

    Need me some Plex for sure.

    I’m not sure if it’s possible but would like to have the option to plug it into a HDMI capable receiver (as in, no TV) and throw my music at it while keeping my phone on me instead of plugged into something.

  • Some media server like Plex would be nuts on the Chromecast!

  • Aaron Esham

    xfinity and amazon

  • Dale

    Yes, please.

  • Corey Loughrey

    My local stations.

  • Stud Muffler

    Amazon prime

  • All of the services!

  • ljbad4life

    Nextflix on any tv I can move watch on. instead of dragging a 360 or my laptop around!

  • Ryan

    Fingers crossed

  • MrClark

    …chromecast comment…

  • Droid_Junky

    I love gadgets!

  • besweeet

    Here’s my comment!

  • Sanitarium09


  • Ryan McFadden

    I’d love to be able to stream from my NAS

  • Jason13L

    I just want local storage to be available. I will find my own content!

    • 4ndrew07

      Yup. Same here. With local storage available, the possibilities are limitless…besides the finite storage part.

  • Augustin

    I would like PowerPoint and KeyNote support on chromecast

  • Josh Chrudimsky

    I like the direction google is going here!

  • Bobby Kim

    Local content would be great!

  • Brian Frost

    I hope they open it up to be able to play local media

  • Kevin Djoffon

    Plex, NBA Gametime, Rdio, PocketCast

  • Travis Faulkner

    Amazon Prime would be good

  • DroDough

    I’ll take one off your hands.

  • Ben Johnson

    I would love a chromecast! After my playstation died I need something to play my netflix and youtube.

  • ezbbycame2play

    More of everything especially local media

  • Roubaix

    be able to stream anything

  • imHOWIE

    I’d like to be able to watch all channels on the chromecast.

  • Shannon Hoff

    I would love to see full Android integration. Pending that Vudu or Flixster, would make it easier to watch the UltraViolet movies I have.

  • fillyo75

    winner winner chicken dinner

  • _LarMark

    Local content! Streaming videos from my pc would be awesome.

  • Bob

    It would be neat to have one.

  • John Jones

    Local media streaming!

  • niick

    beep beep

  • strikeir13


  • faganm24

    HBO GO

  • daniel375

    yes thank you.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez


  • jessem1323

    local content would be awesome

  • Jeff Dunn

    Having the ability to access a storage device over a network would be really nice. That way I could stream anything I had on a mass storage device to any TV in my house if they had Chromecast installed.

  • Shaun Heckman

    For me, this already does everything I want it to. Amazon Prime would be nice, but since there isn’t an official Prime Video app for non-kindle devices, that wouldn’t do me much good. Already does everything else I could ask!

  • I could use another please.

    • And if Amazon Prime would support it, it’d be great.

  • Thx84


  • Eurasianman

    Amazon Prime Instant Video

  • roswellraygun

    WatchESPN would be awesome

  • Apocalypticaly

    Local Streaming

  • runner30

    Wee look at all these comments

  • garrett

    i want it!

  • Booyah

    Plex please!

  • Josh Whitaker


  • Trevor

    I’d love to see better streaming support from local computers or a NAS. Pasting the link into a chrome window is not cool.

  • Philip Yurovskiyh

    Pretty much any app service but definitely amazon prime!!!

  • Radgatt

    Ready for my chromecast

  • Nobody From Oppo

    I’d like to see WatchESPN support

  • EMcTx

    Plex, and the ability to play content from my phone.

  • Lunkman

    I never win anything- please pick me.

  • ih8legal

    The service I would like to see gain Chromecast support is Pocketcasts.

  • Andrew Grant

    one for me

  • Blue Sun

    I would love to watch my Go Pro videos posted on YouTube on my big screen tv.

  • Tom Schaffer

    Amazon Prime

  • Sarjun

    BT sport should get chromecast support

  • Thiago Souza

    Local streaming!

  • PatrickjohnMaldonado

    id like to see all hotel room tvs have chromecast cast support. basically bringing your personalized tv anywhere

  • coggy9

    I’d like to see support for local media servers.

  • Ryan

    I want one!

  • Colin

    HBO Go!

  • cherry919

    I want a one too. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  • GuidZilla

    Plex, because why not add another cool feature to an already cool product.

  • ScottM

    I would like one of those, so pick me please!

    Can you get Hulu on that little bugger?

    What are my chances to win if I don’t tweet (never have, never will), nill?

  • Joe Foster

    definitely ESPN

  • 79stanger

    This would be sweet towin!

  • Mark Gatica


  • Antti Elonheimo

    Want one.

  • Plex

  • I hope they allow you to password protect a Chromecast so they can be usable on public wifi easier

  • Chris Clark

    There are too many to list….Plex, MXPlayer, and many others!

  • stush0104

    Show me some HBO Go!

  • bweiand

    Come on daddy needs a Chromecast! 🙂

  • cje138

    Cool contest. Here’s hoping.

  • vito lorenzi

    I would love to see local content

  • Ezio 007 Shepard

    This would be cool!

  • jaredgreenwald

    The only service I still use my living room PS3 for (other than BR playback) is VUDU. I share a collection with 3 other people and we have about 175 movies in there.

  • Bridget Marchione


  • Lokee77


  • MrBlonde04

    The perfect mate with my N7!

  • joder

    Gimme gimme gimme!!!!

  • Kevin

    amazin instant video

  • Shahr

    Like to see the ability to show the files on the phone onto the TV. And also Pandora

  • Javier Irizarry

    love my chomecast but could use one in the living room

  • shelderman

    I want!!!

  • gbenj

    How about just mirroring the device.

  • Andrew O’Connor

    Display the party I’m chatting with on Hangouts.

  • Tyler

    xfinity tv

  • Brian Ruden

    lots of stuff

  • playboyzay

    Definitely local content

  • Nayners

    I would love to use this at work. Against policy!

  • HashTagHell

    I just want to have the ability to stream from my hard drives on my pc laptop and/or phone.

  • rassmr

    I’ll take one

  • jwildman16

    Plex! Please!!

  • Travis Knight

    HBO Go

  • Quyen

    HBO Go!

  • Gary Roisentul

    Google ALL through my TV!

  • Eric Hauser

    Winning would be awesome

  • Coop

    Add Hulu+

  • Ronald Bernard

    Would love this little gadget! l

  • monkey082506

    Ability to cast my chrome page from my phone would be awesome.

  • marcowhereru

    I would like to see the ability to mirror my phone onto my TV.

  • bitbank

    Whenever we want to watch streaming content, we connect the laptop to the TV. It would be good to have a substitute that works well.

  • SagarPatel


  • Michael Persico

    Chromecast time!

  • feztheforeigner

    1080p mirroring from tabs on desktop. Also full mirroring on desktop, not just chrome.

  • Zach

    Local streaming.

  • inklenotrump

    plex me all night long

  • erikiksaz

    Google play game services! If you could cast games to the screen that’d be awesome.

  • Ace Ferdinand

    XBMC, Pocket Casts, Chrome Mobile, Hangouts, Game Center, QuickPic, MX Player, and Local Files from Gallery or Root Explorer…. that’s about it

  • Carlos Rodríguez

    Xmbc, plex, spotify and display mirroring please.


  • Thomas Su

    Pick ME@

  • ESPN stuffs would be neato.

  • Michael Ali

    Plex. I need Plex yesterday.

  • dredaav

    I really want to see the streaming from device to tv!

  • Hi!

  • Jonathan Hutchins

    I would like to see Plex get Chromecast support.

  • jeradc


  • Tom Luley

    I have a 48 inch LCD above my desk here at work…I think it wants a Chromecast connected to it

  • Leonard Fletcher

    Amazon prime, HBO Go

  • Terry West

    Would like to win to give me an excuse to learn more about chromecast.

  • Jeff Badger

    Local content, Watch ESPN, and NBC Sports live extra!!

  • Ashley Colip

    FOX, showtime, ABC, NBC 🙂

  • Wilsonian

    Gotta be Amazon Prime support. Don’t know if it’ll happen though.

  • bb

    Plex so I can stream local content around the house easily

  • Trey McCann


  • Sudhir Sivakumaran

    That would be awesome

  • mh0520

    HBO Go would be nice!

  • Josh White

    Showtime Anytime

  • Don Goncalves

    Local streaming, please.

  • Marco Pedrazzoli

    Local streaming

  • mike dunham

    HBO GO!

  • Jamen Tyler Lang

    mirroring, MHL is just too cumbersome.

  • David Louie

    i want vlc support so i can ditch the HDMI cable for good!

  • Daniel McClure

    I’d love to see Plex and Amazon Prime apps come to Chromecast – other than that, AMAZING device!

  • Carlos Reyes

    Simple be able to stream local content from your phone like aircast did.

  • Me want!

  • CasperTFG

    I would like FPS apps to gain Chromecast support.

  • Futbolrunner

    Chrome for Android

  • matt

    Would love to set this up in our dorm room, perfect to start hacking on wireless display tech!

  • chris johnson

    Local streaming

  • Eduardo Santana

    I think that the top two things I would love to see supported for Chromecast are local media from devices and computers, and Vimeo support for all of the HD videos on there.

  • Nex


  • Nino

    Support for HBO GO would be great!

  • Emiliano Gomez


  • Mike

    Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, its Chromecast Mike!

  • Nicholas

    Absolutely Sky Go, since I’m in Italy.

  • Ballerado

    Super lame, but I would love PowerPoint!

  • Vincent H

    In for one.

  • Pocket cast, twitch and HBO Go

  • Matthew Arthurs

    SiriusXM App! that would be awesome

  • BuckNut23


  • Tiago Gageiro

    Local media casting!

  • pball_inuyasha

    I’d love to play with one for streaming local media

  • Adam Buchwitz

    Local streaming

  • SK


  • Drummer62

    Would love to see local photo’s and video content enabled.

  • Jeff C

    soundcloud if it isnt already. best speakers i have are hooked up to my tv

  • gtdtm

    Digging the chromecast.

  • Metal_Link


    That’s it. Google wins the console war.

  • mike

    Basically i just want a developer to find a way to make this a miracast type device. that’s got to be possible, right?

  • EDNYLaw

    Chromecast is great for my fiance who doesn’t have a smart tv but has Android phone and my old xoom

  • Kenny Li

    hope to win

  • housry23

    Amazon Prime for sure

  • Jigsaw hc

    TWC app!

  • Dustin Zirkle

    They’ll have PLEX support soon!

  • steve

    h b o g o

  • Graham Oxborrow

    local content

  • jesterz

    I’d like to see karaoke support… That way I could run a karaoke app on my phone and everyone else could sing along watching the big screen…

  • Josh Shaw

    I commented

  • DennisHeffernan

    Local files.

  • Jerson Guzman

    I wanna try one out.

  • Jose

    Chromecast I need

  • JordanMcRae

    Local file playing

  • FelisLachesis

    NHL! I’m a hockey nut.

  • Daistaar

    Someone at the Droid-Life office is going to be pissed come monday. “He did you guys receive a package for me? Says you signed for it. It was for my Google ChromeCast. Kellen?”


  • Michael Shorey


  • Ralph

    I would love to see complete device screen share with Chromecast

  • dhuff44

    need one for my other kids room

  • SmokeNMirrors

    Desired service: device mirroring! I don’t want to fork out for a Miracast dongle!

  • Doug Klimah

    Hbo go

  • Ben

    I love my Chromecast in the living room. Could use one for the pool are so I can stream music from Google Play.

  • Tony Byatt

    Local Media Playback…I Win…

  • Sapko82


  • Janice

    Amazon Prime support would be wonderful!

  • Joseph Dent

    Everything should be able to stream including gaming.

  • indoctrahol


  • ryan moya

    definitely local streaming.

  • Pomacat

    Sure could use one

  • Tony Reed

    I am 100% for local media casting!

  • Hey, I live in Portland, OR, too. And I want a Chromecast! Love your site BTW

  • Neal


  • Alex Sherer

    I would love to see support for Pandora or ESPN.

  • Brian Beddow

    Sounds good to me

  • Eric

    Give me some Amazon Prime and I will love it! 😀

  • drewbie_al

    1. Local content.
    2. TV provider apps (DirecTV, HBO Go, Dish)
    3. Sports (WatchESPN, NBC Sports Live Extra, NFL Sunday Ticket)

  • Enmanuel Romero

    From DR Dominican Republic 🙂

  • T S

    Amazon Prime. DirecTV, Xfinity, ESPN . .i could go on.