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DROID ULTRA Feature Highlight: DROID Zap!

droid zap ultra

There are few differentiating software features between the DROID ULTRA and Moto X (our comparison video), but one in particular that you’ll likely see in advertisements, is DROID Zap. It’s Motorola’s take on a photo and video sharing service that lets you quickly share with multiple people at the same time without having to bump phones. It does involve others installing an app, though, and the sending part of Zap can only be done through the new DROIDs. So it is really that useful? Once you get all of your two-finger coordinated friends to install the Zap app, it might be.

The video below explains it all. 

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  • Dragonscourgex

    Google need to look into rolling this into stock Android. Even thou they want to keep Moto and Google apart from each other. A feature like this can be really useful. Giving the ability for every Android to be able to send and “catch” picture and videos like this would be a good thing.

  • banli962



  • zuchi617


  • victoriamcgraw83

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  • DainLaguna

    Ugh worst name ever.

  • creed

    Wow! Totally not gimmicky. I’m sure everyone will get a lot of use out of that

  • Bill Hill

    Superbeam Scanner works too

  • T4rd

    I never understood how this is better/faster than just using NFC/WiFi Direct to send something to someone..?

    • For me NFC seems to be wacky. Not sure if its the type of case I use or what but every time I try to share something either to / from my tablet its like you got to search around the devices until you find the NFC antennas and line them up then it connects.

    • Malcolm Love

      Well an advantage to this is you could just swipe up and several people could get a file at the same time.

  • mule0331

    According to Motorola’s site, Zap will be available to any Android phone via the Play store

  • Detonation

    How about just emailing or sending a dropbox link to share something? All these marketed sharing features are just gimmicks, especially when most people don’t have the same phone.

    • LiterofCola

      Not everybody uses Dropbox either.

      • anon

        But “everybody” can view a dropbox link.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    tap the share button, tap droid drop, Thats all this had to be. Baked in of course. The separate app is not needed. I’m glad they somewhat did it tho…somewhat..

  • Manthas

    Yeah the pull vs. push thing on the “zapping” is kinda silly. I don’t see a lot of (honestly, any) benefit of this over the bajillion other sharing methods that Android has available. If it were a push, that would be a different story.

  • moelsen8

    Only these new droids can send? Motofail.

    • Justin W

      Alternatively, they should just be enhancing the Beam feature so it still works with other Android devices, but works better with Droid devices or something. That would make more sense to me.

  • Alex siuda

    what is the clock app on the moto x and s4?!

    • onDroid

      Looks like ‘flat sense’. It’s a UCCW skin.

  • jbegs

    No notification? Where do you have to be in order to receive the “zap?” So basically you have to constantly check the app to see if anything is there. Meh!!

  • kurichan

    my first thought.

  • Jordan Webb

    Useless feature if other phones can’t send, honestly. I wonder if someone could rekajigger the gesture to just trigger the default share option (Hangouts for me).

  • calum wilper

    i think it would be really cool if they just built this kind of thing into android, and it just sent people near you a notification to tell you some cool stuffs is in the air

    Edit: ^that guy beat me to it

    • LiterofCola

      I imagine this being eventually adapted into Android as a whole. IF the general public digs it.

    • Google just recently got granted a patent for something along those lines, it was posted on Engadget a few days ago.

      • calum wilper

        maybe this is google work then?

  • panicswhenubered

    This type of “zap” streaming/sharing needs to be part of Android OS.

    • michael arazan

      I just use the share button in the top right of my galleries to my friends. Take Picture or Video, upload to Drive, send link. Or just send what ever in a text message, or email. Still only a few seconds of transfer time. Also Gmail allows 1 gb video files now too

      • panicswhenubered

        Yea, that’s how I do it now. But this would take fewer steps and can begin streaming immediately. Almost like broadcasting your own little channel to nearby people.