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DROID ULTRA, DROID MAXX and DROID Mini Hands-on [Gallery]

droid ultra red

We’ve got first impressions and videos on the way for Verizon and Motorola’s new DROID family, which includes the DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini, but for now, enjoy this set of pictures.

We’ll continue to update it as we have more!  

Droid Mini









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The Family

DROID Ultra Family

  • justinc333

    Do they still have an LED notification light? 720p screen. Hmmm. The specs arent very clear as to how good the screen even is. They touted “Super AMOLED 720p” etc on the Razr Maxx HD.. and this one they’re just saying “HD.” Hmm.. not making me want to hurry upgrade from my Razr Maxx HD… the 720 screen was the weak point of this phone as the S4 came out with its very nice screen.

  • saint_stephen

    Link to wallpaper?

  • chris420o

    coulda been pretty nice lookin n solid phones…but that chin…..why the chin….only the og droid could get away with the chin..NO ONE ELSE!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Welcome back to the stage… Droid RAZR, RAZR Max, and RAZR M. Call them what you like. Its still last years phones with some new bells and whistles.

  • Deylune

    Stock Android, 3500 mAh battery, 5 inch 720p display, 10 MP camera, Speedy 8 Core processor, and Premium Build quality – Great Package!

  • Bionic

    $300 for a 720p screen. No thanks.

  • MyStroPro

    Is it just me… or does the Mini and Ultra seem to have a Carbon Fiber weave instead of the Kevlar weave on the Maxx.

    Also, love how they integrated the Droid Eye iconography into the circle widgets. Out of the 3, the Maxx is the vastly superior winner.

    I’m guessing with the locked bootloaders we will still be needing the Safestrap method. No biggie to me, as I’m already used to that. I’ll just want to wait and see if the dev community will jump on to any of these phones for any reason.

    Sucks that they are so highly priced for off-contract prices though. No surprise, but still sucks.

  • Luther

    Capacitive buttons… feeling a great deal better about not wanting this phone. Thank you, Moto. OnToTheNextOne.

  • MyStroPro

    LOL at the seal on the regular but not the Maxx

  • Tyler

    Anyone notice that the Verizon and Motorola sites say different specs for certain things. Like thickness and wifi in particular.

  • Drome


  • geedee82

    What’s with that big ass chin? Damn these phones are ugly…the Moto X looks so much more sleek and appealing.

  • Daniel

    Still don’t see ANY reason to pick up an Ultra over the Maxx…if anything the matte back and lack of a hump are improvements in the design, and the larger battery hardly makes it thicker so why not?

    • icemutiny

      I agree. I’ve always liked the Maxx variant because the extra battery actually removes the hump. Just makes it a better looking phone on top of the battery benefit.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    If all 3 is having 720p display with mini being compact with 2000mAh battery and MAXX with same 5″ display + 3500mAh battery, why should one go for 2150mAh battery equipped ULTRA???

    • socarwolverine

      If you want to save $100 bucks, that’s really the only reason.

      • Kanaga Deepan N

        OH Come on, you can save 200$ in that case, if Mini is selected and for that reduction of 0.7″ screen you get higher ppi, better battery (4.3″_2000mAh >> 5″_2150mAh), wireless charging, extra 100$ savings, compact size, same camera-processor-RAM-everything…

        • socarwolverine

          I don’t know why you’re trying to lecture me. I wouldn’t make that choice, I have before and always will go for the Maxx. But there are plenty of people who don’t look past the intial price of the phone and only see $300 and $200.

  • johnediii

    One of my pet peeves about last years Droids was that you couldn’t disable the bloatware despite that being a feature of Jelly Bean. Can you disable the bloat on these guys?

    • Kanaga Deepan N

      I can remove also — after rooting…

    • faganm24

      You should be able to disable any application with Jellybean. I’m not sure what that didn’t work for you.

      • johnediii

        Moto disabled the ability to disable apps on the RAZR M and HD models. I have a GNex and can go into the Settings -> Apps and disable any app installed on the phone. My Brother-in-law has a RAZR M, the disable button was grayed out on all of the VZW bloatware. I went to a Best Buy and tried this out on their display model of a RAZR HD and HD Maxx and saw the same thing.

        • faganm24

          That is so weird. I was able to disable through the settings menu. I am rooted, but I didn’t try to do it through Titanium. I don’t know if that makes the difference, but I can disable any app I want as long as I uninstall all of the updates first.

        • faganm24

          That is so weird. I was able to disable through the settings menu. I am rooted, but I didn’t try to do it through Titanium. I don’t know if that makes the difference, but I can disable any app I want as long as I uninstall all of the updates first.

  • jak_341

    Capacitive buttons, 720p screen, Blur, and locked bootloaders = DOA.

    • jak_341

      Forgot to mention tiny battery and ugly as well. S4 is still the goto phone.

      • MyStroPro

        Tiny battery? Did you miss the Maxx? The battery appears to blow away everything on the market spec wise as far as stock batteries are concerned.

  • dtraini30

    Really interested in t̶h̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶l̶o̶c̶k̶ ̶s̶c̶r̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶i̶f̶i̶c̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ Active Display.

  • Josh C

    @Kellex Pic of the SIM/Micro SD slot(s)?

    • Steve

      There is no removable memory on these. Not sure about SIM.

    • jnt

      I would think (ass u me?) they HAVE to include a sim tray of some sort.

  • yep

    Can’t see removable SIM…

  • Iron_Catastrofe

    TOO much red, they should have mixed it with black and kept that gloss finish to themselves. Going with the Maxx. Glad to see a Moto device launching with 4.2.2. Gotta have my dashclock

  • jnt

    The Mini and Ultra look like they have TPU gel cases on them… 🙁

    Hopefully it’s not that bad in person?

  • clackout

    also why is the hangouts notification still the old google talk icon?

    • Hangout_Sucks

      If we’re lucky it has Google Talk and not that crap Hangouts replacement.

  • RW-1

    “What do you think Mr. horse? No sir, I didn’t like it”. 🙂

  • Gabriq

    These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.

    • jose

      There should have been two phones in this release; Mini and the Maxx. And the Maxx should be $199 on contract. Typical money hungry Verizon.

      • sski66

        Or the Ultra battery size should of been 2750, u know, split the difference between the Mini & the Max, & i wish they let us choose the red color for every model. Well it looks like it’s still between the MotoX & HTC1 for me.

    • LiterofCola


  • How is the build quality when compared to a Nexus 4 or a One?

  • eli

    Phones like this make me happy about my purchase of my s4………

  • EC8CH

    Gotta give VZW a +1 for ditching the branding on the front of the phones.

    Then they had to screw it all up and put capacitive buttons on it.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      At least the home button still allows a swipe up to Google Now.

      Being on a Razr, that’s a big + for me.

      • EC8CH

        Yes this is the least offensive capacitive button arrangement, but onscreen buttons are so simple and functional I just don’t understand why they aren’t universally implemented.

        • MichaelFranz

          they dont want people to use PIE controls….lol

    • jose

      Sarge said it could still change. Confirmed.

  • Jacob Svonavec

    IMO the red Kevlar looks the best, red gives the Kevlar a new look, really sets it apart from the older versions. Adding buttons once again is a strange move, but its not a deal breaker here. I am quite disappointed that the Maxx doesn’t come in red also though, which is the clear choice for me (if I had to choose). Just might be waiting for the nex nexus.

  • Reiles

    I don’t see any charging ports in these pictures. Any idea if it’s a wireless charger or are they just hidden?

    • dtraini30

      It is on the bottom of the device.

    • MyStroPro

      Checking specs – Maxx is Wireless

  • thenew3

    Is the nano SIM removeable? How is the reception compared to a S3 or S4? Moto used to make the best radio/antennas, I wonder if they continued that tradition.

    • dtraini30

      My RAZR M and ex-RAZR HD was a lot better than my old S3. I would be safe to assume that the radios are still rock solid.

      • thenew3

        It would be, but I’ve learned to never assume. So anyone who can get their hands on any of these phones, can you check the reception? The one thing I hate about my S3 is its poor reception. the S4 is a little better than S3, but I would definitely pickup one of these new droids if the reception is much better than S3. I’ve got a few upgrades sitting around waiting to be used.

        • MyStroPro

          These are display / reveal units, not testers / review units. I doubt they will be able to make any note of reception that will be worthwhile.

          • thenew3

            Usually reception gets better as the firmware matures. So if these are display/eval units and the reception is already on par or better than the S3/S4 than that would suggest final retail or review units will be even better!

          • MyStroPro

            It’s hard to compare though – I mean your in a display area that is likely near an antenna. Plus, we know that devices show bars differently (heck, even ROMs due on the same device).

            I’m just saying I wouldn’t make any rash judgments until people get review units.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      That’s a really good question. I’m hoping the tray is on the top next to the headphone jack (no photos of that side oddly enough.

    • Dave

      My GN2 and my wife’s GS4 murder my old RazrHD and Bionic as far as reception and radio performance. Hopefully they haven’t faltered.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Loving the matte on the Maxx. Glossy, not so much.

    • EC8CH

      yes it makes the supposedly high end Kevlar looks cheap.

      • Tyler Durden

        still more durable than the HTC One

    • NexusPhan69

      There is that crazy cryptic circle Motorola logo again. Did we ever figure that out yet? Is it only on the test units for identification? I think it looks cool.

      • EC8CH

        only on test units, retail phones will not have it.

        • NexusPhan69

          Damn. I figured as much but I like them.

      • sammsIam

        I believe the segmented circle is coded for what version of the engineering sample it is.

    • sammsIam

      There is no glossy back. The model shown in the pictures still has the protective plastic on the back (hence the ugly sticker in the photo). You’d think the Moto-reps would have the sense to take it off before showing it, but having worked as an engineer for Moto, I’m never surprised by the stupidity of the marketing/sales team.

      • Butters619

        Go look at the official Verizon page. The phones are high gloss. It’s not a cover.

        • sammsIam

          Yup, you’re right (see my comment above)

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Considering every single render and picture shows a significant difference in surface light reflection between the Mini/Ultra and the Maxx, I’m inclined to believe that it does have a gloss finish, while the Maxx is matte.

        • sammsIam

          I was wrong (not about the protective plastic on the pics, but of what is underneath). VZW website does list the Ultra & Mini as having a gloss finish. Wish these pictures actually showed it instead of the protective plastic.

    • Mark

      Wonder if that’s a plastic protective covering, since the MAXX is the only one without the factory stickers on the back? Seems odd.

  • Steve

    So is there anything “special” about the Moto X aside from choosing some custom colors/materials?? Really starting to lean towards the Maxx….

    • BCoils

      nobody knows

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Its size is between the Mini and the Ultra/Maxx (4.7″ vs. 4.3″ and 5″), and it should be significantly shorter than the Ultra/Maxx.

      Other than that, nope, don’t see it being all that much different except for (hopefully) the cost. If it really is sold for $300/$400 off-contract, then I don’t see a reason to buy these.

      • samari711

        It doesn’t have capacitive buttons either, so screen real estate should be pretty close to the mini. There’s talk of the boot loader being unlocked on the X as well.

        • Steve

          The X would definitely be a clear win if it sported a little better battery life (from what we know). IMO Maxx has the upper hand at the moment.

          • samari711

            mini is 499 off contract, MAXX is 699 if the X is 299 with comparable specs it wins hands down on value.

      • Steve

        Unless you didn’t want to shell out $300 at once and opted for Verizon’s new EDGE plan…kinda liking that idea ATM.

  • Butters619

    The Maxx is the only one that looks good IMO.

    • sammsIam

      There is no gloss version — that’s just the protective plastic which wasn’t taken off before taking the pictures.

      • Butters619

        Every website so far has said it’s a high gloss finish on the mini and ultra. I hope you are right, but that is not what has been reported at all.

        Edit: Go watch endgadgets hands on. It’s high gloss.

        • sammsIam

          Yup, you’re right. I’m baffled why they did this as the Kevlar was specifically designed to be soft touch & grippy

  • EC8CH

    So does the mini have the same specs or are the internals downgraded?

  • Damian

    I really dislike this new kevlar pattern, they just keep getting worse. I think these are the first phones from Verizon to actually not have their 4G lte logo plastered all over them and actually put “Droid” on the back.

  • Rocketjrb

    Droid Maxx wins by default.

  • Tylar Overturf

    Dat gloss…

  • dtraini30

    Was anyone else wondering if Motorola would say anything about upgrading devices now? I’d love me some DashClock on my RAZR M 🙂

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Hoping they mention something at their event next week. Maybe they are going the Note 2 route and skipping 4.2 altogether?

      • dtraini30

        That is what I am hoping for! I was actually thinking that too, I mean it would make sense, but who knows.

  • hackthis02

    Why would they go back to hardware buttons? It’s so ugly.

    • PyroHoltz

      Agreed, capacitive buttons can go to hell.

      • JoshGroff

        Until system UI crashes and you need to do a hard reset to get your phone up and running again.

        • onDroid

          And how do capacitive buttons help there?

          • JoshGroff

            Well, if you need to navigate to save something for one, or getting to your reboot options if you don’t have them in your power menu.

            Just saying there are a few times when they can be useful.

        • Volume up + Power would usually do the trick.

          • JoshGroff

            Hence hard reset…

        • PyroHoltz

          With all the weird quirky crap I’ve dealt with on my Gnex, I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with the capacitive buttons. But, in all honesty, I’m trying to think of a situation where the system UI crashes and you wouldn’t want to do a reboot.

        • NexusPhan69

          That’s what a removable battery is for. Or the power and volume buttons. Does not require capacitive buttons.

        • Kanaga Deepan N

          If the particular app gets crashed, the home key on the onscreen buttons will work…

          If whole system gets crashed, even CAPACITIVE home button can’t help… Reset is the only way to go (vol- & power)…

      • Kanaga Deepan N

        Thatz bit more harsh… But I too agree that they should have used onscreen ones like in my MaxxHD…

        Say in apps like Tapatalk2, therz no holo style menu button on UI and at that time one menu button comes automatically near the multi-task key… In these phones I think HTC style single menu button row will come on the screen… Much distracting…

        Further I am using words “BACK”, “HOME”, “TASK”, “MENU”, “DOWN” (in keyboard) as navigational buttons using “SoftKeyZ” app from play store (of course root needed)…

    • Phillies3429

      I’ll take them over software buttons any day

    • LiterofCola

      Maybe, but I’d rather have them than a physical home button

  • schoat333

    Those are both very ugly. They should have stayed with the RAZR HD design.

  • Chris Schmucker

    The first developer to change the voice file on the phone to Jarvis’ voice from Iron Man will forever be my hero.

    • Albert Reyna

      thats exactly what ive been wanting 😀

    • MichaelFranz

      i’d go for a darth vader “what is thy bidding my master” i mean he is half robot(droid) anyway

      • Dominick White

        You.. Make this Happen!!!!

      • LiterofCola

        How about 3po?

        • michael arazan

          I have the original Cylon voices for my Notifications from Battle Star Gallactica the original series, like “Stand By for Identification”
          Found a few recordings from some obscure website years ago and downloaded them.