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[Deal] SanDisk Ultra 32GB and 64GB Class 10 microSD Cards Up to 60% Off From Amazon


Samsung phones may be some of the last that can use microSD cards, but since it’s obvious that you are all buying them (Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, and Note 2) in constant waves, we thought we’d point out that Amazon is currently running a deal on expandable storage. You can pickup SanDisk Ultra 32GB and 64GB Class 10/UHS1 cards for up to 60% off. Class 10 and UHS1, in case you didn’t know, means you get “uninterrupted, Full HD video recording” on Android devices or tablets. But it also means that in between camera shots, you have less wait time. It’s a speed thing – something we appreciate.

Also, keep in mind that all of Samsung’s newest phones can use 64GB microSD cards.

Prime shipping is available with all of the cards on sale.

Amazon Links:  32GB Card ($24.94) | 64GB Card ($50.47)

  • TylerChappell

    I bought the 64GB microSD for my dad’s Galaxy S3 back in May and it was $50.00 even.


    I don’t think $50 for 64GB is a deal. A deal would be $30.

  • Stephen Cox

    Most (if not all) Android phones and tablets can take the 64GB card if you format them as FAT32 instead of exFAT. I know the Droid 4 can.

  • rutgersjaffo

    Totally grabbing a 64 for the Note 2.

  • ChrisDG74

    Not to be an ass, but I can get a 32GB class 10 for $22 every day, at Micro Center.

  • JimmyF101

    These are also used in GoPro’s.

  • Wow. I got screwed again. First I bought the GS4 the day before the dev version hit the stores, now this from amazon after I bought a 16gig card at full price this morning.

  • Mark

    If you’re a Costco member, you have had about the same pricing on the 32GB card for over 6 months now. I got one from there back in December for ~$23, and it was a $1 or 2 less last month when I got a second one. The 64GB pricing is good, but not really what I’d call great as I’ve seen them fairly regularly for $55-60.

  • johny

    I bought a 64 gig for my Nexus 4. Can someone please tell me how to put it in there.
    (/end of sarcastic remark)

    • Louis

      Too Funny!

  • Robin Williams

    I bought a 32 GB one for my Samsung Galaxy S3 and it stopped working just after a week. Now the card is dead and will not be recognized by any device or recovery tool. Took a lot of photos of it on a vacation. Now it is all lost.

    • G+ backup bro.

    • Barnassey

      Call sandisk they will have you return it to them and replace it. I had that happen too.

  • Brandon Haines

    I am living proof that the cards are failing in Samsung phones. My 32gb SanDisk went bad in 1week and it was stock, not even rooted. Talk about $60 wasted. I had just gotten the Note 2 and was unaware of the problem. I purchased a Samsung card and ironically the same thing happened, but the Samsung card still works in other phones and it’s not completely roasted. I want to say it Is a phone issue, but it seems like the Samsung phones don’t corrupt their brand of SD completely as they destroy SanDisk cards. Galaxy note 2 are also said to have issues with 32gb cards so I went to 16gb and haven’t had problems since, unfortunate but who cares. Hence why amazon is selling them for cheap. Everyone has a Samsung phone duh. Do the math, demand went down, so you lower the price to attempt to regain demand…

    • hkklife

      The worst component of Touchwiz is that retarded media scanner. It’s ALWAYS running and does horrible things to battery life and the lifespan of microSD cards.

      Personally, I have had a 64Gb Sandisk Ultra SDXC since day 1 on my Galaxy S3 (stock) and have never had any issues until recently (late March or early April). When a card gets 3/4 full I start to see major issues with crashes, random reboots (usually when writing to the cars in the camera app) and sloooooow reads and writes to the SD card. I have confirmed it with the 64Gb Sandisk and also an older Class 4 32Gb Sandisk non-Ultra.

      • Brandon Haines

        I will have to retest my system with the PA rom, because if it’s the touch wiz that’s causing the rescan then it may work since PA is an AOSP rom.

  • geocab

    Is there a way to move apps to SD card without rooting? My internal storage is close to used up. And my 64 gig card has plenty of room.

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    Razr Maxx HD also works with 64gb, was worried when I bought it, but it works like a champ 😀

  • p0k3y

    Overpriced. Got the 64GB for $30 from Adorama about a month ago.

  • stefan

    These cards get really hot and go out really fast. I had 4 of them, but then i got smart and bought a class 6 samsung 32gb.

    • JRomeo

      are you saying I wont be able to fully depend on one of these inside a smartphone or tablet?

  • moosc

    SD cards are so old school. Time to move on. Internall storage is way better.

    • Geoff Johnson

      Tell me when 64GB+ phones are widely available.

      • hkklife

        My kingdom for a phablet with 64Gb+ internal AND a microSD slot AND a big battery.

    • Bionic

      not really, there are store stores out there that dont have photo kiosk that use blutooth and the USB cord does not work because drivers are not installed, so the only way to print pictures is using a card. Cards are also nice for use in the workplace.

  • gregmr

    Now that I have Amazon Prime, every day is Christmas!


    Ripoff. I got my G.Skill Class 10 32GB for waaaaaaay less.

    • hkklife

      Generally, those “other” brands are less reliable and slower than genuine Sandisk cards. I have had issues in particular with Transcend and A-Data cards over the years.

      • Geoff Johnson

        G.Skill is well known in the RAM industry, I’d hardly call them an “other” brand.

        • hkklife

          I know, I have used G.Skill in my desktop PC builds for years with zero complaints. I just would assume that their flash media is simply rebranded “me too” stuff from the usual Chinese suppliers.

    • Sterling Mace

      Not all Class 10 cards are equal. My samsung class 10 reads at about 65MBps and other class 10 cards I have read around 8-17MBps…

  • Miguel Casis

    I’ve had the same 16gb SD card that came with my OG Droid…I think its time to upgrade…

    • S2556

      LOL Same!

    • Warwick

      I thought I was alone lol.

      • Jonathan Williams

        Same with my Droid X

  • j__h

    Too bad neither my Galaxy Nexus nor Nexus 7 accept SD cards.

    • michael arazan

      That’s why I got Google drive 200 gb for $10 a month, does work well for storing HD videos and a lot of stuff. I had to buy a USB Micro SD converter to get all the information off my D1 16 gb sd card

      I’m still trying to figure out if there is a way to back up my entire PC to Drive, just lost a ton of stuff from a Hard Drive Failure

      • grittymcduff

        You can download the drive app to your PC and select which folders to keep synchronized. Might help.

    • Shaunwin

      You can get a mini microSD reader.

  • Brian Ong

    stay away from these in samsung phones, they have problem where they constantly unmount/remount killing the battery and corrupting data. stay with samsung brand cards

    • Michael Nichols

      so stay away samsung phones but stay with samsung brand cards?

    • drparty

      I have a SanDisk 32 gb in my note 2 and it’s been going strong for a while now.

      • Mark

        Same here, 32GB in my Note 2, no issues for 6+ months.

    • noc007

      What’s the cause of this?

      • Brian Ong

        many more threads on xda with the same problem

        • noc007

          From what I’ve read so far of that thread and a few others on different forums is it started happening with the latest update. There was another forum where a guy claimed that it was happening with his Samsung branded card as well. A few others were having issues with non-SanDisk brands as well. Some of the issues were attributed to a bad media file.

          Hopefully Samsung will come out with an update to address the issue.

      • KleenDroid

        Lots of people always have issues with everything. Plenty if us that don’t seem to be plagued with every issue under the sun. I say dont worry about everything you read. Try for yourself.

        I have an S4 with a 64 gig Sandisk and rom with custom kernel……. no problems.

        Some roms I think my card is gone till I look and it just needs to be found differently.

        A file manager is your friend.

    • KleenDroid

      I’ve had the 64 gig Sandisk in my S4 since I got it with no issues ever. I flash custom roms and kernel with no problem.

      • Jonathan Reid


    • Futbolrunner

      It’s doing that right now with my Note 2 and did with my GS3. It reads it every time I unlock my phone. Sometimes it lags to the point where I have to wait a few seconds for the screen to turn on for the phone to read the SD card. Sometimes it reads it fine and others, damaged or blank.

  • Michael Nichols

    if you look at the related posts above it says 32gb & 64gb are $24 and $50 so not really a new deal

  • Ryan

    LG devices also take SD cards and accept 64 gigs also

    • hkklife

      I also briefly used a 64Gb Sandisk Ultra card in my old Bionic running ICS last year and had no issues whatsoever with it. A LOT of Android devices support 64Gb properly- formatted cards despite not claiming as such on the spec sheet.

  • Rtech9

    Got my 64 GB from Radioshack for the same price almost, so not really a deal in my opinion. 80 Gigabytes on my S3 here …

  • Spider210

    this isn’t some hot deal… the 64gb has been under $52.49 on amazon for last 30 days as per the camel

    • noc007

      The real deal is when it’s <=$42. I was able to snag one a while ago. According to the SlickDeals forums, they've had them at ~$20 for the 64GB.

    • Correct. Not really a deal at all. Let me know when a 64GB hits ~$40, then I’ll be interested

    • Guest

      Why didn’t you let us know about this then?

  • nina

    i wonder if these have any of those ‘bad’ batches from early on q4 2012-

    • Futbolrunner

      What was bad about those batches? I got mine then and my Note 2 reads the SD card every time I unlock it. Sometimes it reads fine and other times damaged or blank. It gets really annoying.