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Beta Program Goes Live for Falcon Pro (Update)


Who doesn’t love a good beta every now and then? If you have purchased Falcon Pro, the third party Twitter app that we have discussed time and time again, then you will now be able to join a recently launched beta program to help improve the application. In the beta program, which is hosted on Google+, there is a feature request list, a section for bugs and also a general discussion area. 

To join, you will need a Google+ account. Once you join the community, all you need to do is enter yourself as a tester, then download the “update” from Google Play. You can remove yourself as a tester at any time if you want to revert back to the public release version.

Now, go join the Google+ community and download the beta app once it is made available. It isn’t live yet from what we can tell, but we will update the post once it is.

Update:  The update is now live on Google Play. Go grab it!

Join the beta on Google+.

Cheers Joaquim and everyone that sent this in!

  • Blunt Trauma ™

    Is this better than Carbon?

    • Hothfox

      I personally do not like that there is no swiping between columns. The sliding menus are okay, but I prefer to swipe, like Carbon, the official Twitter app, etc. do it.

    • Hothfox

      The only problem with Carbon is that it hasn’t been updated since February.

  • Br_d

    Doesn’t this just mean the app will run into the token limit immediately because people will be adding multiple accounts? If so, I am not in favor of this, because the developer will be less motivated to update the app once that point is reached.

    • Adam Metzner

      This app has already ran into the token limit problem once before. Not only did the dev petition to get more tokens, ( twitter shot him down, they said this app doesn’t offer anything that the twitter app does. BS!) but he set up a system for all current users at the time to reactivate their tokens and he purged all the old ones so new people could use them. On top of that hes still adding features and squashing bugs like crazy!

      • Br_d

        I know. He essentially got rid of the pirates but the limit is still there, and if legit users can add multiple accounts, I fear he will reach the limit with no way to overcome it.

        • Hothfox

          I agree with you. I use it out of passing interest, but have tried not to become too wedded to it for this reason. I’ve mostly stuck with the official Twitter app.

      • Hothfox

        Not trying to troll, (and I definitely OPPOSE what Twitter is doing with their API) but as devil’s advocate, I am curious what unofficial apps offer over the official Twitter app. Essentially, they all give you a way to read and compose tweets. When you get down to it, the extra features are very nice, and brighten up the user experience, but they don’t make the app extraordinary. They replicate the CORE Twitter user experience (reading and composing tweets) – which is what Twitter’s rules are supposed to be discouraging. Again, I disagree with it, as they’re just trying to stifle competition, and make sure everyone is subject to their ads.

  • James

    I joined the community, now how to i enter myself as a tester?

  • Josh Shaw

    Are you going to buy it again? It supposedly supports multiple accounts now!

    • AMPthe13th

      I don’t understand why you’re voting this guy down. It does support multiple accounts via the Beta and Tim did say that’s one reason he got a refund. People need to chill.

      • Josh Shaw

        Thanks, I guess some people don’t watch the live show? It’s nice and all, but I think i like the Official Twitter app better now, the compose is awesome for photos.