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Agent Smartwatch Launches on Kickstarter, Like a Thicker Pebble That’s a Year Late to the Party


Kickstarter seems to be the number one choice for upstarts with a smartwatch in mind to seek funding these days. Agent “the world’s smartest watch” is the latest in a long line that includes tech darlings like the Pebble. And actually, this new Agent watch seems like nothing more than a thicker (and potentially uglier depending on your taste in watch designs) version of the Pebble, but with one difference – it has Qi wireless charging built in. The promo video shows a watch with a “Memory” display that’s a combination of an e-paper and LCD displays, that can be paired with your phone and used to tell the time, show weather, control music players, act as a pedometer, and show you incoming calls or messages.

After watching the promo video we have included below, I’m sure you’ll understand why we are drawing the Pebble comparisons.

The creators of the Agent also teamed up with a watchmaker to come up with the design, which again is…interesting. Contrast stitching in 2013? OK. How thick is this bad boy? We heard comments from readers who thought the Pebble was oversized, so I can’t imagine what they’ll think of this one.

If you’d like to back this project, the early bird special will run you $129, but will jump up to $149 afterwards. See any reason to pick this over the Pebble? I don’t.

Via:  Kickstarter

Cheers Chris!

  • Is pebble waterproof, has inductive charging, or a heart rate monitor? Seems like this has quite a bit of features but its is quite ugly. Unfortunate.
    Edit: To answer my own questions: its water proof and no to the other two.

    • michael arazan

      Exactly, I like that it has more features, need for the smart watches to have the ability to load music on it though and pair it with bluetooth headsets
      so you don’t need your phone, especially for people who get really sweaty.

      • Eh, i have the ipod nano. I dont load any music on it cause i just use google music. Maybe if you could plug your headphones in that and it streams from your phone, but if you have bt headphones why not pair it with your phone? its not like the watch battery is going to last very long playing music.

  • jisaac16

    That thing is hideous!

  • UnixPimp

    Windows Phone in the background.

  • jer85008

    Way to hipster looking for me. Makes the Pebble look svelte by comparison.

  • jer85008

    Way to hipster looking for me. Makes the Pebble look svelte by comparison.

  • jamie stevens

    maybe if it was $50

  • $129….lol ill wait for Googles. Thanks

  • why mention it if it sucks?

    • They are just reporting the news. Like every other place does. People may or may not like it.

  • gbenj

    @ :52

    Does she come with the watch?

    “Oh you…”

  • punkroyale

    In the main photo is that a Zune on the background? Hot…

    • btod


    • Blue Sun

      What’s a Zune? /s

    • Hypnotica

      It’s a WP8

  • Very blah. You guys got any more xphone news? lol