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Fruity Loops Studio Mobile Hits Android, Studio-Grade Beats For Just $20

Fruity Loops

Enjoy making some phat beats from time to time? If so, there is no doubt you have heard of the music software, Fruity Loops. Well, FL Studio Mobile is now available for your Android device, showing off a crazy-long list of features. There are 133 instruments to choose and sample from, full drum pads, pitch bend options via the built-in accelerometer and tons more. 


  • 133 high quality instruments, drum kits & sliced-loop beats
  • All instruments have FL Studio desktop counterparts for FL Studio desktop import and extension
  • Step sequencer for fast percussion programming and sliced-loop reworking
  • Configurable virtual piano-keyboard
  • Drum pads
  • Browser with preview button and logical sorting into Instruments, Synths, Drum kits & Loops
  • Pan, volume, release and attack time configurable per instrument

The app does run $20, but for that price you are getting some pretty high performing software.

Play Link ($19.99)


Cheers Nick S!

  • Can we get Traktor for Android now?

  • Mark Brown

    Wish Native Instruments would drop imaschine like the iphone

  • JoshGroff

    It’s not a problem, it’s a feature. 🙂

  • i want this to my Note 10.1 😀

  • N8shon


  • Buckoman

    I wonder if there’s capability for Dubstep or DnB. Don’t get me wrong, Hip-Hop beats at this quality are great, but before I drop $20 on an app, I don’t want to be slowed down by its limited genre capability.

    • just set to 140 bpm and you’re good to go with the bro step.

  • very awesome

    • Tim242

      Nice avatar : )

  • Janky Android

    • Bionic

      yanno what’s not janky?

      • the x phone?

        • Bionic

          winner winner chicken dinner

  • Shane Redman

    I need a google play gift card….

  • Jason Brown

    making phat beats with fruity loops on my htc rezound rocking my beats by dre.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    YES!!! I’ve been patiently waiting for this for a long time

  • John Jacobs

    Awesome demo– can’t wait to install!!!

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Phat beats bros.

  • worth it. thank god we finally are getting a top music app for android.

    i really want the next ipad just for the moog, korg, propellerheads, etc synths.

    • Bionic

      You are banned from this site for saying “ipad”

      • Tim242

        That’s not fair. It will only be fair if we can ban you for saying x phone and sarge.

        • James

          Anyone else picking up on the sexual tension between Tim and Bio?

        • Bionic

          what would you rather have talked about on a android website? ipads? or future ANDROID phones?

          • Tim242

            Whichever one is real.

          • Bionic


    • cizzlen

      Seriously. This is one of the things I’ve waited FOREVER for on Android! Now if Ableton and Traktor would follow I’d be one happy, happy man.

  • Bionic

    20 bucks? I’d rather buy a pocket hose for that price.

    • XphoneTroll

      Or you can give me 20 bucks and I’ll feed you more lies about the x phone..

      • Bionic

        or I can give your mom 20 bucks and she can slob my knob

        • mustbepbs

          Bad form, X Phone. Bad form.

        • XphoneTroll

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          • Bionic

            there, i was nice and deleted it

          • XphoneTroll

            We are still enemy’s!

      • Tim242

        Haha. We should take up a donation.

        • XphoneTroll

          We need to get Bionic banned from this site ..you in with me on this?

          • Bionic

            Good luck with that.

          • Bionic

            Seeing as how is said nothing to you until you said crap to me