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DROID Bionic Jelly Bean Update Approved by Verizon as Build 98.72.22 (Updated)

bionic jb1

The Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2) update for the DROID Bionic has been approved by Verizon as build number 98.72.22. The update will include a number of important goodies like an immensely improved voice search, smarter notifications with actionable items, a better keyboard, and of course, Google Now. Your device should also run smoother, feature more intuitive graphics, and react quicker to touch responses thanks to Project Butter. 

Outside of new Android features, Motorola has improved voice and data connectivity (hotspot too) and calendar settings. They also removed bloatware.

A soak test of the update to members of Motorola’s Feedback Network will likely start before the mass rollout happens, so stay patient for now. Once that is complete, we’ll be sure to report back.

Update:  Verizon confirms that the update will start to roll out in phases from April 15.

The update is 98.72MB in size.


More info.

  • mysticfox

    i heard that tethering is not possible after the upgrade.. anyone have that problem on the bionic?

  • Software update failed????? Droid bionic

  • metronj

    Updated my Bionic to 4.1.2 yesterday, not impressed. My FM Radio (analog) no longer works, the gradual alarm setting is gone. My music has been changed to android music and can no longer get the lyrics while song is playing. Just a few things i have noticed so far.

    • metronj

      Also seems to have WI-FI problems, it is intermittent in areas it wasn’t before. Also get a “GUI Exception error”, flashes on screen so fast cant read it all. The unlock screen text is a thinner font and harder to read for bad eyes. would like to know if anyone has problems and who do i let know instead of ranting on here.

    • Timothy Cardon

      I dont even have android music, so you are lucky…..

  • Kent Thompson

    JB rolled out in the A-T-L early this a.m.! I’ll be sticking with Moto a while longer. Hopefully, they’ve got a worthy competitor to The One or S IV is in the pipeline.

  • JimmyLo

    Has any1 downloaded and installed the Jelly Bean update manually?? If so,,, How is it? and was it hard to install?

    • Kevin Schomer

      i did it manually… wasn’t too bad, just make sure it’s saved in the right place. upgrade seems good to me, nothing too major but things are certainly smoother and less laggy.

  • Kevin Schomer

    anyone receiving this update yet? i saw there is a download available from xda dev, but i’m not pulling anything up when i check for updates on the phone.

    • barrmy

      my phone got it – had already uninstalled safestrap and temp unrooted…beyond the root and safestrap i was pure stock ics

      • Kevin Schomer

        hmm, still no luck for me, i’m stock too.

        • barrmy

          use the one from xda..md5 is the same

  • love the Bionic, had it for almost 2 years now, sadly in about 7 months Ill be upgrading to the S3 or S4….also cant wait to get Jelly Bean.

  • zombiewolf115

    i really hope we dont get the .22 build for the love of god. motorola should know that its the worst build ever. i really hope its a mistake

  • UnderscoreHero

    Still rockin the Bionic here, thank you Motorola and Verizon for not forgetting about us.

  • Mike

    Looks like it’s time to dig my bionic out and let it sit waiting for the OTA

  • VaBionic

    So on the one hand, I’m getting JB. On the other, Verizon is ****ing me on my my next upgrade discount. Oh apathy!

  • Khammy

    Got my bionic March of last year just after they went to 1¢. No issues on 902 or 905. Yes, getting ICS was too long of a wait but it was rock solid when it arrived. JB is just the candied shell on the confection. Now to root and protect that through OTA in the hopesomeone makes a solid 4.2 build for the bionic. Bionic haters gonna hate.

  • Bionic

    If the OTA is the 15th that means the soak SHOULD start tonight, but it could vary.

    If your phone starts acting badly its because we were supposed to get build 23, not 22. If you are a soak tester be sure to give them every piece of bad news from the test you can so that they know the true results.

    • RoadsterHD1

      I got build 22 this morning. So far so good. A few lags here and there nothing bad. I rebooted and it got better. This happened with ICS and it finally settled in after two days.

  • rei_load

    Never thought I’d see the day. Loving this new Motorola and Verizon update love.

  • ceejw

    Everyone who skipped the Thunderbolt, Charge and Revolution to wait for the Bionic must be feeling pretty good right now.

    • Well the Thunderbolt and Charge, if I’m not correct, have already being upgraded to 4.x.x so I don’t know about anyone feeling anywhere near good right now. Specially the Bionic customers.

      • ceejw

        Charge was never updated past 2.3 and the Thunderbolt 4.X update is terrible compared to the Bionic’s virtually stock/bloat free 4.X update; not to mention it came 4 months after the Bionic 4.0 update. The Bionic is now running the same version of Android ever modern phone on the market is running excluding the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4.

      • jeesung

        T-Bolt is ICS, not JB

  • RoadsterHD1

    The Bionic is a GREAT phone.

    • Bionic

      im not ready to say its been “great” but very very good yes.

      • hkklife

        Agreed. Bionic was definitely the best of the crop of 2011-era VZW phones and arguably still its best phone until the GS3 arrived last year. The first 3 VZW LTE phones were all atrocities. GNex has many well-documented issues and the RAZR has an uncomfortable formfactor and bad battery life. RAZR Maxx was the first VZW phone to clearly be a notch ahead of the Bionic in all aspects but it did not launch until early 2012.

  • Wagner

    The “bionic” guy is pleased if you couldn’t tell. Merry Christmas

    • Bionic

      No, im not happy, verizon is screwing us and giving us a bad build.

      • hkklife

        Do you think there’s any chance that they will roll out build 22 now and then “fix” it with a later maintenance release of build 23? Personally I think this is the last Bionic update we’ll EVER see but then again, VZW has released surprise updates for some pretty old devices lately, such as the OG DINC, Charge, 2 for the TBolt etc, so anything’s possible.

        • Bionic

          there is no reason to release 22, 23 was solid and tested very well. And yes this is likely to be the last update for bionic

  • Guest

    Guys im not even joking, build 22 was really bad, something does not make sense here. We were supposed to get build 23. Build 22 had a 80% failure rate when being tested which is why build 23 was born.

    • Bionic

      yes it was, screen cracked and the backplate dented.

    • iphoneh8r

      Don’t mind me asking, but how are you managing to see these builds before soak testers even get their hands on them? How do you know about the quality of build 22 vs. 23? Just asking?

  • RoadsterHD1

    By this time next week project butter will be all over my phone.

    • Bionic

      stop jerking off onto your phone

      • HD pr0n will do that to you… As long as he’s got a screen protector.

      • RoadsterHD1

        LOL 🙂 maybe I should edit that. Thats not what i meant. LOL

      • RoadsterHD1

        Damm nothing gets by you guys…. LOL

  • speeddemon45

    Just give me a link!

  • Bionic

    Kellex, your size is wrong. The file is much much bigger. Look at the screen shot, not the text document


  • skeetch79

    The official PDF from verizon’s website says 98mb for the update but an image within the document shows the update at 337mb (http://support.verizonwireless.com/pdf/system_update/droid_bionic_instructions.pdf)

    • Bionic


      • Justin Winker

        It appears you have two trolls following you around.

  • Bionic

    Hold on guys, something is wrong, it is supposed to be Build 23 not 22. 22 was having major problems so we better hope that this publication is in error. Per SamuriHL

    • SamuriHL

      Don’t drag me into this. 🙂 I don’t have any access to see the builds anymore. I’m only going by what I was told. We were told it was supposed to be 23. When I last saw the testing, build 22 didn’t look so good. AFAIK it failed testing. So the fact that it’s rolling out….not good IMO. I’ll be skipping the traditional install of it…

  • Roberto Taylor

    Nice! Looks like my desktop alarm clock is finally getting Jelly Bean!

  • iBleedRed

    All I will say is that that is the world’s smallest JB update I have ever seen….

    • iBleedRed

      Not to mention that interestingly the tiny update size of 98.72 is the same as the build number of 98.72.22

    • Bionic

      look at the link above

  • skeetch79

    um, 98mb in size? seems a little small huh?

    • Bionic

      see my post above

  • bionic 7

    Sweet, now my phone will be near my tablets os

    • Bionic

      get your own name stop using mine

  • zombiewolf115

    well ill be damned

  • Bionic

    This will be the final step for Bionic. Im sure Jelly Bean will make our Bionics very very useable until X phone arrives

    • Still a hell of a ride. From terrible bugs that they attempted to fix in 3 separate Gingerbread updates, to a solid ICS update, to a (presumably) awesome JB update. Thanks, Motorola, for justifying my continued faith in your products, despite what the nay-sayers said!

    • Kevin Hill


  • Rtech9

    The last Motorola 4G LTE phone on Verizon is now upgraded to Jelly Bean … something HTC and Samsung can’t seem to do.
    -Loyal Motorola customer.

    • Bionic

      haha, this

    • dp

      Being acquired by google will do that you know…

    • Silver Veloz

      Also, the first 4G LTE, Dual Core phone on Verizon.

      • michael arazan

        I feel sorry for sprint customers like my friend, none of their old Motorola phones getting the update like the photon which has the same specs as a Bionic

        • Anon

          Specs aren’t exactly the same though. The Photon has a Tegra 2 chip; apparently Motorola had difficulty supporting the upgrades on this platform, as all Tegra 2 phones are not getting updates. Only TI OMAP and later phones are getting the updates; the Bionic (which was originally supposed to be Tegra 2, but was redesigned) is the first OMAP phone.

          I will agree that Motorola was rash to promise, and not deliver on their Tegra 2 phones.

  • MGardnerDA1235

    I imagine this not being the event that turns around my hitherto deplorable Bionic experience…

  • tomsyco

    “Improvements to Mobile Hotspot data connectivity have been made” IE i will lose this feature using FoxFi

    • Bionic

      no, foxfi already fixed it

      • tomsyco


  • ßen Murphy

    I have to give it to Big Red, they have been killing it on the update front lately.

  • Adam Worley

    Who still owns this POS…I jumped ship to Samsung and will never go back to Moto unless they unlock there Bootloaders or maybe if they make a Nexus device.

    • Ian

      They unlocked THEIR bootloaders…

    • I do, and its still a beast that I love. Sorry it wasn’t for you, but I’m glad you found a device that you enjoy using!

    • Bionic

      i still own it because not everyone wants to spend money on phones more than once every year or so. and by the way since the ICS update this phone rocks

    • cortesjues

      im pretty sure samsung doesn’t have unlocked bootloaders…..

      • Adam Worley

        Mines unlocked and running the Ziggy Kernel and Synergy ROM. Good luck unlocking the bionic its OMAP and isn’t in the unlocking program that voids your warranty Unlike mine i can flash the stock image and relock the bootloader like it was never touched. Oh yeah and reset the flash counter as well. So yes i like my Feather light and insanely fast phone thats OC to 2.1 ghz. And thats just another thing on the long list of things that the S3 can do that the Bionic cant. I also agree that the ICS updated helped alot but after almost a year of getting nothing but useless updates before ICS and releasing of the Razr a month after the Bionic released and it getting ICS way before the Bionic has ruined my opinion of Moto. Like i said before if they make a Nexus then i might go back but not until then.

    • Diablo81588

      Lots of people still own it, and it’s been a fantastic phone. I’m glad you like your feather light plastic toy of a phone.

      • hkklife

        My wife has a Bionic and every few days I get jealous of her phenomenal battery life, rock-solid reception and build quality compared to my GS3. But then I turn around and marvel at my big, bright LCD, fast CPU and my awesome camera so it’s a toss-up really. I just want an X-Phone to bring me the best of both worlds!

        • Diablo81588

          Your phone has an AMOLED display, not LCD. But I get your point 🙂

        • scastro87

          Good battery life? I usually carry 3 batteries on me to get through one day with my bionic.

          • jfr69

            I have the extended battery on my bionic & I easily go all day with it..

  • sob157

    Too little..too late.. Its just luck that my poor bionic’s power button is failing just in time for the S4 to drop.. Like I said long before.. Motorola lost me over the Bionic’s MASSIVE failure

    • JoshGroff

      Boy aren’t you glad you didn’t own the charge, otherwise you’d be fucked.

      • Bionic_Pags

        Whoever bought the charge, knew what they were getting. Not comparable to how Bionic owners were screwed.

        • JoshGroff

          Bionic owners received both ICS AND JB. Sure GB was buggy, but I haven’t had a device that wasn’t so far. (N7, Bionic, Sensation, Rezound, G-Nex, need I continue?)

    • Bionic_Pags

      I agree completely, i’m still very bitter over this phone. I partially blame myself for getting it, but Moto seriously screwed us Bionic owners over with little remorse. The only, and i mean only reason they might get my money again, is because they really aren’t the same company that screwed us, now that Google has control of them. But i cannot wait to get rid of this.

      • Dave12308

        If you think you had it bad as a Bionic owner, you should have tried the RAZR. Literally every build that has pushed to that phone has been flawed. At least the Bionic’s ICS is VERY solid and stable. RAZR didn’t even have that luxury.

  • Holy Holy Holy crap!

  • Bionic

    Hellz yeah!!!

  • I’m still rocking the Bionic and have been waiting for this, but I’ll wait to make sure it can be rooted before I will accept the update.

    • NorCalGuy

      Use ota root keeper and then update and you will still have root

  • MichaelFranz

    Good to see the updates are coming, but after the other VZW news this morning, i’m still bitter. Glad to see that this device is getting JB. I still think this is the device that sank moto. It was supposed to be the glorious shining star and due to delays and such it was a flop, IMO.

    • hkklife

      No, any number of things sank Moto during the Jha era—their refusal to address their non-VZW customers, their refusal to get on board the 720p screen/decent quality camera bandwagon, buggy/delayed updates, “orphaned” phones (DX2, Droid 3, Atrix etc) insistance on shoving Blur down our throats, no more vanilla Android phones after the OG Droid, no proper follow-up to the OG Droid or Droid X, poor marketing outside of VZW, flooding the market with overpriced accessories and half-baked concepts (lapdock, anyone?)

  • Long live the Bionic

    • Bionic


      • Diablo81588

        Lol retard.

  • Good. Maybe after this and the DROID RAZR M updates roll out, we’ll finally get the long-overdue Xoom LTE 4.1.2 update. It’s so unacceptable that the WiFi Xoom has been on 4.1.2 since October while the LTE Xoom is still on 4.0.4 ICS. Who knows if the delay is caused by Google, Verizon, or Motorola (could be any of the three since the Xoom is a Nexus device in all but name, but Motorola still handles drivers and Verizon still handles testing). The date on Motorola’s page has gone from Q4 2012 to Q1 2013 to “Will be updated to Jelly Bean” now that Q1 has come and gone. COME ON ALREADY!! Just get the update out there so you guys can finally put this beast to bed!!

    • Droid Ronin

      Still waiting for some JB love on my Moto LTE Xyboard.

      • Sadly, the Xyboard may never see Jelly Bean. Motorola’s official update page just says “Stay tuned for an upgrade decision.” for both the Xyboard 8.2 and 10.1. 🙁 The only reason the original Xoom is seeing Jelly Bean is because it’s a Google device and Google builds the software for it, etc. just like the Nexus devices. Thus, the Xoom has support in the Android Open Source Project up to Jelly Bean 4.1.2. That means official OTAs for both the WiFi and Verizon models.

  • chris125

    Good to see more and more devices being updated. Hopefully within the next 3 months or so they will have half of users on jb

  • mustbepbs

    I feel like I’m dreaming. Google really turned Motorola right around. My wife’s DROID 4 got 2 updates so far: ICS and JB. I was so sure she was gonna get stuck on GB for a long time because of how backwards Motorola was on updates. I’m really happy with the direction they’re going and will most definitely consider their phones in the future.

  • Illinipoke98

    Time to try to get my bionic back on the correct update path. (Still on 5.9.901… hangs head in shame)

  • Silver Veloz

    Kellen, you probably can’t wait to stop talking about the Bionic. Well, that time is coming soon. But this is great for Bionic users.

  • Hooray!!! Does that mean it’s going out now?

  • storm35x