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Kickstarter for the Mini MicroSD Reader for Android Devices Looks Sweet

Having a separate and completely portable MicroSD card reader for your Android phone/tablet could be very beneficial given the right circumstances. On Kickstarter, there is a new project that is already fully funded almost four times over, for those exact unforeseeable circumstances. It is a tiny SD card reader that you insert into the MicroUSB slot of your device. You pop in the MicroSD card, then you have access to all of the files on said card. You may not need it all of the time, but you never know when having it could come in handy.

Pledges start at just $12 to receive a reader, which seems like a steal. To learn more about the project, follow the via below.

Via: Kickstarter

  • youdoneyo69

    My tablet doesn’t have a MicroUSB so it wouldn’t work for me.

  • ßen Murphy


  • Nife Gatt

    Really cool!!

  • joejoe5709

    Dear Google/Nexus Engineers,

    I love you guys, but I think it’s time you realized we’d like to have an SD card slot. Pwwweeeezzeee?

  • Is it just me or does that Nexus 7 look like a cheap knockoff?? the rim is not even the cheap plastic, its more like a cheap black coating….Otherwise I would much rather wait till everything on Google is on the cloud, even our games =D

    • JetRanger

      It looks like its in a TPU type case / skin

    • I’m pretty sure that the S-Line TPU case for the N7. I have the same one on my N7 and absolutely love it, I even bought the same case for my Droid Razr (different fit of course but same material and design).

  • Sjschwar

    I just refuse to buy devices without a microUSB slot

  • There’s already a bunch of things like this all over the internet. We don’t need one to back, and then wait forever to maybe get one if the project doesn’t fall through. Also, if it wants to be special, it needs to include a charging pass-through, so that I can charge my tablet/phone while enjoying what would have to be tons of videos for the card to make sense.

  • Austin Warren

    Ah kick starter. The stuff people do.

  • CasperTFG

    I might not make sense but here goes; wondering if you could install Carbon Premium on the MicroSD, insert the reader into a locked Nexus 10 and get the green check mark. The point being, avoiding using a PC to activate Carbon on my N10 to restore and sync game app data from my rooted Gnex.

  • I would be more interested in a case that is a little bigger that plugs into the micro usb, then has a charging port and a micro sd slot built into it. If I want something hanging off the device, I will just use my otg cable and my usb drive.

    • Thats actually a really good idea! It would be basically just have a usb splitter with an extended battery in one port, and a mSD card reader in the other! Just imagine this on the tablet level when the extended battery could be extremely thin but take up the entire back of the device (except for the camera viewer)!

      • Brent Stewart

        Forget the MicroSD. I’ve been toying with the notion of a tablet case that’s a keyboard and extended high volume storage using SSD technology. Throw in backup power and that thing could rock-n-roll.

        • That honestly sounds amazing! Small SSD drives are getting cheaper by the day so cost wouldn’t be *THAT* much of an issue but right now most SSDs are built to fit inside a 2.5 / 3.5 inch bay so more power and space would be needed!

      • I want to build something like this for my Nexus 7, but do not have the time.

  • whoa

    I’ve always wondered why a USB thumb drive company diddnt come out with a battery powered drive with microusb instead of regular sized

  • Rich

    Why? I already have two such devices I bought via ebay. They are fine and cost me a total of $11 that included the two devices plus shipping. They also have an adapter (micro to full usb) that allows you to plug them into a full sized usb port.

  • duke69111

    This would be great if there was a port to plug in a charger cable and charge the phone. When i try to backup my internal storage via otg cable and usb jump drive, my phone almost dies or dies during the transfer process. Galaxy Nexus problems I guess.

  • guest

    does this operate any differently than an otg cable w/ a micro sd usb adapter other than being i bit more compact? Also this looks very similar (bigger, but more functionality)

  • what about making it maybe SLIGHTLYYYY bigger and have also a full size usb port too? then DOUBLE AWESOME? microsd and OTG cable in one

  • Ray

    Not compatible with the Nexus 4, but I still backed this project.

  • Shane Milton

    I’d back it if my Nexus 4 could use it. Too bad the hack to enable OTG still requires a power source, which kinda makes this product still be useless for me…

    • JoshGroff

      I read this and cried. Oh well, still backing for hope that it’s compatible with the next nexus.

  • I guess its cool but I wouldn’t be able to stand keep that plugged in.