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Casio G’z0ne Commando 811 Stops by FCC En Route to Verizon With LTE


The Casio G’z0ne Commando rugged line of smartphones has been enough of an underground success that Verizon is on the verge of carrying its newest family member, the G’z0ne Commando 811. Fitted with 4G LTE, dual-cameras, microSD card slot, and a removable battery, this looks every bit as rugged as its older brother. The Commando 811, which stopped off at the FCC, is dust, water, and shock resistant, making it the ultimate outdoors and action sports smartphone – at least that’s how it’ll be sold. 

You can see from the photos of it, that it carries a similar shape to the DROID Charge, but turns rugged with all sorts of metal and protective casings. If anything, it’s an evolution on the original Commando phone that Verizon carried. We aren’t sure what the exact specs are, though we’d assume they won’t be high-end. The point of this phone is make it impossible to kill no matter what you are doing with it, not necessarily outperform others in benchmarks.

According to the user guide left at the FCC, it’ll also come stocked full of outdoorsy apps like a thermometer, adventure training, compass, stargazer, and sun/moon calendar.

Last, check out the extended 2920mAh battery? The tank has returned.



Via:  FCC | Blog of Mobile

  • Chasb

    I’m one of them “Old Folks” the kind that don’t like changes. It took me two years to learn most of the things the G’zOne does. But I need the toughness of this phone. I can use a new one but if they make to many changes, It may take me two more years to learn how to use the phone again. Keep it simple is me motto.

  • ROB

    If its ANYTHING like the original dont waste your time or money, underpowered and would reboot daily…sad excuse and thank god I was able to sell it on Ebay..

  • themiddaysun

    I totally would buy this. Tired of carrying a baggie in my pocket to put the phone in when riding the moto, and hiking. Summer storms are very frequent here.

  • yummy

    I find gnx works fine for my
    active lifestyle, just throw it in
    a ziploc when it snows or rains,
    touchscreen still works through
    the baggie.

  • Does it also come in Autobot?

  • Jon

    holy hell that’s fugly!

  • Josh Anderson

    It’s too bad these companies aren’t in tune with what “outdoorsy”people really want in a durable phone. I don’t want a smartphone that looks tough, I want it to look pretty normal, with top of the line hardware, because it’s a tool for me in the mountains, and could be so much better than this, and not look like a frankenphone. I want it to have the best camera on the market, because I’m a narcissistic prick that likes to take pictures of myself, and I want them to be stellar. No, not just an iphone type sensor, I mean somewhere between that and the galaxy camera.

    This is also my most readily accessible GPS device, and often the only one that I carry, so don’t just use some knockoff GPS chipset, make it the best available as well, and give it a good antenna because as we’ve seen with devices like the thunderbolt, some smartphone GPS chips suck.

    Give it a big, BRIGHT screen, and do little things like crank the brightness whenever the camera is in use, so I can actually see what I’m taking, even if the screen is on the dim setting.

    Battery life – nothing less than 3000mah, and I want two full days of normal use out of it, and keep it user swappable so I can throw in a spare. Give it a “wilderness” setting that automatically turns off everything but the GPS to extend the battery.

    Kill all those screen animations – if I’m using this phone, it’s because i’m trying to take a picture of something that’s already happening, or because I’m trying to figure out where I’m going, or because there’s an emergency. Either way, it needs to happen fast.

    Oh yea, and all that “****proof” stuff that every phone should have anyway.

    • JoshGroff

      Well said.

    • flosserelli

      I am probably the polar opposite from the “outdoorsy” type, but everything you said makes perfect sense. You should consider being a market consultant for Casio!

  • Damian

    A new verizon phone! it’s been too long!

  • KyRuMo

    All the other carriers get the HTC One and Verizon counters with this bad boy

  • Austin Warren

    Can’t wait to get this on contract!

  • I don’t understand why they can’t make it “impossible to kill” AND “outperform others in benchmarks.”

    If some company did both (and put STOCK Android on it), I think they would sell a LOT of phones.

    • Detonation

      I disagree. This phone is for a very specific market, and while increasing the specs might pull some more people in, I think the majority of people are still going to want a fancy, sleek looking smartphone. I’m not saying the people that buy these types of phones don’t want something high end, but you market to where the most money is.

      • T4rd

        Indeed. Ruggedizing the phone costs a bit already, so they have to offset that cost with lower-end internal components to make it affordable for these hard working people who want it. I doubt the average construction worker cares much about quad core or 1080p, they just want something that works and is durable.

        • Bullsh!t, I’m a construction worker, and I care about high end internals as well as being rugged. I want the best of both worlds…Sadly, I’m forced to hide my Razr Maxx in a Trident Case.

          • T4rd

            Hence why I said “the average construction worker.” That leaves room for exemptions like you.

      • I disagree with your disagreeance. If you built a high spec phone that wouldn’t break when you dropped it or jumped in the pool with it in your pocket, people would flock to it!

        Now, I will say it would be nice if it was a bit thinner, but that’s just my preference…just look at how many people don’t care about how fat about how horrendous their phones look in otter boxes!

        • arthuruscg

          Stop wearing your wife’s skinny jeans. I want indestructible and fast. It doesn’t have to be bleeding edge. This is coming from a D4 that permanently lives in a Trident case. I picked the Trident over the Otter box because the rubber on the corners and the thicker flatter face plate bezel.

        • Bullet-proof build quality and good specs…I’m in.

      • Yeah, sleek looking so they can immediately cover them with hideous, fat otter boxes!

        Build a high spec phone that wouldn’t break when you dropped it or jumped in the pool with it in your pocket and people would flock to it!

        I never said that it couldn’t be slender and look nice too…I just said that I want the best of both worlds…”impossible to kill” AND “outperform others in benchmarks.”

        • Detonation

          But are people willing to pay more for a phone like that than what current devices cost?

          Plus, if they don’t need a case or screen protector, that’s another lost market, and I’m sure the profit margins on accessories and much higher than phones. Yes, it’s better for the consumer, but Verizon is in the business to make money.

          • KleenDroid

            My son needs a phone like this. He is on a coast guard cutter and it has fallen out of his rack several times and broken. He has a Droid X that he broke. I sent hum a replacement and he broke it within a week. At the moment he doesn’t want a new phone since he is hard on them.

            If I could get him an indestructible phone I would pay…

          • ERIC REED

            I’ve see quite a few around the Fire Department. My officer has one, and he beats the hell out it. It would be a good call out on the high seas!

        • Kephaff

          This Phone comes with the same Snapdragon processor as the US version of the Galaxy S3, Razr HD maxx, HTC ONE X, It comes with 1gb ram, 8.1mp camera front 1.3 and LTE and NFC not a complete power house but still able to hold its own with most current phones out on the market only the new ones coming out with quad core beat it

          • Matthew Merrick

            Those are some sweet specs, but where did you get them?

          • Kathleen E. Smith

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        • michael arazan

          I’m actually surprised this phone doesn’t have the abilty to be used as a satellite phone for in the middle of nowhere or when line to sight is blocked off by mountains and gorges

      • Geoff Johnson

        Agreed. If they built it with high specs than it would put off others with it’s higher price tag.