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T-Mobile 4G LTE is Now Live in Seven Markets

T-Mobile 4G LTE

Today, T-Mobile flipped the switch on their 4G LTE. Launching with an initial seven markets spread across the U.S., T-Mobile plans to cover roughly 100 million users by mid-2013 and then around 200 million by the end of the year. Listed below are the cities that currently support the new LTE. 

4G LTE Markets:

  • Baltimore
  • Houston
  • Kansas City
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • San Jose
  • Washington DC

They may be only a couple years behind Verizon and other competitors, but they are starting up full throttle. Along with the 4G LTE, T-Mobile also launched their new rate plans. Over the next couple of months, you can expect a lot more cities to get turned on.

Doing big things.

  • Dylan Patel

    Why does KC get EVERYTHING first!

  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for the news, Tim. I was a little disappointed that Denver wasn’t included with T-Mobiles LTE launch list, but I will get my chance to test out the new speeds when I go down to Phoenix next month on a business trip for DISH. I really want to see how well my DISH Anywhere app works with LTE. I use it to stay on top of my favorite live TV shows and DVR recordings when I travel, and faster data equates with higher quality video streams.

  • Jon

    Mid 2013 is June / July / August if you stretch it. I’m hoping Los Angeles gets 4G LTE this summer!

  • They need to get here fast. My Verizon contract is ending and I’m so ready to jump ship.

  • I can’t wait to switch from Verizon to T-mobile!! I’m currently on Verizon unlimited LTE. And I have GREAT service everywhere in the Seattle, Washington area. My phone has faster internet than anyone I know including other verizon lte customers who run the stock roms (yuck those are slow).

    But I don’t like verizons choice of phones!! So as soon as T-mobile gets LTE up and running in Seattle and surounding areas, I will transfer my verizon phone number to Google Voice (I’ve had the number forever and I want to keep it) Then I can be free to hop carriers anytime I wish! Ofcourse I would never switch to a carrier with a limited LTE plan.

    • Jon

      Talk to your T-Mobile using buddies out there. I have a few friends out there who think T-Mobile is really bad in Seattle area. Then again, they are using iPhones…and I swear iPhones just have the worst of problems in poor reception areas. Android phones may fare better.

  • picaso86

    “This ain’t Kansas anymore!”

    Thats for sure, my town sucks on coverage.

  • Adam

    Living in San Jose, this, along with the annoucment of pricing for the S4 and One, is probably enough to get me to leave VZW for good. Never thought the time would come but T-Mo is stepping their game up.

    • James

      LTE just came up on my Note 2 and I’m getting 24Mbps up and down at home and work. San Jose area.

      • Prox

        not going to lie thats as fast as my crappy Time Warner Cable Turbo internet.

        • ThePrufessa

          a lot of 4G signals are faster than many internet connections.

  • Geeze, with Google Fiber & now this, Kansas City is looking great nowadays.

    • Crazydog

      So we’re all agreed. We’re all moving to Kansas City.

    • duke69111

      You should join us in this great state of Kansas. 🙂

      • mosoblkcougar

        “You should join us in this great state of Missouri. :)”
        Fixed it for ya.

      • Jon

        How are your winters? 🙂

      • Pedro

        Here in Houston (with T-Mob LTE), we never, ever have to shovel the heat out of our driveways.
        But we do have air conditioning everywhere.

    • Alex Smith is enjoying his Google Fiber and TMo LTE in KC MO

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    The iPhone 5 will apparently support LTE on T-mobile. Not that I’d ever use it, but still cool for iPhone users none the less. I am surprised that being based in Seattle, that the Seattle area didn’t get any TMO LTE love.

    • Zach Armstrong

      T-mobile now has the Iphone 5 they announced it this morning at their press conference.

  • Prox

    I love T-Mo HSPA+. I dont even plan on getting LTE anytime soon, after using VZW LTE for years, I dont miss it. HSPA+ is great.

    • Butters619

      T-Mobile HSPA+ is as fast as AT&T and Verizon LTE where I live. Unfortunately their coverage isn’t so vast.

    • Damien Luna

      i agree with you that T-Mo HSPA+ to me is better than my other friends who are on other carriers and have LTE. My download speeds and internet speeds always beat theirs.

      • itznfb

        My benchmark speeds are better with T-Mo HSPA+ (17Mbps) vs VZW LTE (5Mbps) but real world usage VZW is much much faster. Large file downloads are close to 10x faster with VZW LTE and pretty much every web page I visit loads instantly where T-Mo I’m waiting 10-15 seconds at best. I can download a full CM ROM in about a minute on VZW LTE where it takes 10-15 minutes on T-Mo HSPA+. Testing about 500 yards from a LTE and HSPA+ towers.

    • ThePrufessa

      i’ve been preaching this since i got my nexus 4 in the beginning of january. the difference between HSPA+ and LTE is like the difference between $1 billion and $2 billion. it’s not THAT much more you can do with the faster speeds (or extra thousand million dollars). and what little more you can do isn’t really significant. as long as i can stream videos to my phone without buffering every 10-20 seconds (i just left sprint in detroit where they have given us the stiff shaft on 4G for THREE years now) i’m satisfied. my apps download in a flash and my data apps update flawlessly. my sirius app doesn’t disconnect even though i have a full signal. it streams non-stop except for on some rare occasions the signal drops and comes back. it’s much better than with sprint when i would have a full signal and the app would tell me i need to wait until i have a signal. and it connects to howard stern right away instead of the long drawn out connection time i had with sprint.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’ll give them a year before I consider.

  • kkloster

    Just out of curiosity, has anybody with a nexus 4 (that hasn’t updated to 4.2.2 and shut their LTE off) had any success getting on the LTE network?

  • Austin Warren

    Byeeeee Verizon!

  • R

    The metro – T-mobile merge was just recently signed and made unofficially official so this summer all the Metro LTE towers should support T-Mobile also

    • Jon

      No not that easy. Metro PCS is a CDMA network. Those folks on Metro PCS will be migrated to T-Mobile GSM / LTE network in the next two years. T-Mobile will then use that network spectrum to further build out it’s LTE network.

      I think the best thing that ever happened to T-Mobile was being almost bought by AT&T. This gave them the funds to finally get aggressive in the marketplace. Honestly today is a huge win for the American consumer in a marketplace that has become so hostile to consumers.

    • ThePrufessa

      not quite. metro doesn’t use the same spectrum as t-mobile. they use the same spectrum as sprint. so it would be like trying to use a sprint phone on t-mobile which is impossible.

  • Warwick

    Finally San Jose! Beat Sprint to it.

    • ThePrufessa

      EVERYBODY is beating sprint to it! three years ago they had the first 4G phone in the country! three years later they’re the LAST carrier to have nationwide 4G. i think they’re going to go out of business as soon as news spreads on what great things t-mobile has going on.