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Pebble Smartwatch Updates to Version 1.9.0 – Revamped Navigation, Plus Games and New Watchfaces

pebble update

Pebble, the hottest little indie smartwatch of the year (our review), received a software update this week to version 1.9.0. In the update, navigation has been revamped toa make more sense, new watchfaces were introduced, and the first game (Snake) is available for download. To grab the update, you’ll need to pair your Pebble with a smartphone, launch the Pebble app, and hit Menu>Check For FW Update, if it doesn’t prompt you automatically. 

The new navigation combines all of the watchfaces into their own category, so that you no longer have to thumb through them and settings categories in the main menu. You can also thumb through watchfaces on the fly from any watchface by using the up and down buttons.

Now that production is well underway, the SDK for watchfaces will be out in the second week of April, so at that time, we’d imagine there will be more watchfaces to choose from than you can probably keep track of.

In the videos below, you can see a walk-through of the new update from my perspective. After that, I recommend watching the Kickstarter update from Pebble, if anything, because it shows off Mario on the watch. That’s right, someone created a Mario watchface.

Last, check out this Pebble Concepts page to see where developers are planning to take the watchface game.

Still using your Pebble or have you not received it yet?



Update from Pebble

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  • I just ordered one a few days ago, I am sooooooo excited!!!!

  • Firelight

    I’ve had my Pebble since mid-February and love it. I have not worn a watch regularly in 7 years (since I started carrying a Treo around regularly). Now I cannot (or don’t want to) live without it.

    The new firmware hit the spot for the changing faces and I am indeed running the throwback Casio face in the screencap shown above. Easy to read and impresses anyone who sees it.

    (not that I do that whole uber-nerd thing walking around with a limp wrist showing everyone … nope … not at all).

  • John Smith

    so K-Money – should i get the Pebble or wait for the Samsung Watch???

  • DaveIsAwesome

    Are there any smart watches yet that display 4.2 lockscreen widgets?

  • Omar Salmin

    I pre-ordered a pebble from their website… Any idea when getpebble.com pre-orders will start shipping?

  • The Pebble watch is quite close to what i want in a watch. But my ipod nano has a much better screen. I wish i could just hack this apple pos to have more customization and options. WHY CANT I TURN OFF SCREEN TIMEOUT!?

  • I got my black Pebble last week and it’s working great! It is immeasurably more useful on my Galaxy Nexus as opposed to my buddy’s *Phone. The free Pebble Notifier app in the market is a lightweight solution to get any sort of notification you want to the phone!

  • I love my pebble. Yea the snake is confusing but I can’t wait for the mario to be uploaded

  • Futbolrunner

    I pre-ordered a grey one during CES and haven’t heard anything yet.

    • Have they given an update on timeline for grey? I know the red just started production or will shortly. Seems like quite the long wait.

      • Futbolrunner

        I haven’t received an e-mail since the pre-order confirmation in early Jan. I remember they said it would take about 8 weeks, it’s been about 10. I’m getting bored of using my Fuelband as a daily, so this seems like a good option.

        Here is what I found from their FAQs..

        “When are colour (non-Black) Pebbles shipping?

        We began manufacturing Black coloured Pebbles in January, and we began the process of manufacturing Pebbles in other colours (red, grey, white, orange) after Chinese New Year ended. As soon as we have more updates about the shipping schedule for colour Pebbles, we’ll post an update on Kickstarter.

        I placed a pre-ordered and paid around the beginning of January. Where is my Pebble?
        If you have already confirmed payment, can monitor your account status at http://account.getpebble.com. We will begin shipping to preorder customers at the end of March, after completing all our Kickstarter shipments.

        What’s the ETA?
        Pre-orders placed through http://www.getpebble.com are expected to begin shipping in April and will take several weeks to fill currently existing pre-orders. We are not able to provide specific delivery dates at the moment, but we will notify you a week prior to shipping so that you will have advanced notice and the opportunity to update your address one last time. You will receive a tracking number in your email when your Pebble leaves the distribution center.”

      • Usty

        According to Reddit and Kickstarter updates, they have run into some issues with the color production – apparently their mass production line in China is only 2 lines, one which is producing black lenses at all times and the other has been set up for colors.

        They are then running through the entire color production run after that’s set due to it taking 1-2 days to clean and change the line to a different color and then having a new build produced and verified. They are producing the reds first and have not said what the color order is after that.

        I backed a grey watch on 4/13 – I don’t expect to see it until probably end of April or early May at this point.

        I did nerd out and buy a black one off ebay once the prices came down some and I absolutely love the thing.

    • Kane Stapler

      I ordered white within the first 12 hours of the kickstarter and haven’t heard anything yet.

  • Wow! You BLOW at Snake! Haha…it’s all good. I probably would too with only two controls for “rotate clockwise” and “rotate counterclockwise” 🙂

    • Worst. Ever. 🙁

    • olavnennig9kf

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      • Futbolrunner

        I read “She has been laid for 9 months..” haha Go away spambot!

  • HellRa1SeR

    Mario, wheres mario.? could’nt find it.

    • Shows up at 3:59 in the second video (the one from the Pebble guy).

      • HellRa1SeR

        Ohhk. I am a fool.

        • michael arazan

          Where’s the Casio calculator of days ago from the 80’s? Need to put that on there