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Did You Get a Google I/O Ticket? (Updated: SOLD OUT)


Google I/O 2013 registration is open, for those interested. Well, it’s sort of open. From what we’re hearing, the process is not going smoothly once again. The registration page is timing out, users are finding “waiting” messages with no end, and Google Wallet is having all sorts of issues during checkout. It sounds like a complete mess again.

Update: Β Google I/O is now sold out. That took less than 50 minutes.

sold out

So, for those of you who attempted to get one, did you? Feel free to weigh in with your experience.

  • Bill

    I’ve been to every IO except for the first one, and I wasn’t even offered a ticket this year.

    I’m one of the older attendees, and I wonder if Google decided to give a ticket to someone under thirty instead. Can’t really blame them.

    Whoever got the ticket that might have gone to me … You’re in for a totally awesome time!

  • I got one

  • User

    I had everything ready to go and was waiting at the registration page by 6:30AM PDT. Started trying as soon as it opened up and after trying and trying the whole hour or so until it sold out all I got was a server 500 error. PATHETIC! Honestly I have never seen such a more chaotic and crazy way to purchase something! And for this to come from Google…wow! Maybe it’s better if I don’t go…

  • mikey

    I was able to land a ticket. First time wallet timed out so I took a screenshot and emailed them. I kept trying and was lucky enough to land another ticket. This time I had like 10 seconds left and wallet finally processed and took me to the registration page. But now I have multiple charges and my bank account is near 0$. I emailed them about refunding the incorrect charges but their email is probably blowing up right now. Hopefully it doesn’t take long.

    The 5 minutes for check out was definitely not enough with the load the servers were under.

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    I’ve never experienced a system this horrible since Windows Vista. Tried 7 times…nothing. Friend decided to try 35 minutes after registration opened…ticket. WTF Google. Get your $#!t together.

  • pranjal desai

    Got a ticket academic with Google owing me 300$ for charging me twice

  • r0lct

    Any news on new Nexus 7 to debut at I/O?

    • JMonkeYJ

      i’m counting on this, but there have been no announcements and few rumors. i still think it’s gonna happen tho.

  • Joeh

    Happens every time they do anything! WTF

    • You would think that with Google having probably hundreds of thousands of servers that they would be able to fix these issues, but it seems that when it comes to purchasing stuff from them, those services takes very little precedence over their traditional search farm.

  • feztheforeigner

    Anyone else having trouble with the registration page? Mine said redirecting for like 40 minutes and when I finally refreshed the page it asked which of my Google accounts I would like to use then brought me to a blank screen with the following URL:


    White page in Chrome, white page in Firefox, 404 Error in IE

    Any advice??

  • fajitatt
  • EricRees

    No ticket for me πŸ™

  • jathak

    My payment went through twice, but still no ticket.

  • sonicemerald

    Took me 40 mins, but I got one.

  • humidity

    Google Wallet now says my transaction was cancelled… Maybe next year…

  • CGull

    I tried purchasing an Academic Registration as soon as the ticket window opened, but continued searching the entire 50 minutes. I was patient, but no cigar πŸ™ Maybe next year!

    • Collin

      I had the same exact experience. Oh well, I guess…

    • Thomas Leskin

      Me too πŸ™

      • CGull

        I’ve been reading others’ experiences and I now realize my registration page showed the “Sign in” link in the top right. It appears that it “logged you out” of G+ when it returned you to the homepage.

        At one point, this was the case, but I clicked the +1 button while waiting, and a blue bar at the top appeared, which from others’ pictures, was a piece of the countdown timer. I had never seen that fully.

    • Don Rogers

      Same boat here!!!! See you next year I guess!!!!

  • Wallet kept hanging. did get my ticket πŸ™

  • Joey


  • MichaelFranz

    Its a supply vs demand thing…its like if you were trying to go to a popular concert. You can try time after time again to get the tickets you want and may not end up with crap…same thing goes for I/O. Wonder how much they will go for on eBay this year??

    Any DL staff get one?

    • Royal2000H

      DL staff get press tickets and don’t sit through this mess from what I understand.

  • Justin Winker

    So, Kellex… Did you get tickets?

  • vitriolix

    after ever kind of timeout and 500 error possible at every step possible I finally got a ticket… so i go to check my wallet history to make sure there’s a purchase in there… and there are 2 charges for $900… wtf?

  • Jeremiah Brockman

    I have a 900 pending transaction in my Wallet account? Mean I got one. Haven’t gotten any other notifications……

    • Jeremiah Brockman

      So, I have a pending Google IO transaction in my Wallet, Will they send me the registration information?

      • Jeremiah Brockman

        Transaction just cancelled. Horrible experience!

  • ChristianJohnson

    way to go Google…your registration system completely sucked…again.

  • Dan

    Clicked academic ticket the second the timer ran out and about 15 attempts later came up empty with no tickets. Gah I hate Google’s processes

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Got one no problem…

  • I tried three times and did NOT get a ticket. I started trying at 20 minutes past 7.

    • Ben Taylor

      I tried 6 times starting at 10EST (7PST). No luck.

  • Rex

    Just finally got my ticket!

  • Registration is CLOSED

  • Tommy

    Had a ticket, also wasn’t able to complete the wallet purchase. I called Wallet, they said that everything went through fine on their end and on my cards end, they just were waiting for Google to accept. Sent google an email, hope to hear back soon

  • Collin

    Just received the message that registration is closed.

  • Futbolrunner

    Was offered a General admis ticket but couldn’t drop 900 bones. Tried the Academic but came out empty handed.

  • Sold Out

  • Sathariel

    Keep trying guys. I had Wallet failed on me twice but finally got through on third try just minutes ago. Good luck all.

  • droidftw

    I got my academic ticket. They didn’t ask my age though. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with the parental consent form. I finished my registration within the first 45 seconds.

  • Should we honestly be surprised at this point?

    • Collin

      No kidding. There’s got to be a much better way to go about this.

  • r0lct

    How they haven’t created a virtual checkout line to queue all these transaction to process them according to their resources is beyond me. Just tell the person their place and line and to wait instead of trying to process them all at once and failing to do so.

  • TheWenger

    I think I did. It’s been in my transactions and has it as “processing” for the past 30 minutes or so.

    • TheWenger

      Receipt in Wallet got changed from “processing” to “canceled”…….. and now registration is closed.

  • Whoever got to the purchasing payment portion, check your Google Wallet account. It shows a charge there as “pending” for me. Hopefully they will send the registration later..

  • woot

    just had one 2 seconds ago… failed processing


    fail. still waiting to get one


      and now they’re sold out

  • calihawki

    I never expected to get a ticket but when I did I started jumping up and down! Then Google Wallet kept timing out trying to pay for the ticket. My 3mins expired and lost the ticket. Thanks Google!!!!

  • Did Eric finally get a ticket this year? Lol

  • Collin

    I’m still trying, but no luck yet.

  • Jon

    I live in PA and would have been able to make it if it were like 2 days later. No lie. This is upsetting.

  • Tkkyj

    Terrible experience. The actual reg page is a little shaky, but doing quite well. But Wallet! I’ve had 3 ticket assignments and Wallet couldn’t complete without blowing up.

  • Haven’t been able to get one yet, bumped back to the “register” page 4 times now. Man this is driving me crazy!

  • I had a ticket but the payment timer expired. Why is there even a timer on sending the payment? I sent it the second it popped up.

  • Ben Taylor

    Second year in a row that my computer is just pin-wheeling away while “searching” for a ticket. This is ridiculous. Google, buy StubHub or TicketMaster or something and learn how to setup a system to sell tickets without crashing…

    • Ben Taylor

      And I now got bumped to the “Is now sold out” page…

    • I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried buying tickets on TicketMaster only to have the site crash… (u2, Depeche Mode, and many others..)

  • Shane

    Got an academic ticket, really starting to think they use a random number gen system to decide.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo


  • BrianBrick

    Same problem as a lot of people. I got a ticket reserved for me, but was unable to complete the transaction for whatever reason before the 5 minute timer expired

  • colorsaroundus

    i managed to get an academic ticket, no timeouts. took 6 min to come up though. Google wallet also failed the first time i tried to pay but i just clicked on the pay button 1 more time and it let me through πŸ™‚

  • TheMan876

    Yep. I had 3 computers logged in across 2 different IP addresses(laptop tethered to phone).
    I had 3 different countdown timers. The laptop was 5 seconds ahead of my htpc which was 10 seconds ahead of my desktop.

    I used the laptop and had a ticket in like 20 seconds. πŸ˜€

  • Parham

    Had a ticket but Wallet got stuck πŸ™

    • Rex

      Same here. I checked my credit card and saw the $900 authorization.

      • Parham

        I see that too “GOOGLE *IORegistration “

  • Rex

    Google charged my credit card $900 and two $1 authorizations. Not sure if I got my ticket. =

  • mtmjr90

    Been trying since the top of the hour and I’ve never gotten past “Waiting for an available ticket”…so that’s cool. Maybe the karma gods have decided that since I got a Nexus 4 on release day, my luck has run out:(

  • Sathariel

    Had a ticket but Wallet got stuck on “Your purchase will complete momentarily..” before timing out and failing….

    • teleclimber

      Same here exactly. Arrgh.

    • CaliHawki

      Same happened to me!

    • Same

    • Royal2000H

      Me too!!! But it showed up in my Wallet history so I don’t know if we’re in…?

      • Sathariel

        There’s a registration form you fill out after purchasing.

        • Oh, well I frozen at the payment step and just went back to the start.

      • Maybe they will send a separate registration via email after things start to settle down.

    • Sathariel

      Update: Kept trying and got a ticket just now!

    • Kane Stapler

      What sucks is I now have 3 charges of $900 pending on my card. Wonderful

      • Butters619


      • Well look at it from the bright side. You may be able to sell those tickets on the up and up for like twice that on eBay. Unless Google has something against scalping.

        • Kane Stapler

          I didn’t get a ticket… Wallet kept crashing, but they did successfully hold my car for 2700

          • If they charged your card that many times, I’m pretty sure you got in. Google reps are pretty good at honoring what you bought. Of course is whether you wanted just 1 ticket or 3 that matters now.

      • [email protected]

        I’d be happy to take a ticket off you for a premium if you got three.. as long as you don’t mind me making a fake id in your name for the event… and maybe credit.. and for tickets when I am pulled over… no but really I’m interested.

        • michael arazan

          It will be unfortunate that the day of the show that you will get mugged and they took everything like your wallet, phone, and tablet but didn’t get your ticket, wink, wink

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        you should have a ticket if they charged your account. Same thing happened to me when I was buying my nexus 4, but I checked my account first to see if it went through and it did. I would give the play store a call if you havent already to see if maybe they can verify somehow since they should have access to all wallet purchases.

      • Does that mean you have 3 tickets available then?????? If so, I will buy one off of you!!!! πŸ™‚

      • renGek

        Then sell the other 2 and earn enough to pay for your ticket.

        • John Davids

          Be careful. Google stated in their ToS / EULA for these tickets that they will be checking photo IDs @ the gate to ensure they match the person who purchased them.

          • michael arazan

            What if someone purchased many tickets for his business or group, or coworkers under one name or a company business card? Does every ticket have to be registered? Alot of companies would rather buy a group of tickets at once than try to get one independently for each person.

    • humidity

      Same and I got a notification from my bank that I got charged…

    • fajitatt
  • ….still waiting….

  • Stephen Hull

    Payment timer ran out

    • MattH818

      So did mine, charge still shows as pending on my Wallet main page.

  • I’ve gotten two tickets but the google wallet popup won’t populate my credit card information. Then I get the “we had an error processing your payment error” and I lose the ticket.

  • merx9


  • Got 2 tickets, and each time wallet wouldnt check out so I lost them. Wallet is horrible

  • Nope.

  • Christopher Heuer

    6th time on the “Waiting for an available ticket” page, still nothing for me. πŸ™

  • Nope. Have any extras?

  • YES! It was a VERY close call, I was kicked off the registration page 4 times, finally got a ticket and had to switch to IE (from Chrome) for the “Confirmation” page too work, but YES!

  • Austin Warren

    Got mine. Hope that ugly moto phone isn’t handed out.

    • I hope you know everyone hates you for going just to get free stuff. Be sure to tell everyone you meet that you went just for the swag

      • Austin Warren

        You obviously can’t tell when someone’s joking. I didn’t go for free stuff. Its an added plus.

        • Tirionfive

          And that phone is not ugly!

        • I saw you post yesterday about going just to get free stuff. Like 3 times

          • Austin Warren

            Because that’s all anyone cares about. So it’s funny watching yall get mad over it.

      • Brian Sargent

        I would go for the free stuff.

        • Joey

          Glad you’re not going

          • Brian Sargent

            Me too. I mean, am I missing something? This is just a Google event right? Drop 900 beans for something I can watch online? No thanks! The only perk is that you do walk out of there with stuff.

          • Austin Warren

            I only paid $300 also.

          • Brian Sargent

            Good deal. It would cost me more than that just to fly out there. If I lived in SF? Still doubt I would be going. Probably a neat experience but nah. If it was free and they didn’t hand out free stuff, I might go then. Again, that is if I lived in the area.

          • Kane Stapler

            They have 2 whole floors devoted to answering questions and working with developers. Plus you get to bounce ideas off of other developers, and just meet people with the same interest.

          • Joey

            Can’t watch it all online. Can’t partake in the Q&A sessions. Can’t partake in the coding sessions.

            But yea all about the stuff… /sarc

          • Brian Sargent

            I guess that matters to some. Not me. You have your point. I have mine. Don’t see why you have to hate on someone because they are most excited about the free stuff. Un-bunch your panties.

          • Joey

            I guess it would help to understand the root of my disgust. I/O used to be all about the developers. Information sharing and discussions abound. Now, its turned into freeloader central. But hey, if that’s the way Google wants it, then its up to them.

            p.s. Don’t give me some bull about the tech not being free because you paid $900. You paid the fee to attend, the sh*t is free.

          • Brian Sargent

            Right. I understand that you are indeed paying for it. I understand it would be like going to Disney if you were a developer and people are just going to get the “freebies”. I am sure most would scoff at the conferences that I would spend my money on if I had it to spend. Cheers.

      • TheFirstUniverseKing

        With the exorbitant pricing of this event, I would hope to get some free stuff. What’s wrong with wanting free stuff (that’s technically not “free” anyway)?

        • Joey

          It is free, simply because you could show up and them not give you anything and that would be perfectly ok. Your delusions of “free” come from an assumption of entitlement.

          • TheFirstUniverseKing

            If you’re willing to pay to go, there’s nothing wrong with accepting what they offer. Tell me one reason why it’s “bad.”

          • Joey

            I’m not at all saying its bad. I’m saying that going to IO just for the free gadgets and not giving a crap about the knowledge being offered is bad.

            Which is definitely the impression some people give.

          • TheFirstUniverseKing

            If you’re willing to put the effort to get a ticket (they sell out asap, so you have to be quick), and to pay the actual money for it, AND to schedule a trip to wherever this event is being held, there’s nothing wrong with wanting the free stuff. Even if you don’t care about the knowledge being offered. (Side note: I would care about the info, but I can’t blame those that don’t.) If your argument is that that person is taking up a spot that could be used for a developer, my response is this: If a developer wants in, then he/she should also put the same amount of effort to get in.

          • Joey

            I’m going, so I know the effort involved. My colleague, on the other hand, did not make it. Neither of us could care less about the devices, sure they are nice, but we wont be keeping them anyways as I am going on company dollars. We both put forth all of the effort we could to get it, I’m sure in some cases it was more effort than the “non-technicals” put in. Your argument of effort is ridiculous. My point is that my colleague might have gotten in, to learn something, had there not been people going for freebies.

          • TheFirstUniverseKing

            You’re acting like all the info there will be shrouded in secrecy. If you’re really expecting to “learn” from this event, you’ll be taking notes while there, which can then be shared with your friend when you get back. Any info that requires signing a non-disclosure agreement likely wouldn’t be helpful to your colleague anyway.

  • ChristianJohnson

    I’ve been trying to get one….I hope I still can. Google really needs to fix this.

  • My Google Wallet shows the charge pending. But the registration page kicked me out and told me to try again.

  • Andrew

    Had a ticket and even got to checkout and click “Accept and buy”….

    Then watched it spin for 5 minutes until my ticket timed out.

  • no