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Did You Get a Google I/O Ticket? (Updated: SOLD OUT)


Google I/O 2013 registration is open, for those interested. Well, it’s sort of open. From what we’re hearing, the process is not going smoothly once again. The registration page is timing out, users are finding “waiting” messages with no end, and Google Wallet is having all sorts of issues during checkout. It sounds like a complete mess again.

Update:  Google I/O is now sold out. That took less than 50 minutes.

sold out

So, for those of you who attempted to get one, did you? Feel free to weigh in with your experience.

  • Bill

    I’ve been to every IO except for the first one, and I wasn’t even offered a ticket this year.

    I’m one of the older attendees, and I wonder if Google decided to give a ticket to someone under thirty instead. Can’t really blame them.

    Whoever got the ticket that might have gone to me … You’re in for a totally awesome time!

  • http://twitter.com/n0coast nocoast

    I got one

  • User

    I had everything ready to go and was waiting at the registration page by 6:30AM PDT. Started trying as soon as it opened up and after trying and trying the whole hour or so until it sold out all I got was a server 500 error. PATHETIC! Honestly I have never seen such a more chaotic and crazy way to purchase something! And for this to come from Google…wow! Maybe it’s better if I don’t go…

  • mikey

    I was able to land a ticket. First time wallet timed out so I took a screenshot and emailed them. I kept trying and was lucky enough to land another ticket. This time I had like 10 seconds left and wallet finally processed and took me to the registration page. But now I have multiple charges and my bank account is near 0$. I emailed them about refunding the incorrect charges but their email is probably blowing up right now. Hopefully it doesn’t take long.

    The 5 minutes for check out was definitely not enough with the load the servers were under.

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    I’ve never experienced a system this horrible since Windows Vista. Tried 7 times…nothing. Friend decided to try 35 minutes after registration opened…ticket. WTF Google. Get your $#!t together.

  • pranjal desai

    Got a ticket academic with Google owing me 300$ for charging me twice

  • r0lct

    Any news on new Nexus 7 to debut at I/O?

    • JMonkeYJ

      i’m counting on this, but there have been no announcements and few rumors. i still think it’s gonna happen tho.

  • Joeh

    Happens every time they do anything! WTF

    • http://twitter.com/jamdev12 jamdev12

      You would think that with Google having probably hundreds of thousands of servers that they would be able to fix these issues, but it seems that when it comes to purchasing stuff from them, those services takes very little precedence over their traditional search farm.

  • feztheforeigner

    Anyone else having trouble with the registration page? Mine said redirecting for like 40 minutes and when I finally refreshed the page it asked which of my Google accounts I would like to use then brought me to a blank screen with the following URL:


    White page in Chrome, white page in Firefox, 404 Error in IE

    Any advice??

  • fajitatt

    Unfortunately I had issues with Wallet too. :( I wasn’t able to get a ticket… but, though it’s not posted online (I couldn’t find it anyway), I think I have their support email:


    If you had an issue, send them an email with the Transaction ID from Wallet and hopefully that will help. I’m still waiting for an answer…

  • EricRees

    No ticket for me :(

  • jathak

    My payment went through twice, but still no ticket.

    • fajitatt

      Email support… hopefully it helps. googleio2013@google.com

      • jathak

        I did. The orders have been canceled through Wallet, but they are still showing up in my bank account.

  • sonicemerald

    Took me 40 mins, but I got one.

  • humidity

    Google Wallet now says my transaction was cancelled… Maybe next year…

    • Jeremiah Brockman

      Did you get to fill out the registration form?

      • humidity

        No, it timed out while waiting for Wallet to finish the transaction. They had already charged my bank too…

        • http://www.facebook.com/SurelySLim Shirley ‘Sheri’ Lim

          That’s the same with me, I hope they work something out for us! I have a charge and a cancelled :(

        • Jeremiah Brockman

          Transaction cancelled. So pissed. Horrible experience

        • TheWenger

          Same here.

    • fajitatt

      Mine did too… try to email support and see if they can still get you a ticket:


      I’m not 100% positive this is the email, but their email for the last couple of years has been googleioXXXX@google.com (XXXX being the current year)… and the email didn’t bounce back yet.

      Anyways, I sent them an email with the transaction ID from Google Wallet to see if they’ll still get me a ticket. Never hurts to try. :)

      EDIT: Confirmed that googleio2013@google.com is the support email. Found on IO help page.

  • CGull

    I tried purchasing an Academic Registration as soon as the ticket window opened, but continued searching the entire 50 minutes. I was patient, but no cigar :( Maybe next year!

    • Collin

      I had the same exact experience. Oh well, I guess…

    • Thomas Leskin

      Me too :(

      • CGull

        I’ve been reading others’ experiences and I now realize my registration page showed the “Sign in” link in the top right. It appears that it “logged you out” of G+ when it returned you to the homepage.

        At one point, this was the case, but I clicked the +1 button while waiting, and a blue bar at the top appeared, which from others’ pictures, was a piece of the countdown timer. I had never seen that fully.

    • Don Rogers

      Same boat here!!!! See you next year I guess!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000016634594 Paul Bolton

    Wallet kept hanging. did get my ticket :(

  • Joey


  • MichaelFranz

    Its a supply vs demand thing…its like if you were trying to go to a popular concert. You can try time after time again to get the tickets you want and may not end up with crap…same thing goes for I/O. Wonder how much they will go for on eBay this year??

    Any DL staff get one?

    • Royal2000H

      DL staff get press tickets and don’t sit through this mess from what I understand.

  • Justin Winker

    So, Kellex… Did you get tickets?