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DROID 4 Soak Test Invites Go Out, Jelly Bean Update Likely

droid 4 review

The DROID 4 may be the next in line to receive Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) from Motorola, if invites to a soak test for members of the Moto Feedback Network are any indication. A number of readers of ours received invites last night to test out a “early preview of a new software release,” though the words “Jelly Bean” were not necessarily mentioned in the emails. 

With that said, a newish thread at Motorola’s support forums is reminding DROID 4 owners that they should be sure their accounts have correct IMEI numbers attached because Jelly Bean is indeed on the way. More members there are also chiming in with soak test invites.

Motorola has yet to define a time frame for the DROID 4 update, but we know for sure that it is expected to receive Jelly Bean. That much they have confirmed. Should it push out some time this month (Q1), they may actually be somewhat ahead of anyone’s schedule.

The DROID RAZR changelog for Jelly Bean can be found here – I’d expect the D4 list to look similar.

More:  Motorola Support

Cheers Top, J, B, M, and F!

  • droidboy1

    im glad i have 4.2 on this baby thanks to aokp

  • Viet Hoang-Tran

    YAAAAY!!!!!! +1 on the Droid 5

    Even better, make it a Droid 5 MAXX

  • Still cannot get it on my RAZR. Your Phone is Up to Date is all I get since 3/7. 🙁

  • Paul

    Does Chrome have keyboard shortcuts?

  • Charles

    Any news if the charge only option came back?

  • RoadsterHD1

    Does anyone use a tethering app that works well with Jelly Bean?

  • James Belmont

    I’d like the charge only option back when connecting to a PC please.

  • JimVA

    Does Google add keyboard shortcuts for the Chrome browser?

  • Jeff

    Hopefully, they don’t remove features again. Don’t understand why Google likes getting rid of things that people actually like.

  • Really wish they would release a new droid.

  • Morlok8k

    I hope they leave in Motocast unlike the Razr update… I really prefer the “My Music” app over google music.

  • Timothy Edwards

    only one week after the Razr?

    Does that mean Bionic next week?

  • John

    I hope it brings back the USB “Charge Only” mode. Also, which version of Jelly Bean completely removes the USB Mass Storage option? I definitely don’t want to use MTP.

    • Mitch

      I hope that the charge only option comes back. It’ll definitely be dissapointing if/when USB mass storage gets removed.

      Also, I realy hope the software support that Google has removed from Android for external keyboards comes back.

      With each version of Android and apps, Google and devs has been actively removing keyboard features like keyboard shortcuts, hover ability with the arrow keys and other things.

      • Mike

        Seriously, next thing you know, Google will force Motorola to lock out the SD card from being used.

      • modport

        Yes, bring back USB Charge Only. I don’t want any devices being detected by my PC.

        Don’t remove USB Mass Storage.

        Bring back removed keyboard shortcuts.

        Add keyboard shortcuts to the Chrome browser.

  • Matreyu Hermano

    This may come as a dumb question, but I have a Droid 4 I let my son use as a wifi phone. So it’s not on the Vzw network anymore. Will the Droid 4 get the update when it officially rolls out, or do I have to hammer on the system update button?

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      As long as you are connected to the internet you should get it.

  • Guest

    I feel like the quality of the Droid phones has declined over the years. Moto should make a Droid 5 like the first Droid was back in its day.

  • Raven

    As a die hard physical keyboard lover who still uses and loves his Droid 4 but has been missing Google Now from his Nexus 7, this is great news!

    I know what all of the “pros” are, but does anyone know if there are any “cons”?
    Any problems with the OTA if you are stock rooted? (Have used Voodoo OTA RootKeeper.)
    Will we loose the “USB Mass Storage” option?
    Any new problems introduced with current rooted wireless tethering methods such as “Wireless Tether” or “Barnacle Wifi Tether”. How about with FoxFi (my wife uses on her nonrooted stock D4)?
    Any other known issues with upgrading to Jelly Bean on similar hardware like the original RAZR’s?

    • Daniel

      If you are rooted and running ICS you can already install an old version of Now, but I can’t wait for JB to be official as then roms can be built off of that 🙂

  • Funny that the Droid4, a forgotten querty slider who’s brand and support have dwindled significantly in the last couple of years, will receive an “early” update right around the same time that the GNexus caught up after months of neglect.

    • Daniel

      The Droid 4 came out basically one year ago, so I don’t know why you think support has dwindled in the “last couple of years” and really I LOVE the qwerty keyboard on my Droid 4 and would be all over a Droid 5, which I hope exists someday…I think it’s stupid to think that everyone ONLY wants giant slab phones, when so few decent alternatives have been offered lately, other than really the Droid 4. My wife loves her Droid 2 Global and does not want to give it up as she feels all current phones are too big and she couldn’t go without the keyboard. I’m glad to see continued support for the phone, and look forward to a blur-less JB ROM from Motorola. As Verizon still sells this phone, it makes perfect sense to keep supporting it, especially when no suitable replacement has come out.

      • I know when the Droid 4 came out, smart ass. I know because I passed on it after having owned all 3 previous droids. Let me clarify my statement for the rest of the trolls. The “Droid” brand, meaning the original qwerty slider phone by Motorola, has seen a significant decline in OEM development, Carrier marketing support and overall user adoption in favor of slab phones. The Droid qwerty slider is no longer the top-tier or flagship phone that the Original Droid was in October 09. Like it or not, its a niche mid-range model. A droid 5 and 6, etc may come to market, but they’ll never have the best specs or cutting edge features like eye-scroll or whatever new fad is the hot must have feature.

        At the end of the day, I chose to move away from the Droids and Motorola because the lack of advancement outweighed my need for a physical keyboard. I wanted Vanilla Android and the best specs at the time of the GNex/Droid 4 release. I wanted a device that was easily rootable and would have longevity in the Dev community. When I had my D3, i had to jump through hoops just to root it, forget about a ROM selection. It was virtually non existent. Not to mention the bloat, the blur and the horrible camera and screen. When the D4 came out, it had the most bloatware of any phone to date and it was only an incremental upgrade spec-wise to the D3. I went with the GNex and never looked back. Do I miss a physical keyboard from time to time? (Like now) Sure. But the myriad of pros associated with owning a nexus device far outweigh my nostalgia for the qwerty. And Its not just me. The market has spoken. People favor technology, portability and specs over button mashing.

        So when I say that its ironic that the D4 is getting updated in a timely fashion on Verizon while the flagship nexus device has not been, I’m not crazy.

  • LP

    couldn’t imagine having a non-Nexus phone…. glad i’m in that 1% that you guys always talk about…

    • blackmagick20

      I know what you mean…I’ve had a Droid 4 since it’s release date…and my quality of life has suffered significantly…

    • Diablo81588


    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      I have had a GNex and now have a Nexus 4 and I am not all that impressed with them.

  • imns

    Great, now how about a Droid 5?

    • I am all for a Droid 5, but I think they could make a bigger splash if they go Transformer style and put out a RAZR (or the XPhone) with some kind of sliding keyboard attachment. One phone to support, both slate and slider people are happy.

      • noc007

        Stop trying to apply logic. ;p

      • imns

        While that does make some sense, I would rather a true slider qwerty..I would about the attachment becoming loose with constant use and time in pockets. IO I think, a true built-in slider would not only be more durable but slimmer as well.

        • You are correct, it would probably be thicker, but I feel its a good trade off in my opinion to get something like this. I would have no problem personally if the keyboard attachment had an extra battery in it, so you also get longer life as well as increased functionality. To each their own, of course.

        • michael arazan

          I would like to see a third market slider come out that you are able to attach to most phones. That way people could have a slider option with any phone they have. Or maybe Motorola make a slider attachment for all their phones to have that is removable.

      • Mitch

        Such a mechanism will likely make the phone thicker and heavier even without the keyboard attachment.

        • It doesn’t have to, the attaching mechanism could be on the cases instead of the phone, all the phone would need is places for the accessory to attach and lock in. This way people who want a slim phone can have their slim slate, but people who are willing to give up thinness for enhanced functionality of a keyboard or other peripheral can make that decision for themselves.

          • Matt

            The connectors, latches, etc. would require space on the outside and inside of the case. Plus a wire or connector that connects to the main board. I guess you could have a large bulge on the back but those who want a slim phone because their pants are too tight will still complain.

            Unless, by case you mean those protective cases which will already add bulk then you’d still need the connection to the main board as above. I’d rather not have a Bluetooth based keyboard since Bluetooth, even at idle, takes a noticeable amount of battery.

      • RoninX

        Interesting idea. I’d go for it if it meant having top-of-the-line specs with a slider keyboard.

    • spunker88

      There is also the Photon Q which is Sprint only, its basically a Droid 5. It has a 4.3″ screen and a Snapdragon S4, its too bad Verizon never got it.

  • WHY NO BIONIC? When is it coming?

    • john

      soon, don’t you remember that there where only weeks between the droid 4’s ics and bionic’s build.

  • Austin Warren

    Surprised Verizon is allowing this.

    • Bionic

      They have to or google was gonna go ghetto on them

      • Austin Warren

        Keep that pimp hand strong

  • Austin Warren

    Surprised Verizon is allowing this

  • StillAMotoFan

    This is great, but I hope that the Droid 4 isn’t the last of the Droid models. It’s really the only high-end phone with a physical QWERTY. (I personally don’t mind on-screen keyboards, but my lady-friend requires the physical QWERTY)

    • john

      you are forgetting the photon q which is a really great device

  • I thought this phone was dead…

  • Bionic

    Finally all of the OMAP Motorola’s are catching up.

  • Justin Bontrager

    oh wow