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Koush’s Superuser App Hits Google Play – Open Source, Secure, and Powerful


This morning, Koush launched his all new Superuser application to Google Play. Just last week, Koush detailed why there needed to be another Superuser app, and the reasons listed are pretty good. For starters, the app is completely open source, comes with pin protection, is and always will be free, and comes with proper multi-user support for Android 4.2+ users. 


  • Multiuser support
  • OPEN SOURCE (https://github.com/koush/Superuser)
  • Pin protection
  • Manifest permission support
  • Per app configuration
  • FREE
  • Request timeout
  • Logging
  • Notifications
  • Proper Tablet UX

If you plan on using, make sure your device is already rooted or at least running a custom recovery.

Play Link

  • David Parrella

    Koush made a FREE app? And there’s no premium version???…
    What’s the catch…

  • much appreciated

  • Eunice M. Hyslop

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  • Anyone have a compelling reason to switch from the app packaged with CM?

    • This will be the app integrated with CM in due course. It’ll be in the settings menu, ‘just Superuser’ with a # icon, and I think in the app drawer. It’ll be awesome!

  • joejoe5709

    Nice. I’ll check it out. Love the stuff Koush is doing!

  • I guess it could be useful if you have a tablet setup with root for the public to use.

  • “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    I’ll be sticking with Chainfire’s for now.

  • oaxican509

    So right now I’m assuming the majority of rooted users have SU installed, if I want to try this new super user app how do I uninstall or remove the other one?

    • Greg Morgan

      I think it should prompt you to install it after you download and install from the Play Store. If that doesn’t work, Koush has a .zip file you can download from the Play Store and flash through Recovery.

    • Mordecaidrake

      Just uninstall it like you would any other app.

      • C-Law

        This works. I didn’t think you could since it doesn’t show up in titanium backup and it just says uninstall updates in app info but when u click it, the whole thing uninstalls

        • BAoxymoron

          you need to have your new superuser app installed before uninstalling your old one

          • C-Law

            I do

          • BAoxymoron

            I figured you did… I was just saying that to make sure that people knew they needed to install their new superuser(and I believe you also have to grant it root access once(it’s been awhile)) before you uninstall the old superuser app

        • C-Law

          Ok I thought it was gone bc supersu is no longer in my app drawer but I just had an update for it in my status bar and was able to open it up. So confused

    • Adam

      I downloaded the .zip from Koush’s site and flashed in recovery. It will uninstall Chainfire’s SuperSU or ChainsDD’s Superuser.

  • john huie

    What exactly does this app do?

    • Governs which apps are allowed root access and which ones aren’t.

    • acras

      Really? If you’re rooted like the post says you have to be to use the app, then you should have at least a pain knowledge of what superuser apps do. If you’re not rooted and legitimately interested take the time to Google the info you’re not going to get a full understanding by asking here

      • Eric Franca

        Seems a little judgemental. I’ve been rooted/rom’d forever and outside of being opensource with a UI perk here and there I don’t know why this app is supposed to be better than any other.

      • john huie

        yes, really, i figured this would be a less informal way of asking rather than posting on a forum.
        I have a rooted Incredible my Incredible 2 times, latest w/ s-off, cm10, and have never needed a superuser app. Phil Nickinson always says how friendly Android Central is, thought I’d Droid Life would be the same.
        @twitter-100281151:disqus, thanks, that was a good clear answer.

        • acras

          OK, wasn’t sure if you were trolling. Since I don’t have your device so I’m not running your ROM, I might be wrong, but doesn’t cm package chainsdd SU in their ROM? Even if you’re running an unofficial build you should have superuser somewhere. How do you get permissions for root access, to use a root explorer, to run tibu, create nan droids, etc.? Every ROM I’ve run has had some version of superuser installed, including cyanogen, so I believe my previous comment stand, you won’t get all the info you need here. If I’m wrong and somehow the inc. Doesn’t need superuser to function with cm10 then I’m sorry for my incorrect statement.

          • john huie

            no, you’re correct, every time I go to use a root app, it asks for superuser permissions. I didn’t think of that as a functionality of a superuser app, but more of the rom, but i am mistaken. What I meant was that I have never clicked on the SUperuser app, so I thought i had never used it before. I guess i was thinking that Koush’s superuser app did something super-special, otherwise, why would I need it, etc? So i wasn’t sure what it did or didn’t do, and why i would need it.

            Thanks for your reply, definitely not trolling.

            I’ll try and research this in a forum if I choose to use it.

  • r0lct

    Good to see his trolling isn’t listed as a feature, that would make it a 4 GB download.

  • jcastle482