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Day 2 Contest: Win a Nexus 7 16GB From Droid Life! #5daysofnexus (Updated: Winner Picked)


Day 2 of the 5 Days of Nexus is upon us! Yesterday, we handed out a brand spankin’ new Nexus 4 (8GB) to one lucky reader in what turned out to be a massive contest. But we aren’t stopping there, no sir. We have four more days of giveaways to burn through! In today’s contest, and for the next three days, it’s all about the Nexus 7. We know how popular this tablet is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that each and every one of you have had a chance to pick one up yet. Let’s see if we can’t change that, by rewarding another handful of DL readers will some awesome prizes. 

For today’s contest, and maybe many going forward, we thought we’d give Rafflecopter’s contest service a try. It allows you to enter multiple times and ways, keeps track of all of the entries for us, and in the end, makes choosing a winner much easier than our current manual methods. If you guys find it to be a nuisance, we can always trash it and look elsewhere. For now, give it a shot!

There are four different ways to enter, all of which give you a point for completing. The more points you rack up, the better chance you have at winning.

nexus 7 official


Update:  A winner has been chosen, please check the widget below!

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 16GB tablet from Google Play.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Our winner will be chosen through Rafflecopter at 8:45AM Pacific tomorrow morning.

  • cory griffin

    Droid life always has the best up to date news .. Keep it up

  • i heart everything Nexus

  • Mason Lammers

    I just want to reiterate again, it would be very pleasant to win this Nexus 7 so I can enjoy some DL while my wife uses our other Nexus 7! Let’s do this #5daysofnexus!

  • Feeling the need for some droid lovin’!

  • Rodney Starcher

    Crossing fingers!

  • Leeroy

    I want to go to there

  • it is the perfect size for gaming

  • Yes please.

  • garv

    My Droid Razr screen is too small to enjoy books and blogs.

  • Nexus 7 is perfect because it’s easier to use and faster than my Bionic. Aw yeah.

  • kiter86

    perfect size tablet

  • Perfect for reading and other media consumption. Its size allows the tablet to be used in one hand and allows for portability.

  • It is perfect because it is more portable than my old, near death computer sitting in my office.

  • Its made by Google

  • Thomas Schiferl


  • Ilan Alpert

    Thanks Droid Life!

  • Amy

    The Nexus 7 would be my perfect tablet because I like having a smaller tablet so that it is easier to take everywhere and not so awkward taking it out when you are out somewhere. It’s also a nice little beast of a thing! lol

  • Daniel Ogilvie

    The perfect size and OS!

  • yes please.. my tablet is wonky and I can’t write a novel on my phone – too small!

  • Would Love to Win this phone!

  • huskerkate

    because it’s a Nexus – duh! :0)

    • mso1


  • nospam4hcirs

    I have a gnex and nexus 10, what’s one more nexus device.

  • the nexus 7 will be the perfect tablet for me to match my nexus 4

  • BK Black

    Because its just what the doctor ordered. I suffer from iphone phobia.

  • Ericdizzle

    The nexus 7 would be great for me primarily because I’m a starving college student who had and I had to recently sell my Xoom tablet to help pay for my classes. I have a broken laptop also therefore I’m forced to do any school work on a tiny smartphone screen 🙁

  • Good luck!

  • Nexus 7 is awesome because I’m getting it for free:)

  • Dan Cole

    Nexus seven is the perfect tablet because it is just the right size, just the right price, and not covered with a “skin”

  • Because it’s got the best design of any other android tablet!

  • Bennett Schwaller

    I just want an awesome android tablet for free…..

  • I am a student and I can’t afford all of the devices that I love.

  • Corey Smith

    If I won the Nex7, I’d be experimenting with Android at the fullest potential possible.

  • Chris

    I “lost” my existing Asus Transformer to my 7 year old sun.

    • Joey

      What are you doing with a young cosmic flaming ball of gas?

  • Reuben Jacobs

    Because then I can have my first tablet! Also, in comparison to other tablets (looks, price, and specs), the N7 just makes the most sense.

  • cc_25

    Me wanty!

  • Tarius

    I need a tablet fo university, and what’s better than Nexus 7? 😀

  • Nexus 7 is the ultimate tablet because it’s the perfect balance between features and price! It just shows that a tablet with high specs doesn’t always need to have a high price as well.

  • Jonathan Lewis

    Nexus 7 is smooth slick and best of all, AOSP

  • Because 7″ tablet is easier to use in some situations

  • DarthTinjus

    Gotta start somewhere.

  • Andrew Jay

    I’d take one.

  • Amanda

    It’s the perfect size and would fit in my purse!

  • Stew

    want. be great with my gnex

  • 92lex

    Love free stuff

  • Mina Beshara

    It is the perfect size tablet for reading, and it has all the necessary specs for everything else you might need!

  • It would be great to win a tab that sync’s 100% with my phone.

  • phenotype

    It’s a Nexus!

  • Andries Menko

    I had a Nexus 7 before, but gave it as a gift to my sisters family to share with her kids. I would love to get one again.

  • james

    It is just what I need

  • Well, there are so many reasons –
    1. The latest Android updates, before any other device
    2. Ability to run Ubuntu!!!

    3. Brilliant note-taking device (for college students like me)
    4. Superb battery life
    5. One of the best in terms of gaming