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Angry Birds Star Wars “Escape From Hoth” Update is Live in Google Play

AB Star Wars Hoth

Twenty new levels are now available for Angry Birds Star Wars. The pack is called Escape from Hoth and it looks like you’ll be seeing quite a bit of Leia and Chewy in this one. As you make your way into the asteroid field, you better watch out for those mynock pigs! 

Anyone still playing this game?

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  • Ibrick

    So are they just going to ignore every 1080p screen that gets released over the next few months?

    I suppose its more fun on my tablet but still.. Rovio really should have addressed this by now.

  • HuskerHog

    I guess there are still some advantages to having a RAZR MAXX. I still want my JB.

  • sith77

    NO DNA epic FAIL !!!!!!!! all the other games work no problem . it took me 2 months to get a refund from Rovio for this . their excuse was that the phone wasn’t available in their country of origin .

  • Green

    Cool. This is one of the few games I play.

  • sdzero

    Will it work on my Droid DNA now?

    • Still doesn’t work with the Droid dna

    • sdzero

      Never mind! Now you cannot install or update it on the DNA, they have made it “incompatible with your device”. Come on Rovio!!!

  • Havoc70

    Cool levels