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Best Buy Now Offers Subsidized Nexus 4 Through T-Mobile

Nexus 4 Best BUy

Been looking to get one of the ever elusive Nexus 4 devices for T-Mobile? Out of the blue, Best Buy now sells it at the $200 subsidized price through their online store, which is good for anyone who has been having troubles acquiring them through Google Play (everybody in the free world).

While we still wait on Google to replenish their unlocked Google Play stock, some folks will undoubtedly settle for signing a new two year agreement just to have this device. We can’t blame them, but then again, the choice is all yours.


Cheers Greg!

  • OnTheBlock

    got mine from tmobile yesterday paid 149$ with 50$ MIR. 2 yrs @ 65$ month $1 more then i was paying them anyway. Yea i could have saved some $$ but google hasn’t been putting out shame but good phone none the less

  • Mal

    Why are all these other retailers, who want to sell the phone for 550+, getting stock and not Google Play. They really need to get their **** together as I am not holding out for this phone much longer.

  • Nexus or no Nexus, what’s T-Mobile like? I’m considering jumping ship from Big Red to T-Mobile. Since I’m in a major city 90% of the time is T-Mobile a decent option? I’m almost due a new phone and on unlimited now but, buying a phone at full price is hardly worth keeping Red’s unlimited status. I’m not a data hog

    • Depending on which city, T-Mo isn’t a bad choice at all. Not by any means. Given you’re in a good part of town, downloads will exceed expectations and you’ll be a happy camper. Although, once you step inside any type of room or building that has four walls and a roof, you might experience troubles. To put it simply, the frequency they use doesn’t have the penetration that other carriers have. Try it out and see if it fits you!

      • New_Guy

        Here is San Diego, a quick speed test showed 15mbs inside of the mall. Getting around 10mbs inside of my apartment. I can’t complain :).

      • Well I’m still on 3G now so anything 4G’s gonna be an improvement to me. It appears I can save some cash with an unlimited T-mobile plan. It’s asinine to hold onto my current Verizon unlimited plan considering how little data I use. I’m always in the DFW area.

      • Geo

        you’re from SF, how was it there?

        • It wasn’t the best. Sometimes in downtown it would be great, but when you’d go into the mall or any tall building you would be screwed.

    • Pedro

      Buy an N4 when it’s available.
      Get a T-mo and a StraightTalk SIM. See what works better for YOU on the pre-paid option. Make a decision, port the number you’ve got to Google Voice.
      Spend $30 or $45 a month.


      • Jarren

        Why do you have to port the number to google voice? just curious

        • Then you keep that number forever no matter what phone or carrier you use, you just set up google voice to handle the calling

      • Jonathan Williams

        You forgot the ???

        • JoshGroff

          It happens to the best of us.

      • If I port my current Verizon number to Google voice isn’t Ver. gonna scream bloody murder since I’m still under contract? I certainly do want to keep my current number somehow and I have a G voice account, not sure how all that works tho.

    • Shaggy723

      T-MO is great. No, it’s coverage for extreme rural areas is not as good as Verizon’s. My contract with Verizon expired last month (I had a GNEX), so I purchased a GSM GNEX because the N4 wasn’t available. I couldn’t be happier. No contract, and I pay $40 less each month. Gee, I wonder if I made the right decision…

      • JoshGroff

        Somewhere there’s a Verizon troll about to say something about LTE or coverage.

        I’m jumping ship once I get my tax return, hopefully N4 stock replenishes by then.

  • Radgatt

    Just buy it off contract and get best buy to match the Google play store price for the phone.

    • Trueblue711

      Best Buy doesn’t match any online pricing.

      • Radgatt

        They did for me when I bought my original droid incredible full retail. I printed the Verizon price from their website and took it in there no problem.

        • Verizon has retail stores that sell at the online price, google does not. bestbuy will match retail locations within 25 miles of the store you go to, or if online, 25 miles from your billing address

  • Pedro

    The fact that T-mo has stock, we see a deal with some Aussie company and now BB has a buy option SHOULD mean that the supply chain has been re-stocked.
    Are people still complaining that they haven’t received a Google Play purchase from Nov/Dec?

    Play Store stock within two weeks, with any luck. Count me in for 2.

  • Christian

    Standby Time: Up to 10 Days…. 😛

  • Michael Quinlan

    Anyone foolish enough to sign a two year contract with T-Mobile just to save $150 on a carrier-locked phone (ignoring their $599 off-contract price) vs. an unlocked phone deserves what they get.

    • Shaggy723

      Agreed dude. It just seems like buying this phone on contract defeats the whole purpose. People just need to wait it out. The phone will be available again soon. Google will be hurting themselves if it isn’t.

    • JoshGroff

      The phone is still unlocked iirc. If anyone that has one can verify, that’d be awesome.

  • Their site says the phone is 4G and it says it a couple of times. Big liars.

    • lol FAQ on t-mobile.com says its HPSA+ which is considered 4G in the US.

      • Pedro

        It’s faster than my LTE in Houston.
        Now, the AT&T HSPA isn’t near as fast. But it is fast enough for ‘not gotta have it right the hell now’ daily use.

  • If they wave my activation fees on 2 lines im sold haha

    • Adamania

      Call T-Mobile and have them do it. My wife and I upgraded at BB Mobile recently and I just called AT&T and they waived it no problem.

  • Highway robbery.

  • Steve

    UNACTIVATED PRICE $600?!?!?!?!?!

    • Hey, BB has rent to pay! 😛

    • Isn’t is nice the mark up? Then again if they have steady stock, might be worth it.

      • Will Frame

        No, no it wouldn’t.

        • michael arazan

          Should see the ebay prices on a nexus 4, saw one go for $800

          All I can say is that the Nexus 5 will sell like hot cakes, hopefully it’ll be produced in the millions

          • Will Frame

            Just because they’re gouging people on Ebay doesn’t make it okay to charge that much in other places. I can pick on up on Craigslist for $425 or, alternately, I can simply wait until they come back in stock at the Play Store, which will happen. People who pay that much for a phone they can get for $399 should probably just throw the money in their fireplace and use it to warm their house.

            Best Buy has a history of charging ridiculous amounts for off-contract phones, but this takes the cake. Usually, they’re only about $100 more.

    • Will Frame

      This is why they’re going bankrupt.

  • New_Guy

    Interesting how the unactivated price is listed as $599. Haha!