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The Tato Show: After Hours – Episode 2 Starts Tonight at 7PM PST

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Tonight, I’ll be going live for the second time on the Tato Show: After Hours with my buddy Dave Kover and Miranda aka “Mimsy” McCuller. We will also have a very special guest, Mr. Marques Brownlee who runs the YouTube channel MKBHD. He is a master device reviewer and director extraordinaire. I’m really excited to have him on so it should be a good show. 

We will touch on a few subjects that are Android related like the Motorola “X” phone, Apple’s stock free fall, and why some app/game developers still don’t seem to care about Android. We will also have some talk on the upcoming Super Bowl goodness, which is of course a subject very close to my heart. To top it off, if you have any questions you would want me to ask Marques, shoot them down below and we will be sure to get to them.

Reminder: This is an after hours show, meaning you can expect some language to be NSFW, but we’ll make a point to try and keep it clean. Sometimes, the Internet brings out the worst in you though.

The show goes live at 7PM PST (10PM EST) and we will have a chat and video embedded below for your viewing and listening pleasure.


  • Green

    Great show. Needed more football, though. 🙂

    • I know! I was a little upset that NO ONE had an opinion. Ugh. I’ll save it for next week!

  • You lucky SOB Dave…

  • George

    It’s not Droid related but could you guys go over what you think of the Chromebooks and Chrome OS on the next Droid life show or the Tato Show? And also go over this new law about unlocking your phone.

  • Thomas

    Think we can talk Kellen into hiring Marques as a DL contributor ?

  • Trevor

    I wish I could scratch my face like Tim’s dog. That would be so useful sometimes.

  • hjm331

    If I remember correctly, iPhone sales hit a record high but Apple shares took a dump because they didn’t meet Wall Street expectations.

  • Vai

    how much did the hackintosh cost to build Marquez?

  • Sergio Ruiz

    Where can i watch Episode 1?

    • Thomas

      YouTube. Search The Tato Show.

      • Sergio Ruiz


  • Futbolrunner

    Is there a way to watch the first one for us that missed it?

  • Google Me

    What a coincidence, i just subcribed to MKBHD like two days ago.

  • Aaron

    Please tell me your pulling for Niners Tim.

    • Umm, duhhh! 😛

      • Aaron

        It’s been a long 19 years.

    • Jon

      I can’t pull for the Niners after what they did to Alex Smith, plus Kaepernick is too much of a show-boater.

      • tharealoc

        I agree, they did Smith dirty. I predict Kaepernick will get knocked out of the game early and Smith will come in and do amazing and win MVP. lol I can hope right?

      • Serf33

        Kaepernick got his first start when Alex Smith was out due to injury. And then he out-performed him and kept the starting job. They wouldn’t be in the Super Bowl with Smith at QB. They didn’t wrong him

        • Jon

          I realize Smith was out due to injury but I have yet to see Kaepernick outperform him. Kaepernick plays differently and matches Smith in some ways but I never saw any reason to bench the guy the Niners committed to as their starter.

          • LionStone

            You must not have watched the Green Bay game…

          • Serf33

            You must not have watched any game after week 7…

      • LionStone

        Oh please…even Smith moved up in college with similar circumstances…and he even says, “that’s the nature of sports…so it would be pretty hypocritical for me to be upset about it.”

  • JetBlue

    I don’t know what to be excited for that there’s a new Tato show or that MKBHD is on it.

  • looks like i need to do a beer run before the show.

    • Samesies.

    • Thomas

      Pick me up some Fat Tire 😉

      • EvanTheGamer


        • Mack

          Blue Moon man.

          • Miranda McCuller

            Blue Moon or Stella!

          • Mack

            Stella works too!

    • EvanTheGamer


    • Shock Top and Guinness with Sonic Screwdriver shots!
      Lets do this.

  • El Big CHRIS

    I want dancing Tato! It’s mah Burthday today!

  • Thomas

    After Hours huh..so will there be any dancing girls or what ?

    • If you can talk Miranda into it, yes. lol

      • Thomas

        Guess it’s Temple Run 2 tonight then. Peace. Lol