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Koush Releases Updated Carbon Beta, Non-Rooted Users Can Now Have Fun

Carbon Backup

This morning, Koush released an updated version of Carbon, his backup app that has been making the rounds and receiving a lot of great attention. In this update, he has allowed non-rooted users to get into the game, with the help of a desktop application that is easily installed on your computer. With this app, every Android user (rooted and non-rooted) can backup apps and app data easily and safely. 

Koush mentions that this beta will expire January 30, but he intends to have a version on Google Play before then. There will be a paid version and a free version, so we await that release.



Via: +Koush

  • danofiveo

    The are Android API’s that have the backup/restore functionality. The problem is that most developers are not aware of it or just don’t use it.

  • BademUtku

    I use G Cloud backup it is very simple and comprehensive. No apps backup yet but i’m waiting for the new update.

  • picaso86

    For some reason, it doesn’t work on my Razr OG maxx. It keeps asking me for a “passcode” which I don’t have… any ideas?

  • Adam Ropic
  • ok, so where’s the download for the Carbon.exe?

  • Geo

    This would be great for people that unlock the bootloader later since that wipes the whole phoen right?

    Still this needs to be part of the OS itself

  • David Dudovitz

    Does this work to bring over data from Gingerbread?

    • No. There is no ability to do this via adb on Gingerbread devices w/out root

  • don’t want to play a third tim

    has anyone been able to move their complete angry birds/cut the rope from their old droid to a new droid? Why apps don’t put their data where we can get them without going root is a mystery.

  • john huie

    this looks AWESOME! I can back up app data and then factory reset and then get everything back!! ! HOWEVER, it looks to be Windows only… dohdoh! My Mac is not gettin’ any love.

  • JMonkeYJ

    anyone tried both this and DataSync+ (paid version of datasync) and know what the differences are besides root optional?

  • The desktop app says it’s been enabled, but my phone keeps waiting “for the carbon desktop application to enable application backup..” 🙁

    • KleenDroid

      Its not a Motorola is it?

      From his Google+

      Koushik Dutta
      23 hours ago . Public
      The Carbon bug I’ve been tracking down has finally been found. Motorola managed to break the Backup Manager (adb backup) built into Android 4.0+.

      My fix, don’t allow Motorola phones to download it.

      Friends, this is why you buy Nexus devices.

  • Fatty Bunter

    I really hope this app becomes obsolete within 6 months. This needs to be native!

    • I agree, it annoys me that it’s still not standard.

  • J. Gilbertson

    How does one backup and copy the app data that typically requires root on the phone to directly access on a desktop without root? Seems like you’d need root regardless of whether or not you’re using a desktop or phone.

  • joejoe5709

    Clockwork’s new backup server has been great for me, but a more consistent convenient process would definitely be a plus.

  • wickets

    thanks very much for this

  • How does this compare to TiBu? I attempted to switch to JRummy’s Ultimate Backup Pro when that came out but had a horrible experience with it. I’ve also used My Backup Pro as well, but always come back to TiBu.

  • DavidMoreau

    What is the point of the phone app if you need to connect to the desktop anyway? Why not just have the desktop app manage multiple devices, backing up files, and copying them onto other devices when needed – basically just a UI slapped on top of adb?

    • vitriolix

      Because this also has a cloud backup option

    • You only need to connect if you are not rooted

  • This is what I have been waiting for! Hopefully Google adds this functionality into keylime pie.

  • Wish these companies would make an app that can backup from Pogoplug. I have their $5 per month unlimited cloud storage. Beats Google hands down, box too!

    • Steve Schneider

      I guess the question is do they have a good API for developers?

  • How often does a non-rooted user need to access backed up apps? I can’t think of many scenarios.

    • Mordecaidrake

      Switching phones, you’re data will carry over.

      • Greg Morgan

        +1 exactly. My wife ran into this problem not too long ago.

      • Art Holguin

        Just had this issue when I returned my dna and couldn’t get my app data

    • br_hermon

      When you’re rooting for the first time and unlocking your bootloader.

    • Playing Granny Smith or Angry birds Star Wars on 2 devices.

    • jsngrvn

      Game Data between devices w/o root?

    • factory reset. if you’ve never done one, you’ll want to eventually, and replacing all those apps can be time consuming

    • Master O’Disaster

      I wanted this functionality last night. I was backing up my wife’s unrooted phone to set up her replacement phone, and she lost a ton of app settings on her new phone because I couldn’t save the app settings.

  • Every time I’ve tried to restore apps with beta 2 I had massive issues. I ended up using Titanium backup, but I’m optimistic that these issues will get fixed. Can’t wait.

  • KleenDroid