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Carbon Beta 2 Released, Now Supports Dropbox and App Groups


Koush released a new version of his cloud app syncing app called Carbon, this morning. In the new build, which is still root-only, you can now backup to Dropbox, group apps into batches (and save those same groups for later), “select all” apps, and tell Carbon to backup app data only, rather than the entire .apk.

He says there will be one more beta release that will be the non-root or “rootless” version before going to market. 

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Via:  +Koush

  • michael arazan

    I’d Gladly pay for a rootless version, Glad to see someone has the for sight that not everyone can or wants to root a device. Just wish I had this 2 weeks ago when I had to replace my broken phone

  • Bryan

    How can they do this without root? Wouldn’t that be a security problem if an app can access the data for other apps? I thought everything was sand boxed. Just curious how the non-root version will work.

  • Alex Miller

    Sweet new icon 😉

  • Bigwavedave25

    Word… cloud active. Nice.

  • TheDrizzle

    I like Data Sync better. It supports real time syncing. So you close the app and it syncs up, open it and the app syncs down. Very handy for games.

  • Is this any better than datasync?

  • Tweekex

    Very nice, I’ll have to try this app.