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Verizon Announces a Few New 4G LTE Markets To Be Lit Up Tomorrow

verizon logo 4g lte

Residents of a few towns here on the West coast have a reason to smile tomorrow. On January 17, Verizon is gifting their areas with the speeds of 4G LTE, still on their quest to completely blanket their existing 3G footprint by mid-2013. Below, we have the three towns that are to see the change.

  • Coos Bay, OR
  • Pendleton, OR
  • Yakima, WA

Via: Verizon

  • Bob

    Bring it to Harrison County, Indiana. Been waiting for a year for 4G LTE.

  • MattInPDX

    Wow, talk about lighting up the sticks. Coos Bay and Pendleton? I guess Verizon really is working to get all locations upgraded to LTE. Finally, something I can cheer Verizon on. That and the fact they haven’t taken away my unlimited data yet.

  • snodrtrider

    Once again central South Jersey gets hosed… I can drive 10-20 miles in any direction and have 4G but in a 10 mile radius of home it’s just 3G. It’s not like the terrain is a limiting factor we have a 14 foot elevation change between the Atlantic ocean and the Delaware bay.

  • Hopefully it will blanket my town 30 miles away now ill be stuck in between two cities that have 4g LTE. PLEASE!!


    Once you go LTE, you don’t go back!

  • snodrtrider

    Central South Jersey gets the weenie again! I can drive 10-20 miles in any direction and I have 4G

  • Tygt105

    Come on bring it to maple valley wa we dont even get service out here!

  • Zach Armstrong

    Still waiting for 4G LTE in my town.

  • master94

    VZW service is amazing. I even get signal in an old bomb shelter built into my house. If only if they didn’t gouge us on the prize.

  • LionStone

    Also for the Unofficial list: Little town of Hopland, Ca has 4G lte. Pretty much solid 4G from SF all the way north 101 to Ukiah.

  • AndrewScardino

    I drove through Abilene, TX two nights ago and it had 4G as well as about 15 miles west but it is has not been officially announced. It was also in Sweetwater, TX.

  • Tom Z

    Yakima, WA… Any relationship to the Yakima Racks?

  • Silver Veloz

    Congrats! It took my area quite a long time to get 4G LTE. Huge difference in service. Hope you all have it soon.

  • ticker47

    This is one of the areas that I think Verizon gets. When they upgrade their network, they actually upgrade their entire network. They upgraded their entire 2G (or whatever it was called) to 3G a long time ago. Now they’re working on getting 3G entirely upgraded to LTE. AT&T on the other hand still has areas that are covered only by 2G (or did recently, not sure if that’s still the case) and they’re already talking about introducing LTE Advanced this year.

    • JetBlue

      Same with T-Mobile they still have 2G in my area but 30 miles at my school they have HSPA+

    • at&t needs to start rolling out like how verizon is to make their customers happy

  • How about fixing Covina and Azusa CA. I get crappy reception at work in Azusa. I talked with a Verizon “Tech” and he said, “buy a network extender” Really? I am already paying out the butt for your service and you want me to spend another $300.00 cause your network sucks here? No. You should give me one. It is your fault. I am about to jump ship. Go with someone who actually cares about their customers and can give me the service and signal I need.

    • Sqube

      Do you work indoors? I know it’s the future and technology is awesome and all, but if your building sucks for reception, your building sucks for reception. There’s only so much VZW can do for that. Anyway… if you feel like their network sucks, you should be using that as a way to get out of your contract without paying an ETF. Don’t just complain about it on the internet if you’re not going to do anything.

      But again, if you’re having trouble inside a building… that’s now VZW’s fault. That’s the building’s fault. I work in the heart of downtown D.C. and get terribad reception in my office. But that’s not VZW’s fault.

      • I have spoken with different people about this. Yes it sucks in my office building but it also isn’t great outside here either. I have read that service is a way out of a contract but I like Verizon. If I am having issues with signal with them I can only imagine how crappy the “other guys” are.

  • Pedro

    Meh. The NW.

    Who really cares up there? 🙂

    • Pfft! WE DOOO! 😉

      • michael arazan

        the pacific northwest is a huge area that contributes financially to the US, from technology, food and raw resources, i live in missouri and know that. A lot of people there

    • Kurtis Tamez

      Uhm, I do? You’re an East Coast guy I assume? Probably still think we live in Teepees and ride horses to get to work too right?

      Bit late on the announcement though, been on LTE for over 30 Days here in Yakima.

      • Pedro

        It was a subtle jab at Kellex. I think we all know he lives in the great NW. You did note the ‘:)’, didn’t you?

        • Trevor

          Who’s this Kellex guy you speak of? Is he one of the tepee horse people Kurtis mentioned?