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Tapatalk HD Out of Beta on Google Play, Launch Sale Initiated at $0.99


Back in December, the Tapatalk HD beta was released to Google Play. After a few weeks, tablet owners that double as forum junkies can now purchase the finalized app, but you may want to hurry. For a limited time, the developers are offering the HD app for just $0.99, instead of the full price of $4.99. The sale will last 24 hours, so you may want to get on that ASAP. 

Tapatalk HD is one of the most comprehensive forum apps on Google Play. Featuring push notifications, a larger gallery for viewing photos easily, and even moderator options which allows the folks in charge to slam the ban hammer every now and then.

If you tried out the beta, let us know if you think this app is everything it should be.

Play Link ($4.99) $0.99!

Cheers WinDroidGuy!

  • Ripped off! Will not work on my Nexus 7. Won’t allow register or login. SMF!

  • KRS_Won

    Works only in my tablet?
    But my phone is 720.. The beta worked fine on my phone :-

  • ericl5112

    Should be an IAP in the first app if they wanted payment for it (understandable). Not a seperate app.

    • JoshGroff

      But that way, if you just want the tablet version because you don’t do forum browsing on your phone because of it’s atrocious battery life, you’d have to buy both apps, which doesn’t make much sense. (Thunderbolt, G-Nex, etc.)

  • DanSan

    making us rebuy the app just so it looks better on my tablet? some bs there if i’ve ever seen it. with that said, and the dev knows this people will still buy it. I got a $50 play store credit for christmas and have no need for it. especially at $1 looks like ill grab this lol

  • EvanTheGamer


  • I installed this app a little bit ago and was completely un-impressed. nothing felt natural about it. layout was “wonky” and it just didn’t work the way i hoped it would. i am going to pass on this, especially since I think the regular version does a really good job on my nexus 7. maybe if i had a 10″ tablet i would jump on this, but the “phone” version works pretty well on the smaller screened tablets.

  • Awesome. I’ll buy it just so i’m not asked every time I go to a forum..

  • vitriolix

    Ugh… why is this a separate tablet app? I would buy it, but it will only work on my tablet and not my phone. This dev doesn’t really get how Android works

    • agree. i would have really liked a seperate update to the original app. maybe holo theme it, and add in tablet support instead of this seperate junk. this isn’t iOS guys. android paved the way for a single app to work on multiple screen sizes/resolutions….USE IT!

      • JoshGroff


        But, if you think about it, they usually bake in features and menus that wouldn’t be practical on the phone app, and thus it has to be kept separate. (Unless there’s some way to make it become one way if it senses a phone and another for tablets, but alas I’m not a dev so I don’t really know.)

        • Raven

          That is exactly how Android was designed to work, with different layouts for different screen sizes in the same app. The only reason that there ever was for regular and HD versions is if there is a significant size difference to the package. Like if the Regular is 10M and the HD is 50M, but this app is only 3M, so that only leaves the excuse that they wanted to do a complete rewrite and/or make more money.

          • JoshGroff

            Thanks. 🙂

        • Yeah there is. Same way Google talk and Reddit is Fun know if you have a tablet and will add in the second side of the screen…

  • They are making you pay for the app again….bullshit

    • JoshGroff

      That seems to be the case with quite a few tablet apps.

    • they do this all the time for HD apps in the play store and apple app store. it sucks, but its kinda expected.

    • No they’re not. They’re asking you pay for a new version of the app, into which a good number of dollars and man hours were invested. It’s called “capitalism”.

      • vs8

        Have you ever heard of responsive design?

        They are making you pay twice. I don’t like that.

        I do respect their decision, though. But it could be better.

    • Its 99 cents relax.

      • It is the principal. I have a $15 credit in the Play Store, but I am not going to give these devs more money for an app that I already purchased. I use Chrome to visit forums on my Nexus 10 anyways.

        • michael arazan

          Had replaced my old Gnex smashed the screen, all my old apps i have re-installed and non of the iaps are recognized, i know how you feel its bs paying twice