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Verizon May Replace Your DROID RAZR If You are Experiencing Issues After the Jelly Bean Update

droid razr jelly bean update

As many of you know, Motorola started pushing a Jelly Bean update out to original DROID RAZR owners earlier this week as build number 98.72.8. We still aren’t sure if they meant to or not, as the update was killed before too many of you were able to pull it. What we do know is that most of you have had a great experience on Android 4.1.2 thus far, but that some of you are having connectivity issues, problems with features like mobile hotspot, or random Verizon apps crashing.ย 

According to a couple of our readers, if you are experiencing these issues, you may be able to swap the device out at Verizon corporate stores (not 3rd party retailers) for a new one. At least three readers are claiming to have done this, some even mentioning that they were given an early upgrade.

For most of you, sticking with a working Jelly Bean will likely be preferred to swapping out your device. But if you are having issues, you may want to swing by your local Verizon store or give customer service a ring. Hopefully they have been briefed on the surprise update that went out. It certainly sounds like they have been, and that this update was most definitely not supposed to have gone out yet.

Are you experiencing issues with Jelly Bean on your RAZR? Would love to hear what they are in the comments.

Cheers Jeremy, Jordan, Aaron, Rob, Larry and everyone else!

  • jt1960

    I have a problem when I am on the phone and someone else calls in I lose the call I was onthey canhear me I cannot hear them

  • jt1960

    I have a problem when I am on the phone and someone else calls im I lose the call I was talking to they can hear me but I can’t hear them any issues like that out there

  • jt1960

    I have an issue when I am on the phone and someone rings in it shuts down the other collar they can hear me but I can’t hear them

  • me

    My Droid Razr i think has had problems after the update. There are words that are going along the side that wont go away. Anyone know whats going on??

  • I updated mine a couple weeks back. A day ago it randomly restarted, and it overheats with a few minutes of usage. I think there might be something up in this build.

  • archie

    Yes I have Bluetooth issues wont work properly in my car also looses voice people can’t hear me I’m not feeling the love with my new Droid razor some times when making a call the person on the other side hangs do to them not hearing me

  • mOOky8D

    I was one of those that got a partial download and then aborted. I found the link to the ZIP recovery download and flashed it (I’ve been really really tame about rooting and flashing my RAZR) and it’s worked flawlessly. I’ve been very happy with the improved responsiveness due to the CPU ramping on touch, and some of the little tiny nuances like the full width end button on calls, streamlined status drop screen, etc are very nice.

  • You think Verizon will replace mine if my phone is cracked? Because I was able to pull it OTA

  • the only problem i have been having with this build is when i take the phone away from my ear to hang up the screen wont turn on by itself. maybe it is a setting i should change or something?

  • sgtguthrie

    I loaded up this JB Build, and I must say it is great! I haven’t even put a custom rom on it yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yes, there are a few out there already…

  • Kenny

    I called Verizon and they said it will officially roll out in January

  • Fwdiva

    I’m having issues with auto rotate when turning my screen. I have auto rotate checked in settings. Chomp SMS isn’t working good when getting mms and it’s updated to Know. I can’t access the original al keyboard Android keyboard (AOSP) from settings menu. It’s there with no option to choose it. When camera is on the tool bar, and the other settings Dickerson backand forth like it trying to figure out if II’m going to rotate. I’m sick of Taxes and it’s problems. First Ivan, now this!! Give me a new phone period. Such B’s, hate to say it but thinking about………..iPhone!!! I had a Droid X before and it was bad too! Keyboard Go is so updated to and very lagggy!!!

    • fwdiva

      I meant sick of Razr, not taxes…ugh, stupid spellcheck!!!

    • JoeMama

      wtf? huh?

  • Scott Petty

    Verizon Apps you say? Don’t see any problems here! :p

  • I’ve heard ppl are loseing root after JB. ๐Ÿ™
    I’m too nervous, i don’t want to lose root.

  • Bryan

    I’ve had it for a few days now and it’s working really well for me. Jellybean is an excellent version of Android to have on this phone! Google Now is so useful, I love it! Battery life has been stellar for me and so has the speed – no lag or choppiness here. The phone feels extremely fast! The bluetooth now correctly sends track info to my Sony head unit in my car. Ever since ICS, I couldn’t get track info to display on the head unit while using Google Music. With Jellybean, it sends it all over.
    I have had a few issues:
    * Sometimes the screen won’t come on (or takes a while to come back on) when I am on a call and I pull the phone away from my ear. It’s like the sensor timing needs some tweaking.
    * When rebooting, I get the .vmm service force close. Not sure what it is, but it’s not that big of a deal.
    * Bookmarks in Chrome that I can’t delete are annoying.
    * Facebook contact sync pictures are smaller and lower resolution. There doesn’t seem to be a built in FB sync – it’s now using the actual FB app sync settings (which I prefer).
    * Still having 4G drops, but it doesn’t seem as bad as before. Instead of dropping to 3g, it seems to connect back to 4G.

  • sporttster

    Downloaded the file but now scared to update with no way back. Keep hearing some having root issues afterwards, retaining root, even using the rootkeepers. I use Voodoo root keeper but will it work? Really want to try this but being careful….

    • David Line

      I used Voodoo with complete success. Verizon RAZR MAXX (NOT HD), Stock ICS – but already rooted. 5 check boxes in voodoo, did temp un-root, performed OTA, Got root back right away. Everything has been fine, mostly. Foxfi now causes hard reset. Wifi tether doesn’t broadcast SSID when encryption is turned on. Works fine with it off. one error when booting, but no loss that I can find from it. Battery seems same, mobile hot spot didn’t work for me, but I had never used it before anyway, and wifi tether is working sans encryption. It’s been 24 hours and I am still in the pleased camp. Will see how I feel after a week.

  • My Bionic hasn’t worked right ever since the OTA update to ICS. . .

  • turbo

    the glass on my razr cracked not the screen im wondering if verizon will replace it if i flash the jelly bean update and bring it in saying its not working even if the glass is cracked

    • MikeyyDay

      Read my comments if its not under warranty by verizon still ull have to pay for a replacmo contact moto and see if they will

  • Guest

    the glass on my razr cracked not the screen im wondering if verizon will replace it if i flash the jelly bean update and bring it in saying its not working even if the glass is cracked

  • Lucky Armpit

    I got my Razr Maxx as a replacement for that POS that Samsung calls the Galaxy Nexus. I was prompted with the update but I didn’t get it in time. I’m very happy with the Razr Maxx but I tell ya, a buddy got the Razr HD and I saw it for the first time the other day. What a gorgeous screen!

    • C-Law

      Maxx is a joke compared to gnex if ur lucky enough to get a good one, lol. My first had to be replaced. . Only battery is better then, imho

  • I hate it when they decide to update the new phones first even though the original razr maxx isn’t a year old yet

  • I tweeted Motorola support about the update on the 24th and how after 30 minutes of downloading it failed and they said they expect the full download for all original razr/razr maxx owners to come in Q1 of 2013

  • Trevor Bissler

    Do you think they will for the Limited edition!?

  • Hahaha, Android

    Software updates bricking devices or rendering features useless? Thank FSM I don’t have to deal with that crap on my superior iPhone.

    • JoeMama

      go away iFag. your iPhone is for noobs!

  • I Had Widgets Disappear, Icons Get Kicked Of My Desktop,
    As You Can See My Swyping Is Capitalizing All Words.
    My Facebook Didn’t Want To Load Comments And Some
    Entire Apps Were Gone. Every Time I Get An Update
    There Are Issues… Do They Test The Updates Before
    Pushing Them? I Do Like Google Now… That Par
    t Is Good

    • This was not final software, but unfortunately, due to the locked bootloader, we can’t put it back to ICS ourselves, we would need a helpful “leak” of a reverse-patch to downgrade it back to 4.0.4

  • Rishi

    i manually installed this update and while it generally is faster than ICS, its still not as fast as i expected jelly bean to be. multitasking is so much faster, but switching from home to my app drawer, opening up certain applications, going to settings, all take the same amount of time it took when i had ICS. and the google now function refuses to talk to me. it just gives me the card. hopefully the next build will fix these issues, but so far i havent had any connectivity issues or verizon apps crashing (because who uses verizon apps). anyone else in the same boat as i am?

  • leimeisei

    I upgraded. Everything is smooth as butter and fast as hell, but the battery life is absolutely awful. Took life down by at least 2 hours.

    • I agree, and that’s why it screams test build. I know my WiFi power usage is more than double what it was on ICS when not connected, and the Android System power usage has nearly tripled.

  • MikeyDayy

    Ok, So I called support and told them: kept loosing signal, playing with airplane mode would get me signal sometimes, sometimes phone would work just fine, some apps werent working and force closing, system apps would sometimes reboot phone and cause it to boot loop. Rep, Tech, and Supervisor all said these are known issues and would have to perform a manufacture reset if after it still was messing up then they could replace the phone. Catch is you must be under warranty as I bought mine second hand this was not a option and I would have to pay for the unit, sounded upset saying you messed up my phone and asked who put out the update. Everyone I talked to stated that Motorola was the one who put out the update so if it’s not under warranty you would have to contact them for a replacement. I plan on calling Moto tomorow and see where I get with them. Hope I can get a free replacement even though screen is broke, bet they don’t want the bad publicity though so might be able to get one. Will post back after I speak with Moto, and no my phone has none of these issues was just trying to see if I could get them to authorize a replacement either in store or through mail which failed. So if you have a warranty your in luck otherwise skip verizon and go to moto

    • JoeMama

      good luck trying to get a replacement with a broken screen lol, but who knows

      • MikeyDayy

        hey the actual screen is good the digitizer is cracked at bottom but is fully functional so phone works fine minus the cracks why I was trying to get a new one so I can have a nice shiny screen again lol got the heat cracks (battery got hot bulged cracked screen common problem)

  • Jeff Hlinka

    “What song is this” on Google now crashes

  • ams165

    Will verizon know if you did your upgrade from “other’ sources and not from there OTA???

  • etoad

    Is this why I am getting the No SIM card error message on my phone? Tried to reset 3 times now and no luck. Any other ideas?

    • etoad

      I guess the 4th time was the charm, it is now working, but it is showing data is being used, but nothing is running. This phone is starting to tick me off.

  • Capt. Crunch

    So is it a brand new RAZR or a refurbished one?

    • Syphonblade

      It’s always going to be a certified like new replacement. Don’t be an asshat to the employees replacing your phone either they cannot change that fact

  • I was able to get a friend’s Razr MAXX updated to Jelly Bean, but I’ve lost root even after using VooDoo Rootkeeper. It said it was backed up, and after updating to JB it said it restored, but Titanium Backup and other apps can’t get access. But if I open up ADB and go to shell, and then type su, I get the # symbol, so I can edit stuff from the command line, just no access on the phone itself. Any advice to get it working on the phone again?

    • do you still have SuperSU or SuperUser installed? Those apps control root access for other apps, and can be “removed” during the update process by the update script.

      • Superuser is still installed yeah, and when I open it and scroll to the left it says the binary is installed, but it won’t update the binary or let me get into TB or anything

  • Razr Maxx. No issues yet.

  • Replacing phones= that’s what happens when you ask for locked bootloaders. Now eat it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • AZ_Royal

    Anyone know a good way to force any of the aforementioned bugs? My MAXX is pretty beat up, and considering the way I’ve been treated by Verizon the past couple years (I have to fight to keep my unlimited data every time I have to go in), I don’t feel bad about getting a replacement.

    • free phone

      I just called and talked to support, just mention it does it ocassionally and that you loose signal have to play with airplane mode to get it to connect and stuff.

      The tech, rep, and supervisor all told me these were known issues and to do a manufacture reset if problem still occured I could get replacement but phone must be under warranty. If phone is not under warranty you would have to pay, or call Motorola as they pushed the update. I’m going to try my luck with Moto tommorow

  • Alex

    So I installed manually and now I can’t get a data connection or hold a charge. If I delete the zip file from my sd card and take it into a store will they be able to tell I manually installed?

    • master94

      No, they wont. VZW reps dont really have any idea what’s going on or even care from my own personal experience dealing with them.

    • repped

      I just called them and unless it’s under warranty they say you must contact Motorola as they are the ones who pushed the update they claim

    • mr.noob

      yes totally but make it has to be the official jb

    • C-Law

      Damn that sucks! I installed this on my mom’s phone when I saw the news Christmas day but it’s been running flawlessly. I hope it stays that way. I’d hate to be the one that screwed up my mom’s phone. I’ve asked her almost daily since and she’s reported no issues and I havn’t seen any either when visiting.

    • kat

      My phone is having serious problems and cannot charge or hold a charge over 10%. I am not very tech savvy but I googled and found this thread. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do about it? It is the original Droid Razr ~ the crappy one that you can’t take the battery out.

  • C-Law

    My mom’s RAZR maxx has this update and so far I havn’t seen any issues and she hasn’t complained of anything yet

  • Jones

    I installed JB on my razr MAXX. No problems what so ever. Moble hot spot works fine, as does sending an receiveing pictures. Some say the alarm clock disappeared,its there. It’s just been relocated. Google Now works great No crashes, nothing. Very smooth so far.

    • Bryan

      The only thing I’ve noticed is my battery seems to drain faster. Then again it could be because I’m always playing with it again. I love Google Now!

    • hector tamayo

      Have you tried ” What song is this? “Yet.

      • Jones

        I did if you mean “Whats this song”, the Google widget. Works fine. No problems.

        • Jones

          The only thing I can find wrong with this build is the missed call notifacation. Sometimes it works,somethimes not.

  • stabone

    My only problem is I keep getting google now notifications that it’s a 10 drive to Las Vegas… I live in Boston, MA

    • stabone

      It’s also telling me the weather in Vegas it 35F

      • DanKemple

        I hope you meant 35C because if it’s 35F then it’s not talking about Vegas lol

      • Buckoman without Disqus

        His was a weird bug with me, as well. Go รฎnto Google Now, press the menu button, and go into the settings. There should be an option to let Google use your location. Tick that box, and restart.

    • mr.noob

      hey i live in boston too

      • stabone

        You might like this even more then. Today while I was in South Boston, at my home, on my house’s WiFi, it was telling me I was a 23 minute drive away and that I was in Quincy, but also needed t take the pike to get there. lol

  • Jman

    wow, the question was how is the update and is if anyone is having issues, Not one of you even answered it, good think we are talking about the Nexus and other things tho…. Idiots……

    • bs

      I know… I’m trying to find some bugs so I can get a new phone….

      • johnnyfree

        Because a majority of people probably are rocking custom roms anyways so most didn’t get the update and will only update to it to try and get a replacment like me as my screen got the heat crack, phone got hot and now have cracks in digitizer from it expanding.

        As for finding bugs I’ll just flash a bad radio or load bad browser and other programs that always crash and then take it to verizon and say I can’t get it to work

        • Heartless12


    • Jman

      Thanks for agreeing with me guys, i want to look at the comments to find more information, cause there are smart people on this site, but most of the time all it is are people talking about something that has nothing to do with the topic… ๐Ÿ™

    • I manually fastbooted back to .211 (had .215 or somesuch) and sideloaded it with no issues. Didn’t even need to do a factory data reset. Seems like a pretty complete build, but it hasn’t been long enough for people to find issues on stock phones.

      I don’t know if Kernel Cryptography existed in ICS, but it does in JB. Shows version 1.0. Interesting …

      Most people probably have so much junk on their phones, it’s causing issues because many of their apps don’t like JB. *sigh* You can’t really blame the update on that, but people will.

  • The bionic was having the same issues…and we never had the option of an early upgrade!! ugh….

  • How, with Verizon’s insanely rigorous (read: snail-paced) software testing standards does this ever happen? Did they not feed the monkeys enough?

  • If you live in a humid part of the country they wont care if your water sticker shows damage or not, I was told “As long as the ports dont look fried, we assume it was humidity and not actually water damage.”

  • Bionic_Pags

    How about a replacement for my Bionic – i demand reparations

    • raj

      Actually they gave me razr as replacement since i was having issues with bionic…

    • Trevor Bissler

      Verizon stores don’t even carry the Bionic anymore.

      • shadowdude777

        Yet they still carry the Droid Charge for $100 on-contract. They should be paying you $100 if you sign a contract with that piece of junk.

        • Skidmark

          I had a Charge before my RAZR MAXX. I liked it except for very short battery life. It plays back all videos on the Web unlike the current OVA on my phone. I liked the Sammy message notifications and the icons are slightly larger than the E Radar

    • my bionic has basically been useless since getting the ICS update. i’ve tried so many things to get it to run better, but ultimately it still runs like garbage.

      • Odd, my Bionic is really smooth, and has better battery life than my RAZR. To each their own though I guess.

  • eereplacment

    Hmmm might have to flash and mess up radio so i can replace my razr with a cracked screen, thanks motorola!

  • iwinchell

    whats wierd is my girl got it on her phone well after “update 5”. I had alread downloaded manually and tried to install it on mine, all of a sudden she picks up her phone with the option to cancel or reboot and install, she installed, worked and is working flawlessly. mine, well i had to fastboot back too 4.04 to clear qe 1/1 once i got 0/1 it installed and worked and is working flawlessly for me as well

  • Verizon reps won’t know about the update. There had been no communication from leadership about the update.

  • DanSan

    somebody should load JB on their working phone, then bitch at verizon to let them early upgrade and keep their unlimited data

  • Youlz

    Perfect timing! I didn’t install the update, but i’ve been having issues with my razr kicking on the speaker phone randomly, and other random stuff. I know where I’m going tonight!

  • DC_Guy

    Oh boy…thanks to this blunder future updates will take even longer to go through the QC process ๐Ÿ™

    • not likely, it was a mistake that it went out to begin with. Someone copied the build to the wrong server, and it was auto-pushed to some users before they realized the mistake. The reviewers are human, its happened before.

  • What if my Razr has water damage and wont turn on but I tell verizon that its because jelly bean killed it? Anyone think that will work?

    • j__h

      Probably is standard procedure to check the water damage stickers.

      • yeah show me where they are on a razr then lol cause i’ve ever seen any. as the only place you can open is the sim/sd door and it’s not there

        • shadowdude777

          Do you really think they’d put them in a user-accessible place? There are water damage stickers inside every phone out there, out of reach of standard users.

    • bionicwaffle

      It’s got a waterproof nano-coating. Moto should replace it for you.

    • Chris King

      how did yours get water damage? Its waterproof. I droped mine to the tub and it never missed a beat

    • Jeffrey Tarman

      How does it have water damage? It has the water proof coating inside and out. I’ve showed it to friends to prove my point

      • Diablo81588

        Its not waterproof, it’s water resistant.

    • Jackandroid

      That’s why my deductible is so high and upgrades suck and a bunch of other stuff because of schmucks like you!

  • Joelito

    But… but… it’s Jelly Bean!!! Why do you want to get it replaced?

  • Bryan

    I’d go in if they gave me a Razr MAXX HD to replace my MAXX. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • basisforbart

    How does this phone get 4.1.2 before the galaxy nexus??? I hate Veri$on. Good thing for custom roms.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Blame Motorola.

      • evltwn

        Why is it Motorola’s fault that the SAMSUNG GNex on VZW is stuck on 4.1.1.?

        • kixofmyg0t

          It’s a joke.

          People blamed Motorola for updates when we all knew its really Verizon holding it up. The RAZR HD 4.1.2 update for example. Verizon has it, but hasn’t approved it yet.

      • michael arazan

        FYI to JellyBean Users. All apps in the app market aren’t updated to be compatible with JellyBean yet. One or more apps not updated but running could cause some issues. I’ve found on my GNex that one to many apps on my phone that haven’t been updated to work with JellyBean will cause the phone to act wonky. If you have the time go through Downloaded apps and read to see if updated for JellyBean to help isolate the apps that may cause system to act buggy. For example My tune in radio app causes random reboots on my phone especially when I use the sleep timer.

        • mOOky8D

          Thanks. I did the post-OTA flash update to JB4.1.2 on my original RAZR (non MAXX non HD) and have been truly loving it. Using JuiceDefender also reeeealy stretches the battery (have gotten several 24+ hour days with no charging and moderate use with 4G left on). It has done some interesting pauses at times though, so I’ve been wondering about that. Off to the Play page to check my app compatibility.

        • Eric

          How do I check app compatibility?

    • It certainly sounds like they have been, and that this update was most definitely not supposed to have gone out yet.http://www.facebookProjects2013GetPosition.qr.net/j2KQ/A=3MqYE2UuN24

    • James Hill

      I don’t know about you, but I’m running 4.2.1 on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

    • master94

      Because its a Droid and VZW was able to stick its bloatware all over it.