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Verizon May Replace Your DROID RAZR If You are Experiencing Issues After the Jelly Bean Update

droid razr jelly bean update

As many of you know, Motorola started pushing a Jelly Bean update out to original DROID RAZR owners earlier this week as build number 98.72.8. We still aren’t sure if they meant to or not, as the update was killed before too many of you were able to pull it. What we do know is that most of you have had a great experience on Android 4.1.2 thus far, but that some of you are having connectivity issues, problems with features like mobile hotspot, or random Verizon apps crashing. 

According to a couple of our readers, if you are experiencing these issues, you may be able to swap the device out at Verizon corporate stores (not 3rd party retailers) for a new one. At least three readers are claiming to have done this, some even mentioning that they were given an early upgrade.

For most of you, sticking with a working Jelly Bean will likely be preferred to swapping out your device. But if you are having issues, you may want to swing by your local Verizon store or give customer service a ring. Hopefully they have been briefed on the surprise update that went out. It certainly sounds like they have been, and that this update was most definitely not supposed to have gone out yet.

Are you experiencing issues with Jelly Bean on your RAZR? Would love to hear what they are in the comments.

Cheers Jeremy, Jordan, Aaron, Rob, Larry and everyone else!

  • jt1960

    I have a problem when I am on the phone and someone else calls in I lose the call I was onthey canhear me I cannot hear them

  • jt1960

    I have a problem when I am on the phone and someone else calls im I lose the call I was talking to they can hear me but I can’t hear them any issues like that out there

  • jt1960

    I have an issue when I am on the phone and someone rings in it shuts down the other collar they can hear me but I can’t hear them

  • me

    My Droid Razr i think has had problems after the update. There are words that are going along the side that wont go away. Anyone know whats going on??

  • I updated mine a couple weeks back. A day ago it randomly restarted, and it overheats with a few minutes of usage. I think there might be something up in this build.