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Download: 4 Android and Nexus Inspired Holiday Cards, Polar Bear Approved


The official Google+ Nexus account posted up four new holiday-inspired cards this afternoon, all of which can be downloaded and used as you choose. They are definitely silly, yet somehow still very awesome. Each of the cards is different, but many of the characters remain the same – Bugdroid, polar bears, penguins, and other furry friends. We’ve included two of them here, but if you visit the source link below, you’ll find full resolution versions. 


Via:  +Nexus

  • bassman418

    Why won’t my phone or tablet see the downloadable full resolution file? All I see is gray…..

  • Jane Fonda

    did you look at this link ask22.ℂom

  • strider_mt2k

    Recently bookmarked this site. Good reading here.
    Happy holidays folks!

  • Sarah268

    You guys always have the best stuff. Keep it up. http://www.ficksitall.blogspot.com

  • The fireplace should have been a huge Google Tv.. and then it would have appeared like every one using their own Google devices to warm them up 😀

  • bassman418



    What’s the deal with The Abominable Santa?

  • Trevor

    Why are the mice looking at a picture of a fireplace whilst sitting in front of a fireplace?

  • Mack

    Fixed the link. Personal user ID needs to be removed as we are all not signed in to Google+ as Kellen.


  • Mr_Brady

    Link is broken