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Right On Time: CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightly Builds Rolling Out for Nexus 4

Today, the CyanogenMod team announced the roll out of official nightly builds of 10.1 for the Nexus 4, with Nexus 10 builds on the way. The team is still merging code for 4.2, so until all of that is said and done, all other devices will continue to receive nightlies of Android 4.1+. To get your nightly fix, head on over to their downloader site here.

This is why buying a Nexus device has its benefits.

Via: CyanogenMod

  • Derkk

    “This is why buying a Nexus device has its benefits.” Why not the nexus 7/galaxy nexus?

    They both are nexus devices and running 4.2.

  • joejoe5709

    Oh baby. I hope the toro isn’t far behind! 🙂

  • michael

    I used CM on a thunderbolt to get a more pure android experience. Why do people feel the to use it on a nexus which is as pure as it gets? What are the benefits?

    • Robert Steburg

      On toro (the Verizon Galaxy Nexus) its one of the paths to staying current quickly as Verizon takes forever.

  • Running Adamthecashew’s AOKP 4.2 unofficial build, and it’s running pretty well for me so far

  • kixofmyg0t

    I think I’m going to finally get around to putting CM10 on my Xoom tonight.

  • Mack

    Kellex these Google+ links will not work unless you remove your ID number from the middle.


  • Mack

    Now I’m just waiting on Toro.

  • Dan

    The latest AOKP test builds have been running nice on my gnex

  • JWellington

    I love (read hate) how fast the Nexus devices get CM while others take quite a while. If your phone doesn’t have a wide user base you’ll be out of luck. Porting CM to phones is not for the faint of heart. I’m learning the ins and outs of ROM development and it is definitely a time-consuming activity.

    Props to the CM Guys, the AOSP Guys, and the Linux Kernel devs.