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Amazon Appstore Updated – Fixes Crazy Battery Drain Bug and Updated UI

Today, an update went out for the Amazon Appstore that might even get me to start using it again. Not likely, but I digress. Inside the update, you will find a newly re-done UI, which they just re-did a little while ago, and a ton of bug fixes which have been the main reason for my distancing. For some time, the Amazon app was a huge drainer of my battery and after a few days of that frustration I just uninstalled. It seems that Amazon has finally fixed the issue. 

There is also the ability to now remove apps from the My Apps list which was becoming exponential in size and very difficult to scroll though. With all of this, I may just leave it on my phone now and try to start using it for free apps or something. Also, if you happen to live in Japan, you can use the app now too.

If you haven’t tried out Amazon’s Appstore yet or want to give it another go, you can download it from here.

Cheers Chris and Michael!

  • mfp2waoe

    It’s worse for me. I never had a problem before, but after the last update, Amazon Appstore keeps the phone awake 50% of the time and my battery drains three times faster.

  • Kate

    This update is the one that’s going to make me uninstall it. Terrible performance and the size went from 12-14 MB to 18, plus another 13 in data.

  • This figures, just uninstalled last week after spending 2-3 months trying to find the source of my battery drain (even bought a new batter). I didn’t mind separating with it since you couldn’t remove apps from the My Apps list, but oh look, they’ve changed that too now. Ugh… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see all these comments about poor performance now.

  • Christoph Puetz

    It’s buggy. Crashed twice on my Galaxy Nexus + when I click on “Get app” nothing happens.

  • PetiePal

    Only reason I ever had it installed was to get the few freebies like Shazam Encore etc and then I uninstalled the app lol.

  • Bob

    The Amazon Appstore App memory usage jumped from 16Mb (app + data) to 39Mb (app + data). And for all that space used the performance is very bad. This app only gets worse with each update. Luckily, I had the previous version backed-up, so I reinstalled it. I will not let this current bloated, poor running version to be installed on my device.

  • John

    nvm. del this comment

  • I was always annoyed by how often the apps weren’t updated in the store. Sometimes it caused the app to stop working on my phone. So I gave up, uninstalled the app store and bought whatever apps I got free and liked enough from Google Play.

  • aaCharley

    I simply don’t use Amazon for any new apps. I have a few that originated at Amazon that I will occasionally check for updates. However the Amazon requirement that an app from their source cannot be updated through Google turned me off. Amazon is often weeks behind in making updates available. And, as others have noted, the more recent offerings of the free apps have been junk. Who needs the service from Amazon?

  • Wasn’t the DNA supposed to have this? There is a bunch of amazon things but I can’t seem to find the appstore.

  • Bobby

    The battery drain is due to FACKWORS!

  • Jared Denman
  • Like the UI, But Performance is terrible.. This thing lags my GS3 so bad….. Scolling is delayed by about 2 seconds after a finger swype… They need to fix this

    • hkklife

      Somehow, amazingly, they have managed to make performance worse and worse with each revision of this app despite the arrival of multi-core devices with plenty of RAM. Yet the lousy old Kindle Fire seems to run just fine. Either Amazon is borrowing a page from Apple’s playbook (iTunes under Windows) and making it run worse than their preferred platform or they need to hire some new codemonkeys ASAP.

      Well, on a brighter (but still pathetic) note, I see that Amazon has FINALLY updated the ad-free Angry Birds to 2.3.0, two months after the ad-based Google Play version was updated!

      • Schmo

        It’s the same platform though just a different overlay. Unless they’re specifically putting in sleep commands when they detect non-Kindle devices.

      • slider112

        Amen to the Angry Birds update… took two months for the original, four for Rio back over the summer. The Amazon update process is nothing short of ridiculous. I wish to God there were paid versions of the all the AB games in the Play store so I could cut the Amazon cord once and for all.

    • rjax

      And I’m pretty sure it’s causing severe lag on my G-Nex while running in the background (it has completely locked it up in the foreground). Luckily I backed up the previous version so I can revert back if it doesn’t fix itself.

  • It doesn’t find Play Store apps to update now! YAY!

  • chey023

    I used to break the market links and then freeze the app store. It worked on most apps excepts xscope browser. I don’t use that browser anymore and just uninstalled amazon. I still download them because I like free stuff but I do it on the comp.

  • jonnywin

    There are many things that Amazon has done right…this ain’t one of ’em. (The app store that is.)

  • Jeff

    I never had battery issues with the Amazon app on several devices since it was first made available. If I never opened it since I last unplugged, it doesn’t even show in the battery usage app. If I did open it, it would show as using 1%-2%. I guess the battery drain bug was rare.

    • J. Jonhnson

      No battery issues for me either. Although, I have sever performance issues with the app. Transitions and scrolling took so long (at least compared to what I’m used to for most apps), I gave up searching for apps with it long ago. I just open it to check out what the free app of the day is and even that is annoyingly laggy.

      • Mills

        Ya, never had any battery issues but I definitely experienced the bad performance. Good thing the Amazon app is only good for its free app of the day, otherwise, you’re better off getting your apps from the Play store. Too bad the majority of the free apps are crap. Then again, the majority of apps in any app store for all OS’s are crap.

        • michael arazan

          I’d like to see amazon put Amazon Prime on all android devices to use not just the appstore. I have had many free $10 credits for preordering games from amazon to use for their media online to play and watch

      • droidinmind

        I agree!!! The lag was crazy slow, just go for a few apps in the cloud after a flash or something and I’m out of there!!!!

    • j

      I experienced the battery drain bug on my Gnex, but it only started happening a couple weeks ago, perhaps coinciding with the last UI refresh update. I’ve had Amazon App store installed on all my devices since day 1 and the bug just popped up recently, and would eat 40-50% of my battery.

  • Dan

    I remember when the free app of the day was amazing every day.

    • Matt

      Yeah, no kidding. Now the apps are put up for devs to steal all your info.

      • Keii Graham

        I try to check it when it first changes then check again when it’s been up for awhile along with the comments. You tend to see the same pattern day after day. The game starts off with a 4-5 star rating and by the end of the day it’s down to 1-3 star, with everyone complaining about how bad it is or permissions or both.

    • Same here. They used to give away some useful ones, but now 95% of them are just cheesy games.

      • hkklife

        Yeah, the freebies really blow now but the first 2 months or so of the free daily apps were absolutely amazing. I think I got QuickOffice HD for Honeycomb tablets, Angry Birds Rio, and a couple of other awesome titles. The last title I think I really got excited to see on there was Konami’s X-Men.

        • Nick S

          Swiftkey was my best free score from Amazon – can’t live without it now.