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Nexus 10 32GB Sold Out Through Google Play

It may not have happened as quick as the Nexus 4, but the 32GB version of the Nexus 10 has just sold out through Google Play. If you act quick, maybe you will be able to snatch up the 16GB variant. I don’t think anyone could have expected so much excitement to surround these devices. We are still trying to catch up.

Were you one of the lucky ones?

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Cheers Jeff and M!

  • Liz

    I ordered mine Dec 6th and it still hasn’t come… it was not sold out when I purchased it!

  • Jo

    Samsung galaxy note 10.1 version 2 will toast the nexus 10 and cost the same as the 32gb version. Plus it’s a quad core and comes with a styles

  • Spence

    Google have truly screwed up on this. Not least as they, as far as I can see, have not published any explanation of the immediate emptying of their stock (I assume they only had a few thousand in stock?!!) or any follow up news on when we can expect a refresh. One of the biggest companies on the planet is obviously managed by idiots with a total lack of Imagination. Has anyone got any news????

  • asipr2

    No, I was not one of the lucky ones. I did EXACTLY what they said to do. This was to be for my wife’s birthday. I watched hourly. If this is an example of the product planning and support by Google, I’m extremely leary of doing business with such short-sightedness.

  • p0k3y

    Wow, all 500 of them?

  • Bro, I’ll buy the extra!

    • BakerDude

      Google’s cancel command finally caught up. I have a feeling some people will be able to buy all week long. I checked last night and the 16gb N10 was available. If WittZi wasn’t in the UK, I’d suggest that route. Whatever may come, don’t choose eBay, I’m sure they are price gouging. Google likely created an artificial bubble with these Nexus devices. There is no shortage, never was, never will be. Be persistent and check their site often. I’d expect more to pop up later this week or early next week. Good luck.

  • BakerDude

    Thanks to Google, I have 2 Nexus 10’s on the way. No, I’m not stupid, this was their server’s fault. I contacted them and manually cancelled. Apparently the order has been processed so I cannot cancel it. Fu*king wonderful. Now I get to go through a return process. Expect to see somewhat falsely-inflated sales for these Nexus devices. I’m happy but I’m also an additional $560 poorer for 2-3 weeks.

    • WittZi

      I’m from the UK and I ended up with 5! That’s almost £2,000 ($3,000) AND it comes straight out of your account even though it said it would only charge when they’re shipped. Every time I bought one it just crashed on the wallet screen.

      • BakerDude

        WittZi, balls! I saw my card charged twice as well. They are flat out lying about that little detail. And people give Apple a hard time. So, there is good news and hope for you, at least there was for me. I received an email last night asking me to review my order and make sure everything was correct. I have no doubt they sent that email out because they fcked up so royally. Anyway, I went into my account and tried to cancel one of the Nexii and it finally went through. It showed up on my account as “cancelled”. This was great! What’s not great is how much Google manages to screw up. I got their typical “2-14 days” refund garbage. It’s irritating but I can swing it. You, on the other hand, might want to dispute all those charges if you cannot get them cancelled and have the funds immediately refunded. If I were out 3k, I’d contest the charges on principle alone. If this is the same Google that created the Nexus 4, I am starting to see where the problems lie. Absolutely no excuse for a billion dollar company to be so completely inept. Best of luck. Let us know how you fare.

        • WittZi

          Thanks for the advice BakerDude! “Nexii” LOL – Love the plural!

          Ok, so I got the email also and called the customer support line. They cancelled 3 of the orders (I kept 2 in the end as my wife wanted one as well!) and 3 have been cancelled.

          I’m still not sure what has happened with my bank account, as the money has been refunded but I’m not sure if I’ve been hit with a charge for going over my overdraft. I transferred more into my current account when I realised what had happened 15 minutes later so finger’s crossed it’s ok.

          You’re right though, I’m annoyed that Google lied and I’ll be really annoyed if my bank charges me for going over my overdraft for 15 minutes.

          I agree though, really bad form for Google. I have no love for Apple either, but clearly they all struggle. What I don’t get is that in the era of cloud computing (Google being the masters), can’t you just bring up a whole bunch of servers / extra resource for a few hours when you know customers are trying to purchase your newly released products?!

          ch0pper911 – sorry, I’d have gladly sold you my spare ones if I had any, but as I’ve mentioned I cancelled them when I spoke to customer services. 🙁

      • ch0pper911

        Wittzi can I buy one off you please!? from the UK too!

  • I’m going to place my bets on finding one at Walmart or Sam’s Club.

  • LTE4G

    Mine said error , but I got the confirmation email so…. I got the one with the bigger G B’s lol

    sent from my nexus 7 🙂

  • Sweet, I got mine.

  • 500 hundred is just too much to spend at the moment. Got the 16gig. Can’t wait to see that screen!

    • I agree, if it was $50 I would have jumped up. $20 for taxes and $14 for shipping was enough for me to get the 16gb @ $432

      • double1

        I spend $50 on a hamburger. Worth it for the extra gb’s.

  • danofiveo

    I was able to grab one. However, it took suffering through lots of error messages and browser refreshes.

  • Steven02

    I got one, but my wife won’t let me open it till Christmas.

  • Hatyrei

    I don’t care cuz I don’t have money hahahah. Just ordered HTC DNA thou. whatever. lol

  • I just put my order in for the 16gb Nexus 10. Using it for webbrowsing and movies. Dont need 32gb for $100 more. If it was $50 I would have bought it. Says it will be here in 2 days, which I guess is Thurs!

    • Jeff

      Yeah same here 2 days!

      • you guys are lucky, mine says it will ship in 2 days, and take another 2 days to deliver…STUPID WEEKEND. And they initially sent me an E-Mail saying my order couldn’t be processed even though they had NO problem taking the money from my account. Eventually it sorted itself out I guess, but how crazy they just toss hundreds of dollars around without better accountability

  • JEFF

    I got mine, I ordered 16gb, I never used up the 16gb iPad, think this will be fine, any thoughts?

    • I agree, thats what I did. I had a 32gb or whatever HP Touchpad, did not use half of it. Not worth the extra $100 IMO

      • Jeff

        I was thinking about getting the 32gb after reading so many reviews on the nexus 10. Ehh, Call me crazy but I wanted to also pick up the nexus 7. I had the iPad mini and the screen sucks! It’s really slow as well.

  • Kevin

    Pretty pissed off, I had a 32gb Nexus 10 in my shopping cart, but when I signed into my Google account i got an error that said this item is sold out.

  • RaptorOO7

    So how many did they have to be “sold out” so quickly. What is the wait time going to be and will Walmart have them in stock anytime soon.

  • RaptorOO7

    At least you got the email from Google, I didn’t even get the email. I got online when it was available and just couldn’t buy it without trying it first. Google has not done enough to push developers to deliver on apps for the tablet space and while I do want/need a tablet I am willing to wait a week or two and see what comes of it. Hey if I wait 4 months I bet a 64GB version will come out.

  • steple

    Little disappointed that they never sent a notification when it became available.

  • Jay

    So it is 2pm EST time … I was cursing Google 5 minutes ago because I got shafter early on 2 minutes after they went live. BUT — now I am licking the cheese between it’s toes right now. Somehow my persistence paid off … I set chrome to autorefresh every 5 seconds with an extension … the 16GB goes in and out of notify me … any time it came up add to cart I added it and went through the process … last step it would boot me to an empty cart but after my 8th try, the order went through, I got my confirmation email and it’s showing up in my wallet.

    Hopefully I’m not getting 8 of these … or maybe that’s a good thing because some of y’all might need some love.

    • Jay

      oh wait … this is the N10 thread … haha

  • ZipXoom

    Got two for my wife and I, and apparently two more that were part of the 30min failed attempts to get the original two. Now they need to refund me, so maybe two will become available soon.

  • mustardhomie


  • Robhimself79

    I mistakenly ordered 2 I think but I would rather sell the second one at cost after than try to cancel and end up losing the one I do want.

    • Jerry

      I did the same thing………

      • Robhimself79

        Checked my credit card and I have 2 charges pending. On googles payment site it shows one of them is ordered, the other looks like its pre-ordered. Now I’m definitely not touching anything until one of them ships.

    • BakerDude

      Same here but it was a server lock-up and no notification email that screwed me up, so I ordered again. Now I have 2 coming. Pisses me off. Google, the gods of servers, cannot get their sh*t together. If someone missed out on a Nexus 10, 32GB model, and can get me $560.00 before Google, I’ll sell 🙂

      • Gguadan

        I’ll buy it from you! My user name @gmail.com 😀

        • Gguadan

          Just saw above post about cancel command catching up. Nevermind!

  • Chris Vega

    i did!! literally 30 minutes

  • Brent Stewart

    Wow! That was fast. I doubt Google supplies were really THAT low or that demand was really THAT high. Can anyone say “Guerilla Marketing”? You know, fake a sell out. Get a bunch of free press that gives the appearance that the product is super hot and can’t stay on the shelves. Demand goes through the roof. And in a few days or so more inventory magically appears. Hey it worked with the Nexus 7. Well played Google… Well played!

    • blix247

      I doubt it. Maybe if the sellout would only last a few days it could have been a marketing ploy. But to sell out and then tell people (through a channel that no one reads) that new stock will be there “in the coming weeks”, it sounds to me like they were caught off guard. Google has to placate the manufacturer they partnered with too, and showing people who intend to buy a sold out sign for weeks is real money out of LG’s pocket.

  • David

    lots of errors later, I ordered 2 instead of only 1. I got the confirmation message for the first one well after the second one went through. successfully got the 2nd one cancelled though. Finally got an email for availability, but that seems like the norm any more for stuff like this.

  • Rob

    I went a head and got the 16GB version. It will go nicely along side of my 4G Xoom and Note 10.1….neither of which have Jelly Bean!!

    • Lawl

      What the hell do you need 3 10 inch tablets for?!

      • Rob

        The XOOM I got on launch day and it will not go for much if I try and sell it. I just got the Note 10.1 for work, taking notes in meetings. And how could I pass up this beautiful tablet?

        • Chris Batson

          1st world problems…

          • Rob

            See and with the recent announcement that the Xoom has reached the end of life with updates, who would want to buy it? Time to retire it to the closet with my OG Droid, Droid X & X2.

  • chris125

    This device is a steal and I hope this drives developers to make better apps for tablets, because other than that I love what google is doing with the nexus 7 and 10.

  • Bill M.

    Got my 32G Nexus 10. Took a while, and a few site crashes, but my order finally went through. Now the difficult part: Waiting for the delivery!

  • Got mine! Now where is the awesome looking cover/case from the preview videos?

  • mjpado

    Got 3!!!!

  • Woozie

    I got mine! I had some issues getting the order to go through but I finally got it! Can’t wait…

  • Brent Cooper

    I just got an email from google to order one. Whats the point in signing up if they only email me after its sold out?

    • Shannon Hoff

      I noticed that too. I got the email from them at 10:39 or roughly 9 minutes ago. They were sold out when I checked at least half an hour before that. If I had actually made the decision to order one I would be kind of upset that they chose to do such shoddy notifications.

      • michael arazan

        Same here, checked my email, clicked link, sold out. Cue music wah wah wah waaaaaahhh

        • johnny x

          i didnt even get an email! and i did sign up to be notified…

  • Alex Obradovich

    Im in!

  • Dc

    I received my confirmation about an hour ago. It took about 40 attempts to finally go through.

  • Dave Berthiaume

    After a boatload of errors, I finally got through after about 20 minutes and grabbed one. My card was charged immediately even though it said I wouldn’t be charged until it ships.

    • danofiveo

      My CC shows as a pending charge/pre-authorized amount.

  • Andrew

    Took me a good 30min but I got my 32GB….I wonder if I should sell it on ebay now though for way too much money.

  • Go back and keep refreshing they keep coming back in stock, once its in your cart don’t refresh keep hitting proceed it will eventually go through.. I just got the nexus 4 16gb a few minutes ago

  • Alex Obradovich

    I got one!

  • discstu37

    I ended up getting two, so a cancellation might be available 🙂

  • ddevito

    that’s a shame

  • TheWenger

    Yes I was…. 😀

  • mtmjr90

    Got my Nexus 4:) Took 20 mins of refreshing/proceeding attempts, but finally got it!

  • Pat Hamilton

    That sucks, checked all morning. Had to go to work, check back on break, sold out..

  • carlinscuderi

    Still available in Canada…