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The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Released for Android, One MMORPG to Rule Them All

If being on your phone for hours at a time to help other online players destroy hordes of orcs and goblins is something you feel like doing, I think I found the perfect game for you. The official Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth game has hit Google Play and it’s exactly what you would hope it would be – a massive MMORPG experience. You create your own faction of either elves or dwarfs, then when grouped with other players, you may proceed to wage full-scale warfare upon Middle-Earth. 

The initial download is free, but I have a feeling you won’t get through two minutes of this game without being asked to buy gold or weapons, or whatever else you may need to whoop butt. Interestingly enough, these games are extremely popular on Google Play, so go have fun and don’t forget to protect your “precious.”

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Gameplay Footage:


Cheers A!

  • why does this have an iPh#ne keyboard?

  • Dain Laguna

    its more like a lotr age of empires

  • The wrap-around text really bugs me for some reason. Why can’t they just show the text? I don’t need to see half a word typed that jumps down the the next line.

  • 19 minute demo video.. with the sound off.. and I felt like this was the most boring game in existence.

    • VinMessina

      Yea, I nearly fell asleep. Oh yea, and seeing the in game chat with some 12 year old typing “your momma” is a real seller /s

    • Justin Everett

      Agreed. And the worst part is this is no different from other games on the market, just with a Middle Earth re-skin. Just like Arcane Empire. (I just noticed it’s made by the same company, so no surprise there.)

    • jb

      MMORPG? More like Hobbit themed Farmville. Something this crappy can’t be officially licensed, not when they could have gotten Gameloft to do a decent one.

    • michael arazan

      You’d be better off playing the hobbit board game.