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The Tiny Bang Story On Sale For Just $0.99 Through Google Play, Limited Time Only

If you haven’t jumped onto The Tiny Bang Story yet because of that intimidating $3 price tag, then might I suggest getting it right now for just a $1? Fantastic price for a fantastic game. The game is based on puzzles and features an incredibly in-depth story full of awesome characters and beautiful graphics. 

The game is highly addictive, so getting your $1 worth won’t be a problem. Like we mentioned, the sale is for a limited time so who knows how long it will last. Go grab it before it’s back to $3.

Play Link ($0.99)


Cheers Chris!

  • joejoe5709

    I was hoping for a Sim Earth type game…

  • Gay

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Real mature.

      • Did you tell mommy you like penis yet?

      • Knlegend1

        You entertained it lol

  • stridakira


  • EvanTheGamer

    Gotta love puzzles games! Count me in.

  • Derek Lockovich

    This game looks gorgeous! It reminds of Machinarium which was also amazing.

    • EvanTheGamer


  • Thomas

    Sounds like a good name for a midget porn movie

    • Can’t argue lol

      • Thomas

        Eric will be playing Ron Jeremy in the sequel.

    • angermeans

      Ha ha best post of the day.

      • Thomas

        Thank you…Thank you *tips hat*