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Motorola Announces Atrix HD Developer Edition, Unlockable Bootloader is a Go

This morning, Motorola has announced their plans to release an Atrix HD Developer Edition device for everyone who needs this phone with an unlockable bootloader. Of course, Moto is very upfront about the dangers and risks of unlocking the device and mention that it will most certainly void your warranty. No word on price or exact launch date yet, if you were even curious.

To be first in line for the device once it is released, sign up for updates here.

Via: Motorola

  • Why is there a carrier logo on it?

  • mbaldwin85

    I personally think that releasing a “Developer Edition” is a cop out to just releasing phones that are already unlockable. Seriously now. In reality only a small percentage like to tinker and flash roms (it seems larger though) and whatnot but an even smaller percentage will actually pony up for one of these which in turn gives Devs little incentive to maintain a phone like this.
    Then the networks and companies can say that developer editions don’t sell well and there isn’t a demand for unlockable bootloaders, when we all know there is. /rant

  • spunker88

    Why is there a Droid Razr M and a Electrify M, and why is there a Droid Razr HD and an Atrix HD. This is why Motorola is losing to Samsung, quit putting out slight variations of the same phone. The 4 phones I listed above should only be 2 phones. It just makes updates harder to get out.

    • bitpimpin

      It also is bad for brand strength and recognition… Practically everybody on practically every network in the world knows what the galaxy s3 is (if not they can at least say they’ve heard the name)… I can’t really say the same for the RAZR, the RAZR HD, the RAZR Maxx HD, the Atrix, atrix 2, Atrix HD, et al

      • everyone knows what a Galaxy S3 is because Samsung advertises the living hell out of it…

        • bitpimpin

          Exactly lol… Motorola could learn a thing or two about marketing from Samsung

          • they’d have to teach them how to vertically integrate, and then send them back in time to do so first, to even have the kind of global market penetration to make the advertising worth doing in the first place…

          • bitpimpin

            Speaking of.going back in time, anybody remember a little phone called the startac? And it’s grandchild the RAZR (the flip phone)? Motorola really had 2 great hits with both those phones (again, using the one phone one all networks model) I feel like it isseething very doable for the… They just haven’t really achieved that in the smart phone era

          • The startac was the first clamshell phone and was a success for it. The Razr was the genesis of our obsession with thinness, the stars aligned and they both blew up, didn’t really matter how many variations there weren’t(at the start in the case of the Razr). You might as well expect Ford to come out with a car mirroring the success of the Model T, it just aint gonna happen.

    • Yeah because if there’s one company has never put out lots of similar devices under different names, its Samsung…
      And no that doesn’t make updates harder to get out, you’re about a year behind.

      • bitpimpin

        In all fairness Samsung really cleaned up their naming act with the S3 (which again I fell like from a marketing/brand recognition standpoint really helped this phone take off)… But yeah I definitely remember the mess that was the Galaxy S2… I mean Samsung Epic 4g Touch by Sprint? Seriously? wtf lol. My girlfriend had one of those, and when it broke I had to call geeksquad a million times because they could never get the overly complicated name of the phone right… They kept on sending me the parts for different phones cause they guy on the phone never had any idea what phone i was talking about lol

    • Paul

      All phones coming out are slight variations of other phones. They are just using names people know because people like to buy something they recognize. I’d bet that the future GS4 would sell less if it were called something else.

  • Butters619

    Hopefully this doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing a good unlockable phone on AT&T for a while.

  • Motorola, you are testing our patience.. You know, therez a limit to every he11a thing.. U are a bl00dy cheat.. This is NOT what we have asked you.. UnLockable Bootloaders and NOT f-king Developer edition phones… Support for such phones in XDA is almost NIL..

    • Butters619

      They have to play by carrier rules, and Moto execs of the past (Jha, etc) were known for bending over backwards for carriers.

  • Xious

    What I don’t understand about these “Developer’s Editions” is that Verizon (or whatever carrier) says that unlocking and rooting wreaks havoc on their network. So they decide to lock their devices down. If that is true, why offer the Developer’s Edition at all? I think locking their devices down is just a power game and a way to force people to buy new phones since they drop support for older phones after only a few months.

    • Butters619

      I’m sure some of it has to do with the way carriers work in the US. If you have a problem with your phone, you take it back to AT&T, and AT&T doesn’t have the database of phones that have been unlocked so there is no way for them to see if your software warranty is valid. Even if this represents a small number of phones, carriers are greedy money hungry companies so they want to avoid it.

      If you buy a dev edition, you have no warranty or you have to take it to the manufacturer for warranty repair, so it stays completely out of the network’s hands.

      It has nothing to do with network integrity, even though they swear it does.

    • jaw_shoe_uh

      The power of the mighty dollar. If there is a demand for something, who’s going to give it away for free if they can make a profit off of it?

  • Droid Burgundy

    day late dollar short… yet again… it isn’t frustrating that Moto is yet another Android OEM that is constantly behind the power curve, the only thing that makes it frustrating is the expectations placed on them due to the Google acquisition.

    • Haas Mah

      its going to take a while until they start to catch up, these products were probably in the development cycle way back and are just getting to production now. I think google is probably 1/2 – 1 year out before you see major influence in motos products

      • michael arazan

        The Razr HD was the last phone that was in development when Google purchased Motorola. So from here on out Google’s new VP of Motorola will have oversight on the newer phones

  • This device should not even exist. Why cant the original Atrix HD just be unlockable *sigh*