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Instagram Introduces Web-Based Service, Now What Will iOS Users Complain About?

Remember the great day it was when iOS users were up in arms over the release of their favorite application to Android? To sum it up, they were pretty much pissed. Today, I think it’s safe to say that they have grown to accept our enormous presence. Thanks, iOS fans! Big news from the Instagram camp today though, as they have announced that every single one of their users is getting a web-based profile that bares a striking resemblance to Facebook. 

With the profiles, users can do everything they can online through their computers that they could through their phones, except for actually uploading and editing photos. Through the web you’ll be able to “like” pictures, comment on other’s photos, and edit your profile. Not bad. The profiles will go live within the next few days if yours hasn’t already.

To see your profile, simply go to instagram.com/”yourusername.” Pretty neat, right?

Via: TechCrunch | Instagram

  • I’ve been using the Instagrille app for Pokki on Windows 8 and it’s phenomenal. I don’t normally get excited over apps on a desktop, when I can just use a browser, but it’s so nice and clean looking. Honestly, all of the apps I’ve used on Pokki so far have been beautiful.

  • angermeans

    What does some iOS users being upset that Android as a platform received Instagram have to do with this article?

    • JoshGroff

      Considering Instagram launching a new web service can be summarized in one sentence, I’d say it’s just filler or put there to spark some conversation.

      • mx

        Whereby “spark some discussion” actually means “start a flame war to increase page views.”

        • JoshGroff

          If people would read past the first sentence then there would be no flame war.

    • sirmeili

      The article is about instagram, so there is on way it is related. as JoshGroff said, it’s most likely filler.

  • mx

    FFS. Can you not just report news without the unnecessary comments about iPhone users? The only thing it serves to do is make this site look like it is run by 10 year olds.

    • JoshGroff

      “Today, I think it’s safe to say that they have grown to accept our enormous presence. Thanks, iOS fans!” (also in the article right after that)

      I’d like to say it’s there for filler, otherwise that first paragraph comes down to “Instagram released a web based service with profiles, and it looks kinda like Facebook.” We all know that isn’t much to read and doesn’t spark conversation.

  • I’ve been using Extragram, nice set-up on that site..

  • Hipsters…

  • Ron Beastmam

    I deleted my account because of this, I don’t use or like facebook and you knew these changes were coming. I for one wish it was still strictly mobile.

    • Doan

      You don’t like that people can view photos via Instagram at the convenience of their much more impressive desktop monitor, rather than their puny phone/tablet?

      You can only upload and edit photos using the mobile app, so you’re going to have to explain your dislike to me.

      • Ron Beastmam

        Privacy, that’s why. My company has an insane social media policy, that’s why I stopped using FB and now this. That’s why I liked the mobile only, it limited the audience.

        • sirmeili

          sort of off-topic, but it piqued my interest. What exactly is this insane social policy? I only ask cause at the local school board, NO SCHOOL BOARD EMPLOYEES can have any friends under 18 that are not immediate family. Now that’s an insane Social media policty! Not that your’s aren’t, but I like to hear about the different ways companies think it’s ok to invade our personal lives.

      • Ron Beastmam
  • ddevito

    Watching a service enabling browser based functionality is retro these days…so 2008! :p

  • I knew this was coming at some point I mean it’s Facebook we’re talking here. The layout is even very similar.

  • krweby

    there has been http://www.gramfeed.com for some time.

  • majormudafuckinhun

    I have used both platforms. What I like about iOS’s is you can post wide angle shots.

  • krweby

    there has been http://www.gramfeed.com for some time.

  • Guest

    I think that resemblance rates a little higher than “striking” and just into the territory of “lawsuit”.

    Wait, Instagram was bought by Facebook, weren’t they? …nevermind.

  • Droid Burgundy

    They will always have apple maps to cry about 😉

    • michael arazan

      As they steer off a bridge or into a building or off a cliff.

  • e.

    uhm, Instagrille already has this and you can get at Pokki.com. Essentially, it as has popular apps from your phone that can be used on your desktop and Instagrille is one of them. Just the same as Instagram.


    I don’t remember being that upset when android users got Instagram. I’ve enjoyed the pictures taken with the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola phones!!

    • Ketan

      Welcome to anDroid-life 😉

  • M.

    Uhm, Instagrille already has this web-based version already from Pokki.com. Its like having your phone apps on your desktop and one of them is Instagrille, essentially instagram on your computer.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      Or… you can just use the first party system now…..

  • Who cares what iOS users think or want? It’s a free world and at the end of the day Instagram is here to make money and the more users they have the more money they can make!

    • Mustang5Oh

      Amen to that!

    • mx

      It seems like everyone here cares, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t constantly be making the comparison.

    • ddh819

      nobody really cares, it was just funny to hear the “there goes the neighborhood” comments

  • AndroidDave

    I love Android but your obsession with iOS is kind of weird.

    • Like, oh my gawd, we’re not obsessed! 😉

    • Doan

      This article states valid points regarding iOS users’ responses to Instagram’s previous expansion. It is not a blind fanboy rant claiming everything iOS is terrible.

      • Thank you, Doan!

      • JoshGroff

        EVERYTHING IOS IS TERRIBLE!!! /blind fanboy rant

      • mx

        But what does that have to do with Android?

    • johnc7995

      I agree with you, I think that whole iOS rant was just a bit unnecessary.

      • billy routh

        Then don’t read it!

    • mx

      It seems that people around here are more about hating Apple than loving Android.

      • JoshGroff

        I just prefer the openness of Android, but if someone decides to strike an argument saying iOS is better, then we have a problem.

  • All iPhone users can say now ” Yaw copied us, we had it first.” stfu

    • Just remind them of the notification bar, the 4″ screen, LTE, and all the other things iOS has ripped off form Android!

      • JoshGroff

        Screen size doesn’t count. Yes, we had larger screens first, but that’s not something ripped from android, neither is LTE, that’s radio tech, not android related. I do agree with the notification bar though, but there could be something android used as a base for the idea.

        • sirmeili

          I’d have to say that the screen size was a rip (maybe not just from Android, but from non iPhone devices). I say this because at one point SJ said there would never be a reason to have a phone with over a 3.5″ screen, Seeing how popular it was becoming, they increased he screen size. They could have easily done this before it was popular, but waited and for this I see it as a “copy”. Like I said though, perhaps not directly from Android as I’m sure some of the windows phones had larger screens (not sure).

  • Ashot Harutyunyan

    I enjoy using instagram more than facebook. The interface is so much better, and its easier to use. I dont use it for the filters, I use it because its a very well-made social network. Kutos to instagram! 😀

  • Jimmy