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3rd Party Twitter App Echofon Heads Into Beta Phase, Improved UI and a Whole Lot More

An app we have covered in the past which we enjoyed, Echofon, a 3rd party Twitter client that was launched in mid-October, has been updated to version 2.0. Dropping the alpha title and picking up the cleaner sounding “beta” tag, the update has some great improvements such as multi-account support, direct replies to direct messages from the notification bar (Jelly Bean devices only), and improved desktop sync. If you want to give the new version a test drive which we would recommend, a download link is below.


You can view the full changelog here.

Via: Echofon

  • Isaac Saucedo

    Love it! Had it on my iPhone. Glad to see it here. Is there a way to remove the ad? A donation or something?

  • Around 1 – 2 years ago when I switched from iPhone 4 to Incredible S, I was dreaming to have an Echofon-like client in Android. Now it really comes true, and even not Echofon-like but a real Echofon!

  • PuzzleShot

    Too bad the 100,000 API key limit prevents any of these from being available for everyone.

  • Adam Medina

    I love this app. I bought it on my iPhone 3G 3 years ago. Glad to see it come to android.

  • MikeSaver

    is there a widget for twitter lists?

  • JDHokie

    Tweetcaster Pro for me. Haven’t found a reason to switch.

    Remind me at the next DroidLife Q&A to ask: What are some good Android-related Twitter accounts I should be following?

    • android central, android police, blackmanx, google, google play, google maps,

    • Echofon has push notifications I believe. I find it very hard to believe that the only other Android twitter app with push notifications is the official one.

    • I’ve got Tweetcaster on my phone too, but I use echofon on desktop and firefox because it is just so much easier to view conversations or general “in reply to’s.” It also has a “no retweets” function that is good for those celebrities or athletes that constantly RT desperate fans.

      Otherwise, yeah, Tweetcaster is better at multi-user support since you can easily toggle between where you are tweeting from, whereas on echofon, you have to actually switch between accounts.

    • omg sorry one more thing- echofon is better at just simply going to a user instead of having to search the username.

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    Is there a tablet interface? So far, nothing rivals Plume for a great tablet Twitter app.

  • Kirchner

    I’ll be interested as soon as there’s an ad-free version — the banner ad at the top of the screen destroys the aesthetic experience of this app.

    • Jonathan Bunch

      Agreed! Funny how the photos above don’t show any ads!

    • AdFree removes the ad for me.