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Upload Your Photo Sphere Images With Google Maps and Share With The World

Much as we assumed yesterday and heard rumors of, after taking a Photo Sphere image on your Android device, users can then choose to upload the images via Google Maps for use in Google’s Street View application. Awesome, right? It marks the GPS location of the photo and then makes it available for others to view on Google Earth, Google+, and even Google Search. 

To me, this is an interesting way for Google to allow their own users to make their services more robust. Soon, there will be Street Views of almost every place on earth and it just makes their services even better for everyone.

Good move, Google.

Via: Google Maps

  • sujit Shah

    hello gays where are u all i am in Nepal

  • sujit Shah

    hi i am in Nepal



    • DanSan

      god how long did that take you to create? lol

  • Larizard

    how stable is the flashable zip from the Android Community forums? i heard it’s quit buggy still…

    • ddevito

      gallery app suffers FCs when editing and viewing in 3d. Some issues have been fixed by a newer .zip but not all.

      • I have had gallery FCs, but I don’t if I go to the gallery from in the camera app.

  • Droid Burgundy


  • enob

    Don’t look down. There’s a black hole.

  • Your move, Apple.

    • michael arazan

      Apple is copying it now for iphone 6, but its probably too advanced for an iphone user.

    • Ken Bosse

      there really isn’t much more then can do that Google hasn’t already thought of. A lawsuit is in the near future I’m sure. Probably something along the lines of “they are inventing everything so we sue them for that”

  • ddevito

    Does anyone know if you can view your spheres outside of google maps? If you can’t then it’s a scam.

  • Will Rehse

    too bad i did not have this about 2 weeks ago. could have taken a sphere shot from center court at the Rose Garden…

  • akazerotime

    So this is how Skynet gets it’s info… Some one inform John Connor

  • ddevito

    This is nice, but clearly Google is crowd sourcing mapping data from this – yet no one sees it that way…yet.

    Sorry Google, luv ya and all but I’m not doing your laundry.

    • NexusMan

      What’s wrong with that? I use their products and support their efforts and brilliance. I love Google.

    • Chris Miller

      Lots of people like to be part of crowd sourcing. It’s no different than editing a page on Wikipedia or creating a product review on Amazon. It’s easy and fun for the contributor, and might be informative for dozens or even thousands of other users. Google benefits from this data too, but they provided the infrastructure. It’s a win-win.

      Also, this is completely voluntary.

  • gbenj

    Using the new camera app, have a photo sphere image but no option to upload to maps…Must need the new maps I guess.

    • lrohenaz

      when you install it asks if you’d like to turn on location for photos. You probably need this on for maps icon to show up.

      • gbenj

        I have location on and on the photo there is a location attached, just doesnt give me the maps option for some reason.

        • enob

          Same here. Did you ever figure out why?

          • gbenj

            No, but I’m still on 4.1.2 so maybe itll come with 4.2

          • enob

            Literally just figured it out. It has to be full 360. I was doing one that only went half way around.

          • gbenj

            Interesting, I’ll check it out….is that then accessible on google maps?

          • enob

            Yeah, then when you click share maps shows up. You dont have to do a full sphere. Just one pic horizontal all the way around (360)

          • gbenj

            But does it show up in google maps or something? LIke is what you shared available for other to see in maps somewhere?

  • Ed Cerqueira

    Now if only the stitching worked better or the guides were made to help a little more

  • I have it on my S3 and I’m going to pull it out every time I see an iPhone user take panorama pics

  • teevirus

    I, for one, welcome our new robotic overlords

  • mannequins

    What do the bottom left and right hand icons do? Every time I click one of them my gallery crashes

    • Seems to be a problem for everyone. I’m sure it’ll have a fix soon (for whatever it is.)

    • The Three circles is the filter/edit mode. Sounds like you might be missing a Library file. Someone posted it on the original camera post.


  • KRS_Won

    And Google makes up the lost amount of data from *pple by offering Android users a very cool trick.

    • Just think ever major area will now have a Street View like photo which hopefully Google allows to be incorporated to their Google Searches and Map service!

      • Update: I totally forgot what I just read in the article lol it will be incorporated with Google’s Map service!

  • Michael_NM

    Someone please Photo Sphere Hugh Hefner’s place.

  • Aaron

    Until we get a bunch of naked people posting themselves to the world.

    • lrohenaz

      Remember when wikipedia first started? Lots of smark people said it would fail because profanity and misinformation would be rampant. Then they said it the same thing about youtube too. Don’t be afraid of the croudsource my friend. I think you’re more likely to see people photo sphering advertisments than their netherparts. Btw all it takes is a ‘flag’ button of some sort to make the system self regulating – that’s what both wikipedia and youtube do.

    • Google reviews them before they show up on maps. It took me about 10-15 minutes to get mine approved and added.

  • Now can someone please port the Android 4.2 Camera app to the Droid Razr!

    • Pedro

      No. You bought a locked phone. Live it it. No soup for you!


      fastboot oem unlock ftw

      • I’ve got the Droid Razr rooted and running Full Throttle Killer Bean so would it work on that?

    • Royal2000H

      Is Droid Razr on jellybean? If so, check out android central, they got it working on non-GNex JB phones.

      • I’m running Full Throttle Killer Bean ROM which is supposed to be based on the Jelly Bean framework. I mights try it later but a lot of other users were saying the Photo Sphere function only works on the GNexus.