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Zombies, Run! is 50% off through Google Play, Gives You All the Running Motivation You’ll Ever Need

Running isn’t easy for a lot of us, myself included, but if it came down to it, I feel like I could get myself far away from a pack of shuffling zombies. That is the premise behind the running application Zombies, Run!. Start the application before you go for your normal run and suddenly you are a survivor, going to get supplies and do missions for the people in your group. As you run further you get more supplies and keep yourself away from the zombies, obviously.

You can pick your own music playlist to run to as the application tracks where you go and how fast you run or jog on top of it. The layout of the app is a little bare bones, but it has been getting consistent updates, like the update recently to make it work for treadmill runners as well. If you need a little extra motivation to run or something to keep the miles coming, this might be up your alley. The best part is that it’s on sale right now for $3.99. If you want to be in your own version of The Walking Dead, hit the link below.

Play Link ($3.99)

  • good idea but cant believe that anyone is running with their big android phone. sticking with my little mp3 player.

    • JoshGroff

      My G-Nex is my mp3 player. Can’t really see a reason to have a standalone mp3 player when I have this bad boy.

  • AL

    I bought this app a few weeks ago and it was still $3.99. It’s not really 50% off, but still worth every penny at $3.99.

  • I will note that Google Music is not compatible with it though. Just so you know. They suggest stock music player or winamp.

  • S2556

    wow this looks cool. I think I’m going to have to try it out

  • moelsen8

    this is an awesome app, got it when it was like $2.99 a month or two ago. fun for the treadmill, especially after accelerometer was added in last update. the audio is ridiculously well done.

    • If you want to be in your own version of The Walking Dead, hit the link below...Tiny.cc/yxhnmw

  • Very cool idea.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Buying this.

  • This is an awesome app and lots of fun. The most recent update allows you to use the app while on a treadmill as well. This is a great deal!!

    • Was going to ask about the treadmill. Thanks!

      • moelsen8

        it was usable on the treadmill before the last update too, just not really interactive. it’s fun though!

        • True, but latest update brought it up to par with the features on the other OS.