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Motorola’s MotoDev Site Transitioning Into New Developer Resources Page on November 1

Motorola’s MotoDev site in its current state, will be closing at the end of this month. On November 1, Motorola will begin redirecting MotoDev users to a new “Developer Resources” page that looks to align more directly with Google’s Android principles:

On November 1, the MOTODEV portal, tech library, support forums and social media sites will transition and we’ll begin redirecting users to a new Developer Resources page on Motorola.com for downloads and links to the rich set of tools, support forums and technical documentation now available in the broader Android community such as: Google Android Developers and Stack Overflow.

I just hope that they keep their detailed device pages in tact. MotoDev is the best place to go to find official and extra-detailed specs on Motorola’s device lineup.

Via:  MotoDev

Cheers Brandon!

  • Pdiddy187

    Wow. A full page pop-up telling me I could win an iPad? Chill out with that noise.

  • Slowly but surely Google are changing Motorola. Although it’s a while away yet, I can’t wait to see the first devices which Google have had an influence on!

    • PhillipCun

      Google needs Motorola to push out the phones they believe is the Android way… Just like what microsoft is doing with the surface and soon their phone

    • michael arazan

      Moto wants Devs back like with the old D1, they want people tinkering with phones again, hopefully they’ll thumb their noses at Verizon and give people the tools to unlock the bootloader for those who want too.