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DROID RAZR MAXX HD Available From Amazon for $199, RAZR HD to $149

If you held off on purchasing a DROID RAZR MAXX HD on opening day (that would be yesterday), then you are today’s winner. Amazon has already dropped their price for the device to $199 (from $299). So, you can get the whoppin’ 3300mAh battery and extra internal storage for the same price that you would pay for the regular RAZR HD at Verizon. If $199 still seems steep and you are fine with the regular RAZR HD, then you are in for a treat here as well from Amazon, who is selling both the black and white versions for $149. Oh, and in case you were wondering, these prices stand for both upgrades and new customers. Yep, everyone is covered.

Links:  RAZR MAXX HD ($199) | RAZR HD (black) ($149) | RAZR HD (white) ($149)

Cheers Bill and Jigga_z!

  • Jason

    Hold the phone everyone!!! I got mine from the Verizon store on the 18th and it died TWO DAYS LATER! Verizon replaced the phone that day and that one died THE VERY SAME DAY! They obviously have not worked all the problems out. Cancel your orders if you can!

  • Chris

    I have 3 lines, 2 smart phones and 1 basic. All up for an upgrade. I have unlimited data on smart phone 1, how can I work it so I can keep unlimited data, and get the phone on subsidized price?

  • bananatroll

    my volume button is worn out from all the music i play on it… very tempting phones, but still waiting to see a moto nexus

    • JJ

      Won’t be getting it on Big red.

      • bananatroll

        probably true 🙁

  • jshood

    I bought the maxx from amazon last night and my order says the phone wont ship until end of November. Called customer service and they didn’t know if that date was accurate or not. Anyone else have this issue?

    • K

      Yup ordered mine yesterday too and says estimated arrival is DEC 3 :

      • dsel909

        Same here but now i got an email saying my order got canceled wtf.

  • Colin Vesper

    Ok THIS is the price point I was hoping for on this phone. I still will have to wait and see if there’s new Nexus devices announced, but this is tempting.

  • miiiiiike

    So, yeah. I’m still on the Droid 2. I might as well wait a tad longer to see the next Nexus devices, right? RIGHT???

    • Raven

      I hear yah. It was hard to give up my good old Droid 2, but I finally gave in and bought a Droid 4 cheap from swappa while I wait for the next Nexus or Droid 5 on Verizon.

    • KleenDroid

      I would buy a Razr Maxx HD in a heartbeat if the full retail price was $0.

  • bala

    buy from wirefly. you get $50 cash back on top of $199 if you are a BoA customer

    • Dan

      Hows that work?

      • Jon

        Google “BofA wireless additup” and it’s the first link. Also, you can get $20 back with USAA–The cash back isn’t as good, but I ditched my BofA consumer account years ago because everything else is far better.

  • Maxx

    Is there a way you can buy this phone on Amazon off contract?

    • r0lct

      Says you can on the website for $700.

      • Maxx

        Aw dang. I was hoping they’d try to have theirs lower than Verizon’s and make it $500 or something.

        • r0lct

          They make their money on the contract referral fee so they don’t have much incentive.

    • Danrarbc


    • K L

      Why would you? Off Contract price is cheaper at Verizon

  • Pmagent2013

    I would but i cant keep unlimited data, going to buy it from a verizon store today on a different line then transfer it to my line and switch other line back to basic. Don’t think i can do this with amazon.

  • brad

    my guess is Amazon knows in two weeks they wont be able to give these phones away after the nexus/fall phones get announced

    • K L

      Lol, really? Guess some more.

  • Dignan

    I have never upgraded or bought a phone outside of my Verizon store, so how does it work when buying a phone through wirefly, amazon, best buy, etc?

    • MikeCiggy

      The only big difference is if there is a warranty issue within the first 90 days you go through Amazon instead of Verizon. Verizon will still support you and you can still get insurance from Verizon. I’ve done it once. Considering i paid .01 for my Nexus I have no complaints at all.

      • steve0617

        Don’t forget the 180 day additional agreement with either Amazon or Wirefly that says if you cancel the line, they themselves hit you with a penalty in and above whatever ETF Verizon charges.

        From http://www.wirefly.com/content/faqs/#can-keep-plan?referringdomain=wirefly

        “Wirefly promises you savings in the form of instant discounts with no rebates or gimmicks when you sign up for wireless carrier service on a 2 year agreement. We are able to offer these great discounts because we get paid by the wireless carrier for having helped them get (or retain) a good customer. Delivering on this promise means that you must agree to maintain your agreement for a minimum of 181 days after activation. If we are notified by the carrier that they are not going to pay us because your phone has been deactivated during this period, then this may lead to additional charges.
        To provide you with significant savings vs. buying in a retail store, the price you paid for your device includes an Instant Savings Discount from Wirefly.
        By accepting this Instant Savings Discount, you agree to repay $200 of this discount ($400 for smartphones, tablets, and netbooks) and authorize us to charge your credit card in repayment of this amount if, you signed up for a 2 year agreement and during the 181 days after your new equipment is activated, your wireless carrier notifies us that the services you purchased have been suspended, disconnected, or deactivated, or if you return your purchase outside of the return and exchange provisions of our Satisfaction Guarantee.”

    • mustbepbs

      That and you agree not to change or cancel the line for a certain number of days (usually 180) or they’ll charge you a lot of money (Amazon charges $250 if you do).

      • bikerbill12

        250+199=450 still cheaper than 649 &700

        • mustbepbs

          You’re paying $450 for a 2 year contract phone. At that point you would be better off doing it through Verizon. You can only get the $199 price if you sign a two year contract. If you cancel the line or swap it, Amazon dings you $250. So instead of paying Verizon $299 for the phone, you’re paying Amazon $450.

  • Detonation

    Through Amazon can you use your upgrade and sign the 2 year contract, then immediately cancel the data plan and switch the line back to a dumb phone like if you can do straight from Verizon?

    • Danrarbc

      It’s not any different. Though why would you?

      • K L

        So you can keep Unlimited Data, can’t do it with Amazon.

        • Danrarbc

          Yes you can, just don’t activate it yourself. Call in to VZW to activate it, that way the data sticks.

          Edit: And remember, activation on an LTE device is just turning it on with the SIM in. SO DON’T DO THAT.

          • Can you please explain this further? So if I buy my upgrade from Amazon, but I take care not to turn on the device until I go into the Verizon store to activate it, I can keep my unlimited data?

          • Danrarbc

            The way I read it if you don’t turn the device on you can use the SIM Amazon sends you as long as you go to a store or call in to switch it over.

            If you already have a SIM to pop in because you already had an LTE phone then just use that SIM. Even easier.
            IIRC after 2 weeks the SIM automatically attaches to the account so you probably want to turn it on to get the device upgrade out of the way so you can quickly reactive the dumbphone on that line.

      • Detonation

        I’m on a family plan with 3 other lines with an upgrade, but I’m the only smart phone. My plan is to use another line’s upgrade, get contract priced smartphone, cancel new line’s data plan and put old dumb phone back on it, and move new smartphone to my line. That way I get a contract priced phone and keep unlimited data without adding any other costs to the plan other than another 2 years.

    • mustbepbs

      Only if you want to eat the $250 fee from Amazon. If you buy through them you agree to not change or cancel your line for 181 days.

      • Detonation

        Ah, there’s the difference. Verizon does not have that 181 day restriction (yet)

        • mustbepbs

          Right. Amazon has deals with Verizon to get these low rates. If you take advantage of the system, they get you.

  • Bionic


  • schoat333

    If you upgrade through amazon, can you keep unlimited data?

  • ChrisI

    Wow….$100 price drop after 1 day? It’s almost as if Verizon sent out a marketing email with the wrong phone on it or something and the announcement backfired.
    Seriously, why is the Maxx HD not in a developer edition? Would Droid-Lifers be more intrigued if it was an option?

    • JoshGroff

      Heck yeah! Or a Moto Nexus, but I’d settle for a MAXX HD Dev edition.

    • steve0617

      I checked yesterday around noon and like Wirefly, they were at $199 and $149. so maybe they were never actually listed at full VZW price? Either way. why go to the store?

    • ChrisI

      I’m serious….why did they make the M and HD in editions, but not the Maxx? What gives? Someone on here has to know….

  • jak_341

    Locked bootloader? Yep. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • r0lct

      Well for DL users. I’m having a family member get one who doesn’t know a root from a boot.

    • JoshGroff

      There will be an exploit found as always and the bootloader will be bypassed. I’ve owned enough Motorola phones to know there is still a fairly decent ROM community.