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Lookout’s Android App Updated to Version 3.0 – Brings Overhauled UI and Signal Flare Feature

This morning, Lookout Mobile Security published version 3.0 of their mobile Android application on Google Play. The update is pretty massive in terms of looks and functionality, which has Lookout very proud of their work. For starters, it does indeed look a lot cleaner and sophisticated, but what good are looks without awesome features? Don’t worry, they covered that too.

The newest update brings a designated Activity Feed which shows users in real time how the app is helping to keep their data and phone safe, along with another feature called Signal Flare. This feature is set in place to help people find their devices even when their phone/tablet has a dead battery. The device uploads its last location to their servers before it dies, which will greatly increase the chances that you will find your phone. Not a bad move, Lookout.

If mobile security is your thing, check it out and let us know how you’re liking it over the last version.

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  • I’ll stick to using Avast. They seem to have the best features and every time Lookout would scan on my Razr it would lockup and go unresponsive.

  • Ryan

    Anyone notice the iPhone on the table? Haha

  • john

    I had to uninstall lookout last week because it suddenly started to eat nearly half my battery from the background. The day I noticed, in 5,5 hours since charged, it ate 45% of my extended battery on almost 2 hours of cpu usage… Galaxy Nexus LTE stock verizon 4.1.1

    • WAldenIV

      But now it will send a signal flare to the servers when it finishes killing your battery. 😉

  • Salam Zebian

    1word: cerberus

    • yep I love Cerberus!!

    • Cerberus is great for a missing phone, but not for scanning stuff (it doesn’t do that)

    • Weren’t those the bad guys in Mass Effect 3? Nice try evil spy!

  • NexusMan

    That dead battery feature is great!

  • David

    Do you actually need a app like this on your phone?

    • Android is the most used OS in the mobile world. Malware and virus guys know this. You’d be naive to think that there are no threats out there for our devices, ESPECIALLY when most people have their entire lives on them. You need a security app.

      • JB

        Plus we all turn on “unknown sources” to get apps from alternative markets (including black markets) and this opens the door for malicious apps. This is in addition to the malicious apps that sneak past Google (or Apple) and end up on the app stores.

        • No, we don’t all pirate apps.

      • Br_d

        The best security app is your brain. Use it and you’ll be fine.

        • Couldn’t have said it better.

      • michael arazan

        I use avast instead, because it doesn’t have to be running 24/7 like lookout does and drains the battery. Avast when force closed stays off, and it runs and scans when you need it too.

    • Lookout would like you to think that you do.

    • j

      I used it for find my phone via gps feature

    • Asmodai

      If you don’t sideload it’s probably not NECESSARY but it’s not a bad idea. If you sideload then you really should run SOMETHING in this category of apps and Lookout is a solid product (i.e. I use it, rofl)

  • John

    I still prefer AndroidLost. It doesn’t have to run in the background or anything.

    • picaso86

      Thanks for this dude. I was looking for an app that had all of those features.

  • But does it work on Jellybean now?

    • NexusMan

      when did it not?

  • ddevito


    • KleenDroid


      • ddevito

        lol – sorry had to.

      • mustbepbs

        Looks like the new word is working out for you, bro.

      • JoshGroff