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KungFu Warrior for Android – Bruce Lee Would Be Impressed

Quick pro tip for anyone looking for fun new games – always check out the Trending section in Google Play. I’m always happy with what I find in there. Today, I came across KungFu Warrior. It’s an awesome platform game where you have one simple goal – whoop bad guy butt. A band of baddies have killed your Master and you must have your vengeance. Death will come quickly for these chumps.

The controls are smooth and the animations are fluid, allowing for some pretty interesting and addictive gameplay. For free in Google Play, it’s a must own.

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  • SeanBello

    this game is so awesome, but the controls suck. I think every game like this should come with controller support.

  • Sirx

    This looks like a Mika Mobile game. Please tell me that this is NOT a Mika Mobile game O_O

  • user311

    I believe Bruce Lee invented Jeet Kune Do. But I believe that if he were Apple, he’d have one hell of a lawsuit on his hands. This game is a shameless copy of his everyday life.

  • John

    Does this game have IAPs?

    • SeanBello

      not that I saw. you buy items in game with coins you get from beating enemies. there IS a buy button in that menu, but I can’t tell if it’s to buy what you unlocked, to literally “buy” using real money, or buy more coins to use on in the unlock menu because of where the “buy” button is located.

  • sergio

    The look of this game reminds me when I was a kid and used to play a martial arts game at the local arcade place, can’t remember the game’s name, big headed small body dudes kicking and punching. Fun times man…..fun times….

    • MrBrandNew

      River City Ransom/Crash and the Boys

    • michael arazan

      i miss karate, it had 2 joysticks to do all the moves.

  • KleenDroid


    • JoshGroff


      • John


        • JoshGroff

          Looks at next post, I’m psychic.