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Pimp My ROM Brings Countless Tweaks and Hacks to Any Device Running Any ROM

With a name like Pimp My ROM, who wouldn’t want to give it a try? How it works is even cooler though. Basically, it’s a simple zip file that you flash in recovery, which will then list out through a touch interface many custom tweaks and mods you can perform to enhance your device. As we mentioned in the title, it works on any device running any ROM, as long as you’re rooted and running a custom recovery such as ClockworkMod. 

Here are just a few things you can do with Pimp My ROM:

  • Faster internet browsing
  • Better Battery consumption
  • Miscellanous kernel tweaks
  • Ondemand governor tweaks
  • Use Adblock hosts to block in-app advertising
  • Improve External sdcard I/O performances
  • Zipalign all apk at each boot
  • Better jpg image quality
  • Better camera recording quality
  • Enable hardware video acceleration
  • Enable gpu UI rendering
  • Enable HSUPA
  • Enable JIT (Just In Time) Compiler for Dalvik vm

The above list is just the beginning. You can install .apks like Adobe Flash for Jelly Bean, third party launchers, and it just keeps going. To download Pimp My ROM and get to hacking, follow the via link below which will take you to the original thread.

Via: XDA

  • masterpfa

    Just installed on Stock Rooted ROM on my GNEX, let’s see where this journey takes me

  • Speedyrulz8

    I finally got this installed on my S3 and I’m extremely impressed. My battery life is vastly improved. As of right now I’m running on 12 hours since I was last plugged and I’m still at 58% with average usage. Normally I’d be close to dead by now, it’s insane. Other than that I haven’t noticed much difference though. I enabled all the tweaks.

  • xHabeasCorpusx

    It will not work for Motorola devices that are made after the Droid 2. I tried working with the dev of Pimp my rom and we have deduced that Safestrap/Kexec is not compatible with aroma scripts.

  • nhizzat

    Poor analogy.

    I’ll take a doctor with tattoos seriously. An app with a silly name? Nope.

  • dsass600

    Is this basically just a build.prop editor?

  • Giving it a try.
    Anyways knows of any app which will give my BB ROM the Navbar rings that AOKP JB builds have? The one which ads other apps and functions to the Google Now ring…

  • sts86gt

    I don’t know what you heard about me
    But a bitch can’t get a dollar out of me
    No Cadillac, no perms, you can’t see
    That I’m a mofo-ing P-I-M-P

  • brando56894

    I found this yesterday via LifeHacker of all places and have been using it on my Rezound and Nexus 7, it’s pretty damn awesome.

  • Why in the world do they have to name it that. I sure as hell won’t use it for that reason. I

  • br_hermon

    So using this is the equivalent of flashing mods? If I do anything with this and then install a new BB rom update, I imagine it will overwrite anything pimp my rom does?

  • The Dude

    Aren’t these tweaks that are already included in many custom roms, ‘supercharger scripts’ etc? I’ve messed with build.prop and init.d scripts before and in my experience, the things that actually make a measurable difference are very few, rest is just placebo effect, and if you choose the wrong one you get problems, even a bootloop.

    • nhizzat


  • Samvelavich

    I just flashed this on my GNexu running Bugless Beast and I didnt see much of a difference, but there were two areas that I surprisingly saw change. The camera seemed to take better pictures and my battery life extended about 2 hours on my device.

    • Rodney Solomon Jr

      thats marvelous

    • nhizzat

      2 hours? I highly doubt that.

  • Just install propmodder its just as good as this is,

  • Bigwavedave25

    Wow, big file. So did the dev “bake” I all the additional features that you can add? Does that mean you will need to download the latest version to get updated apps?

    Great idea though! Love the concept.

  • Sakina Solomon

    Just installed, we’ll see how it goes

  • S2556

    wow that is so weird I just downloaded this like an hour before you posted haha

  • intrigued

    Gonna try it on my nexus now.

    • intrigued

      Okay installed it and so far not much happening. Didn’t disable boot image, fast scrolling doesn’t seem any different than non optimized scrolling. Haven’t tried flash videos or jpegs yet. Camera seems no different. WiFi quick disconnect / connect seems to be the same or take longer. Didn’t bother with antenna signal, bought my phone at BB and it doesn’t have any issues the VZW ones have.

      Running cm 10 monthly

  • nhizzat

    Looks like a bunch of fluff and placebo.

    • fartbubbler

      go to cleanmypc.com

    • bealtaine

      Agreed. “Improve signal reception” isn’t going to work unless it physically attaches a larger antenna (which it doesn’t), or unless it tweaks some very low-level radio power parameters (which is extremely unlikely, especially with closed-source CDMA radios). And “Enable JIT”…wasn’t that done by default in Froyo or Gingerbread?

      • Tony Allen

        The “Improve Signal Reception” is a 3G unrestrictor, which makes devices on Verizon run significantly better after it’s been done. I went from .5 down to 2 down on my Bionic back when I did the 3G unrestrictor hack. It kills the device side throttling that Verizon does put on their devices.

        • nhizzat

          So it doesn’t improve signal reception at all.

  • ddevito

    Running Bugless on my GNex. I honestly don’t think I can make this thing run any better, faster or smoother. But hey maybe it’s worth a shot!

    • Lipo

      Im running the same bugless beast on my GNex too Is the best rom so far

      • JoshGroff

        I went from AOKP to BB, I miss being able to tweak everything. >.> I guess that’s the price you pay for stability.

        • ddevito

          ummm…did you read this article above? :p lol

          • JoshGroff

            Yes, which is why I made the comment, now I can haz both. (without flashing a bunch of random individual tweaks)

          • ddevito

            gotcha – I did the same. So far running great and actually have 2 LTE bars in my office (previously only had one).

          • nhizzat

            Bars mean absolutely nothing. More placebo to make you think you have better reception than you really do.

        • quiklives

          I don’t have any stability issues on AOKP (knock on wood). It’s so odd how each individual phone behaves so differently.

          • JoshGroff

            I’m mainly going from B1/2 haven’t tried B4, and B3 was not bad, but I had a few annoyances.

        • John

          True. I just switched as well. I went from a lot of roms to this one & it’s amazing how fast & stable it is.

        • Bsody

          AOKP build 4 is the most stable Rom I have ever used..just sayin. Thats after dirtly flashing from 1 to 3 to 4.

          • nhizzat

            So you haven’t tried many roms then?

          • Bsody

            Quite the opposite. I use to be quite the rom whore. I install roms to get added features so BB is not really my thing. Since flashing aokp build 4 I havent had a single hiccup, not bad considering I did it while dropping a deuce.

      • Larizard

        How is your battery life on BB? I can barely last through a day with only 3G on. :/

        • John

          That’s actually pretty good with our phones. The screen is what kills it all. A day on gnexus is a good.

        • Greyhame

          What kind of screen on time? I am currently on CNA. With kernel undervolting, it’s some of the best battery life I’ve ever had. Been mostly on wifi, but about 10% 3G.. with an hour screen on time, I’m sitting at 61% (extended battery). Haven’t used it too much, mostly texting. Still, CNA with kernel (franco’s) undervolting leads to solid battery life.

    • im running XenonHD right now; i might go to BB eventually, depending on how often i get updates for XHD

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Jelly Belly is better because it has the Stock browser. Just so you know, the official Jelly Bean update from Verizon also features the Stock browser. I love the Chrome browser, but there are instances where I need adobe Flash. I like having the option.

  • SirSoloDolo

    Xzibit should do a promo

    • summit1986

      Yo dawg, heard you like ROMs…

      • yo dog i put a rom inside your rom

      • redbar0n11

        Oh, and, you’re gonna need 2 things: Here’s your keys, and let me just pop the corner of your phones case — “You’ve just been PIMPED!”

      • Rodney Solomon Jr


  • Does it let me “slap a b*tch”?

    • JoshGroff

      Well, I can tell you one thing, it sure won’t stop you.

      • You are now officiailly my bottom b*tch.

    • John

      why did you put an asterisk in bitch?

      • Because I’m not as cool as you.

    • Josh Flowers

      “, commented Wayne Brady.

  • I’ll be trying this in the next couple hours and report back. Looks very cool.