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Rumor: RAZR HD and MAXX HD Delayed Because of Antenna Issues?

According to a rumor today out of Howard Forums, the DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD may be delayed because the devices are having antenna issues. The issues reportedly stem from antenna locations and size, since the antennas make contact with the edges of the device. If this rumor is in fact true, then we may not see the device until after Thanksgiving or Black Friday. 

On a related note, multiple sources told us this week that Verizon has added both devices to its MAP (minimum advertised price) list. They are showing a potential launch date of October 18 and prices of $199 (RAZR HD) and $299 (MAXX HD). We have seen Big Red add devices to this list in the past and then not launch them until weeks after the MAP list indicates, so by no means is 10/18 the date. It does surprise me to hear rumors of a delay, though.

Also, the device has already launched in Brazil, so while that version is not CDMA, I can’t imagine that the LTE and GSM radios are placed all that differently than they are in the Verizon versions.

Lastly, as DL readers have already pointed out in the comments, it’s a little late in the game to just now find antenna issues. Hardware fixes that involve moving antennas around can’t be easy to do. If do need to make changes, they better get on it.

If anything, we’ll know by October 18 if Verizon plans to launch them or not or if this antenna-gate is true.

Via:  Howard ForumsPhoneArena

Cheers Justin!

  • Michael swaim

    Well from what my Verizon Rep has told me there is an antenna issue. i am hoping for it to be out by the end of the year, if not so be it. That gives Moto time to see what the big guns will be from the other manufacturers.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Haha. People will believe anything on the internet these days. There are no issues with the antennaes. There are however, major issues still with the numerous bugs in the JB software due to Moto’s new skin. Yeah it’s frustrating as hell I know.

  • If the next Nexus is sold on the play store and works on Verizon I will buy it, if not Maxx HD directly from Motorola. No longer will I buy a Verizon subsidized phone.

  • fanboy1974

    No need to rush Moto. The Note 2 is coming out very soon.

  • duff60901

    Unlocked, Know, removable battery, and up the Ram… then MAYBE it will be worth the price tag. No contract to keep data. Maybe a carrier change is in order.

  • Chris

    I wonder how/if this will delay the JB update for the Razr Maxx?

  • David Flanigan

    Seriously hope that this isn’t the case given that the devices have been announced (and most likely have been tested?)

    I’ve been waiting for this device for awhile and will not force myself to go with another Samsung piece of junk (no offense to you whom have a Samsung device)

    After looking at the pricing
    1) save for the battery… nothing in these devices is ground breaking technology
    2) why does Verizon think they can get away with 700mah more battery life for $100?

    If there is indeed an antennae issue with these phones and they do finally launch, I don’t see them selling well unless the prices are dropped to lets say 149.99 for hd and 249.99 for the hd maxx

    • Justin W

      I agree… with all the points above.
      First: The device has been tested, else they wouldn’t have been running one on 4G at the press event (although, using WiFi).
      Second: I would go Moto any day over Samsung.. Maybe a Moto device with Samsung software (save the TW UI – I’ve heard horror stories about that).
      Third: They can’t, and probably won’t. I would understand MAYBE $50 jump in subsidized pricing, but if they go for $100 more, they’d be lucky to sell 700 of the phones.

  • Bionic

    Another interesting bit of news I found on some forums is that Motorola is devolping an Intel quad core phone. No specifics were mentioned but it looks to be Motorola’s spring offering. What is interesting about this phone is that during negotiations with verizon, motorola demanded and received TOTAL CONTROL over this particular phone. Meaning all updates and control over the phone comes direct from motorola/google. Maybe its a nexus? Or simply the new moto flagship.

    Also, we will be seeing more dev edition moto phones per the new contract with vzw along with a nexus series of fully unlocked phones.

    Good things are coming from the new Motorola in 2013.

    • spudskier

      Oye, if I have to limp along my Droid X until spring of 2013 it may get flung out the car window at some point

      • Bionic

        Yeah but I have good feelings for 2013. My update isn’t until may so we will have a good idea by then.

  • Louis B

    good. Motorola is at learning from Samsung and HTC to make phones that have no coverage.

  • Pegleg

    So, now with the RAZR MAXX HD in jeopardy and no hopes of a decent NEXUS phone on VZW anytime soon, what options are we left with?
    Guess I’ll keep my Droid X for phone calls and depend on my Infinity Tablet for internet. At least I can tether with that combo.

    • Colin Vesper

      Haha I’m still using a Droid x, waiting on this one too. My current battery is terrible.

      • Duff60901

        X here too. Been waiting for these to come out but with a sealed battery and less Ram than most phones I’m looking elsewhere. Bought the extended battery and keep a charged spare with me.

  • bogy25

    NOOOOOOO! My next phone!

  • Aaron Fredricks

    i had plans to bravely buy this phone after suffering from BionicBurn… not feeling so brave anymore.

  • Pegleg


  • droidsung

    I was holding out for HD. But maybe I should just grab M already released. Its battery seems to last long enough and I can live with qHD screen.

  • jnt

    Whether it’s true or not, this will only add “placebo” to those who will have reception issues once released…

  • they should just release it, and we can all buy bumpers.

  • ayyy

    If the MAXX is $300 I’m getting the regular HD. With the S4, 2500mah and an SD slot screw the maxx….the HD will last all day for sure.

    • watchthesky

      I was thinking the same thing. Especially if paying retail.

    • Big_EZ

      It should be a $50 differance maxx. $100 is to much for just 700 mah, add 32 gb internal storage and it might be worth it(I don’t careabout internal storage, just that it would add value)

      • Brian Cerveny

        The HD MAXX -does- have 32 GB internal vs. the HD’s 16 GB.

        • Big_EZ

          Ah, I haven’t seen that in the spec articles I’ve read. Still doesn’t seem like a $100 upgrade to me.

  • Mikey Styles

    This is already sounding like a Bionic Fiasco all over again. It’s late to the game with “Semi Upgraded” hardware @ best & still has ICS on it with JB to come soon after. But if it is delayed it better come out with JB on the device or @ least ready to push out. Other than the battery & the good S4 Processor, this is a waste of $199-$649(Developer Ed) by customers.

  • fallsgable

    WTF….Antenna issues didn’t stop Big Red from launching the Nexus last Year….JB update and everything…and it STILL sucks SAC!
    JB new Radios my brown eye….I cannot get or hold signal….4G or Wifi….
    Rooted and tried everything….
    OK, finished ranting and hyjacking…..now back to your regularly scheduled comments!

    • frankandsimple

      how dare you speak ill of the mighty Shamsung Nexus!

      • JoshGroff

        Yeah. *grabs a pitchfork*

    • Diablo81588

      Down votes here we come!

    • rockstar323

      You may need a replacement. I have a Nexus and have had no issues with signal, other than it’s not as strong as a Motorola. My buddy has one too and he had all kind of issues with signal until he got a replacement and it works as good as mine.

      • Duff60901

        Is BS that you pay so much for a NEW device. Have an issue. Pay insurance AND deductible. Get a refurbished one back.

        • rockstar323

          If it’s a manufactures defect you don’t have to use insurance or pay a deductable. You will more than likely get a refurb if you use warranty replacement but if it’s crap keep replacing them. I went through 5 Bionics and they eventually sent me a Nexus. If you have issues with your phone replace it. If it’s in the 14 day return window keep replacing them with new phones until you get one that works.

  • Buy This

    I can’t recommend enough just getting a G-nex. You won’t regret it. I was the hugest moto fanboy. I loved my bionic. MY BIONIC. I am never going non nexus again.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Sounds more like a supplier issue than an actual hardware issue. Perhaps they are changing suppliers or maybe there is a shortage somewhere overseas. I dunno, maybe Foxconn hired a small army from Laos to invaded the Moto plant in Taiwan and stole all the antenae chips for the iP5…. Just saying, doesn’t neccesarily mean something with the design or build is faulty, could be farther down the line.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      After the Chinese variant of this phone, I seriously doubt the fault has to do with the design. Unless…. and not being a smartass here, the design has never been tested in American hands to any extent. Physically, we are bigger people and have bigger hands. Just watch people try and cram into some of their cars, it is a fact.

  • EC8CH

    Oh No…

    Guess if VZW carries any of the new Nexus devices they’ll have to be delayed at least that long too 😛

    • mustbepbs

      It’ll be the GN fiasco all over again 🙁

      • EC8CH

        Nah… they’ll avoid that whole thing again simply by not allow any of them to work on their network.

  • Paul

    Those prices seem a little high considering the faster competition coming out…

    • Colin Vesper

      Agreed. I didn’t think they could get away with a $300 subsidized phone. Especially when phones with better specs are coming out.

      • Paul

        In 1 day Amazon lowered the price from $300 to $200 for the maxx so that says something.

  • DCX

    I see a Bionic situation coming around… complete redesign to accommodate antennas, reintroduction months later, then becomes a distant memory shortly thereafter… I think I’ll wait until next year for a MOTO product.

    • Tyler

      Had Motorola released the Bionic shortly after CES i would probably have one right now but instead i went with Samsung Galaxy Nexus after waiting so long.

      • DCX

        My point exactly. Moto messes up or tries to “modernize” devices – rather than leave well enough alone, then loses out on sales. Hopefully, since this is Sanjay’s last device “creation”, and Google’s in control now, there will be no problems going forward with future devices. Otherwise, I’m full Nexus all the way.

  • $200 for a 7″ tablet, $300 for a SUBSIDIZED 5″ phone? I think Verizon is ripping us off.

    • chris125

      ya think? lol

    • JoshGroff

      Please, if only just to not look like an idiot, compare the price of 4G tablets to 4G phones.

      • MKader17

        Those prices are also set by Verizon, and IIRC an LTE chip cost in the range of $20-30.

        The real cost difference between an LTE phone, wifi tablet and LTE tablet comes down to demand and monopoly. Everyone wants a 4G phone so the price increases. Verizon has a monopoly on phones that run on their network, so price is increased again. A lot of people want wifi tablets, but Verizon can not control their prices so they are lower (on the contrary ipads are of higher demand [including artificial “status symbol” demand] so they cost more). The only people that will spring for an LTE tablet will not be concerned with price because A) their company pays or B) They have to have one. Again, Verizon has the monopoly on LTE tablets so they can charge whatever they want.

        If people were allowed to sell LTE capable tablets outside of Verizon and consumers could simply add them with minimal cost (AKA if everyone was on Share Everythiing) then I bet we would see a LTE Nexus 7 for $250.

        Edit: I want to note that Verizon’s “monopoly” is only that way because others can not provide a similar service at a reduced cost (or the ones that can don’t so that they all can screw the consumer). AT&T is not quite as good as Verizon but they are second best so they price themselves right under Verizon. TMobile offers great prices on prepay if you can work with it, but their service is subpar.

    • Bionic

      dont forget google is only making like 10 bucks per nexus 7.

      • Google is making bucket loads of money per Nexus 7. They make all their money on the Play market and ads. Genius

        • Bionic

          I was talking about the HARDWARE itself, dipshit.

  • trophynuts

    lol Bionic debacle all over again.

  • Hmm….

    I call shenanigans. BS rumor mill.

    • Hmm….

      Speaking of shenanigans…. I only posted that once. Please delete.

      • zepfloyd

        I swear to God, I’ll pistol whip the next guy who says “shenanigans”!

        • uzo ufondu


  • Hmm….

    I call shenanigans. BS rumor mill.

  • Chuck Finley

    Verizon: “There is no delay… We never actually told you when the phone would be here, anyway. We released the Galaxy Nexus before the end of 2011 with two weeks to spare. Now go get your wallet…and Share Everything”

  • iSheep_make_me_cry

    Release it and tell people they are holding it wrong…… DUH…. We know this works!

  • Droid Bionic 2 The return of the Motorola Screw Over.

  • Maybe Motorola should do like Apple and tell people how to “properly” hold a phone. 😀

  • I hope they get this fixed and launched by the 18th this is the device I have been waiting to upgrade for I got the original Motorola RAZR and love it very durable phones and its pretty fast Stoll but I want that high definition screen

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


    • zepfloyd

      Apple already has a patent on that, Moto can expect another phone call and lawsuit.

  • Raven

    Dang, I am totally waiting on this phone to decide what I am going to get for my next one.

    Also, does anyone know for sure if Verizon is getting the straight slash patterned phone pictured above or the “V” patterned phone pictured in other articles. Or, is one the MAXX and one the regular?

    • Colin Vesper

      Same here. I want that huge battery damnit.

    • Not that you necessary were, but I don’t understand why so many people fuss about the pattern. I fully plan to color the back and build a Cosby wallpaper/sound theme. Text notification will probably be “PUDDIN’ POP!”

      • Raven

        I wasn’t fussin’, I was just curious when I seen the big pic for the article with one pattern and right below it a small pic of the other pattern for a previous article.

        Did I really just get a down vote for expressing a little curiosity?

        • Not from me you didn’t. I agree with the curiosity. Just wanted to make a point about everyone else complaining about it (while trying to also make it clear I couldn’t tell whether you were complaining or not). Wait… awww… now I’m confused. 🙁

        • Justin W

          I would prefer the one pictured above, but either will work. This one looks better than the other, but they are both Kevlar, both will protect your phone the same.

  • OH lawd…

  • Step 1: Release phone on time anyway (ahead of holiday rush)
    Step 2: Tell users they’re holding in wrong
    Step 3: ???????
    Step 4: Profit

    I don’t see an issue, why delay the phone?
    <3 Tim Cook

    • In all seriousness though, when antenna issues come up ONCE in the industry and it’s all over the news (whether it was Apple or anyone else). Wouldn’t you think the engineering, design, and testing around that would become extremely scrutinized by every vendor? Makes me think this was rushed early on to try and push it out before Jha left (to… show off his good work?).

  • ddevito

    Seems a bit late in the process to discover something like this. In any event I hope they fix it in time.

    • Would agree. They thought the device was good enough to let users fondle them at a press event. Little late to be changing hardware around.

      • zepfloyd

        DUDE, dinner and a movie first.

      • Trueblue711

        Motorola is known for shipping half baked devices so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was good enough for them but Verizon rejected it as is.

        • Justin W

          What half-baked devices are you talking about? My Bionic, although post-purchase support has been non-existant, hasn’t had any hardware/software issues (that I haven’t caused by rooting/romming). People I know with RAZR’s don’t have any issues. I count Moto as one of the best hardware manufacturers around, but they need to work on their software/support.

          • michael arazan

            Considering they already have made a few thousand products and know it works already, all they really have to do is go to the computer generated engineering schematics and just add space or design or exchange the equipment, I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal. Probably minimal flaws that won’t need much of a change if its re-sizing molds. I’ve been to some manufacturing factories, they use amazing software with the automated robotics now a days, as long as they have the parts in stock is the key question, because there will be a delay if they have to special order them to get different antennas, and that would cost them money if time is a factor.

      • Dr_Buttballs

        Droid Bionic Redux?

        • La2da

          I heart Buttballs.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Plus it’s been in testers hands for literally months, if it had a hardware issue it woulda been caught before now.

    • razr

      Apples antenna issue wasn’t found until after they released it, or they knew about it and still release the phone. At least if moto knows, and they are trying to fix it, unlike apple “your holding your phone wrong.”

  • KleenDroid

    Goodness gracious

  • Wouldn’t after thanksgiving or black Friday be the same thing js

  • Mack

    MOTOROLA…with antenna issues???

  • Seems odd that this would be the case given the stellar antenna performance in the RAZR and RAZR MAXX and I would presume the RAZR HD variant we saw in China months ago…

    • Seems odd to me as well.

      • white

        I just got a refurb maxx because my signal was iffy and no 4g at all. New one works great.

        • That’s an individual phone with a bad radio/antenna. Issues like this refer to the entire line. Far more rare and almost unheard of with Moto.

  • thenew3

    Better fix it before launch the to launch it and tell users “your holding it wrong” 🙂

    • *you’re = “you are”.
      “Your” indicates that something that “you” possesses.

      • steve30x

        Congratulations, now how does it make you feel correcting something we could care less in a “Disqus” comment that will get buried within less than 3 hours and never to be seen again? I give you the boring golf appluase.

        • WAldenIV

          “Could not care less.” Oops, I did it, too.

          • PacoBell

            That one in particular grates at me whenever I see it =/

        • I feel no different after than I did before I typed the reply. I will always correct this type of grammatical error, simply because it’s not that difficult, and it makes people look ignorant.

          • John C

            And I actually thought you did it to be educative… (no sarcasm)

      • JoshGroff

        It’s better to fix it before launch than to launch it and tell users “you’re holding it wrong.”

        Slightly better correction, but it still seems fragmented. :/

      • John C

        Yeah, who cares? You picked the wrong typo to complain about anyways. Dropping the ‘n’ to say ‘the’ instead of ‘then’ (actually than) made me have to reread it a couple times but I definitely didn’t think this poster meant that ‘your’ is possessive of ‘holding.’