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Full Trailer for Bad Piggies Released, What Does This Have to do With Angry Birds?

We’ve been looking forward to seeing some gameplay of Rovio’s newest creation, Bad Piggies for quite some time. It is a sequel (for lack of better word) to Angry Birds, based around those pesky pigs. Today, the first gameplay trailer is out and boy, am I disappointed. Take that top image as a good example of what you’re about to watch. Silly gameplay and silly everything else. From what we can gather, the point is to build flying contraptions, which to my knowledge, has really nothing to do with Angry Birds or stealing their eggs.

The game is set for release on September 27, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Rovio’s intentions are with this title.


Via: Yahoo

  • Executor 32

    Looks like great fun to me. There’s precedent for it, too, since there are many levels across the Angry Birds series that feature pigs in contraptions they’ve built, including tanks and UFOs.

  • Looks alright. Think I would play this over AB in my car during my break

  • IsDihara

    Actually, crashing the pig-laden contraptions could be quite diverting. I will give this one a go.

  • Jason Pillow

    Hmm. I actually did expect to build fortresses that birds would destroy. Not saying this wouldn’t be good. Just not what I expected. Still can’t wait to try it =)

  • GreenMeansGo

    Actually, the better word is “spin-off”.

  • Gel

    Thought this might just be another Angry Birds remake but I’m glad they went in another direction and did something like what they did since Angry Birds gets extremely boring after awhile (my opinion) and this looks like it could have a lot of potential.

  • I like the idea, but it’s no Fantastic Contraption… That needs to come to Android right now.

  • Knlegend1

    Looks like they have another hit on their hands……. O_o

  • Stew

    It’s supposed to be a spinoff, not a sequel

  • AlexKCMO

    Looks like a lot of fun to me. Kind of like Amazing Alex + Angry Birds type hybrid combo mix.

  • PC_Tool

    …it’s not Angry Birds…

    This is the issue I think most folks who instantly took a dislike to this are having with it.

    Well, you decided long ago what this game “should be”…and you were wrong.

    Somehow, I see this is less of Rovio’s fault, and more of some folks getting uppity because Rovio didn’t grant them their wishes on a silver platter.

    Rovio never promised there would be Birds in this game. They never gave you *any* expectations….you came up with those on your own. Sure, you get to be disappointed…but don’t hang that on Rovio…that’s all on you.

  • Mario Mendez

    something new

  • virtualhuman

    Right! Because Pigs wanting to fly like Birds do has nothing to do with Bi- oh, wait…

  • Zebug

    Love it, looks very fun but I’m an engineer, so that is right up my alley.

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnFg6_4vx5Q Youtube link so you don’t have to waste 30 seconds watching an ad. (What gives, DL??)

  • I don’t know why you guys are complaining about the lack of birds. Most of us thought this would be some game where the pigs smash the birds instead. This looks like it could be very fun, with some interesting puzzles. Of course they’re going to bring characters from the Angry Birds franchise to help sell it. Just like all video game companies do to sell a new idea. This would sell much less copies if it was some new IP they created for the game.

  • Kevin McDole

    To me it seems like the Bad Piggies got their asses handed to them by the Angry Birds and so they are making these contraptions to get away.

  • If people are seriously worried about this game then you need to go outside n see the sun more often… just saying.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Where in the HELL are the damn birds? Without the birds, WTF is the freakin’ point?

    If anything, it’s just a “SPIN-OFF”, not a sequel. Don’t call it a sequel, Rovio, ’cause it sure in hell isn’t one. At all.

    Rovio is done.

    • anezarati

      its called Bad Piggies, not Angry Birds 2. why do you expect birds?

    • Tripod4

      You’re the same guy that said NCAA football didn’t have the same reach as NFL, right?

      You gotta change your handle man; clearly gaming isn’t your strong point.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i had almost the exact opposite reaction to the trailer. i was expecting another Angry Birds rehash, but this simplified machine construction gameplay looks like it holds promise. i like that potentially success will be based on creativity rather than luck. but rovio’s track record doesn’t give me a ton of hope 😉

  • bkosh84

    Kinda neat.. Reminds me of LittleBigPlanet

    • EvanTheGamer

      Because you can ride things in this poor excuse for a game? Right…

  • viciousking1914

    They needed something new, the Angry Birds series was getting extremely boring and played out (minus the space one, liked that). I think this looks interesting enough to try.

  • aBabyPenguin

    Looks fun to me, not sure why Tim-o-tato is so worried.

  • Raven

    I actually think that the game play looks fun and creative, but I also think that it was a very unnecessary attempt at a tie-in. I think they would have been better off creating a new franchise. I guess there is something to be said for brand recognition.

    • Nick S.

      They tried to create a new franchise with Amazing Alex. It was terrible, imho.

  • sonicemerald

    well. i’m excited. I’m glad we are not building houses… although that might’ve been interesting…

  • zmberven

    looks absolutely hilarious and fun

  • Sp4rxx

    Total ripoff of Doc Clock and the Toasted Sandwich of time …. with a ‘piggie’ theme

  • Ethan

    Just a note: I really didn’t like the fact that the video auto-started the moment I load the Droid Life homepage. Didn’t need random music and sound effects blasting out of nowhere.

    • jstew182

      yep…plus my auto play commercial was in spanish…thats annoying.

      • Mario Mendez

        What’s wrong with commercials in Espanol?

        • jstew182

          nothing in a general sense. i just personally do not speak or understand it.

          • michael arazan

            In the great words of Bruce Willis, “I only speak to languages, English, and bad English”

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          On a site that is written exclusively in English, quite a lot. Let me take a guess here, seeing as I’ve never once seen you post here. You see everything through a filter of race, and find something you perceive as “offensive” or “racist”, even when it’s not even remotely there. Sure, you didn’t mention those two words, but as innocuous as his post was that you replied to, I can’t see it having any other conotation, and you probably patrol the Internet, looking for anything you can find that mentions the words “Spanish”, so you can browbeat someone and let them know how close-minded and intolerant and racist they are, especially when it’s completely benign just like his comment. Actually I take it back, it’s not a guess, it’s most definitely a fact. Our country of white guilt and politically correct lunacy makes me want to vomit. There are things such as real racism and intolerance in the world, then there are the disgusting people who wear that race filter and see nothing but everyone attacking them and whatever crap they are sensitive about, while most of the time being hypocrites inside too.

          • Mario Mendez

            Annoying commercials exist in every language.

          • ramifications

            whoa there! It sounded like a light hearted quip to me. No need to get all riled up. This is droid-life… not yahoo news 😉

          • KleenDroid

            I hope you are not really a psychologist. You dreamed up a whole bunch of nonsense over a simple comment. You seem very angry.

            You OK?

        • me

          Spanish isn’t English, think that says it all. English site = English audio, go to el droido lifo if you want your stuff in a 3rd world language.

          • Mario Mendez

            What is Droido Lifo lol. It would be Droid Vida. u seem very angry at a whole population of people from another country. Ignorant.

    • Ted

      Use Flashblock and Ghostery (if you’re a Firefox user).

    • Stewie

      poor form! poor form! ? It has only gotten worse, ads popping up in images on the main page …. yikes! Whos greedy now?? Perhaps the colors need to change to red/black ….

    • thedonxr

      Tipped your boss off too eh?

  • SethMcDonald

    It seems like the point is you just stole the eggs and now you have to escape… maybe?

  • UndergroundWire

    I kinda like it.

  • Eh, what? This game looks extremely clever and well-produced. You’re disappointed because you don’t know if they will be able to fit Angry Birds lore into the storyline?

    • DainLaguna

      Lol you hit the nail on the head. I feel silly for expecting an explanation or ‘deepening’ of the story . Its freaking angry birds.

      • EvanTheGamer

        If it’s Angry Birds, where are the freakin’ birds, huh?

        • anezarati

          its actually called Bad Piggies

    • I don’t want to build contraptions….I was hoping to build castles and fortresses that the birds would try to break down.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Exactly! Rovio totally dropped the ball on this one. No bloody thanks.

        Angry Birds is finished.

        • DemoManMLS

          Maybe you should actually try the game first before making judgments like this. Oh right that’s the internet way is to make judgment before giving something a chance.

          • EvanTheGamer

            lol. It’s a free Country the last time I checked. I can make whatever judgments I want. Plus, it’s called a “gameplay video” for a reason, to show off gameplay of the game. I don’t need to play the game first before making a judgement, which is the reason why they released that gameplay video in the first way.

            Additionally, maybe I’m over the Angry Birds craze. Also, people are just too damn sensitive anymore. It’s called an opinion. If you don’t agree, don’t bloody comment(use the /ignore comment, it really works!). But of course, people always wants to chime in with their own opinions in response to other people’s opinions. It’s a never-ending cycle.

      • Droidzilla

        I personally hate it when companies get formulaic. I’m all for this reinvention. After all, their first game was lobbing birds into objects, so it’s not like they have this rich and beautiful tapestry of gameplay and lore to fall back on. It’s not freaking Zelda.

      • Now that would be really good

  • Brandon Gillis

    It’s fantastic contraption gone mobile. Awesome!

    I have been waiting for a game like this for a loooooong time.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Have you ever heard of Amazing Alex?

  • DemoManMLS

    Looks fun to me!

  • moelsen8

    i wouldn’t say i’m excited, per se. but it looks fun. i guess if you’re looking at it as what does it have to do with angry birds, then yes.. what the hell does it have to do with angry birds?