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Playboard for Android, a Cool App to Help You Find Other Cool Apps

There’s something about finding new apps that makes me happy. Whether it’s a new game or awesome utility app, they are the glue that keeps us stuck to our devices. Playboard is a new way of finding apps that you will like and a way for keeping track of apps you will in the future. With Playboard, you can search through user popular apps, trending apps, and “just-in apps.”

If searching randomly through isn’t your style, you can customize your board with categories and channels you like the most to make sure you’re finding the best apps possible. Go check it out and let us know if you find anything good. We’re always on the hunt for the next big thing.

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  • UmangKedia

    Mapsaurus is also similar to this and works really well.

  • Gel

    If I ever find a game I play it for a week at max before it gets boring. It seems like some of the decent games are all ICS+

  • Jack

    I totally skimmed over it and thought it said playboy and immediately clicked on my RSS feeder link

  • Kyle Miller

    I thought Droid-Life was for finding cool apps? That’s what I use!

    • picaso86

      Kellex doesn’t review them at all… so this will be a better way to find them.

  • Google just needs to buy this app /over

  • Sounds almost like a double negative.

  • Thanks! i’m downloading it =)