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Motorola Creates Universal Desktop Dock Called the Flip Stand, Should Work With All Phones and Tablets

After years of making device-specific multimedia and desktop docks for phones and tablets, Motorola may have finally figured out that all of that work isn’t worth it. With the DROID RAZR M, they are introducing the Flip Stand, a simple dock that not only works with Moto phones and tablets, but should work with every other device you throw at it, as well.

If you do use a Motorola phone with it, there may be some extra benefits over say, a Samsung device. Since Moto builds in desktop software, this dock is smart enough to recognize that and remember your settings.

The “flip” part of the name comes from a hinge that flips down for when you want it to hold your phone and then flips back up so that you get more room for a bigger device such as a tablet. At $29.99, it may be worth a look. 

Buy. [Amazon] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1wul7rulgw[/youtube]

Cheers Timothy!

  • jeesung

    this was available when i got my refurb Xoom a month ago.

    just saying 🙂

  • Already pre-ordered the RAZR M, based in part on how good Motorola’s accessories are.

    Unfortunately this one requires fiddling with cables. Hopefully they also release a proper dock (“docking station” in Motorola language) with integrated charging.

  • Redflea

    What a joke. I have a Lego dock with an NFC tag that does everything this does and more.

  • William Peterson

    I don’t know, my son made me one out of Legos that holds my GS3, Nexus 7, and TF101. I put on NFC tag and it remembers everything I need it to do.I like that better than anything a manufacture can produce.

  • guest

    holy crap. that’ll work with a thunderbolt! i have a case around it, and it makes it hard to put in a cradle, or to use the kickstand when it has a power cord attached. this would work wonders!

  • bitpimpin

    Umm yeah… this isn’t a dock. It doesn’t dock anything. It’s a stand. Even Motorola calls it a “flip stand”… Let’s just stick to calling it a stand.

  • Bionic

    Does it charge the phone/tablet?

    • Bionic


  • dbam987

    What makes the “smart charger” feature “smart”? Is it simply because it can charge through the USB port on the phone/tablet? For original Xoom owners, USB charging is not supported at all, right?

    Side note: The RAZR HD looks very slick. My non-HD Droid RAZR pales in comparison to it now.

    • It sounds like the “smart” charger sends some kind of unique identifier to the phone, so you can configure different settings for each dock.

  • mike6

    Amazon’s price includes smart charge; moto’s $29.99 is without the charger. Moto’s has the stand with charger at $39.99, also, PLUS s/h while Amazon’s includes free shipping.
    Would love to see how it works with non-moto phones like the HTC Rezound

  • So… this is just a stand? With the pad on it, I started to think it had to have a wireless charger too, or something.

    I mean, it is a nice looking stand and all, but all of my devices already have kickstands or cases with some type of built-in stand.

    • Big_EZ

      The kick stand was the only thing I liked about my HTC phone. I didn’t realize how much I used it until it was gone.

  • Wintergon

    $10 more on Amazon then Motorola website

    • napes22

      It’s only $10 more because it comes with the “Smart Charger.”

  • Detonation

    I would call this more of a cradle than a dock, since you’re just setting your phone into it (rather than plugging it in securely). I’d much rather spend <$10 and get a generic universal holder which would work just as well, or my personal favorite, the $1 business card holders from any office supply store.

  • fish1552

    Might be one plus for Motorola after their bootloader debacle. Maybe I’ll buy this as a start to them earning back my patronage.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Can we get a review Kellex?

  • David Becker

    The nexus 7 has a reversed USB port so this would mean this charge cable would have to be sticking out the front of the device. GRRRR ASUS. Why must you rotate the USB port.

    • r0lct

      I beleive HTC phones are in the same boat.

      • brando56894

        And I was thinking about getting it for my Nexus 7 and HTC Rezound!

  • Laki S.

    I hope this doesn’t mean they won’t be making a bedside dock for the RAZR HD Maxx. I like the simplicity of putting my phone in and it being my alarm clock.

    • Justin

      This wil work the same way. It will use the same technology as what I have with my Bionic – the Dock auto defaults it to an alarm clock. When you plug it in to the “smart charger”, it will let you choose and will default to that each time until you choose something else.

      • Laki S.

        I know. What I meant was, I like the look of the regular bedside dock more; it just looks simpler and sleeker. I’d rather just drop it into the dock versus plugging it in. I hope they don’t do away with that style.

  • Aardvark99

    So it works with all android phones the same way any angled piece of plastic does? WOW, what innovation!

    • HuskerHog

      There is a magnet on the stand that will activate a Motorola phone in dock mode.

      • Aardvark99

        Right, I should have clarified my sarcasm better. I should have emphasized “all android phones” – a claim they make in the video, which isn’t true. (except that any phone would sit in it…. and there’s my attempt humor)

        I’m sure this “ESP” thing doesn’t even work on all Motorola android phones. Maybe all current Motorola phones?

  • Lucky Armpit

    That’s pretty slick but out of my price range at $40. I do like that it’s universal so if I do get a new phone and/or tablet in the future it should work. Assuming the new phone/tablet has micro USB of course or the built-in charging function is useless.

  • paul_cus

    Yeah, buying this for sure. Good stuff, Motorola.

  • danofiveo

    Finally, a stand that allows use of the USB port on the Xoom.

    • fauxshizzl

      You know the HD Dock for the Xoom did too right? Plus had built in speakers and HDMI out on the back of it. I picked one up from Verizon for $20 instead of the usual $99 they asked when it originally came out.

      • danofiveo

        Are you sure? I bought one from Amazon and returned it because the dock did not have a USB port.

        • fauxshizzl

          I think I misread your original comment. The HD dock does not have a USB port on it.

  • AnGeLFaCe777

    Motorola made the best products. These new products are awesome.

  • Amazon price say 39.99 not 29.99

  • CivilDroid

    I realize it could be the last stand you have to buy but 40 bones for a dock with no connectivity built in? Obviously its universal so ports would be impossible to put on it so it works with everything. Still, $20-25 seems more appropriate

    • CivilDroid

      Oh, i guess 40 is amazon’s price. $30 is not too outrageous i guess.

  • jnt

    #1 How do you know it’ll work with any tablet? Just the picture? Given the size of it (comparing to the M in the video), it would have to be pretty solid with some weight to it to hold anything over 7 inches, I would think anyway. #2 I would imagine that usb cable is what initiates the special dock modes?

    • Justin

      Yes, the USB cable initiates the “ESP”.

    • To use it with a tablet, you fold the arms up and put it down on the base. Anything over 7″ would probably go sideways.

  • Josh Fowler

    That thing is fugly.

  • r0lct

    This plus wireless charging would be quite nice.

    • Cowboydroid

      This plus wireless charging plus pin connections would be ultimate.

  • John

    There are so many other super cheap DIY docks that work just like this.

    • Aardvark99

      My solution:

      This picture is my old version, I’ve since gone with a 3 binder-clips wide version.

      I wonder how a NFC tag suck on the back of a DIY dock could mimic the “smart actions” (“ESP”, whatever that is?) of the Moto stand? Hmmm…

      • brando56894

        Nice, simple (not really elegant) idea! You wouldn’t need NFC AFAIK to enable the “smartdock” features, just a simple magnet in the right position 🙂

        • Aardvark99

          I tried that with my Droid X and this “dock”. I won’t bore you with the details but it almost worked. If the Blur was a little more flexible/less buggy it would have been awesome.

          I don’t think my S3 has magnet support (magnets, how do they work?)

    • Personally, if the only two choices are ‘resort to a crappy bundle of gigantic paper clips’ or ‘spend $25 for something I won’t be ashamed of’, then I’ll just go ahead and spend the $25, thanks very much. 🙂

      And even at that price, you can still do better than Motorola’s uninspiring plastic lump. Here’s a good looking stand that fits the Asus Nexus 7 tablet, as well as the iPhone 4x models and most Android phones.:


  • What phone was that in the commercial? That looks Huge!

    • DROID RAZR M – Says it right at the video title

    • Actually the stand is smaller than you would expect.

  • moelsen8

    wow, this seems almost too smart a move for motorola.