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Amazon Appstore Updated – International Users Supported and New User Interface

If you’re an avid Amazon Appstore user who loves picking up their daily free applications, then you may have noticed some major changes today. Starting this morning, Amazon has enabled international users to take part in the Appstore for Android and have even given the entire app a nice and shiny renovation for the launch. 

Another key addition in the update is ability to finally remove apps from the “My Apps” list by long pressing them. Thank you, Amazon. Other fixes include a “battery drain” bug that some users noticed and some other misc. fixes and improvements.

Via: Amazon Appstore

Cheers Chris and Justin!

  • zanza

    link not working.
    also, where do you have the info about international users? i am from austria and it says i need a german address to buy/download things.

  • duke69111

    What version does this bring us to. I am currently on 2.6.53 and have been for a while now as far as I know, unless amazon automatically updates.

    • same here, 2.6.53

      • manual update did the trick, but man is this thing buggy. it’s version 4.0.634.0 and it ain’t happy on Jelly Bean…

  • Executor

    I love how even though they finally redesigned the UI, I still have to look at an ugly extra button in my nav bar because they just can’t follow the Android design guidelines.

  • Amenemhat1

    looks good. icons are bigger. runs like butter. AOKP ICS G-Nex of course.

    • I wonder what the deal is, mine’s running like frozen butter

      • yeah, this app has always been painfully slow on my gnex, even with 4.1.1.

        maybe facebook wrote this app?

        • Amenemhat1

          that sucks, cause for a long time this app was the worst on my phone. Its still the crappiest, but a bit smoother. Guess I got lucky.

          PS. I have not performance enhancement settings on my AOKP 4.1.1.

      • Amenemhat1

        ha , good one!

  • All I want from the amazon app store is for them to update Peggle so it plays on my Galaxy. Is that too much to ask?

  • BlynkOfAnEye

    When trying to update an installed app, it takes FOREVER to actually do anything for some reason. New version looks nice, but doesn’t really run that well on my Droid4 (not like it really did before). Only keeping it to keep some of the few great apps-of-the-day I got back when they used to have good ones. Hoping they actually did fix that battery drain issue.

  • moelsen8

    looks better but runs even slower. it feels like it’s itunes on my phone. sh*t.

    • T4rd

      Damn, I was hoping to see some sort of performance improvement with the update. It runs like horseshit on my Gnex too. Not unlike the whole Kindle Fire UI. Amazon needs some better devs on their team.

  • Makes sense, considering new Kindle(s) is/are on the way.

  • Inquizitor

    Just clicked check for updates, nothing.

    • you have to redownload it from the wepsite

    • moelsen8

      same for me.. but go manually download it – http://www.amazon.com/amazonappstoreapp

    • bigdav1178

      I also received a message that no update was available when I tried using “check for updates” button within the app. Go out to their site (just follow the link above) and download the apk again; it will update you to the current version.

    • Amenemhat1

      uninstalled, and re-installed from the website directly.

  • I have it on my phone sadly ‘coz I’m loving Jetpack Joyride. Hate the fact I have to be online and logged into Amazon AppStore to play this game. HATE IT. But the game is unputdownable.

    • Anthony Ferriello

      Just google it and grab the apk file, worked perfectly for me.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Is this a PAID app we’re talking about??

        • Adam Marr

          no.. free… with in-app purchases. Some of the most reasonably priced in-app purchases I’ve seen.

  • Flyinion

    The only thing I use it for anymore is to keep apps I’ve bought through it updated. Even then it’s just for apps that you can’t buy through the Play store (3 of the Angry Birds apps) or that are a lot of $$ on Play and I got for free or 99 cents on Amazon.

    I ended up rebuying or switching to the free versions in some cases of apps on Play to try and get away from the Amazon one. I’d do it for the Angry Birds apps but they like to put the ads in bad places. However for something like Tweetcaster Pro that I got for free, I don’t use any of the pro features so I just switched to the free app on Play.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    MEH!… Gave up on Amazon when the free apps starting getting more silly by the day… 2. The Apps don’t get updated till weeks after the Play Store 3. App was just slow and Kludgy

    • Same. play store >>> amazon app store

      • michael arazan

        In the past amazon apps updated before the playstore, now its weeks after. Does amazon prime have an app with android, to stream shows and movies?
        I have $50 in prime vouchers from buying games preordered, would like to redeem them but I don’t watch from my pc.

        • Unfortunately they currently only have apps for the kindle fire and ipad. You can stream on your android using flash, but it’s not the best solution.

  • supermiah

    Still uninstalled on my phone and tablet. Sorry Amazon!!