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Ubi Kickstarter Begins, Always On Voice Activated Internet Device for Your Home

Say, “Hello” to Ubi. Ubi is short for ubiquitous computer because Ubi is always on and always listening. It is a truly hands-free device for your home that plugs right into an outlet on the wall, then connects straight to your home’s WiFi network. So, what can you do with Ubi? Ubi can do voice-based searches on the Internet, act as a personal assistant, control a home’s climate, be a baby monitor, and also act as a notifier for when receiving emails and other notifications. 

The team is hoping to have Ubi ready and shipped out by January of 2013, but needs your help to make it happen. Check it out on Kickstarter and let us know if Ubi is something that  interests you. It definitely has our attention as long as it doesn’t go all HAL on us and telling humans what we can and cannot do.

Via: Kickstarter

Cheers Leor and Dominick!

  • John

    It seems like a reasonable price for all the functionalities and hardware for linking to pretty much anything else. Once it integrates the software into home automation it should be probably more expensive.These guys have initiated a great movement and they deserve our support.

  • Phil Stout

    What does this have to do with Android?…

    • Diablo81588

      It runs Android and you can use the Android app on your phone to control it.

  • But HAL was only doing what he had to do, his mission objective was to keep nothing a secret but then the government went and told him something he had to keep confidential. Because of opposing directives he found the only way he could keep them both true was to kill all the other crew so he could carry out both directives. (This was book was also written before the laws of AI were established)

  • streetlightman

    i’m really tired of all these kickstarter products showing up on blogs.

  • This is really cool and all but why can’t Google find a way to integrate this into the one device we almost all own at least one of….the smartphone! If I could do these types of commands on my Android, it would always be there (I never go anywhere without my phone) and it would be faster using Verizon LTE.

  • Wyveryx

    interesting indeed, but $189 for something that you can basically do with a JB device and Google Now? Don’t think so.
    I’ll wait a few more years for better integration.

  • Inna

    I don’t understand how come no one comments about the good looking girl in the video 🙁

  • ddevito

    This is what I thought Android was “really” going to be all about. IMO, Google is trying too hard to be Apple. Consumer devices are nice, sure, but projects like this would get so much more traction if Google openly supported and backed them.

    • sirmeili

      Don’t you think they do that by making android open source? What else do you expect Google to do. Look at Ouya. They raised almost 9 million dollars on Kickstarter and it’s based on Android.

      IMHO, Google already has its hands in too many cookie jars to be trying to also help out thirds parties. They’ve already given them a strong base (Android). Maybe if they show it has enough potential it they may step in later, but I don’t see that happening.

      That being said, $189 to have this in only 1 room doesn’t help much to get a whole house to do this. If they could find a way to add it to every room (maybe 1 central location with satellites in other rooms) it could work. I also see a lot of potential, but no real solutions for home automation (the number one benefit of this in my opinion). Until then, it’s no different than me just looking at my phone and using Google Now or Siri.

      My solution would be to have a central box with satellites that would contain only sensors and a mic and enough tech to talk back to the master (either through wireless, or a cheaper wired version).

  • gamble2gain

    It sounds nice. However, “always on” is something I don’t think people are ready for. It sounds too much like an actual android for practical use.

  • moozicmon

    I would have given it a bit more consideration at the $149 price point, but $189 seems a bit high for what is essentially a POC product.

  • OreoMan

    This is where EC8CH and I should have done our Space Odyssey thread. Darn it!

  • Biggest drawback that I can see is you’d have to issue all of your voice commands from a specific room of the house. I.e. Assuming Ubi is in your living room, you couldn’t wake up and tell Ubi to turn on a certain set of lights from bed.

    I like the idea, but the solution still needs a bit more.

  • Things like this are cool but what if someone hacks into your home network?

  • James Jun

    The voice is kinda…robotic. Definitely not as nice as the Google Now recognition voice. I still believe the voice recognition needs to work with some kind of interface to work wonderfully with people’s life.

    • sirmeili

      I can agree with that. Asking for the weather and only hearing it now is one thing. Asking for it and hearing the current conditions and seeing a forecast is another 🙂 that being said, I’m sure that someone could use this device to control a computer to due just that.

  • sirmeili

    Seems nice, but I might have to wait for it to fully integrate into home automation solution: “Ubi: Turn the lights to party mode”; “Ubi: turn the lights to sleep mode”. It would also be nice if they had 1 central Ubi and smaller ones for additional rooms instead of having to buy a full one for each room. Basically just let them link up.

    I’m also curious how it “calls” your friends.

    $189 is too steep for me right now. Though I like the idea behind it, I’ll let it mature a bit before I buy into it.

    • Your house should always be ready for party mode

    • Phil Stout

      Ditto, plus the hardware is ugly… remove the tacky light. IMO, it should be a “plug in and forget” solution. Plus, I am wondering what I need to attach to my lights in order to get this to work…

      What ever happened to [email protected]?!

  • New_Guy

    That always on stuff reminds me of Hal-2000 from space odyssey… creepy