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Nikon Coolpix S800 to be Their First Android Powered Camera, Sports Gingerbread and 3.5″ OLED Display


According to Nikon Rumors, Nikon is said to be prepping for their announcement of the company’s first Android-powered camera, the Nikon S800. The camera is part of their point-and-shoot range so don’t expect the specs to blow your mind. As for what is known, we are looking at a 25-250mm lens, 3.5-inch OLED display, and built-in GPS and WiFi connectivity.

In terms of Android, Gingerbread is said to be the OS of choice, but much isn’t known about any type of skin that will go on top. As a cherry on top, the device is said to be able to access Google Play for the downloading of applications that will add camera features. 

Nikon’s announcement is rumored for sometime late this month. Excited?

Via: Phandroid, Nikon Rumors

  • But can I call people with it?!

  • saimin

    Android in the camera means that you can run photo or video editing apps within the camera. WiFi means you can post directly to Instagram or Facebook or Picasa or YouTube. This has some potential if the image quality is much better than cell phone cameras. Hopefully Android will not be crippled into being useless in the camera.

  • paul_cus

    I like that other electronics are getting with the Android program. This seems pretty cool, I’m also waiting on the Sony Walkman that’s going to run ICS.

  • Whats the point of releasing a device w/ android software if its not going to have the latest and greatest software? .. especially on a novelty item. You need to have the latest because chances of timely software updates are not likely.

    • Because it’s purpose to to take pictures not play angry bird zombie smasher bridge builder.

      • So why not Froyo or Eclair then? Thats Android and gives you all the basic features ? .. If you gonna do it then dnt go 1/2 ass on the software. Make it Jelly Bean and just customize it as necessary just like every other OEM.

        • Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean require a tad bit better hardware. Gingerbread is the latest that probably runs on whatever they decided to throw in the camera without having the thing skyrocket in price.

  • A.Walker

    Because my Facebook doesn’t already have enough instagram’d pictures of pets and dinner meals…

  • r0lct

    One use I would love to see: Use Android phone/tablet as viewfinder to camera on tri-pod and also take the picture. It would open up a lot more options to take photos with a remote and see through the camera at the same time.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      that already exists. there are apps that will tether to both nikon and canon over usb to iphone or android. but of course it only works on recent DSLRs. the camera has to support the video out. it basically emulates the 1st party remote to pc/mac software. sucks if you’re like me w/ a D50, cuz i dont have the money to drop another $1000+ on aother camera. but if you dumb to expect this on a compact camera.

      • r0lct

        First I did omit the word “wirelessly” as that to be would be the whole point and figured it was implied. As tethered options are old news.

        So just so I understand you right…I’m dumb to expect tech on a new camera containing an OS for which what I am asking already exists essentially (screen mirroring)?

        I bet 5 years ago you said people were dumb to expect gps on a camera and dual core in a phone.

        • Daniel Maginnis

          to me, the whole point of a compact camera is to fit it in your pocket, whip it out and shoot casually. if you’re looking to do things like even set it up on a tripod and use a remote, it is my assumption that you are taking much more time to either compose your shot or trying to time lapse or long exposure. both of which should be much better suited to a better camera and/or larger sensor. i would expect this out of say a hybrid system camera like the sony NEX or any micro 4/3. obviously i would expect this of a DSLR. but the tech has promise to come. it was just announced that the tegra3 chips have support for wifi video transmit coming soon. i guess we will just have to wait until android cameras proliferate and that level of chipset trickles down.

          • r0lct

            Good points. Having said that some people may want good portraits on a P&S budget and this combo would yield better results. But it doesn’t even have to be tripod, just placing it somewhere at the appropriate position.

    • Daniel Maginnis
  • DJyoSNOW

    Ditto sounds over priced I’m just curious of the specs & possible design. It could be coolpix but probably not. I remember when all I would see was the futuristic looking camera type that were a cell phone…so now it will happen years later?

  • Ryan

    How about making calls with Google Voice using your Nikon?

  • discstu37

    But is the bootloader locked?!

  • TechnologicallyImpairedGirl

    $400 dollar instagram machine YayAyAyAyAY

  • Knlegend1

    Excited No. Intrigued yes. Android is like the greatest base program around to build on.

  • first…Haven’t seen it in a while…

  • Jordan

    Glad to see more and more devices with android on them!!

  • Bionic

    Probably over priced at that. Sounds like a cook idea but Nikon always over prices their stuff. I personally use Canon products. Canon and Nikon are 1a and 1b for best camera in my book.

    • Knlegend1

      Thumbs up for canon

      • r0lct

        Good thing there are fan boy fights in every type of product! 😛

        • Knlegend1

          Chill! No one is dissing Nikon, Just prefer Canon.

          • r0lct

            Ok, I spoke too soon then. I also enjoy my Canon camera.

    • Raven

      Canon has always been my favorite as well, but Nikon has released some really nice prosumer cameras this year. Some of their superzooms have great specs, yet still feal sluggish in focusing and picture saving compared to my older Canon. I love messing around with CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit) on my Canon, but actually having a full Android OS on a camera would open the doors to some great apps as long as it doesn’t affect responsiveness. Auto lightning detection and motion detection for the masses without having to know how to use something like CHDK could be interesting.