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New Verizon Galaxy S3 Root Tool Brings Root, Recovery and Will Unroot You if Need be

The first root method that was released for Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S3 was to say the least, not optimal. The second version was much less intrusive, however, it required adb and a bunch of manual work that we know many of you are not fans of. So for those that have been putting off rooting because neither of these methods were easy enough, your option is now available.

A new 1-click tool has been created by XDA member AdamOutler, that will give you root, a custom recovery, boot into Download and Recovery modes, and unroot your device should you need to. The tool was released yesterday, so feel free to give it a few test runs and provide feedback to its creator.

Via:  Download LinkXDA

Cheers Kevin!

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  • The XDA link is telling everyone to Go Away. Oh well…

  • greg

    its not working anymore, broken link, the software was taken off 🙁

  • D-bag

    As this file no longer exists, and XDA removed the forum topic, this page should be updated and/or removed.

  • how can i do root and load jb rom on my Mac?

  • Can any one repost a link to a new download or send me the file since it’s been removed.

  • This was pulled down and you all list it in the picks of the week…there’s nothing there to help root with this method.

  • Ben

    I don’t see the files for downloading in order to root my S3. Any insight?

  • kevin

    Actually this does work but apparently only for Mac and Linux. I just tested it out and it rooted on my mac just fine. For some reason the developer seems to REALLY hate windows judging by his new post 0_0

    • jason6g

      most linux guys do hate windows 😉

  • BrandoHD

    Check your source link

  • BrandoHD

    Lol, Kellex, you got owned, this was not intended to be spread, love the source link

  • Brienhopkins.com

    Just for the Verizon version, or will this work o AT&T’s?

  • [email protected]

    Haha, the link says Go Away!

  • Joshua Bloomingdale

    The XDA link confirms that this was not supposed to go out for public release.

  • skeezicks

    Kevin, when you posted this article, had you actually tried it? No one seems to be having any success with it. I turn to this site for reliable journalism. Perhaps that’s a mistake.

  • therehegojohndoe

    It’d be cool if this sh!t worked… can anyone confirm?

  • Bnavqm

    Just like everyone else, this method did not work for me. I have rooted multiple phones. I was excited about a “1 click method” but oh well. Sooner or later someone will create something that will work.

  • Ernest

    This process is a complete sham. Read all comments and no one has it working. Good job, you so called developer for getting our hopes up. Hopefully it will actually work soon.

    • ernest

      and no wise-ass comments as “you mad bro?”

    • Emerik

      It wasn’t meant for public release knucklehead. Why don’t you read the source. In fact read the entire thread at XDA. And while you at it, look up who Adam Outler is, he his not a so called dev, he is an awesome dev that shares his knowledge with everyone.

      • cmdrdredd

        He’s also a douche who acts like one. He could have not been a total F****** A**hole about the release and said “sorry guys this was a mistake yadda yadda” instead he basically gives everyone the finger. Screw that

  • jesse

    mine not showing it conected need help

  • Anom

    Essentially this is what the java does for you http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1792342

  • q

    this dont work what a waste of time

  • When I click “Do it” two things happen
    1- Nothing happens. So I lied about two things happening.
    2- It just spins a wheel and nothing happens still. I have my drivers installed and I am on Windows 7

  • TheMoist

    Doesn’t work. I tried it while using USB debugging on and off. My drivers are all installed as well. Once you press ‘do it’ looks like nothing happens, but once you maximize the windows, you can see the green progress bar go up a little but that’s it. It just stays there.

    • Anom

      Just press do it again.

  • Joshua Bloomingdale

    I can;t seem to make this work on my MacBook Pro. Help please.

  • manny108

    This method doesn’t work at all.

  • Ryanerikk
  • Nathan Corachea

    I’ve never unrooted before, and I was wondering when I unroot does that mean I also go back to the stock rom?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      no.. that means you just kill off root functions. tweaks stay there BUT apps that needed root would then fail.

  • nightscout13

    The DEV left no instructions whatsoever. This is not considered an easy method.

  • lumpysherman

    Would this work on other carriers GS3, US Cellular?

  • manny108

    When I connect it keeps showing link disconnected. Is there a way to fix this?

    • you probably still need the drivers installed on your computer. they are easy to find in the sticky about rooting on the xda forum for the phone.

  • bduncan6


  • To root .. or not to root ..hmmm …

    As a 1st time Touchwiz user I am perfectly ok with this version of TW and between the stock rom and market Ive found Ive been able to customize a lot of different features so it isnt so stock.

    However, you can never have enough control over your phone to modify as you deem necessary. And it would be nice to overclock this beast to be that much faster .. hmmm decisions ..

    • Ernest

      I agree, out of the box, its pretty powerful and you can still set it up the way you like it. Still will root….eventually.

    • Nathan Corachea

      You can root it and just put invisblek’s stripped down version of touchwiz. He took away all the bloatware and stuff. I thought it worked a bit smoother. But nothing significant.

      • Yeah but if im going to do a rom might as well have added features to make it more customizable and faster at the same time.

        Im just glad we have options right now.. VZW always finds a way to dick us

  • It doesn’t see my phone! USB debugging is on, Unknown sources is checked. What am I missing?

    • drivers on your computer? they’re on the rooting sticky at the top of the forum for the phone.

  • Anyone mind explaining to me what the CWM custom recovery option does? Does it install CWM?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      yeah. many root tools do not install a recovery- they just root. this one does. most just root you and then you go install a recovery, so something like this includes it for you as it is natural you would want it. just saves a manual step on your end to go install recovery (which is nothing more than a 1 click effort in something like ROM Manager).

  • Personally I feel if you are going to root you should pass the dumbass test and root with adb.

    • Personally I feel elitist should pass the we don’t care how you root test and be happy 🙂

      • Not being elitist. Its about knowing what you are doing to your phone. Seen it so many times where someone comes into an issue but cant figure out how to adb back.

        • FortitudineVincimus

          who cares.. you have simplify processes you use to get through life everyday (cause I know your not using a corded phone and I know you didn’t build your cell phone to learn how it was done), how is this any different? ABD and old school 20 command root methods don’t prove anything about the user other than the fact you can follow directions.

          Root should be a 1 click deal whenever possible so anyone can do it.

          • manny108

            Have you tried this root method.. It’s not working for me.

          • Where did you find the bat file. I’ve looked through all the archive files and can’t find any bat files.

  • James

    One less reason to wait for the Developer Edition that has been “coming soon” for 4 weeks now.

  • Butters619

    I used to love one click methods, but adb commands have a little more satisfaction about them. Maybe I’m just odd.

    • jason6g

      i agree – plus, with the adb commands, you see less useless crap being posted when they are released. i can deal with the “helpzzz it dont se emy fone” type comments only to some extent


    I rooted my GS3 two weeks ago using Noxious Ninja’s method and it works great but there is no method to un-root if I needed or wanted too. Can I somehow use this new method to have the ability to un-root as well. I’m thinking if Verizon ever decides to send out the OTA for Jellybean (like in a year or two) I’d like to be able to get it.

    • kevin

      yup you can use this to unroot as well =)

    • FortitudineVincimus

      that root method should not stop OTA updates unless you went mucking with the system (SystemUI.apk or deleted system apps or messed with build prop). when JB comes, we should still get the OTA update and baring the above, be able to install it. What you will likely loose is root when the OTA update installs. BUT, there is an app called “OTA Voodoo Rootkeeper” I have used in the past on other phones and apps that allow you to backup and reinstall root once the OTA is installed. Get that free app and backup your root ASAP.

      • but it typically will fail the install…. there is usually no problems receiving the OTA notification but when rooted its the install, where there are issues.

    • vibbix

      If I root, does it factory reset the rom so i need to reinstall all my apps?

  • but is the bootloader completely unlocked? can you flash custom kernels?

    • No no

      • Droosh

        Right and wrong. Bootloader is locked but bypassed. You can run custom Kernels (and AOSP ROMs) and there are a few good ones out there.

        • Phil Onyschuk

          Agreed, but following commands on a screen and actually understanding the commands are two different things, so while it is nice to be able to use ADB, which I can, without the commands on-screen, it’s all greek to me.

      • log

        no yes…

  • AdamOutler is the man! Is there a good Jelly Bean ROM for Verizon VGS3 yet?

    • Marty jones

      7/31 build fdom droidhive is working great for me

      • Droosh

        I tried an earlier one of his CM10 Alpha Kang. Do they have Netflix working yet?

        • Nathan Corachea

          No, it’s not working yet

          • Droosh

            How about using the just released LeanKernal by Imoseyon? I hear this may fix many of CM’s problems with the stock CM kernel.

      • Thanks for the info Looking into it now. I really REALLY want JB… and would be happy to do away with the GS3 drip.

        • Nathan Corachea

          There’s 8/06 now, but its by invisblek

        • Nathan Corachea

          Oh and MMS isn’t working, but they have a work around for it. You can find it somewhere on XDA.

    • wickets

      Agreed….very nice guy

  • Stewie

    When’s the Black Tie Version comin out?

  • Does this mean custom roms kernals etc etc

  • Marty jones

    Soo happy to be running JB. HATED TouchPiss

  • Zach Grabill

    And yet another factor lending me to keeping my Nexus has been removed. Damn you XDA!!!

    • KleenDroid

      Most phones get root and eventually get easy tools like this. However I will wait for thenext fully unlocked phone before even thinking of rreplacing my Nexus.The ease of doing anything you want and the selection of ROMs and mods are too great.

      But this tool will help those with this phone tremendously.

  • Buckoman

    Take that, Verizon.